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No, listen….I have so many feels whenever I watch the pilot episode okay? I had them when I first saw it and that increased every time the new season would end because there would be bunch of additional information that upon rewatch adds so much context to the characters. That conversation on lanai of McGarrett house is one of the best moments of the pilot. It’s a short one but boy does it drag my feelings around.

Here’s the thing. Steve loved his father. And his father loved him. But at that point in time, he did not know the full story. He did not know that his mother’s car accident was no accident or that she faked her death. He did not know that his father proverbially drowned in the guilt over his wife’s death because of his work.

What he did know is that his father sent him and his sister away (and separated them along the way as well) while the grief was so very fresh and raw and that ‘McGarrett men do not show their feelings, that’s a weakness’. The family that suffered a devastating loss was fractured because his father ‘is the kind of a man who cannot walk away from a fight’ and put his need to do his job before his children.

And here he is, eighteen years later sitting on the lanai drinking a beer with his new partner (an odd but logical choice) who apparently hates the place Steve was born and raised in. Partner who is very loud and clear on that front. But he is here and determined to keep the ‘pineapple infested hellhole’ safe because this was his daughter’s home now.

Daniel ‘Danny’ Williams is very homesick and above all, everything John McGarrett taught his son not to be. He is very emotional, outspoken and hoo boy, very vocal. He is also a very good cop and has great empathy for the victims/victims’ families. But the thing that drags my feels when that particular scene comes along is probably in how Steve looks at Danny while he speaks. 

The realization that comes to Steve how strikingly different fathers John and Danny were/are. Whereas John sent his children away for their safety but he himself stayed behind, Danny left everything he knew/had behind because the thought of Grace not being in his life and vice versa was too scary to even contemplate. That she might get hurt because he wasn’t there to make sure the place she was living in was safe. 

So you know the previous scene I posted before, Danny’s first carlogue, might be amusing and Steve mentally making check marks on his ‘ideal life partner’ list but this scene ten minutes later in the episode has me whipping out my shipper glasses because fuck me but Steve is halfway in love with Danny.

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just wondering, do you listen to music while writing sex scenes? for uh... atmosphere? if so, what kind? i imagine it'll change depending on what kind of sex they're having.

I do! I will usually loop the same song for the whole five to sixish hours or so it takes me to do the rough draft of the scene (weird I know). Chapter 8 was written to ‘ Belle ‘ (Viktor’s FS music for that chapter), I can’t remember for 9, the first part of 10 or 12 but the second part of ten was written to ‘Dark Eyes’ (the song Viktor sings). 11 was written to ‘On A Night Like This’ (the song that gave the title its name) and 13 was written to ‘Love Story.’ 

The music mainly just helps me focus thought rather than setting a mood because literally 0% of writing sex scenes is being like ‘ooh, this is so sexy hot damn’ and 100% is ‘where are your hands??? Now where are your hands??? Did you move already or are you still standing up??? Wait one damn minute which position were you supposed to be in again??? God fUCKING DAMMIT I FORGOT TO MAKE YOU TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRTS I HAVE TO WRITE THIS WHOLE BIT AGAIN’ etc… 。゚(TヮT)゚。

Unavailable (reader x Bucky) - Part 5 of Accidents Happen

Heyo! So I meant to have this posted last night, but I decided to try to go out and be social, therefore no time. Oddly enough, though, I’m posting this from my work because my power is out and I’m here after hours to use the wifi and charge my devices. Super crazy day. 

Anywho! This took me forever to write because this is my first attempt at a mission/action/fighting scene. Whew. I hope it makes sense and flows well. :) Send me any comments or constructive criticism in that regard! I’d love to your your thoughts. And thanks to @you-and-bucky for the tips and encouragement! 

  Part Four   Part Five   Part Six  

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Unavailable (reader x Bucky) 

Characters: reader x Bucky, Natasha, Sam, Clint, Steve, OC Viktor Sokolov

Summary: Y/N is on a mission with the Avengers and things don’t exactly go as planned. 

Warnings: One swear word, action/mild violence, then some fluff!!


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As far as missions went, this was actually pretty boring so far. Five days in and things were finally coming together. Days were spent doing surveillance, analyzing patterns between the comings and goings of the frequent guests to the compound in Eastern Europe suspected of housing HYDRA operations. Which for you basically meant freezing your butt off in the middle of the woods in mid Winter and keeping an eye on the only road to and from the compound. Sam was in charge of scouting from above with help from Red Wing and Natasha had tapped into their computers to watch for activity. Steve had spent what seemed like forever seeking out weak points in the compound itself before calling the whole team back together with a plan for tonight.

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LOVED your fic recs! You mentioned that you had runner-ups, what are they? I'm curious because we have similar fic tastes and I've read most on your list.

Thanks mate! I’m glad you appreciated that and yes, I was originally going to post 15 fics, but I cut it down to 10 because I’m a lazy bastard. The following are honorable mentions to my treasure trove (or part two, view it anyway you want.)

  • Make a Wish by AcrobatElle
    • Rated: E
    • Noted Features: Wish Realm!AU, Canon Divergence (Season 6), Wish Realm Fix It, Older!Killian, Porn with Feelings
    • Author’s Description: Stuck in the Enchanted Forest after her wish was granted, Emma seeks out Killian. She doesn’t expect what she finds. 
    • Rose’s Review: If I were a bigger cunt than I already am, I would just download this fic and sent it to A&E and be like “See this? This is what you should have done you bloody fucking wankers instead of going for the laugh!” (I’m not bitter I promise.) This isn’t just amazingly crafted Captain Swan smut, it’s amazingly crafted Captain Swan smut that rips out your heart and makes you weep for Wish!Hook because he’s just so unhappy but so gracious and in love with Emma (all Killians are in love with all Emma’s, let’s just face it). He really could have been bitter but he’s just so accepting and encouraging of Emma and his main verse self that it makes you want to curl in a corner with a bottle of rosé and weep to “White Flag” by Dido. It doesn’t make you cry because it’s angsty, it makes you cry because they just fucking love each other so much and Wish!Hook kinda gets the raw deal because he has no Emma of his own. He arguably doesn’t really exist but you still feel bad because despite the fact he was unhappy that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good heart. Ugh. Just read it and have feels. 

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Saturday 27th May, 2017

This is long overdue and probably of little relevance now since this was their third show and we’re now three weeks into their run. They’ve dramatically improved since this! Or so I’ve heard, I’ll find out on Saturday : ) But anyway, this was my first time seeing the new cast so there was a lot running through my head which means this isn’t a great recap by any means. I’ll direct you over to @torestoreamends​ for that.

The first part of this is just me rambling and sorting my thoughts out. Feel free to skip it. The scene by scene bullet pointed recap you’re expecting from me is at the end. Oh and in true @ohscorbus style, I’m going to focus on Theo/Albus and Samuel/Scorpius. I guess that’s what you’re all here for anyway :p

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Why Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams Deserve Everlasting Happiness Together: An Essay by a Hardcore Shipper

Ok, so before I begin this, you should know that I am a hardcore McDanno shipper. Aside from Kono and Adam, they are my number one O.T.P. on Hawaii Five-0. I am literally so obsessed with Steve and Danny and their relationship, and I’m not ashamed of it, either. Therefore, this comment I’ll most likely come off as biased, but I have very good logic behind what I’m about to say. (Also, I can already tell that this post is going to be verrrrrryyyy long, so buckle up and get comfy if you are planning to read everything I’ve written.)

To start, I see many comments reading, “They have great chemistry, they should still be together, they are endgame…” etc. while all of this is true, to be honest, they are better suited off as friends. They tried to make a relationship work, but usually, it did not.

“But they were together on and off for five seasons!” Is what some of you are probably already thinking. This is true, but unfortunately, it does not mean that they are forever meant to be together.

