because I like how the coloring turned out

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Ok, here goes a fluffy question, I hope. How would a YGO character give a bouquet of flowers to a beloved one? (Yami Yugi/Atem, Yugi, Jonouchi, Otogi, Marik, Ryou, Honda & Kaiba.)

(This is late, and I’m sorry for how messy it turned out 🙈 I didn’t know what to do so I made headcanons~ ALSO I WROTE THIS ON A BUMPY BUS RIDE)

Yami Yugi:
(* gosh I feel like I’m always bullying him so much but…)
* what’s flowers? You know
* le blush
* no but this young man will certainly know about the concept of flowers and what the colors symbolise and such
* and he will make sure (he didn’t mess up) you know their meaning as well
* he will not be flustered or uncomfortable
* just know he’s doing the right thing
* because giving person flowers is what you do when you’re in love
* so it’s okay! no sweat

* this muppet will be the opposite
* I think he’d rather give you a stuffed animal or a cake or something
* hm… maybe not actually…
* Yugi Muto know romance ya’ll
* and despite normally being the blushing mess I think he would actually give you a bouquet of flowers in a mature and dignified way
* “I got these for you” he would say (WITHOUT STAMMERING)
* would feel super duper proud of himself afterwards, even if you don’t like em (BUT OH DUDE YOU WILL. YOU WILL… *cracks knuckles*)
* rather give you stuffed animal

* uhhh
* “here ya go babe”
* or something
* wouldn’t care what kinds of flowers there is in the bouquet; only that it’s rather large
* would save quite a lot money for it too (h'aaaw joey boo boo)
* walking with it in his arms like a big dork in public so everyone shall see that he have a loved one
* colorful wrappers
* forgets to write something in the card that came with it because he is so excited for you to have it
* hopes for something good in return, hoink hoink~

* giving flowers is a very common thing for him
* done it many times, even at first dates
* is famous in the local flowershops
* despite this, he can be very creative with his giving
* he likes sneaking into your home and place them on your bedside table so it will be a surprise when you come home from school/work/coffee with mom
* adds little love notes to them
* that sort of guy that comes back home after a fight and give you flowers instead of apologize with his mouth

* this is a great important deal to him
* it must be perfect
* perfect or nothing at all
* gives you them with a gentle seriousness
* in private
* without a single word
* he would rather give you hand-pick flowers from nature honestly
* not caring if he hurt himself on the thorns
* because love hurts yall </3

* flowers, roses, tulips, stuffed animals, cards, decorative flower pins, even chocolate
* bakura makes his own designs for this business yo
* no ‘less is more’ here
* he wanna give you it all in one bouquet
* doesn’t care if there’s people around when giving
* goes all in with his flower choices to make sure there is no room for mistakes
* yet… he wants it simple and petite
* actually, he picks out mostly the stuff he likes for it
* he even suggests taking care of them for you
* yup
* he’s into flowers

* (eeep tristan)
* he’s this guy that’s too cool for flowers (according to himself)
* he buys them anyway
* mentally complaining all the time because he hates the whole idea
* why give his bae something that will rot and die anyway?
* goes for roses tho
* he wants you to have the most romantic flowers
* “so… uh… I found these.”
* red roses

* huuuuuuge! might even not fit thru ur door dude
* deliver them from the finest flower boutique by delivery vehicles
* wouldn’t give them himself
* because giving flowers is not that big of a deal to him
* “send these to her room”
* you get like a bouquet every week any other day
* rarely giving them face to face
* writes a smol autograph to add to it, more to assure you that it’s not from some commoner lover-boy

I dunno tho 🙌 Perhaps everyone be like:

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Hey! Imagine Marinette change her outfits and Adrien hugs Marinette and Mari says "ADRİEN LET ME GO!" and he says "I like pretty things!"

Like this?

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

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I know Steve gets in a lot of dumb fights now, but what was the stupidest fight he got into pre-serum?

we grew up mostly during the prohibition, when alcohol was illegal. i mean, it was still pretty easy to get your hands on some, because people like alcohol, but most of it tasted awful, because it was home-brewed to be as strong as possible.
anyway, stevie and i got a bit of some really terrible hooch and squirreled ourselves away to get drunk. it took steve about four drinks to be totally wasted, and it turns out steve is a pretty entertaining drunk, with crazy fast mood swings and a tendency to want to touch things, just to see how they felt. he was wandering around the apartment trying to figure out if dark colors or light colors felt better, and he wanted to see if my hair–a nice dark color, versus his light blonde–felt nice. so i let him run his hand over the top of my head, and i was teasing him because he had all the fine motor control of a baby, so he’d made a mess of my hair. i think i said something like ‘my hair’s terrible now, stevie, and now nobodys gonna respect me’ and steve went ‘NO!! you have nice hair bucky your hair is GREAT it is SO GREAT.’ which was nice of him, because my hair really was a mess.

 and then he punched me.

he punched me several times. 

drunk steve is not much of a brawler so he didnt do much damage before i tipped him over and sat on him. it wasnt much of a fight. but if youre looking for stupid, attacking me to defend my own hair is probably one for the history books.

sometimes i miss wee steve, because big steve thinks my hair is ridiculous. i bet if tiny drunk steve were around, hed try and fight captain america to defend my hair’s honor. now that’d be a fight worth watching

“You brought me back to life! Just, let me be someone who deserved it.”

