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Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash

I can’t thank you guys enough for following me and reblogging my stuff, it really means so much to me! That’s why I wanna give something back because I hit over 42k followers which is amazing♡

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So, because we’ve gotten a few asks recently and it’s Mod Monday, I figured I may as well make a post about my latest tattoo: the Yuri!!! on Ice inspired “Born to make history”.

People have asked me a couple times why I decided to get it and if I was being serious when I jokingly said if my blog got 15k, I’d get a yoi tattoo. I personally wouldn’t get something permanently on my body over a follower count. It was more of a way to treat myself because I planned on getting the tattoo anyway. I like having freedom over my body. I haven’t always had a lot of control and a tattoo is something that can’t be taken away. So yeah, I wouldn’t let Tumblr dictate whether I got ink or not. Lol

So why then? There are actually a lot of reasons I got this and some of them are kinda personal so I’m not going to really get too in depth here. Mostly, it was out of love for the show.

Obviously, the show itself spoke to me. A main character with anxiety and low self esteem? I relate so much, it’s unreal. History Maker, as I’m sure you know, isn’t just a song they threw in at the beginning. (Remember the time they put a song about sex in Black Butler? Yeah, not this anime.) The full song includes lyrics like “I’ve got a feeling it’s never too late” and the whole thing is just really inspiring to me. History Maker beautifully represents the struggle that Yuuri faces. Throughout the show, he learns to love himself. It’s beautiful. How many times am I allowed to say the words “inspiring” and “beautiful” in one paragraph before my blog gets deleted? Eh, one more for good measure: this entire show is beautiful and inspiring… These words are literally how I explain the show to everyone who hasn’t seen it.

Anyway, I went with the line “Born to make history” because it’s a pretty clear nod to the show (among fans) and OP while also being able to stand on its own without context.

I may not like myself now but I’m working on it and having these words on my arm reminds me that it isn’t too late. They give me a reason to keep fighting, just like Yuuri did. I’m so glad that I’m able to wake up and see this tattoo every day and I’m super thankful for all of the nice comments from people. You guys are awesome!

Lots of love and yummy katsudon,
Mod Star

What’s your fave bland recipe?

So here’s the thing, I’m a two time cancer survivor and have had a lot of abdominal radiation. This unfortunately causes life long side effects that impact my digestive system. Meaning I get these attacks that can last from anywhere between a few hours and a few weeks where I literally cannot eat most things. It also comes with fun nausea that makes even the idea of cooking most things completely abhorrent. I’ve been having a lot of these attacks in the past six months. (Yes I am following up with medical professionals but that takes time.) This means I’ve been spending a lot of time living on cheap ramen, toast, bagels, and sometimes chips because bland and salty are what my messed up system can handle. 

Obviously when you’re not getting things like protein and vitamins your energy level drops and regular life things are hard to do. Like laundry, and leaving the house. So I’m trying to find some not gross, bland things I can eat that meet the following criteria:

1. Are quick and easy to make.

2. Does not contain fresh fruit or veggies. (I love’em but my tummy says no)

3. Has protein but does not require cooking, seeing, smelling, or thinking about raw meat. Eggs are hit or miss but not entirely off the table.

4. Doesn’t taste like salt and blah.

5. Does not require rare/difficult to find/expensive ingredients. 

6. Has flavor but is not spicy. 

7. Does not include both dairy (like sour cream) and mayo.

8. Small amounts of cheese and butter are okay, but lots of dairy isn’t. 

9. Does not have sea food.

10. Does not require tomatoes/tomato based sauce, or anything else acidic like citrus.

11. Does not have cauliflower, mustard, onions, beets, lots of sugar, or anything pickled.

So if you have any recipes that you think could work please let me know. I’m so damn sick of ramen…


my ACTUAL singing headcanons for the main boys are this:

Miles: baritone, has the tone and capacity to be a great singer (as in WOULD ACTUALLY SOUND EXACTLY LIKE JOSH GROBAN), but since he doesn’t sing he has not “trained his instrument” for that at all, and the man is like the very definition of inhibited so if/when he does sing he’s too awkward and unsure to actually be good at it even though he has the capacity to be world class if he tried. ALAS, HIS ONE TRUE LOVE IS THE LAW.

