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1020. Snape was quite distraught over Lily's death- a little too distraught, in fact, over someone who he supposedly hadn't spoken to in nearly 3 years. A great deal of his anguish actually stemmed from him and Lily having been engaged in an affair, and Lily having been pregnant with his child.

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Meanwhile, in a parallel universe...

“Rvpph1r3 can’t become canon because Ruby and Sapphire have only had one episode surrounding their relationship. Obviously Pearlruby is going to be the endgame ship. They have more chemistry and interactions!”

“Rvpph1r3 can’t become canon because their personalities just aren’t compatible. Ruby is too angry for Sapphire, and Sapphire is too nerdy for Ruby.”

“Rvpph1r3 can’t become canon because it interferes with my other ships!”

“Rvpph1r3 can’t become canon because Ruby is too fat for Sapphire. They just don’t look right together. Now, Lapis? Lapis is sexy. That’s why Lapphire should be and is canon.”

“Lapis and Sapphire are LITERALLY living together! They have a pumpkin dog son! Are you guys fucking braindead?! Lapphire is canon!”

“The drill scene was just a joke. Ruby and Sapphire are friends, and ONLY friends.”

“Sapphire only respects Ruby for her soldier status. That’s not love. That’s why Rvpph1r3 isn’t canon and never will be.”

“I hate Rvpph1r3 because the ship is too popular.” (meanwhile, the Rvpph1r3 tag is filled with nothing but hate and people saying they prefer different ships)

“Rvpph1r3 shippers need to kill themselves. Their ship will never be canon!”

“I don’t like Rvpph1r3 because Ruby isn’t sexy enough for me.”

Now, read all of those quotes and read them good. Aren’t those rather rude and ridiculous things to say? Yes, they are. 

Now, replace all instances of Rvpph1r3 with “Amedot”.

Replace Ruby with Amethyst. Replace Sapphire with Peridot.

If these wouldn’t be okay things to say in a parallel universe where Rvpph1r3 isn’t canon, then they aren’t okay things to say to Amedot shippers in this universe.

I don’t care what I’ve said. Help me. Love me. Hold me. Break me. Fix me.

Help me.

Lavender ✽


went to see the 1975 last night!

it was an amazing concert and my sister screamed louder than i’ve ever heard her but that’s cool. i had too much fun. i wish i could live in that whole scenario again and again along with the stromae concert -sighs-

Matt Healy is a bae wtf >:(

this was a new way to colour uwu;;

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the 1975©.. o__o;;
Matt Healy©himself

why do people shit on sangwoo’s eyebrows, like they’re not even that bad?? have you seen what the fashion industry does to brows today???

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ALSO ALSO ALSO let me just fucking say that i am so tired of the antis claiming that teenagers dont think about sex. like at 15 it was all i could fucking think about and GUESS WHAT most antis are like 14-16 and them talking about at 15-16 aren't thinking about sex NEWS FLASH ASSHOLE you're fucking 16 and thinking about sex the whole damn time. congratulations, you played yourself


Imagine all the white girls whose heads are exploding because there aren’t any white women Peter’s age in the main cast to ship him with. Imagine all the white girls who are gonna go out of their way to ship Peter with the 19th billed white dude just so they don’t have to ship Peter and Mary Jane now that she’s black 😂😂. I’m living today. I’m living forever. 


Damsel in Distress
↳ “Obi-wan Kenobi”

i’ll never be over sam slipping gold coins into elena’s pockets during the hug on the dock to make sure his brother and sister-in-law are well off enough to take care of themselves. 

I know there are legitimate complaints to have about Mass Effect: Andromeda’s animations, but I saw this

and to be honest, I kinda love it. She looks so awkward and autistic. Like, there are literally pictures of me in existence where I look just like that because smiling while autistic is so freakin’ hard. So like, I’m kind of planning for my Ryder to be autistic too. I don’t usually think that deeply about my game characters (I seem to save that up mainly for when I’m writing) but I can’t help it this time. 

the signs as lines from hamilton that always make me laugh
  • aries: is he in jersey? / everything is legal in new jersey
  • taurus: do whatever u want, i'm super dead
  • gemini: daddy's callin'
  • cancer: sir i don't know what you heard but whatever it is jefferson started it
  • leo: we ride at midnight, manhattan in the distance
  • virgo: who's the best? c'est moi
  • libra: every single part of the reynolds pamphlet. all of it. from HIGHLIGHTS to dayuum to u ever seen somebody ruin their own life? all of it
  • scorpio: well iiiiiii heard u got a special someone on the siiiiiide burr, what r u tryna hiiiide burr?
  • sagittarius: and if u don't know, now you know, mr. president
  • aquarius: i may have punched him, it's a blur, sir
  • pisces: here's an itemised list of thirty years of disagreements (sweet jesus)

Hey guys, so yeah I’m not dead or anything so that’s good, but I these last few weeks have been literal hell for me because of various events, and honestly I just haven’t found myself able to interact with anyone. This means anyone. I’ve just needed time alone, even from the people I normally talk to or are friends with, and I’ll probably do this for a little while longer because I have some stuff to process on my own, and I can’t deal with all the constant messaging. 

I will, however, try to respond to threads, memes, and IMs involving rp. Just don’t ask/talk to me about the personal stuff. I’ve never been good at ooc bonding, but I feel this way now more than ever. So if you have a plot or something, hit me up, but if you’re going to say “hiiiiiii”, don’t expect a reply from me. I’ll be honest when I say I just don’t care.

This isn’t going to be forever, of course, but please be conscious of the fact that I’m not going to small talk to anyone, regardless of how close we are. Sorry, I need this space right now.