It’s National Donut Day! It’s too bad Sadie won’t have any help making them :( 

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In parts of the episode where nyma steals the blue lion the big flag is LITERALLY RIGHT BEHIND LANCE (made up of the bg) like the sky is pink and there's smth behind him that's purple and the ground is bluish if I had the screencaps I'd send them but it's like. That Has To Mean Something

…ok so i might of just had a realization though??

like, yeah, the bi flag colors are there

but also

one might not think that the use of color in this episode is a big deal, but with the way this episode is set up? how can you not understand the subtext here??? the moral of the story in this episode is Lance doesn’t need to go flirt with other girls because it won’t work out for him (Lance went off with Nyma, but she turned around and stole his lion), however Keith rescuing his lion and unchaining him did work out in Lance’s favor. that, paired with the bisexual flag colors in the background, AND the rainbows too

and also including the fact that Keith was really eager to get Lance out of the pod and getting upset over him not remembering their bonding moment (and also the “i cradled you in my arms!” line),

you cannot just shove all of this into one episode and tell me this doesn’t mean anything. 

and now i’m thinking back to what Jeremy Shada said about Lance maturing and eventually falling in love with someone in this interview

this right here:

that “one person you fall in love with a little bit”, my dudes, is Keith. it has to be Keith. who else could it possibly be?

you could argue it’s Allura, but she clearly has no interest in him.

but you know who does have an interest in him?

basically what i’m trying to say is i feel like this episode could be a metaphor for Lance and Keith’s developing relationship in the future seasons to come

Dating Zach Would Include...

These are actually really fun to do, and I have no idea why.

  • Lots of dates at random locations.
  • Him always attempting to balance spoons on his nose, and failing.
  • Him putting his hands over your eyes and telling you to “guess who.”
  • You reminding him every time that he has to do it while he’s standing behind you, or you can see who it is.
  • Long nights full of conversations about the future.
  • Him being all macho and protective in front of other people, but a mushy teddy bear when you’re alone.
  • Being shown off to all of his friends at parties.
  • Him flexing every time he takes off his shirt around you.
  • Being treated like his queen.
  • Listening to him talk about his feelings.
  • Having your own thoughts and feelings pried out of you.
  • Watching him play basketball.
  • Mostly because he looks great in that uniform.
  • Never being let out of his sight.
  • Him calling you by your first and middle name when he’s angry.
  • It’s pretty adorable when he gets angry.
  • Like, he mostly just turns red and mumbles to himself.
  • Being forced to go to every single event the school has.
  • With Zach, you always end up having a great time.
  • Being the only one who understands how easy it is to be lonely, even with friends.
  • Lots of different colored boxer-briefs.
  • Green.
  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Him not being able to say no to you about anything.
  • “Can I paint your nails later?”
  • “Okay, just not pink like last time.”
  • “Can we take dance lessons together?”
  • “Okay, just not like ballet or anything.”
  • Being best friends and lovers.

Now this one was really fun to do because i experimented with another coloring style which i don’t usually do which is cell shading and it was a really long process but I’m quite happy with how this turned out. 

cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

feel free to use if you want to

Gif tutorial

Since some people asked me a tutorial on how I color my gifs and make color palette gifsets/multicolor gifs, I’ve finally decided to do it.

We’ll go from this:

to this:

and finally to this:

and this:

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“Mrs. Hudson has risen to the occasion,” said Holmes, uncovering a dish of curried chicken. 

This time after finishing the drawing I felt like she needed some color and this is the result, usually I don’t color these kind of things mostly because I never know which colors to use but I guess keeping a three tone color palette helps a lot, and it turned out better than expected! I like how it looks. This was inspired by this tea label, a souvenir sold at the Granada Studio tour (I want to go back in time)

BNHA: count your blessings, not your flaws

Summary: Midoriya Izuku has never been asked out, confessed to, or flirted with, except as a joke.


Shouto knows he isn’t good at this.

He never has been. He can’t tell whether this is just the way he is, or it’s one more thing he can blame on his father, but he knows that he isn’t good at this. People call him stoic, and cold. Some even call him mysterious. Others call him emotionless.

It’s not that he doesn’t feel. He does feel, but it all gets locked inside and none of it ever shows. Sometimes it’s because he can’t show it. Other times it’s because he’s afraid to.