Phoenix: tenor, much as I said Lin-Manuel is SORT OF my headcanon voice for him (not really but it’s like the closest I can get) he’s not naturally the strongest singer, his voice is kind of creaky. But since he actually has done theater the can do the job pretty well (LMM’s words on his own voice is perfect really - “I wish I had a BMW of a voice. I have an Chevy with mileage and it squeaks and rattles, but I swear I’m gonna get us where we need to go.”)

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You're 41 and have a blog which you write smut about about a 23 year old? I'm not trying to be rude, but don't most people your age have a family etc by now? It's your life, I just can't get my head around how you have a blog for someone 18 years your junior haha. But anyways, you do you girl! Happy birthday💓

What even is this? Was this supposed to be a birthday greeting or another sly way to slip in your judgment through anon to someone you don’t know?
A year ago, and maybe even a month ago this kind of message would have bothered me. Now? I’m just laughing tbh. Laughing at the nerve you have to start a message off with “i’m not trying to be rude…” Yes you are. That’s exactly your intention. To get a rise out of me, and to hit me in my sensitive spot. Alright, so here’s your rise. But unfortunately for you, you missed.
Apparently you haven’t been following me very long, or you’d know I do have a family, two girls in fact because I talk about them a lot. I’m divorced and starting over with a great job at a preschool where we hope children don’t grow up to be rude like you. Obviously your parents never taught you manners, such a shame.
As for my age, it’s irrelevant. I put it in my bio because I’m not ashamed. And I’m not ashamed of anything I like. What is the shame in liking good music and handsome men? What’s the shame in enjoying to write about said music and men and sharing it with others? Nothing. I’m a grown up.
I’ve spent way too much time on here worrying about what others think of me. Not anymore. This is me, and I’m proud of who I am. I have over 7K followers. I got over 40 wonderful, sweet birthday messages on here today, just in my inbox. I got a bunch on FB too, and some people messaged me privately or texted me, and I even got an adorable snapchat message from a friend. I got tons of presents yesterday from managers and co-workers where they decorated my desk and gave me cake. A parent found out I was turning 41 and told me he thought I was about 26. Hallelujah, that felt great. I had a wonderful weekend celebration with my mother and kids. I feel so loved and appreciated, I’m walking on a cloud right now. So you can just move your little condescending remarks somewhere else because you’re not gonna bring me down. In fact, if you have a problem with my age and it makes you uncomfortable in any way, I’d rather you not follow me. And if we’re mutuals, let me know because I don’t wanna be following you either.

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!! how have you improved so quickly? you must be working so hard :o do you have any advice for someone also looking to improve?

Because of my depression, I actually don’t work nearly as hard as i would like tbh haha. I make up for this by always being highly observant of things whenever I do draw. I try to think of all the angles of what im drawing while I’m working and I’m quick to encourage myself to pursue directions in my pieces that I like (if I draw a line i think is really good I’ll try to follow that instead of what i’ve done in the past, same with coloring!) I think one of the biggest problems I used to have in the past regarding improvement was that I would get frustrated with my art too quickly. Nowadays I remind myself that lots of times things won’t look good to me because I haven’t drawn it that way before! It’s good to be critical of your fundamentals (things like proportions or color and lighting theory and like obviously if things line up on a face properly or not) but a lot of things go beyond that! Refining your art beyond a basic understanding of fundamentals is an entire journey in itself, don’t shy away from opportunities to break your own mold. Draw the thing that you see as difficult to draw and accept your mistakes while you’re learning.

Tbh tho I also do a lot of studies off of landscape photos while I’m not doing so hot with my personal art. It makes me really focus on how to view shape and lighting and how a lot of things aren’t the way it seems in the context of everything.

I think everybody has their own way of learning and improving and it’s really important to find a good balance for yourself with being harsh with your critiques to yourself at some times and lenient at other times. You don’t want to discourage yourself! But you also don’t want to become complacent!

Honestly, I have a lot to say about improvement lol but I don’t want to dump it all here rn.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY!

Thank you for tagging me @stephiramona, @lunoday, and @bluelunaphotography – three stunning creators! 💕

Okay, this is hard because, obviously, there are so many things to choose from, but here are some things I like about myself:

1. I procrastinate a lot and am therefore no competition to anyone anywhere – you’re welcome world.

2. If a clown suddenly fell ill, I could stand in for them and I wouldn’t need to borrow their wig because… my hair loves humidity.

