because a litte part of her wants that

“So many character support ichihime than ichiruki”

Okay, I think you mean this:

You called bashing orihime’s image support? Because believe it or not they are not helping her at all. Urahara is not helping orihime to gain ichigo’s love. No, he just did it because he just wanted to make fun of ichigo’s reaction as well as orihime’s. Everyone who knows ichigo knows that ichigo is dull when it comes to this stuff. In fact, Orihime wearing the sluttly outfit, (I dont know about you but to me that outfit is slutty) proves that orihime is desperate for ichigo’s attention and that their relationship still distance.Those who are close to ichigo would know that  ichigo is not the type of guy who would get influenced by looks.

Apart from that, are you telling me that everyone’s opinion matters more than ichigo’s?.So if everyone approves ichihime, then ichigo is obligated to love orihime back. No, that’s not how love or cannon works. Both characters have to love/like each other back. Sure, orihime says she “likes” ichigo, but just because she likes him it doesn’t mean ichigo has to like her back. Don’t forget ichigo’s opinion, after all he is the one to decide who he wants to be with.

So many character support ichihime … especially the kurosaki family”

Well anon, I took my time to actually go through the whole nozomi arc to look for the episode you mention and I found it! It is the episode where orihime tries to cheer Nozomi up by cooking her a meal ( episode 329-330). She cooks for Nozomi not for the Kurosaki Family.

“Isshin approve her just like support she will become ichigo future wife”

Where in the entire episode does Isshin said “I approve you as ichigo’s future wife? where?? because I didn’t see it. Just because Isshin said “yeah come again,” it doesn’t mean come and marry my son. Just to remind you, Isshin is always acting as a perverted fool.  Whenever someone mentions girls isshin goes all excited and nose bleeding. In regards to rukia, Isshin accepted her as part of the family and like you said he called her third daughter ( it could be that he accepted her as ichigo’s partner).

About orihime being a selfish…

It was just my point of view. However, she in fact does admits that she is little selfish (it was around the Hueco mundo arc). To make it clear, I said that she was selfish because I think she just wanted to get ichigo’s attention during the Hueco Mundo arc. I’m not saying she is a selfish bitch but she is a litte selfish. For instance, when ichigo went missing, which in fact he went to train with the vizards, Orihime found out where he was. Everyone was looking for him, including Rukia and Orihime didn’t tell anyone. I don’t know but that to me was selfish of her. I mean, everyone was so worry about ichigo and Orihime didn’t even say a word. By the way, ichigo never forbide her to say anything or told her to keep it in secret, but Orihime decided to keep it to herself. She even felt a little ashamed when Rukia found out because she followed her.Well like I have been saying this is just my opinion (there is no right or wrong answer)

Orihime is skilled on cooking and rukia cannot…ichigo loves orihime’s cooking and rukia can do nothing and who will become ichigo future wife, of course orihime”

Did you just hear what you are saying? Did you read the manga? Did you watch the anime? “Orihime is skilled on cooking”?? you gotta be kidding me. Orihime must be skillful in other things but not in cooking. No one except for Rangiku likes her cooking.

(Episode 228)

and certainly Ichigo does not like her cooking.

“Rukia cannot cook?

Have you read The honey dish rhapsody?? It is a story written by Tite and Makoto sensei. It just describes what happened during the time Ichigo and the gang stood in the soul society after ichigo saved rukia. Well, in the story rukia prepares a meal for Byayuka and ichigo helps her. (Just to let you know ichigo does like Rukia’s cooking and everyone says that her cooking is delicious :3)

You said Rukia can’t cook? haha my queen is a very skillful woman. Dont make me laugh.  Even if she can’t, she doesn’t need to, why?? because she lives in a fucken mansion. Have you forgotten that she is a noble? and if ichigo were to marry rukia, rukia doesn’t need to cook for him. I mean, Byakuya gave him a pass for him to never be hungry.

and lastly…. "who will become ichigo future wife, of course orihime. She can do anything and have large breast for breast-feeding of their children. while Rukia have nothing and her breast never growing?”

Look anon, just stop ok. Physical appearance doesn’t have anything to do with this.  Both, Rukia and Orihime are beautiful women. If you think ichigo will end up with Orihime because of her boobs you are an idiot and that proves me that you haven’t read the manga nor watch the anime.

 I will say it again, ICHIGO IS NOT THE TYPE TO BE INFLUENCED BY LOOKS ookk ! (get that through your brain)

SO.. I was reading about Meredith in World of Thedas Vol 2 and hoo boy. There is a lot to be said here.

Okay first of all, there are whole pages to be written here about meredith and what this means for her characer arc. I mean can you imagine? The way this is written, kind of makes it seem like Meredith really looked up to Ameia. So to see someone who you love and look up to turn into something made out of nightmares and then literally tear your parents limbs apart, killing them? Yeah. Thats fucked up. The amount of trauma it must have left her in….do you think she ever got over it? Because I’m going to go with most definitely not. She was left homeless and orphand, and the templars took her in immediately after. So already, she’s had personal trauma which is her driving force for becoming a templar…Im not super knowledgable about meredith and Im sure there are already tons written on this who have put it more eloquently than I ever could, but basically–damn, thats fucked up.

The mai reason I wanted to bring up this passage though is because of something unrelated to Meredith. More specifically, the part where it says that Amelia’s abomination killed 70 people before the temlars destroyed her.



Thats a LOT!!!! What the hell? Can we talk about this??

I mean, personally Ive only ever played the games on casual, so Im probably more surprised than I should be by how powerful it must have been, but still, doesn’t that seem a litte much?? There are a few thoughts I have about this in general which are all kind of scattered so I’m just going to bullet point them

-It probably makes more sense that one abomination could do so much damage if put into context of who exactly where among those killed. Even though it never says, I imagine they must have been other villagers (does it ever mention where meredith grew up? it just mentions neighbors here so Im not sure if shes in a village or city or what), and if not villagers then other innocents who wouldn’t have been able to protect themselves, such as unarmored or therwise untrained civilians and children. However these are all just assumptions. While I highly doubt that all 70 of those (well, 68 if you count merediths parents) were templars or otherwise trained and armored guardsmen, its never outright said so this is all me speculating.

-but still, what the hell happened? did the templars fail at their job? Did they not get there in time(even tho t says they were at the end of the street so like??)?? Was the abomination more Op than usual? were the templars that were sent not all experienced enough?

-This raises other questons. like….is this a regular occurance? does this mean that a single abomination could destroy entire villages or towns if they dont have the proper forces (such as templars??) to protect them?

–Or is this an exaggeration by the books? I mean, the book has kind of lied by omission or other reasons a few time, like for example in blackwalls bio it gives actual gordon blackwalls bio and not thom rainers (same with solas and lack of spoilers)

-Also, perhaps some evidence that cities are much larger with more people than the games portray? Perhaps thats a stretch, because even with how big real life earth 70 would still be a hella lot of people even by our terms. But still, what do I know?

Im kinda running out of steam here so does anyone wanna comment on this? I mean seventy people. Dang. That’s a friggin lot for one abomination.