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hair dye [ cm x r ]

fandom : Dear Evan Hansen

by : Summer

pairing : Connor Murphy x Reader

summary : in which you and Zoe are dying your hair and try to convince Connor to dye his. 

request : “Could you write some Connor Murphy imagine where he is a virgin and the reader isn’t and it’s some smut.”

word count : 7,007

warnings : boy oh boy is this gonna be a sMUT HNNGGGFFFF, y’all can’t have a smut w/o a hella lotta sexual innuendos, cursing, mentions blood?, ooc writing, rushed writing, terrible writing in general;;,,,,,

 a / n : Inspired by when I dyed my hair and was super lazy per usual and stained my pillowcase. i’m such a sinner… Is it just me or did my writing change completely like halfway through it? idk it’s bad, sorry. Thanks for reading though. Any sort of support is sincerely respected: liking, commenting, reblogging, following, anything! Constructive criticism is always appreciated :) Much love.

“What the alien cult shit is going on?” Connor asked with a very pissed and very confused expression.

He had just walked past the bathroom when he saw his sister sitting on a chair with strands of hair sectioned off into tubes of tin foil. Y/N, his girlfriend was standing beside Zoe with purple hands. Purple? Blue? Indigo.

“It’s the devil himself,” Zoe said sarcastically.

“You little bi-”

“Zoe,” You cut off Connor rapidly, “if anything he’s a handsome devil.

“…Fuck you,” Connor mumbled, crossing his arms, and leaning against the doorframe.

“Y/N, you’re gross,” Zoe groaned. You snapped your indigo stained gloves off.

“Grossly in love,” you sang, walking over to Connor and tapping him on the nose. His scowl softened just slightly. Zoe simply groaned.

“I literally cannot have a single day without sharing you,” Zoe slapped the bathroom counter with both hands, “Y/N, you’re supposed to be my best friend. If anything, you’re like my sister and that’d be super weird to think of my sister dating my brother.”

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If you could design the perfect wife, down to hair color, laugh, favorite scripture, Interests and height, etc. what would she look like and act like?

Even if I could, I wouldn’t.

I’m not here to design a perfect wife, I’m here to love an imperfect woman and point her to He who is perfect. I don’t want to create these fantasies and have them taint my heart, you feel? I can say that I am drawn to a heart on fire for God - like literally. I do hold that to a high standard. I’m just not that drawn to a heart that isn’t focused on Him, and when I am, it’s easy to fall out of that attraction because it’s not grounded upon that key foundation: Christ.

When I meet my future wife, her hair color is going to be my favorite hair color. Her laugh is what is going to make my cheeks turn red. Her favorite verses are the ones I’m going to have highlighted in my Bible and hung up on our walls. Her interests will have my attention. Her height doesn’t matter, what matters is that we stand together. How she will look like will ravish my heart, whether she’s in her pjs or if she’s dressed up ready for a fancy dinner. How she acts will be willed by a soul that I desire to know on the most fundamental level.

If I could design the perfect wife, I wouldn’t. Because there is no such thing. All I have is the opportunity to love a lovely imperfect human being with the fullness of my heart and soul. And that adventure, my friend, is what will be perfect.

do y'all ever think about how alec’s first and only romantic love in his entire life was magnus? that boy thought he didn’t need tenderness, that he didn’t deserve it, a boy with sharp teeth and a heart bleeding underneath its armor, until he saw a certain someone with a smile that left him breathless and stuttering for the first time. because this was it, magnus turning his life upside down and showing him what love feels like, what pride and happiness taste on his tongue, sweet and rich and so good. from then it was forever, through thick and thin until the sun burned out and they were left in the dark and alec spent his life loving magnus.

KiriBaku Week (2017)

Day 1

Prompt: Studying / Summer / Anger


The Sky is Blue, and Your Smile is Wonderful

Bakugou hums when he’s content.

This is what Kirishima learns as he cycles - barefoot because he’s weird like that, and he may or may not have dragged Bakugou into indulging his weirdness - towards the beach, Bakugou sitting behind him.

The day is peaceful, and only the songs of seagulls nearby can be heard. Until a soft humming reached Kirishima’s ears. The melody sounds foreign to him, but not the voice of the one humming. Kirishima turns back and sees Bakugou looking relaxed and peaceful; his eyes are closed and his blond hair is shining like golden strands under the rays of the sun. There is a gentle smile on his lips, and it’s wonderful. He looks… soft.

Kirishima wants to revel in this moment for as long as he can.

“What?” Bakugou suddenly asks, opening one of his eyes to stare at Kirishima.

“Nothing!” Kirishima says and laughs, turning his head to focus on the road again.

He hopes Bakugou will spend summer with him again.


woooooo pride dresses for the youngins on the voltron team

im working on the adults’s but it might take awhile 

please do not tag this is as g//enderbend 

my reasoning for each one’s dresses below the cut :> 

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Ayy it’s the slice and dice man

(I’d be lying if I said that @zorialdiamond-blog had no part in convincing me to draw this guy xD)