3. I can’t act, which means the world gets to enjoy the likes of Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie in roles I would’ve excelled at had I been good at acting – again, you’re welcome.

4. I share dark chocolate – in fact, you can have all the dark chocolate because I am kind and generous like that (I do not share any other food).

5. Ending on a serious note, I often get told I take after my parents, and there is no bigger compliment.


You guys are so awesome, thank you for following me! Feel free to message me if you want to talk about anything really, I’m always up for talking! But omg thank you guys so much, I honestly didn’t even think my blog would get 50 followers but to get 100 wow thank yous. Welcome to my Kai blog, I hope you like it here and I hope you like Kai because you’ll be seeing a lot of his face obviously💖

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I’ve been lurking a while, I guess it’s time to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Dorian! I mean, that’s obviously not my real name, but gotta stick with tradition. I’m planning on majoring in philosophy or lit, but I’m not sure yet (I’m only a freshman, so a lot can change). Before people start bombarding me with asks about salt and iron and stuff, I already know all the bizarre traditions this school has. For the most part I follow them, except for the salt and iron stuff because I get a bad reaction to both of those things. 

Also, what is up with this group of people? Are you all just intensely roleplaying? Because there’s no way all the things you are experiencing actually happened, and if by some chance they have @followmetothewillow you should be in jail big time by now…

Also, I promise I’m not as much of a dick as actual Dorian Gray. I just love the book, okay? 

K got a question for all you, it’s pride month obviously and my buddy’s trying to find some nice gay anime to watch and enjoy. He says anime but I’m gonna spread this out to any visual content. Preferably with no pornographic scenes, nothing too explicit in that sense. Specifically man/man, he would like something to watch and fanboy over, something to relate to him. Putting this out there because I don’t watch a lot of anime and it is hard to find that good Gay ContentTM. Anime is priority but again, if you know any TV shows or Movies or Comics that would be helpful. Thank you all in advance.

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shopping with yoongi??

hey there anon thanks for requesting sorry it took so long this should be posted during my ten hour work shift and im scheduling it and im telling you all rn if the love if my life is not there for this ten hour shift i will cry and update you all on my struggle UPDATE IT WONT LET ME SCHEDULE WT HECK