Remember Billy, Catherine’s ex from season 3? Just to clarify, he died in the middle of season 4. However, before he died, he was trying to get back together with Catherine. She had chemistry with him, too. The only problem was that she was legitimately already with Steve at that time. To be honest, I always liked her better with Billy then I did with Steve. They just went better together, in my opinion.

So Catherine and Steve were together. Then, in season 5, she and Steve went to Afghanistan (or some other, terrible, Taliban filled town) in order to save somebody that had helped Catherine when she’d been in the military. If you’ll recall, at the end of that episode, Catherine decided to stay behind to help the people get their son back. Steve went back to the United States, heartbroken and crying.

All of this made me still think that Steve and Catherine still had a slight chance to make it. But then.


Catherine returned in the season 5 finale to attend Kono’s wedding. Ok, cool. Steve has a date for the wedding of the century. That was all fine and good. Obviously, that was the same episode when they broke up. To be frank, I always thought it would be Steve that broke up with Catherine, obviously so he could go FINALLY be with Danny, his one true love. But instead, Catherine broke up with Steve, citing that she decided to go do some good, volunteer work in a foreign country. I remember her saying to Steve, “Five-0 is your thing. Please, let this be mine.”

Then her car to take her to the airport arrived, and she got in. She made a phone call.

Now, to the viewers who had history with this show, they knew that as SOON as she punched in a code before speaking that it was no good. Steve’s mom, also a spy, had done the same thing in previous episodes, so they knew what was up. The real slap in the face, though, was when she said to the voice on the phone who she was-badge number, name, the whole nine yards. Then, we hear a male voice on the other end of the line ask, “Is he fooled?” (Or something similar). Catherine’s reply came sharp. (Again, not an exact quote, but pretty close. I think you’ll get the memo). “He doesn’t know anything. He thinks I’m volunteering,” she said.

It was then that I officially stopped wanting them to be in a relationship. I get why she couldn’t tell Steve, but still! She fucking choose that same life/lifestyle that his mother had had; a lifestyle that she knew he hated. If she truly loved and cared for him as more than a friend, then she would’ve rejoined Five-0, or at LEAST have found a cool, different job in Oahu.

But no. She literally betrayed Steve, and for what, anyway? We never did get a good understanding or explanation of why she decided to join the C.I.A. It is a concept that stills boggles my mind to this very day. Most recently, Catherine came back for the 150th episode, which is where this clip is obviously from. But this point, I was beyond done with her. I was so irritated when she came back, especially because she interrupted Steve’s date with Lynn. Oh, right. And she never told Steve that she became a spy, so he was clearly shocked when she divulged this piece of information.

This brings me to my next point. Steve, his mom, and Catherine had to fight off some bad guys after his mom, and then hide from them. When the doorbell rang at the safe house, it was the rest of the Five-0 team, minus Danny who was in New Jersey to be there for his dad who’d just had knee surgery. (In real life, Scott Caan was busy with his new family and couldn’t schedule to film the 150th episode). Steve had called Danny earlier that day to tell him what was going on, and Danny decided to call the rest of the team to help him.

Yeah. Danny called the team. Not Catherine, who probably knew that they were gonna need backup. Danny, who wasn’t even there, called the team and made sure they were there for Steve.

That’s just one example of why Steve and Danny are so important to each other and belong together; much more so than Steve and Catherine. Let’s go back few years, to season three. Danny had accidentally stepped on a bomb. The bomb would explode if he stepped off, killing everyone in the vicinity, himself included. Steve know this, but he stayed anyway. Even at Danny’s persistence of him to, “Just go, Steve. Go me there for Grace. Get out of here, save yourself!”, Steve did not budge. He insisted on staying and they talked and tried to get Danny to forget why he was even there in the first place. His persistence in not wanting to go proves that they have more than friendship, especially when he knew exactly what to talk about or get Danny calm enough so that he would momentarily forget about the bomb.

Fast forward to season four. The episode where the building collapsed had to have been the most dramatic episode of season four. To refresh, Steve, Danny, and the rest of the team were in a paring grange, looking for a victim. I don’t speak exactly remember why, but the rest of the team left the garage, except for Danny and Steve. They investigated until they found a man bound and gagged, tied to a chair in a separate room. Just as they were figuring out what he was saying, which was, “BOMB!” the bomb went off, collapsing the building.

That episode was solely focused on Steve and Danny and how they were gong to get out of their predicament. Danny was also badly hurt, his leg trapped under a cement pillar. Steve didn’t give up. After freeing Danny, he temporarily managed to fix his wound, and then created a mini-bomb that would let the people looking for them where they were. It worked and they were free. Once out, they exchanged their first ever “I love yous” while hard-core hugging. This was no “hey bro!” hug. This was an “I am so serious about this, I really do love you,” hug. And I don’t think I’m wearing shipper goggles for that moment. I genuinely think that that meant what they said. They embraced for a really long time, surprisingly longer then what I would’ve thought producers would’ve liked.

After that epic bromance scene, season five was filled with plenty more bromantic/ shipper-O.T.P. feels. That was the season when they went to therapy! Ok, fine, true, it’s because they are “work partners” and it was mandatory, but you can’t tell me that they weren’t acting like a married couple throughout all of those scenes. There is one episode from that therapy time period in particular that I am thinking of, and it has everything to do with undercover work. It’s the part of the episode where there is a huge bank heist and Danny and Steve decide to head to an apartment across the street from the robber so they can spy on her and see what she is planning on doing next.

The Five-0 team (but more importantly, the production staff and possibly Peter Lenvok) could have had anyone do this. They could have had cousins Kono and Chin watching out or even the odd combination of Grover and Chin. But no. They choose Steve and Danny. Shippers all across the globe rejoiced.

The best part of their stay in the place (besides, of course, seeing how Danny and Steve would live with each other if given the real chance to) was when it was nighttime and one kept a lookout while the other one slept. Steve decide to watch first, so Danny slept, and he randomly woke up in the middle of Steve’s shift. He noticed that the “Perfect Partners” workbook the therapist had given them had been moved, which he thought was funny, because Steve already made it a known that he didn’t want anything to do with the book. So he said something about it, and Steve didn’t confess to moving it, even though we all know that he did.

Steve then told Danny a story about his youth; a salty that made him seem more human in Danny’s eyes. He started it of by saying, “Music. I’m into music,” when Danny asked why his hobbies were. “So?” Danny had retorted. “That’s a cop-out. Everyone is into music.” “No, I meant I’m into playing it,” Steve responded. He then told Danny the story about when he was a junior in high school and was in the school talent show to play his guitar. But he had had major stage fright and hadn’t actually gone through with it, getting off the stage before he even began. He said to Danny, “That is the reason why I still don’t play the guitar to this day,” Steve had finished the story. He also add that he had previously never told anyone that story before, which is why it was an important plot point in the McDanno tale. Once he was done, Danny laughed at him. “A little bit of stage fright stopped you from forever playing the guitar?” He’d asked. They then had one of their cute little arguments over the whole issue, and right before Danny went back to sleep, he said, “You know, after all we’ve been though together…your father…my brother…I would be thought you would’ve opened up to me more by now.” Steve causally responds, “I just did.” The McDanno universe (myself included) lost all chill, reblogging that moment over and over.

Later, at the end of that same episode, Steve, Danny and everybody else were at Kamakoahs to eat. Steve and Danny had to leave early, in order to go to their thereby appointment. Ruth, who we met earlier in the episode, was really confused. Remember, she was the old lady who thought that Danny and Steve were gay and living together, to which Steve responded, “We’re not gay, we’re Five-0.” Later, after she left, Danny said, “You know, I would’ve just vine with the gay thing.” So that happened, which does is why Ruth was so confused. As they left, she said, “Wait. I thought they weren’t gay.” The rest of the team didn’t even deny it, they just joyfully laughed, as if to say, “Yeah, girl, we know. They’re just faking it. We know they are gay together.”

