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The Writer Becomes... The Reader?

@your-democracy-is-fucked: “so this is a dumb idea i had, i love my favs on here, because they all have such amazing ways of writing the ‘reader’ and i thought, if you, yes you, were actually in mr robot, lets say for this, you are the hacker behind the hacker, i wanna see your head cannon for your character, make them who ever you want, as crazy and odd, as normal what would your person be gonna tag my favs cause i really wanna see theres, would the person have a code name or your real name you decide” 

A/N: Not a dumb idea. Fun idea. I will do fun idea. I’m gonna do this in the same kind of template as @mr-musings bc I’m unoriginal 

- Her name is Alma. (Not mi actual nombre, my name is unusual so i wanna keep my anonymity) 

- Hispanic af

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- Aspergers af 

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- Lives to fuck shit up 

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- Works at Elliot’s fave coffee joint 

- Bc she is slightly addicted to coffee

- And to annoying Elliot 

“Oh look, it’s the grim reaper. Come to get his morning cup of children’s souls.” 

“Can I just get my usual?” 

“Only if you give me a smile. Teeth and everything. I don’t like shit done halfway.”  

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- She cares very much about Elliot and his wellbeing but has no idea how to offer her help to him. 

- Routinely makes him uncomfortable without meaning to thanks to her lack of social boundaries. 

- But their awful combination of social and mental issues leads to a strangely harmonious friendship. They’ve had many a kushed out rant about the difficulties they face daily. 

- Occasionally they’ll catch each other after work and smoke a j. 

“It’s the only thing that really mellows me out. That and sex.” 

“Oh. Ok.” 

- She’s bad at dropping hints about wanting to sleep with Elliot, in the sense that she’s far too obvious and leaves Elliot rather lost for how to respond. 

- They’re friends for about four months before Elliot has the confidence to ask her over in a very roundabout way. 

“I have weed.”

“Great, lets smoke.”

“Its at home. And it would take me a while to uh, go there, get it and come back.” 

“Oh. There’s always tomorrow after work I guess.” Fuck she’s as bad at taking hints as she is at dropping them. 

“Or you could just… Come over.” 

- Much to Alma’s delight, they end up having extremely high sex. 

- But thanks to their social ineptitude, they never really tell each other their feelings or put a label on the fact that Alma’s goes back to Elliot’s almost every night. 

- However, they don’t need words. Although they struggle greatly to convey things, one way or another, the message always gets across.