Shopping with Yoongi

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  • yoooo I’m so inconsistent with all these series I’ve started like seventeen of them and finished one thanks a lot to kim namjoon who never gets requested smh
  • but we bout to get up in this camp with beautiful yoongi who needs lot of extra love and attention rn because of this Twitter drama please all my followers continue to stay pure and innocent thx
  • anyway
  • yoongi doesn’t really go shopping ever
  • he forces jin to buy him groceries and like clothes?? why buy new ones when you can wear the same jeans over and over again??
  • that’s what a washing machine is for obviously
  • but that’s the issue
  • if y'all read living with yoongi you know that my headcanon for him is a kinda run down apartment
  • If you didn’t here’s a short little blurb he lives in an rougher area of town in an apartment with a bunch of senior citizens and nothing in the place works at all
  • you two are the youngest people living in the place and yoongi has been known to be pretty good at fixing things so a lot of time if one of the older women is having an issue with appliances or anything mechanically inclined, yoongi will go over and try to fix things before they get conned by professional services or something
  • they always kiss his cheeks and bake him casseroles for thank you and he always gets so shy and flustered
  • anyway
  • one day Edith is like “yoongi dear can you come over something is wrong with my ceiling fan”
  • he takes you along to be his “cute assistant” and you guys roll up in her place and ceiling fan is on the floor??
  • not even on the ceiling anymore tbqh it’s just there in a heap and yoongi kinda stares at it and his eyes are wide and his brows are furrowed
  • you snap a pic on your phone for your “concentrating cutie” photo album
  • and he coughs and glares at you because your flash was on but then he kinda gives cute Edith a look and she’s holding her lil cat and he kinda “uh I think you need a new fan”
  • “oh honey you know I can’t drive… what am I gonna do…”
  • and yoongi is such a selfless guy like he looks all cold and standoffish but um he’s the most caring human being in the entire world and he’s not gonna let Edith down like this oh no
  • so he glances at you and he pulls his keys out from his back pocket “wanna go to lowes with me?”
  • and you’re #amazed because yoongi actually going out and shopping what are the odds of this??
  • also aesthetics cause I’m p into up aesthetics
  • he would wear a tight black tee and ripped jeans and docs but also this faded plaid shirt and a nice black beanie cause casual but he still wants to keep up with his appearance??
  • okay anyway he drives there and in this universe were giving him this red beat up Toyota Corolla that’s a few years old (like your girl drives)
  • and he always blares rap music from these busted ass speakers and he doesn’t talk much while driving cause he’s not really into driving and he needs to focus on the road and he knows he would get distracted if he even looked at your beautiful face for just a second
  • sometimes he’ll put on classical music though cause it’s calming and it’s one of those days today
  • and it’s a silent ride but you don’t mind, this is yoongi after all
  • but then he kinda “I don’t know how to put a ceiling fan in, I didn’t go to college”
  • “don’t electricians usually go to votech school??”
  • “I’m sorry do you want me to drop you on the side of the highway because I can arrange for that”
  • suddenly you remember why you don’t talk in the car
  • okay so headcanon yoongi doesn’t like shopping because he’s not very confident in his foreign language skills and he doesn’t like to try to talk to workers cause he’s a shy bean so when you guys pull into the parking lot you can already tell he’s on edge
  • and so you take both his hands in yours and you kiss his nose cause his nose is the cutest thing it’s so adorable and kissable and imagine lil mins with that noSE
  • wow I’m not okay
  • but he gets all flustered and he shyly asks if you’ll do most of the talking if he does the heavy lifting
  • and you agree as long as he takes you out for ice cream afterwards
  • of course he agrees he can’t say no to you
  • okay so you go in and idk how this place looks but you go on in and he grabs a cart and your eyes go wide
  • “yoongi push me in the cart”
  • “I’ll run you over with the cart if you ask me that again”
  • but he gives you that gummy smile //that could bring world peace// and he nudges you a bit and you hop on in
  • people are staring at you two because adults?? what are you doing??
  • but yoongi doesn’t give a crap he just likes seeing you smile like that he’s so whipped
  • yoongi isn’t one to dwindle and meander around so he’s like yah um we’re going straight to the fans section
  • but he gets lost because he doesn’t shop ever oops a daisy and you end up outside in the plants?
  • and you kinda !! “yoongi we need some spicing up in our house lets get a cactus”
  • “a cactus seriously that’s the most interesting thing you could think of”
  • you end up getting three
  • and he’s getting annoyed at all the mist in the area and his nose is all scrunched up he’s trying to hide from the water
  • “yoongi are you elphaba or something??”
  • “what’s an elphaba is that another one of your plants”
  • but he likes to flowers more than he’ll admit and you see him staring at these petunias and you reach out and put them in the cart
  • “you need some company when I’m not at home”
  • and he’s smiling softly cause the small things are what mean a lot to him
  • you’re like a fairy in that cart, all covered in cacti and flowers and what not
  • he keeps an eye on you to make sure you don’t prick yourself or anything he’s very protective
  • he leans over the cart he’s slouching and he keeps a hand on your shoulder or on your head and he grunts and complains about how heavy you are (unless you’re insecure in that area he wouldn’t make that joke at all if that was an area you struggled in)
  • but you finally make it back indoors and he’s like yes okay fans
  • but then he’s like well I think I need some tools for our own house… cause everything is always breaking…
  • you end up in the tools and he’s like holding one of those demo power drills and you’re kinda fearing for your life cause knowing your luck he would miss his target and somehow break your wall open your apartment is cursed you swear