So they walked to Danny’s Camaro, and that’s when a fan fiction moment happened. You possibly know what I’m talking about. In case you don’t, fanfiction moments are those little things in which you think, “Yeah, this can definitely only and will only happen in this fan fiction universe. Sigh.” But then the thing from the fan fic actually does happen on the real show, and life suddenly becomes magical. Anyway, this fan fic moment was when Danny revealed that he’d gotten Steve a gift. After telling Danny that he didn’t do his part of their assignment, joking that the dog ate his homework, we find out what the gift is. In the trunk of the Camaro, Steve pulled out an elegant black guitar case. Steve had asked, “What is this, Danny?” Danny, his usual snarky self, responded, “It’s a tuba, you schmuck. Just open it and you’ll see.” Inside the case was a beautiful, new guitar which Danny had purchased specifically for Steve. As Danny looked on proudly, Steve muttered, “Danny, Danny, DANNY,” with a small smile on his face. He strummed a few strings, and they had a little back and forth conversation about Steve’s new instrument, including some things about why Danny had purchased it in the first place. I don’t remember what exactly was said, but I do recall that Danny had gotten it for Steve so that he could get back into playing again. Then, Steve put the guitar back in the case and looked thoughtful for a moment. He slammed the trunk of the Camaro and tossed the keys to Danny, saying, “You know what? You drive.” Danny caught the keys, a look of pure shock on his face. “I drive. Wow,” a stunned Danny said as he accepted the gesture. “Don’t get too excited,” Steve had replied as he climbed in the passenger seat for the first time in a long time. “I’m still controlling the radio.” Driving away, Steve did exactly that, messing around with the switch from the passenger seat.

Ok. That scene was very important for many reasons. Let’s start with guitar. Danny didn’t have to get him that. Steve never asked him for it, he simply told Danny a story. A story which he had never told anyone before, ever. This obviously includes Catherine, which doesn’t make sense. If they were so close, wouldn’t Steve have trusted her enough to tell her this about himself? But he never did. He chose to tell Danny instead. Danny went above and beyond what any purely platonic friend would, and it showed. I’m not saying that friends can’t buy friends nice gifts for no reason, but it just felt different, in that case. I know that whenever my friends tell me something about themselves, I don’t immediately rush out to buy them some thing hella expensive for no reason at all. And it wasn’t even the fact that he bought Steve a gift for no reason. It was the fact of what it was, combined with the fact of the story (as mentioned above). It also didn’t hurt that Danny could see that that life experience really affected Steve, and that he missed playing his guitar. Steve was extremely touched by the gesture, and Danny was so proud of himself for buying that expensive instrument for Steve. I don’t think Danny had ever done doe thing like that for anyone before, not even the people in his family. It was especially worth it to him when Steve admitted to loving at first touch. The smile on both of their faces when the guitar was revealed says enough about this topic, in my opinion. It proves that A) They care enough about each other to listen, talk, and reveal information about themselves without getting made fun of (at least not too much, anyway) and B) they are willing to go the extra mile just to make each other happy.

The other reason that end scene was crucial was the whole “Danny is driving ” thing. For those who are casual watchers, it is important to know that basically, ever since the day they met, Steve has been driving Danny’s Camaro. This fact has been brought up many times before in the script, and it is the main source of their many “carguments” (I’m not telling you what that is. You can look it up yourself if you don’t know). It was even brought up in one of their therapy appointments from earlier in season five. For Steve to actually let Danny drive for once was a huge milestone on his part. He was so affected, surprised, and touched by the gift of the amazing guitar that he felt like he had to let Danny drive after that. It was a compromise he was willing to make. It also shows the progress that they made in their relationship that day, and it was just more overall proof that they are the endgame couple.

I could clearly go on and on forever about these two. Another really good example of their relativity is when they have to go to couple’s counseling as part of their mandatory therapy. Do you all remember that? Just for a refresher, that was the one where Steve literally signed them up for couples counseling; as in husband-and-wife couples counseling. Anyway. That episode is “feels worthy” in its entirety (especially the ending where they were just chilling at a table, eating lunch together. Also, Steve round Danny’s arm to “feel the effects of the lotion”. Sure, Steve. If that excuse works for you…).

Beside those specific examples, there have multiple hugs and touches that have lingered for far too long. Danny calls Steve “Babe”; a nickname he rarely calls anybody else, and Steve calls Danny “Danno”. True, this is mostly to annoy him, but as Danny gets to know Steve better, he slowly realizes that he actually doesn’t mind it. “When I say ‘Danno’…it’s a term of endearment,” Steve said in season one when Danny was protesting it. Much to Steve’s surprise, Danny responded, “Do it every day, then. I like it.” Steve smiled all goofily, and it was worth it for all those times of Danny yelling at Steve to not use it. Another point to bring up-they are the few people to ever use each other’s full names; Steven and Daniel, respectively. The only other people who occasionally call them by their full names are the few times their parents (sometimes not even that, but a parent-like figure) have been on the show. Whenever they call the other by their full name, it’s usually to prove a point, to get the others attention, or even just to subtly let them know that they are different from what everyone else knows. Again, this is just my opinion.

Then there are various innuendos that refer to Danny and Steve in a non-bro/non- platonic way, including the amount of times they say, “I love you,” to each other. The one after the building collapse made sense, but every time they say it after that is just to mess with shippers. They really do love each other, though. In fact, at the end of one particularly memorable occasion, Danny combined nickname with an I love you. He was talking to Steve about something, and at the end of their conversation, he looked up at Steve and said, “That’s why I love you, babe.” All of the McDanno shippers died a little bit that day. (Well, I know I did, anyway.) Also, side-note: Remember the “air hearts” from season two?! Oh! And that time in season three where they went fishing together and then got stranded for almost the whole episode? Tell me that wasn’t one of the greatest things to ever see on Hawaii Five-0, and in the McDanno world…! My point is that they have all these endearment terms that they say to each other, sometimes for no reason at all. They are saying them because they want to, not because they feel like they have to. To me, it doesn’t feel forced onto the characters, either. It just seems natural and easy with them. Even people who don’t ship them (yes, there are some) raised eyebrows at the amount of times they are unusually sweet on each other.

I also want to mention episode 8 from season 7, specifically the ending. (SPOILER ALERT. Duh.) It was an emotional episode all around, but after the Five-0 team arrested all or the bad guys, and all of the hostages were free again, they all individually hugged it out with one another. Steve and Danny were a good space apart from each other. They were smiling and looking at each other, clearly enjoying the fact that they were both ok. Finally, Steve broke the silence by saying, “What, no hug?” Even the casual viewer would be able to tell that he was disappointed and slightly sad about this fact. And then Danny Williams said the most scream-worthy thing he’s said in a long time.

“If I hug you, I might kiss you, and then where would it stop?”

ASDFGHHJKLLKJFFDSAA. That was literally my reaction to that quote, aside from screaming and jumping up and down. True, people could say that they were just so relieved that both of them were safe, and that’s why he said it, but honestly? I don’t think so. First of all, they looked at each other, goofily smiling for way too long, as they usually do. Next, Danny said, “then where would it stop?” If he had left that part out, it would be less scream-worthy. In that one sentence, everything Danny Williams has ever actually, truly wanted was finally made clear. He wants Steve.

