because I just see a lot of other planets saying that

I don’t think we’ve seen any evidence that any planet in the Borderlands universe is host to a heteronormative culture. 
 Like Deadlift got pissy that Janey turned him down because she is a lesbian, but other than one entitled bandit? Everybody is pretty much like “yeah okay” about being queer.
But all the gay borderlands fanfiction treats it like how it’s treated in the real world where people aren’t accepting and “no homo” is a thing people feel they need to say and gay kids grow up feeling weird and uncomfortable with themselves. 
Which on one hand, I understand. It’s relatable, a lot of us have had to deal with it. 
But on the other hand, I’d really like to see more gay borderlands fanfiction where everyone involved just treats being attracted to the same gender as not out of the ordinary in the slightest. 

Just let me read a Rhys/Vaughn budding romance fic without the words “no homo” and general heteronormativity all over… Let me believe that my favorite characters consider being queer completely normal. ;-;

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Travis's saga continues: Ariana got tripped up on her feet, and she pulled Derek down with her| I’m helping them too (Megz & Virgil), because it makes Alexia look better, and it makes the number look better, and then people get excited about that number| Edson was having a little bit of trouble because since he and Burim had to do the same choreography the entire time, he didn’t really get to show off himself. TAKE HIS KEYBOARD AWAY JEEEEEZ

Oh my god, dude.

I just have to wonder from what planet he’s watching the show from sometimes. I cannot believe he said that about Ariana. (Though I did agree with what he said about Kate. I thought she did great, but the judges and apparently a lot of other people keep saying that she didn’t??? What do I see that they don’t? Why is no one giving Kate a remote amount of credit?) 

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Do you believe in aliens then? Think they're coming any time soon or ever seen a UFO or anything like that?

I do believe that there has to be intelligent life out there. If they say there is infinite planets and solar systems out there then probability suggests that conditions for life would have happened some other planet other than here to. I don’t think it’s going to be ‘little green men’ but technically even plants and fawna on other planets suggests life and could evolve. I’m not to sure if they are headed hear because we are an intelligent life form and don’t have the technology for far space travel yet.

When I was younger I used to lay in the garden and night with my best friend at the time and 'UFO hunt’ we’d look for moving lights and such. If you kept looking you could see lots of what looked like stars moving across the sky that were more than likely just satellites.

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Hi :) I always see posts on other blogs about "perfect matches for your sign", and I just think it's sad, it can be disheartening to some people to see that and to think they have to restrict themselves to a certain sign to be happy. What do you think about things like that?

Typically people do find themselves attracted to a certain sign a lot (ive been a Taurus guilty of liking a lot of Capricorns) but I don’t believe that there is one sign that is best suited for another. there are many different houses and planets in astrology and you can’t base your attraction on just somones Sun sign. So I do believe you can be attracted to someone because of their Sun sign but there are too many aspects in astrology to say that that person’s Sun sign is the best fit for you. Hope that answers your question!