  • also that look in his eye is low key suspicious but uh
  • he takes the demo hammer in hand “hey look I found you. get it, get it, hammer, hammer head?”
  • you reach for the screwdriver “well here you are mister min, you wanna play that game with mE”
  • even though your analogies were both awful and cringe worthy oops
  • onward and you two end up more lost because you’re at the doors now??
  • there’s like seventeen thousand million of them and all of them are different colors and have different types of woods and have different window panes
  • and he ends up looking at a few and asking which ones you like and you’re like “we don’t even have a front door??”
  • “but we will when we get our own house. nice big house with more than one floor. with a yard and a picket fence too. so help me pick something out would ya?”
  • but you’re kinda distracted because yoongi has never talked much about your housing situation you didn’t ever think he would leave like material things didn’t seem that important to him
  • later that night though he admits that he’s always wanted better, ever since you moved in he’s dreamt of bigger and better things for your sake
  • back to shopping adventures though
  • you don’t end up in the fans next oops
  • you end up in the paint section!!
  • you guys don’t have anything painted in the apartment, you’re not allowed because your landlord is gross
  • but he’s still thinking big about your future house and none of you will ever convince me that yoongi isn’t an artist in every way
  • he has a really good brain for visualizing space and things in a space
  • so the colors come to him naturally
  • it’s like music kind of like it just flows in his brain and he can see his house all perfectly
  • there’s the living room and that would be a darker blue, but not too dark, with vintage type furniture and lots of modern art on the wall for this contrasting themes type thing right but the best part is the big fireplace that you’re curled up in front of, sipping hot chocolate and playing with the cat
  • and he’s so in love with his daydream that when he finds the color he has in mind he snatches the little sample piece and he tucks it into the breast pocket of his plaid shirt thing and when you guys get home he hangs it up on the wall to keep the dream alive
  • but you guys have already been there pretty long and you’re getting a little restless and cramped all up in the shopping cart
  • so he hurries up and snaps out of his fantasy and pushes you on towards the fans
  • it’s like another world
  • it’s two aisles and there’s all these fans hanging up and half of them a are spinning and some are old and wood and some are metal and modern and some have nice bright lamps and some don’t have lamps at all and he’s overwhelmed because he’s forgotten what Edith had to begin with
  • you on the other hand, are cold now from all the fans and he notices obv like he’s the best at that type thing
  • so he peels off the plaid and he drapes it over your shoulders
  • “please don’t die, I don’t wanna do this dishes tonight”
  • you two end up bickering about which fan to buy
  • you could’ve sworn that her old had a giant lamp in the middle and yoongi is like lmao in your dreams you’re wrong
  • and he’s stubborn and not gonna budge on this
  • he ends up leaving you in the cart and walking away and you just yell at him from across the store
  • he comes back with a sales associate though and you’re so proud of him?? like he asked for help all by himself?? without needing your help??
  • and you’re not even mad he left you tbh
  • but he sheepishly points to the fan with the lamp like “uh this please”
  • alas you’re sitting in the cart though
  • he picks you up like he’s kinda tiny bit idk I wouldn’t underestimate him
  • and he sets you down on the floor and then takes all your plants and puts them in the baby seat
  • he’s trying not to smile but he’s so happy about helping out someone in need, especially one of his ladies
  • okay so y'all pull up to the cash register and you’re talking amongst yourselves and what not and you hear this gasp and you both turn your heads
  • and the cashier is probably sixteen years old and he looks like he’s about to faint and he’s so red in the face and yoongi kinda gives a little wave and the kid just about dies
  • you pull up the the register and he’s so flustered and he keeps apologizing because he probably made yoongi uncomfortable and he hadn’t meant to do that at all!!
  • and yoongi just smiles “seriously you’re probably the most calm fan I’ve ever met”
  • yah that’s right I’m throwing shade at the Twitter people
  • and the boy finally manages to collect himself and he kinda “hey thanks for being so honest with us fans and so open. I have problems with my parents and you’ve really inspired me to chase my dreams no matter what anyone tells me and whenever I feel like I’m losing it I just put on nevermind and…”
  • he kinda trails off and he’s red again and you look over at yoongi and he’s blushing and you can tell he’s really touched and it looks like he could possibly tear up but he doesn’t
  • he ruffles up the kids hair and says something to him you can’t make out and then to your surprise leans over and hugs him and it’s really touching and then he signs something and gets your help to write it bcuz he can’t write it in Hangul this kid won’t understand and it’s so touching and sweet and yoongi talks about it all the time honestly and he probably visits lowes sometimes just to make sure the kid is doing okay with his home life and everything??
  • okay but anyway you check out and you load everything into the backseat
  • which means it’s ice cream time
  • and you two drive off to a cute parlor and you get two scoops in a waffle cone and ones chocolate and the other is vanilla and you two share all mushy gushy and when you get ice cream on your nose he kisses it off
  • if their Twitter was still up :)) he would take a picture of you holding the cone but only your hand and leave everyone guessing!!
  • and then you guys would drive home and give the fan to Edith and she would be so happy and she would probably cry she’s so touched and she would invite you two to stay for dinner and
  • wow okay that was more fluffy than funny sorry about that kids I hope you enjoyed though I know I did writing it!!