Catherine has never done anything like this for Steve. Honestly, she was always too busy playing the damsel in distress and worrying about herself rather than Steve and trying to fix the problem at hand. Even though she was in the Navy, same as Steve, Danny somehow understands this fact better than she does. The funny thing is that Danny was never in any sort military whatsoever. To clarify, I’m not even talking about all of the times where Danny has casually made fun of what branch Steve served in. In my opinion, Danny understands the things that happened to Steve while he was over there, and he can relate to the trauma he went through. Catherine, on the other hand, never wanted to talk about serious issues with Steve, even if he brought it up. Most of the time, unless it involved a problem she was in, she gave no care to what Steve’s past experiences had been. However, I know that this argument is, as my Algebra II teacher would put it, “weak sauce”, so you can come after me for that if you’d like. Anyway, back to the point. I just think that Catherine was a poorly developed character from the moment we met her. Aside from occasionally helping Five-0 with some cases, she didn’t really add any substance to the story, especially when it came to matters involving Steve. In fact, the only real, solo plot lines she ever really got was the things with Billy, her ex, and then of course the would “I’m going to stay in Afghanistan” Taliban thing. She also got the spy story line, which was bitter to many, and it didn’t do a great job on making me believe that she and Steve could ever be in a real relationship. It was lazy acting, especially on Michelle Borth’s (the woman that plays Catherine) part. She could have done a lot better, including trying to convince the writers and producers to come up with a better story for Catherine. Ok, to be fair, I think that if that dumbass spy storyline was better, it could’ve possibly saved their sinking relationship. But alas, it didn’t, and in all honesty, I thought it was a dumb plot twist. To me, it wasn’t even a plot twist, but I regress. To get back on topic…even when she was with Steve, actually in a relationship with him, there were still things with Danny that made her side–eye and question them. Obviously, I have examples, but that would take too much time to write all of them down. Trust me, though, there’s many examples of this.

Overall, given all of the great evidence I have provided, it is clear to see why Steve and Catherine do not belong together. They will never be my personal endgame, anyway. Danny and Steve have something special; something more than friendship, or even a silly, fun bromance. I will 100% stand by the McDanno ship until the day I die. Even if it has absolutely no chance of ever legitimately becoming canon, I will not give up. Fuck, when the show eventually, ends and if they are STILL not together, I will be shipping it. (And also writing letters/making phone calls/leaving messages on all of their social media’s to the production staff and writers questing why the hell they baited us after all of those years and then never followed through on it.) It is my belief that if two people are meant to be together, they will find a way to be together. Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams clearly are these two people. They have gone above and beyond on showing the world what love really is. Catherine and Steve have not. Sure, they’ve had a lot of fun together, but that does not begin to compare to the amazing relationship that Danny and Steve have built for themselves. I will never lose hope about McDanno.

Catherine is just another thing standing in the way. Danny and Steve WILL be together one day. For real. Forever. It’s just a matter of time and bravery. The fans are more than ready, and the writers have been leading up to a real relationship between them for years. I don’t care who you ship, you absolutely cannot deny the fireworks happening between those two. Mark my words and take this long-ass…thing I’ve written as proof. But until everyone (writers, actors, fans, literally everyone involved with Five-0) gets their shit together…well, at least there’s a fanfic for that!

If anyone would like to discuss post this with me, feel free to message me directly. I’d be thrilled to talk to you about McDanno. And of not, that’s cool too. I’ll always be here, though, if you need to desperately drop a line(:

Detailed SNK Ship Analysis: Aruani (ArminxAnnie)

This is the first part in a series of very detailed SNK ship analysis. In this, I will explore the ArminxAnnie (Aruani) pairing, the canon moments between them, how they feel about each other and present evidence to support all these points I make. Essentially, this will be an in-depth look at various facets to Aruani because, believe it or not, this is a very strong ship with a lot of previous interaction and future potentiality, depending on how upcoming events in the manga play out.

I know it is a common theory that Annie is dead in the crystal, but the fact is, we have no reason to think that is the truth. Ymir survived for eighty years in her Titan without food and air. For all we know, Annie is in a coma that shuts off her needs to breathe and eat. So, the fact she may be dead doesn’t reduce that ship’s potential in my eyes, because we don’t know if she’s dead or not. Now, Aruani is nowhere near “officially” canon and may not have have the greatest outlook for the future, but the potential is definitely there, and it can’t be ignored.

Also, just a note: I am disregarding the second OVA in this analysis. It was entirely filler, and none of it was canon. Annie and Armin had some cute moments, but I can’t consider them for this post.

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Pynch Fic Rec


And You - It’s summer. Adam comes home from work.

A House so Vast - Adam says, “Bite me all you want, I’m going back to sleep.” Ronan lets his forehead rest on the same place, dropping his body so that it is completely plastered over Adam’s. With the hand not gripping the keys, he weaves his fingers into the mess of Adam’s hair. He inhales, and everything is sweat and sun and the crisp, woodsy aftershave that Adam has started wearing. Ronan’s entire being stutters. He could stay like this, easily.

Ronan feels left behind. Adam is taking what he deserves. They talk, in a way. A short thing about feelings and things unsaid.

We Smile Because We Want To - “It’s a date,” said Ronan.“It’s your house,” said Adam.

These hands are tied - “At first, I thought Gansey and I were doing something wrong. Then I realized that it wasn’t our problem at all! It’s you two. You can be jerks but you’re always touching, and kissing, and doing that annoying telepathic thing.” She scrunched her nose, “It’s kind of disgusting.”Adam felt his face burn and immediately said, “That’s not true. We don’t- get off me, Lynch.” He pushed at Ronan who had been resting his head on his thigh this whole time. Noah decided to pipe in, “Like she said. Disgusting.”

That was what made Adam and Ronan determined to prove that they could keep their damn hands to themselves.

Should’ve Put A - It’s been happening every few days for the past four months. Ronan wakes up, finds a ring on his left hand, and panics until he can hide it.

post-trk conversations - what is says on the tin

beckoning - It is not until late June that Adam asks: “Should we talk about what we are?”Ronan furrows his brow. “Like— humanity-wise? Or relationship-wise?”“Hilarious,” Adam drawls, sneaking a kiss along Ronan’s jaw. “I was thinking more of the second one. But as for point A— very much mortal. Maybe a chaotic neutral.“

omnia - Ronan closes the distance between them with two hurried steps. The next thing Adam knows, he’s being crushed to Ronan’s chest. It’s solid, anchoring, and Adam ducks his face into Ronan’s neck. From this close up, he can’t see the purple, fingerprint-bruises, winding down Ronan’s throat. But he kisses that space of skin, anyway. Kisses it, and feels Ronan’s breath hitch.

ldr - “No Skype sex,” Adam says, but then a thought occurs to him. “Hey, is there a portmanteau for that? Like… Skex? Or something?”He regrets it almost instantaneously. Ronan doubles over, nearly knocking over his laptop as he cackles. “Yes, Parrish. Oh, yes. Have Skex with me, c’mon.”or:The Epic Fairytale Long Distance Romance of Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish.

two lost boys - Adam knew that people wouldn’t get it, that people would look at Ronan and think that Adam could do much better, that Ronan would only hold him back, but Adam couldn’t have cared less. Because he knew that the broken halves of Ronan’s hearts matched up perfectly with his.Two lost boys.Connected by one heart.or: The One Where Ronan Meets Adam’s College Friends

things that break the silence - Adam has left for college and Ronan didn’t expect the Barns to be so quiet without him there.

After All This Searching, What Is There Left To Do But Breath & Bleed - Gansey wakes up. This picks up immediately after the final chapter of The Raven King–but before the epilogue. Major TRK spoilers. Some angst. You have been warned.

ama me fideliter - Gansey is shocked to learn that Ronan and Adam have been keeping a secret from him for years. Post-TRK, spoilers.