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Injury stories! Now, I don't really get hurt that much because I'm super careful and never go anywhere, but last winter I slipped on my way to school and graciously landed on my ass and let my left hand take a lot of my weight. I was carrying my violin in my right hand so obviously, first instinct was to prevent it from hitting the ground. I was supposed to have rehearsal for the following week's concert at the school but safe to say that didn't happen. I couldn't play for a few weeks.

I would have also protected the instrument, lol. Those things are EXPENSIVE! But I’m so sad you couldn’t play for a few weeks. I don’t know if you see playing the violin as strongly as I see singing. But one time in the 5th grade, I lost my voice for a week, and I cried everyday after school because I couldn’t sing. 

Toriel is evil

Let’s think about it, when you kill her she basically tells you that you are dangerous for everyone outside the ruins and then laughs.

Why would toriel laugh if she knows you’re going to kill everyone?, well…

So, we know that Toriel hates Asgore right? She can’t forgive him because what he did, right?…

So, my theory is, she’s laughing because she knows you’re going to kill everyone, everyone who followed Asgore’s plan of kill the other 6 children, and eventually Asgore. Making this way possible for Toriel to get her revenge.


You say I’m wrong?

But she’s LAUGHING!!! She even SMILED!!

What?, you say people can laugh and smile for a lot of reasons?

If you say so…

But… you still say Chara wanted to hurt Asgore, right?… Why?

Oh I see… Chara laughed… So, obviously, they found Asgore’s pain funny…

But Toriel isn’t evil because people can laugh for a lot of reasons, uh?…

                                          How… Curious…

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Okay so this is probably really dumb but here goes: whenever I'm going through a bad anxiety or depression phase, I want to drastically change my appearance (specifically hair). I don't know why. This is a problem because if I cut it super short then I soon get bored with it and want it to be long again, and the coloring makes me feel self conscious. I'm getting this need to change it again and parting it/styling it different just doesn't work. I hope this wasn't too stupid.

it’s not stupid!!! a lot of people like to change their appearance and even buy things because it and the change makes them feel better (I do it a lot)

I’m not sure what advice I can give you though, so I’m asking my followers for help please!

I think you could rock any hair cut or colour, but obviously do things that you’re comfortable with!

meet the blogger

Rules: answer these questions, and tag 20 followers that you would like to get to know better.

Tagged by @lion-of-exarchia (Thank you for tagging me, Leo! It was an interesting read.)

Name: I don’t want to give out my name online, just call me N

Nickname: Some actually call me meme queen (lol), I also get called terf a lot by my own friends (ironically though)

Zodiac sign: I’m a proud aries ♈️

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, obviously.

Height: 1m73 (or 5'8")

Orientation: Lesbian! I’m a femme because my parents won’t let me be a butch smh

Ethnicity: Moroccan 🇲🇦 (funfact about my country: we have the highest percentage of people who would fight for their country in the whole world, which is 94%, along with Fiji)

Favorite fruit: Blueberries and blackberries

Favorite season: I like autumn. I love the colors, the rain, and it being slightly cold but not too cold.

Favorite book series: I have to go with Percy Jackson… I’m such a child lol, haven’t read everything yet though

Favorite fictional characters: Nana from Elfen Lied, Poussey and Nicole from Orange Is The New Black, and of course, Spongebob!!!!

Favorite flower: Cherry blossoms & water lilies

Favorite scents: I like the smell of bread, a shit ton, anything w/ coconut smells great, I also love sweet perfumes. I’d also like to add I’ve always hated those perfumes and deodorants made for men… and their shampoos, shower gels, just everything. OH AND VULVA!!!!

Favorite color: Red, blue, purple, pink, and black

Favorite animal: I love love LOVE cats and tortoises/turtles!!!

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Depends on the situation. I can’t drink coffee unless it’s sweet, so I think I’m going with hot cocoa

Average sleep hours: At first it was 9, usually it’s 5, but because of the Ramadan it’s 4 now… horrible

Number of blankets you sleep with: Just one, plus my teddy bear, James.

Dream trip: I would love to travel the world with my lover, I’d especially like to go to Japan. What I also want to do, is voluntary work in Bangladesh, to help girls that are in the sex industry against their will.