Here In This Potent Silence Is Where I Come To Find You - Ronan and Adam drive back to the barns. Post the final chapter of The Raven King. Pre-Epilogue. Can be read as a one-shot but also compliments Part 1 in this series. SPOILER ALERT for those who have not read The Raven King.

can’t let the day go - Ronan knows he does, but he also feels like he needs to relearn Adam every time they see each other again. He’s itching to relearn him now, but he can’t bring himself to move forward. It’s the surprise of it shocking him to stillness. Adam here when he shouldn’t be. A pleasant surprise, sure, but they didn’t discuss this. They Skyped just two days ago and Adam didn’t mention anything about plane tickets or plans, nothing about sneaking away from his small, overheated dorm room to be here in the mild spring weather with Ronan. Ronan’s so happy he can barely breathe.(Or, Adam takes a long weekend off from school and makes a surprise visit to the Barns.)

the one where there’s onesies - The one where there’s onesies, terrible popcorn, and someone most certainly has a cape fetish. (Or, Ronan and his dreams love Adam a whole lot and Adam loves cuddle piles more than he ever thought he could.)

in between - THERE ARE RAVEN KING SPOILERS In which Adam works on processing what happened, Ronan is thankful, Gansey wants to know if he can kiss Blue, Blue wants to know if she can kiss Gansey, and Henry wants to go on a road trip.Set in between Chapter 67 and the epilogue.

a truth so loud you can’t ignore - Set between the last chapter and epilogue of The Raven King. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. The first line is a major spoiler. Fair warning.Adam comes to terms with what it means to have a real family. It’s no surprise that Ronan’s at his side.

making shades of purple - Five times they say I love you without saying I love you.

built you a home in my heart - They don’t ever say Goodbye.A series of coming-back-togethers.

your body’s poetry, speak to me - He’s always loved this old, faithful sofa. When he was a kid, he thought someone could sink right into it like quicksand. Get lost forever if they weren’t lucky. It felt like it could be a portal to another dimension before he even knew about the existence of magic, his own or any other kind. Sitting next to Adam like this, still tasting him on his lips, heart thrashing wildly in his chest, skin singing with the memory of his touch, it feels like discovering that all over again.

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Chemistry (TBS x Reader)

Character: Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Fandom: Maze Runner Cast

Categories: Reader Insert, Female Reader, Actress!Reader

Title: Chemistry

Requested by anon:

Hey love, I was wondering if I could request a Thomas Brodie-Sangster imagine? I was thinking like, the reader and him could both be actors and they meet on set one day, and the two of them have instant chemistry. Their cast mates tease them a lot in interviews and tons of fans ship them together, etc. Then Thomas and the reader finally spill their feelings for each other. Just loads of fluff and cuteness overload, please

It was my first movie, and I was beyond excited.

When I arrived to the studio they were already filming –or maybe just rehearsing –something, so I decided to be quiet and take a look.

Maybe I could learn a thing or two, which wouldn’t be bad considering I had never acted before. Despite the fact that I knew it was my dream and I wanted to chase it.

The excitement mixed with the nerves in my stomach and I could barely even pay attention to the scene being performed before my eyes because of it.

I just did when I was impressed by the main actor. He caught me looking at him and that helped me get more into it. I liked his acting, from his delivery to his posture and his gestures. It was a well-executed performance that I honestly enjoyed a lot.

I had to fight back the urge to applaud because that guy really did a great job. I really liked his acting, and why deny it, he was really cute too.

Dirty blond hair, dark brown eyes, tall and lean and with a gorgeous grin. Oh no, he was coming over to me. He probably noticed me and figured I was new.

Act cool…

“Hi, you must be Y/N” He began saying in a surprisingly deep and attractive voice. “They said you would arrive today”

“Yeah, you must be Thomas then” I showed him my best smile. “We’re co-stars”

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[4/?] Favorite Scenes

Bungou Stray Dogs V08C35

It might be strange to say this is a favorite scene, but it has become one of mine because of three main reasons. 

1. Dazai.

I know that a lot of fans h/c that Dazai is an emotionless wreck of a man. He’s smart, and scheming, and dangerous, and probably should be the last on Yokohama’s List Of People To Piss Off, but I don’t think he’s emotionless. He’s logical, he’s rational, he’s objective, but not emotionless.

He has emotions, but the way he was raised - the environment he grew up in - never gave him a chance at learning how to properly process these emotions. His thought process (from what I’ve read in the novels) is almost brutally straightforward but again, I think he just doesn’t know that he’s feeling, he’s emoting. The mafia, obviously, leaves zero chance for one to mess up - and you mess up if you don’t think.

And this scene (of many) is my absolute favorite because it shows a side of Dazai that the Mafia wasn’t expecting to surface: a human side, borne from the time he spent alone processing his own thoughts and himself. So, look at that face, look at the past five chapters (let’S REMEMBER THAT FRANTIC RUN FROM A BACK ALLEY TO THE TRAIN STATION BECAUSE ATSUSHI WAS IN DANGER) and tell me again that he is an emotionless freak.


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“You Are Not Your Own” Review

There are of course spoilers for the TV show so if you didn’t see 2B episode 12 you should stay away from this. Also, I’m a book fan so a few book things are mentioned, but there’s only one spoiler from City of Ashes.

I thought last week’s episode was amazing and that there was no way this week could be better, but it was. I loved last night’s episode. It was definitely a four and half out of five stars for me. I loved it.

In the opening scene is Valentine and Azazel. While, watching I started wondering if Azazel’s torture could leave permanent damage. I’m not sure what kind of damage, but it seems to hurt an insane amount. I don’t know maybe I’m just reading into things, but I think Azazel’s torture does more damage than the characters or us know.

In my theory article I did on Sunday I thought Izzy would come running to the Institute with Sebastian because something bad would happen, but she didn’t. It didn’t make sense why she came back. She was very vocal like just a few hours before that she must stay away from the Institute so that she could get better. Just a few short hours later she wants to go back and she invites a stranger. Like, what? It just seemed sloppy and not well thought out by the writers to me.

So the most heartbreaking storyline was definitely Alec’s. The man he loves is acting weird and out of character and then the psycho prisoner is claiming to be his boyfriend. That’s a rough and confusing day. Alec had a lot of emotional stuff. Once he realized that Magnus and Valentine switched bodies he felt so bad. Alec was just trying to protect himself and instead he hurt someone he loves.

I also felt bad for Clary because she seemed so lost. Without having her runes she felt so alone. I sometimes forget how much she’s lost. She lost her old life, her mother, and she doesn’t have a big brother like she always dreamed of having. Also, the father she always wanted is a racist murder. Now, she can’t talk to her boyfriend Simon because she’s finding stuff from him. Then Izzy, her best girlfriend, has been totally awol for quite a while. Now the one thing that made her feel special is gone. Also, I loved the scene where Clary gives Imogen that powerful, but heartbreaking speech about loss.

I loved Jace’s storyline this episode! I’m glad that him being a Herondale got introduced this early. In the books Imogen is killed off before Jace finds out he’s a Herondale. Also, in the books he was upset that he was so terrible to Imogen and he wished he could talk to her. He’s not totally alone in the show because in the books he was the last Herondale, but he has someone. When Imogen gave Jace the Herondale family ring I was so touched. I loved that we got that scene.

I thought all the Sizzy stuff was next episode, so it was a really nice surprise! I loved every moment of it. They have such a great relationship and amazing chemistry. The whole scene with Raphael’s sister and them was so funny. I agree with Rosa those two need to get married already. They were just adorable. It did get a little awkward when Izzy accidently told Simon that Jace and Clary aren’t siblings. Then we had the whole vampire scene. I was terrified for Izzy. I thought she was going to relapse, but luckily Luke saved the day. Their end scene in the rain was one of my favorite scene of theirs of all time. Them just joking around and helping each other. It was just so sweet and pure.

The episode was so dramatic at the end and crazy. Everyone knows Simon’s a daylighter. Jace gets kidnapped and finds out he’s a Herondale. Clary gets her rune powers back. Best of all Magnus and Valentine are switched back into their rightful bodies. After, Magnus is almost freaking killed, but it’s fine.

I am super excited for next episode! It looks insanely intense. I hope you enjoyed the episode last night!

-Katrina Bell

EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. LIZ AND HER CUTE LITTLE SMILE AND WHEN SHE RESTS HER HEAD ON HER HAND TO LOOK AT IAIN AND IAIN BITING HIS LIP AND TRY NOT TO SMILE BECAUSE LIZ IS SO CUTE (we can ignore the fact that he’s in love with her lol sike no we can’t) i swear in his mind he’s like “Liz I really need you to stop being cute for like five second plz so I can get my thoughts together”
And then he avoids eye contact when talking about that smart funny beautiful girl like lol no honey you’re talking about Elizabeth not Maggie but nice try :)
Also the fact that Elizabeth remembers what she was wearing in the first fitzsimmons scene gives me life.

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anonymous asked:

ahhhh i didnt even think about the fact that they could have put today's clip tomorrow instead!! now i'm getting really nervous! do you have any thoughts on this week or any theories?? i love your sense for detail!

hey lovie! right! I’m wondering how many clips we’ll be getting anyway. we’ve been kind of spoiled lately with five or six clips each week, but that’s not always the case. I wonder how many we’ll get this week! I feel like we’re going to see more of Yousef before Friday, just because I think he’ll play a big part in the upcoming weeks and we need to be reminded that he exists a little bit, hahaha. a scene with the balloon squad and Sana at home would make sense! I also wonder if possibly Even will show up in a clip before Friday. I feel like he needs to if we’ll be exploring his backstory, hmm. I’m most hopeful for a really good clip with the girls though! I miss the warmth they always brought to the seasons and I’d love to see it. I don’t think we’ll be getting it this week though.

ARGUS agents Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are given an undercover assignment to infiltrate a suspected war profiteering organization under the aliases of a married couple. A complicated history between them means that faking it as a Mr. and Mrs. isn’t exactly something they were prepared for during their training.


[PART 2: OLIVER’S POV // 6,986 Words // Rating: M]

cover art designed by @smoakqueenz

Hey guys! So in reading your comments I realized that this story suffered a bit from a lack of Oliver’s point of view and I wanted to write that for you to hopefully clarify where I was coming from regarding Oliver’s words and actions when I was planning out the original story. The italicized portions are in Felicity’s pov because they’re taken directly from the first part just to give you context of what scene it’s in since I jump around a bit. I didn’t want to bore you with the entire story all over again just for a few portions that are different because they’re from Oliver’s perspective. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little peek inside Oliver’s head and as always I would love to hear what you thought :)

Excerpt //

Forty-five minutes later she emerged from the bathroom fairly impressed with the transformation she had managed to make. She was wearing the red backless dress and her hair was pinned up with a few loose curls framing her face. A strand of diamonds dripped down her back and a matching set of earrings made her eyes sparkle. Never in her life had she worn this much money and she felt like a Queen. Her eyes slid over to Oliver reclining on the sofa in his tux.

Not that kind of Queen.

“You ready to go?” she asked, reaching for her clutch and lipstick.

He looked up and tried his best to keep his face from betraying him as he took in her appearance. She looked beautiful and he couldn’t even find the words to reply to her, settling for a nod and what he was pretty sure came out as a flustered, acknowledging mumble. Reaching for his wedding band, he kept his eyes on her as she turned around and his breath caught in his throat resulting in a cough that he did his best to muffle.  

This was entirely unfair and he probably deserved it.


Tagging people under the cut…

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Communitary "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"

From the Yahoo Communitary episode is this portion of Dan Harmon’s commentary as he discusses writing the goodbye kiss scene between Jeff and Annie in the finale:

I asked Erin what she thought I should do and she said ‘well have you ever seen “Drop Dead Fred”?’…The end of that movie is very touching because she has to kiss Drop Dead Fred goodbye. And it’s different from a sexual kiss, it’s different from making out, it’s different…a kiss goodbye…is…more than that, it’s true love, the love that we saw registered on the computer at the end of Season Five. Jeff loves Annie, that’s different from being compatible with Annie, that’s different from understanding Annie. He loves her…with all of his heart and all of his crotch and all of his brain he loves Annie. He’s twenty years older than her, her life’s just beginning…his life isn’t ending but here he is at Greendale. So he has to kiss her goodbye. And she’s clearly in love with him but still searching for herself and starting to understand she’s going from being this 2 dimensional Type-A personality to being a woman who’s in full control of her faculties she gets it. She can make these choices…now that’s her owning her young adulthood. And so they are kissing goodbye for now…and they do love each other very much.

a perfect boyfriend

So I finally wrote something that isn’t my resbang!!!

I decided to delve back into my Fangirl AU where Maka writes fanfic for a very popular series and Soul is her boyfriend. I hope y’all enjoy this!! Also it is very sfw! No worries!! It’s pure fluff and cuteness.

The Fangirl AU now has its own spot on FFN.

Maka snuggled her toes deeper beneath Soul’s blanket as she got more comfortable on his bed. Her laptop teetered on legs, fingers floated across black keys, and she typed out the next chapter of her fanfic. This one was different from the others. The main characters were about to get down and dirty at summer camp, and after building up the sexual tension between them for the last 30k words, nine chapters, it needed to happen.

She immersed herself in the world that she had created over the last five months. Imagined herself as her characters, walking across the dock to stare at the lake with the moon’s light reflecting in the gentle waves. Heard their hushed voices as they spoke to each other in the dead of night, crickets chirping in the woods behind them. Felt the heat as their eyes locked and Harry’s throat muscles tightened as he swallowed thickly. It was the perfect set up into the next scene when he leaned in to kiss Ginny softly, sweetly, and the scene after that when she became a little more hands-y.

Smiling to herself, Maka continued to type her story and wrote about things that she herself had never experienced. Of places she had never delved into in her own relationship or past ones.

At least, not yet.

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Oh, Mavis

A little warm-up based on this photoset that I’ve seen going around today<3

“Hey, do you and Natsu kiss?”

“Excuse me?” Lucy shrilled, wondering when children had become so bold. 

The little girl’s question caught her babysitters off-guard, and Lucy could feel her cheeks begin to warm until it felt as though Natsu had accidentally caught her hair on fire again. 

The blonde had to run a hand through her pigtails, just to be safe. 

Asuka took in the teenagers’ startled expressions, and seemed upset that they didn’t answer her question. Determined, she set her feet apart and raised a finger to point at the startled Fire Mage. 

“Natsu, this is an order. Kiss!” 

Happy was beside himself with laughter, near tears as he exclaimed, “Asuka, you’re the best!” 

Lucy leaned away from the little girl, feeling flustered and wondering why the hell Natsu seemed so… okay with the situation. 

As she got to her feet, she nearly had a stroke when she felt Natsu come up behind her, shrugging as he said, “Well, it’s not like it’s the end of the world.” 

The blonde felt her eye twitch. Rolling her shoulders back, she turned to her partner as offered a sickly sweet, “That’s true,” before stomping her foot and exclaiming, “except that’s not the issue!” 

Her words didn’t seem to have any lasting effect on the boy, however, and Lucy felt her cheeks flush once again as he only stepped closer. 

“H-hey, Natsu,” she stammered, feeling herself become even more flustered. “You’re not really thinking…” She trailed off, not able to form the words as he stepped closer still. 