Last thing googled: being dead sounds magnificent (bdsm) lyrics by dandelion hands

Blog created: January 10th, 2017

How many blogs do I follow: 808. I follow every radical feminist blog I come across.

Number of followers: 168

What do I usually post about: I mostly reblog gender critical and radical feminist stuff. I write posts myself from time to time

What is your aesthetic: Pure, yet fierce. I love natural women.

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Call for AU suggestions: Reminder the Second (With a twist)

I’m posting this because I thought I might have given the wrong impression before. I’m still calling for new AU requests. The ones I’ve gotten are amazing but they aren’t the be all end all for me, because I never know which are going to be my favorites. So still feel free to send new AU suggestions!

I’m also opening this up to a couple of other fandoms, meaning that I’ll obviously still accept and be looking for Mikayuu AU’s but I’ll also accept requests for a few other fandoms just to gets some diversity and because this is fun and I don’t want non-seraph followers to feel left out.

So here’s the list of pairings I’ll accept AU requests for:

Mikayuu (Mika and Yuu from Seraph of the End)
Nezushi (Nezumi and Shion from No.6)
Ayaken (Ayato and Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul)

Why these three pairings specifically? Because they are three of my favorites and I feel like they don’t get a lot of attention or are somewhat controversial. (Such as, Mikayuu gets a lot of hate for being “siblings” – which weird but we won’t get into it– Ayaken is just not very popular as a ship, and No.6 is kind of an indie fandom so it doesn’t have a ton of contributors compared to others.) and I want this to be a safe haven for fans who like them and don’t get enough of them elsewhere so there you go.

So this is an open invitation. Anyone can send me AU suggestions for theses three pairings in the following ways: Ask, IM, Reblog (Not tags). And I will turn those AU suggestions into One-shots and/or Stories. 

So have fun with it and don’t be shy! 

My only rules are that I get to decided what I’ll include in the stories, and for me that mean no rape or non-consensual sex, all parties must be of appropriate age for the circumstances, I don’t do teacher-to-student relationships or anything where a minor sleeps with a non-minor. I don’t do bondage or any other aggressive and or abusive relationship behaviors. 

I say this not because I judge stories that have these things, I know a lot of them are really good and still uplifting but I personally feel uncomfortable writing them and I like my stories to always end well and make people feel better. For me personally, that’s what my fanfiction is for. Which I hope is an encouragement for you guys! I won’t be giving you story endings that scar you and break your heart. You’ll always get a happy ending with me :) 

And now, here are some pictures of AU’s I’ve seen to give you some ideas :) 

Waiter!Mika AU by Pemprika (I linked to the rest of the comic on my blog so you can see it but I am not the source, obviously. Pemprika is I just don’t know where the link is for the original comic on Pemprika’s page.)

Museum AU by Hi-Hazuki and Pemprika

School AU by ??? (I wish I knew guys, I found it bouncing around Pintrest, if you know, let me know.) 

Ayaken by ??? (Again, Pintrest IDK, tell me the source if you know)

Dragon Age Theories: What Corypheus really wants

A compilation of my theories heading forward with the Dragon Age universe following inquisition. SPOILERS, obviously. A lot of this is centered around the ancient elves, but my dominant approach to all of it is that everything is connected.

Corypheus wasn’t trying to get into the Fade.
Everyone seems to be going on this assumption because a lot of the characters in the game reiterate it, but I think what Corypheus actually wants in Inquisition is quite different. 

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Digimon Adventure sequel to retcon 'unpopular' epilogue


Toei Animation has announced that the upcoming Digimon Adventure sequel will retroactively alter its previous season’s epilogue out of existence.

Digimon Adventure’s second season, Zero Two (02), ended with a 25-year jump into the future where the 12 main characters were shown to be married with children and jobs.

It was the characters’ occupational choices and, in particular, the marriages between Sora Takenouchi and Yamato Ishida, and Miyako Inoue and Ken Ichijouji, that faced intense fan backlash for over a decade.

A vocal portion of the fandom have harshly criticised the epilogue since it aired in 2001, claiming that the writers must have been “smoking crack”.

The staff have all denied that they took cocaine in the studio at the time of working on the original series.

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You have a new message!

Prompt: Group Chat!AU Where Hoseok just want to be loved. Week 2 of YoonMin Bingo that is 3 days late whoops.

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