Lucy gulped, Dear Mavis

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Blue Roses

Okay so I did this because… well, why not? :) I hope you like this @taetaetown even though it’s not that great… honestly, I just did this cuz I really like to write and the smallest thing can inspire me cuz I get bored a lot hehehe. If you don’t like it then please save me the embarrassment and just pretend you didn’t see it 🙃. Based on this anon’s ask (I hope I did your dream justice) Enjoy <3</p>

You hadn’t even stepped one foot into school before you heard the whispers all around you. Anxiety hitting you for a few seconds, you wondered what was going on. Quickly heading to your homeroom and finding your friends, they were prompt in telling you what was up.

“Alex you will not believe what just happened!” One of them grabbed your arm in excitement. “Nam Joon just gave Yi Hyun a bunch of purple lilac flowers!”

“Wait, Nam Joon, as in, BTS Nam Joon?” You were in shock, no wonder everyone was talking about it. BTS were known as the most popular boys in your school, and for a very good reason. Not only were they the most good looking, but they also had great charisma, not to mention their amazing talent. Together, they formed a music group and Kim Nam Joon happened to be their leader. “I don’t think something like this has ever happened before.” In all the time you had been here, you don’t ever recall the boys giving any specific girl that special treatment. Sure, pretty much everyone was good friends with them, but this was very strange indeed.

“Oh, and get this!” Your friend continued, “Purple lilac flowers have a special meaning to them too! They symbolise, ‘first love.’ Isn’t that so sweet? He obviously really thought this out! Personally, I think they’d make a good couple anyway…”

You noticed your third friend seemed to be sighing off into the distance. “What’s wrong?” You asked her, noticing a slight flush on her cheeks.

She just shook her head, “oh, nothing. I was just think of how nice it would be if I got flowers from someone.” Of course you all knew which ‘someone’ she was thinking of. Her and Ho Seok had become very close over the past few months but she never said anything about her feelings in fear of ruining what they had. You understood this very well, having feelings for another member yourself… but you shook your head before the fantasies got too far. It probably won’t happen anyway…

As the lessons went by, the whispers continued to spread, but this time there were other names thrown into the mix. Min Yoon Gi had given some mallow flowers to the group’s female music editor, doing a quick search you found that they represented ‘being consumed by love.’ Then, Jeon Jung Kook had given some bellflowers to the girl that always helped him in English classes. You didn’t pick up her name but you find out that the flowers meant ‘unwavering love.’ Gosh, these are all so romantic.

At break, you went back to your lockers to meet your friends but ended up stopping in the middle of the hallway due to the sight in front of you. Jung Ho Seok was standing right next to your friend with a variety of pansies in his hand. Letting out a short gasp, you quickly hid behind a corner, gazing at the scene in front of you. ‘Loving thoughts’ or ‘remembrance of love,’ you knew that’s what they represented because those were her favourite flowers! Your other friend found you and in a rush she informed you that Kim Seok Jin had just given plumerias to the cutest girl in school. “I heard they meant ‘perfection’ which I guess is the only thing he would go for XD Anyways, that’s four down now.”

“Five actually,” you pointed at your friend. She looked so happy staring at those flowers, and you couldn’t help feeling just slightly jealous of her. She had gotten such a wonderful gift, with such a deep meaning, from someone she really liked. All the other girls had too. You couldn’t help feeling sad because you wanted something from him too. You didn’t think you could bare the thought of him giving such a symoblism to someone else…

Lunch had come and gone and Park Jimin was spotted giving gardenias to Lucinda on the other side of school. You knew off the top of your head that they meant ‘secret and sweet love.’ But while everyone else seemed fixed on the fact that he had given them to her somewhere private because he was so shy and cute, all you could think of was the fact that he was the only one left.

After school, all you wanted to do was go home, but the others wouldn’t allow it. Sitting and talking about all sorts of things in the library together helped to keep your mind off of  what was going on around you. You almost forgot about it.

As you walked to the gates, your heart momentarily stopped when you saw who happened to be standing there. It was him. Kim Tae Hyung. His blond hair yeah this is why I asked was flowing gently with the wind, and then he gazed right at you. You barely processed the sounds of your friends slowly walking away as he continued to stare before giving you a bright smile. Lifting up his long, graceful fingers, he beckoned to you to come closer while raising his eyebrows.

Slowly, your legs responded to his command and you walked up to him. Pushing himself off the gate, he stepped right up to you, staring down with a look in his eyes. “Hi, Alex,” his deep voice cut right through you as you stared up at him. “Hello.” You could only reply, his handsome looks hitting you over and over again.

Bringing his hands in front of you, you saw a bunch of blue roses neatly wrapped in paper and ribbon. Your jaw dropped open as you stared at their perfect form. They were your favourite flowers! How did he know..?

“I overheard you telling someone the other day…” he explained himself softly, looking down with a shy expression on his face. Lifting up his hand he ran his fingers through his bleached hair, his rings glimmering in the sunlight. Making eye contact with you again, he took a deep breath before saying, “Alex, I- I fell for you at first sight, you know. You’re so beautiful and honestly such a lovely person, I guess I couldn’t help it. Blue roses, they can mean ‘impossible to attain’ because I genuinely believe that I would never be able to be with you… But when I heard that these were the flowers you loved, I thought that it was worth a try to change that meaning for you.”

You gently wrapped you hands around his own on the flowers, smiling up at his confession. There was no need for you to search up the meaning of these flowers, because they meant something entirely different to you now. And as you stared at each other, smiling in your own little world, the flowers gently swayed in the breeze, their scent carrying the sounds of ‘love’ in the wind.

I did this in like two hours please, please, please let know know what you think!

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The Joy of Redemption

You’re going to want this meta about The Final Problem first.

So let’s talk a little more about what exactly happens in the trial run of “the joy of redemption” because the version with John is going to parallel it pretty closely.

Everything seems like it starts off well:

Sherlock doesn’t even realize that he’s in way deeper than he thought until it’s too late.

MYCROFT: You’ve been stumbling round the fringes of this one for ages – or were you too bored to notice the pattern?

We know that Sherlock uses “bored” to stand in for whatever emotion he doesn’t want to admit to having:

Mycroft thinks Sherlock’s been compromised by sentiment for Irene - which we know isn’t true. But it’s not perhaps as far off the mark as Sherlock would like: he has been a bit distracted as he thinks about sentiment and thinks about John. Mycroft is right; Sherlock has missed some clues:

LITTLE GIRL: They wouldn’t let us see Granddad when he was dead.

ASH GUY: She’s not my real aunt. I know human ash.

MYCROFT: We ran a similar project with the Germans a while back, though I believe one of our passengers didn’t make the flight.

Sherlock missed a case partly because of sentiment (or at least that how he’d see it), and he really doesn’t like it. In ASiB, Sherlock is still pretending like the Work is all that matters, and he just screwed up the Work because he was distracted by sentiment.

Mycroft is furious with Sherlock and Sherlock is humiliated:

MYCROFT (loudly, furiously): I’m not talking about the MOD man, Sherlock; I’m talking about you.

We’ve got two things going here:

1) Sherlock’s been trying to be clever enough for Mycroft to like him since they were kids. And now Mycroft thinks Sherlock has fallen victim to something that Mycroft says is an unpardonable weakness: sentiment. Sherlock’s not good enough for Mycroft again. And Mycroft really rubs it in:

MYCROFT: Absurd? How quickly did you decipher that email for her? Was it the full minute, or were you really eager to impress?

Well, Sherlock was really eager to impress, wasn’t he?

SHERLOCK: Please don’t feel obliged to tell me that was remarkable or amazing. John’s expressed the same thought in every possible variant available to the English language.

Aren’t you going to tell me I’m brilliant, John? Aren’t you?

Except that I don’t think Sherlock really even knew he was showing off for John to get John’s praise because of sentiment for John - so now, when Mycroft says this, he’s confused:

He’s reevaluating, but he’s not getting anywhere.

2) Mycroft is the “logic” or “head” part of Sherlock (as apposed to John’s “heart” part of Sherlock). ASiB is obviously before Sherlock says “not you” to Mycroft/logic and “you” to John/sentiment, so in a very real way, when Mycroft is yelling at/disappointed in Sherlock in this scene in ASiB, Sherlock yelling at/disappointed in himself.

Then Irene goes on to humiliate him, too, in front of Mycroft:

IRENE: Mr Holmes, I think we need to talk.
SHERLOCK: So do I. There are a number of aspects I’m still not quite clear on.
IRENE (walking past him): Not you, Junior. You’re done now.

Sherlock starts off by looking like he wants to cry:

He’s humiliated and he’s angry: he helped Irene and asked for nothing from her, and she totally just stabbed him in the back. Remember: Sherlock trusts Mycroft’s judgement more than his own. Mycroft thinks Sherlock’s been compromised by sentiment, and the evidence is suggesting that that’s true. Sherlock’s got to be wondering “What if it really is true? It can’t be true; I don’t care about Irene. I can’t have been this stupid, right, to let sentiment cloud my judgement? Right? But I didn’t see the full picture; she played me… Am I really this pathetic? Mycroft thinks I’m this pathetic. But I can’t be. Right?”

And then the three of them go on to have a conversation about burning Sherlock’s heart out in the preview of the scene where Jim will try to burn Sherlock’s heart out:

Sherlock lashes out at Irene because he’s scared and humiliated, all the more so because the reasons for his fear are based in truth. His reaction has much more to do with himself than with Irene - we know this because even Mycroft looks confused/concerned by how cold Sherlock’s being:

This is precisely when Sherlock says “… but sentiment. Sentiment is a chemical defect…” And when he says “losing side,” he gives Irene a very tiny, very nasty little smile:

He’s so happy to be hurting her, to be reminding himself that he’s better than she is because he’s not weak. Which is exactly what Jim wants: for Sherlock to choose to burn his heart out. Sherlock has to sort of pump himself up to do it, but he does it:

SHERLOCK: This is your heart …and you should never let it rule your head.

There was actually a sort of double bluff in the joy of redemption with Irene:

1) She’s alive and she loves him (joy of redemption):

2) It was all a trick; she doesn’t love him (false joy of redemption):

3) Nope, she actually loves him (Sherlock rejects her and “burns his heart out”):

There were two separate important scenes from Jim’s POV: 1) in the plane when Sherlock found out he screwed up big time, and 2) in the office when Sherlock rejects sentiment. Both those scenes are going to be happening again: the parallel of the plane scene where Jim tells Sherlock just how bad he’s screwed up, and a parallel of the office scene where Sherlock either does or does not reject sentiment with John. (Hint: he doesn’t.)

Here’s the overview of the pivotal "burning Sherlock’s heart out" scene:

But let’s back up:

So the flight of the dead is the thing that brings everything to a breaking point in ASiB - namely: the code to get to it. And we already know that: IOUWhat happens with the flight of the dead is that Sherlock solves the code but misses the case (doesn’t realize it’s a terrorist plot), ostensibly because of sentiment. What he really should’ve done was to solve the code but not tell Irene - pretend he didn’t solve the code - but he didn’t because he was too busy showing off for John (sentiment).

So if we continue this parallel between the IOU code and the flight of the dead code, the issue won’t necessarily be that Sherlock can’t solve the code - IOU - it’s that he can’t solve the case (misses the significance). Jim wants Sherlock to solve the code so Sherlock will screw up the case. So Jim wants Sherlock to know the IOU code well in advance so Sherlock will think he’s being clever by realizing it’s new significance, and miss the fact that - like the flight of the dead code - solving it will be very dangerous.

We’ve already had a parallel of the plane/office scenes: TRF, in the scene I’ve always thought was the preview of The Johnlock Kiss: the “I know you for real / "A hundred percent?” scene.

These two scenes parallel each other:

And so do these two:

Basically, they share some major themes:

The plane scene in ASiB = NSY at Baker Street attempting to arrest Sherlock for the first time in TRF:

  • Sherlock is humilated about the Work
  • By someone in power who’s supposed to be on his side
  • Because they think he’s not clever enough

The office scene in ASiB = The “I know you for real” scene in TRF:

  • Sherlock preemptively rejecting sentiment
  • From people who love him
  • In a much colder way than THoB

As is Sherlock’s MO, in the office scene and the “I know you for real” scene, Sherlock tries to hurt other people before they can hurt him. In THoB, Sherlock was in tears and panicky, but in ASiB and TRF, he was cold and angry.

But let’s go a little more detailed:

ASiB#1 and TRF#1 both start out with something a bit unexpectedly creepy with creepy music:

And then Sherlock very conspicuously checks dead faces:

In ASiB#2 and TRF#2, Sherlock has a very similar expression:

He’s disappointed in himself for being so weak as to allow for any sentiment.

JOHN: You’d care if they thought you were stupid, or wrong.
SHERLOCK: No, that would just make them stupid or wrong.

Sherlock obviously does care whether some people think he’s stupid or wrong - John, Mycroft, possibly Greg - and in both scenes, he tries desperately to act like he doesn’t. In ASiB, he’s humiliated in front of Mycroft; in TRF, in front of John. These are the two people he cares about most.

In both ASiB#2 and TRF#2, Sherlock gets unexpectedly really angry:

SHERLOCK: This is your heart … and you should never let it rule your head.

SHERLOCK: Moriarty is playing with your mind too. (Furious, he slams his hand onto the table.) Can’t you see what’s going on?

Whatever level of connection Sherlock had to Irene, in ASiB#2, he rejects it completely and takes it down to level zero. He decreases the emotional level. In TRF#2, Sherlock and John remain at the same emotional level that they were prior to this conversation. They both come close to increasing the emotional level, but they both back away from it, and so at the end of the conversation, their relationship hasn’t really changed that much. Basically, all through TRF#2, Sherlock is thinking “I’ve always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage. Thank you for the final proof.” But, unlike Irene who was using him the whole time, John manages to convince Sherlock that he’s not actively trying to hurt him, so everything stays the same as it was: teeteringly balanced.

And then there’s the background and the lighting:

They’re very visually similar. Everything in both scenes is that sort of bronze color with occasional burgundy.

So we’ve had “the joy of redemption” scenes paralleled already in an episode where Jim was previewing The Fall. We’ll see them again in 5x3, when Jim tries to execute the last step of burning Sherlock’s heart out.

Irene is barely in the plane scene, so it’s entirely possible - even likely - that John won’t be in the parallel scene in 5x3. But there’s no way Jim’s going to miss an opportunity to gloat at Sherlock and tell him how stupid he is.

Jim was the Mycroft character in the plane scene - the one telling Sherlock he screwed up - but he can’t be the Mycroft character in the office scene for two reasons:

1) Mycroft is Sherlock’s “guardian figure” and by the season five finale - by the time Sherlock and John get together - Sherlock has to have internalized his own parent figure. There can’t be a Mycroft figure telling him “Oh, it’s okay to be in love.” Sherlock has to decide that for himself.

2) Jim just actually can’t be in this scene at all because it’s The Johnlock Kiss scene and Jim really can’t be there.

Given that Irene was Jim’s trial run of The Final Problem, it’s very likely that what happens in the real Final Problem will parallel what happened with Irene: Sherlock will have a case based on a code - the IOU code. Jim will confront and humiliate him, as per the plane scene. 

You’ve been stumbling round the fringes of this one for ages – or were you too bored to notice the pattern?

Sherlock will be pressured to reject sentiment for John, as he does for Irene in the office scene.

Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side … sorry about dinner.

But of course, he won’t: The Johnlock Kiss.