because I just see a lot of other planets saying that

what she says: i love princess leia
what she really means: leia organa should have been allowed to grieve for alderaan in the original trilogy. anakin and luke get to mourn both shmi skywalker and the larses, respectively, but leia is merely shuffled along into the next battle. while yes, technically, luke and anakin are the main characters of each set of movies, leia is still a very important part of the story, let alone a part of the skywalker family, and such a catastrophic event, such as the loss of one’s entire planet cannot just be written in and not reacted to. she lost everything. she can’t go back. even if royalty are conditioned to see to others first, which seems to be a popular slight of hand excuse concerning a new hope, that’s still a lot to deal with and she deserves to have her time. considering the way her birth mom, padme, is often regulated to the role of ‘sad and kind wife/mother,’ especially in rots, where all she gets to be is pregnant and crying, just goes to show the unfair fridging many female characters are subjected to and how it’s made to seem okay. even in the most popular media. when leia is afforded the chance of being angry and opinionated and taking up space, she’s seen as ‘a bitch, and in need of a ‘softer side.’ to take her ‘down a peg’ and make her seem more feminine (ie. docile), she’s enslaved by a sentient booger and forced to wear a chain around her neck complete with humiliating outfit. that this, this so-called ‘hot slave girl outfit’ is often what she’s most remembered for instead of her amazing strength in fucking balls-to-the-wall hardships, as well as her skilled leadership, really goes to show how much women are worth to the general public. Leia Organa Deserves Better

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Hinata the sexualizing Victim

 Lately i have been seeing post about Hinata being sexualized.

not this made me confused because Hinata   always has her body covered 

The Last is the only time she shows some skin

 But then i see Anti’s saying that she has bigger boobs therefore she is sexualized

 You know who also has Bigger boobs than Hinata?





Ino also has big boobs in fact she shows a lot of skin than the other characters

And in the Last

 Where is the Anti sexualizing Police? why aren’t they saying anything about them? why aren’t you saying how tsunade is sexualized? how her boobs are bigger than 2 planets? 

 Why out of all the characters i have just mentioned you have to go with Hinata? while Tsunade or even Mizukage  have twice the size than She has.

 Because Hinata Has ended up with Naruto? 

 But Anti’s are right in one thing. Hinata is being Sexualized


Kishimoto has never sexualized Hinata in Manga

Exibit A:

a filler episode in Anime nowhere to be found in manga

 SP: 1

 Kishi: 0

Exibit B

Another filler in Anime

SP: 2

Kishi: 0


A filler episode for RTN which kishi was not invloved

SP: 3

Kishi 0 


Another filler search all you want but it’s not in manga

SP: 4 

Kishi: 0

 But what about non filler Episodes?

Lets go to the part where Sakura is healing Hinata after she as fighting with Pain

 Here Hinatas boobs are lookg pretty average size, noticed that kishi drew it on a medium-ish frame and not giving it much of focus.

Now lets see SP’s Version


SP Giving Hinata a boob job in anime and giving male fans a boner-no-jutsu

SP: 5

Kishi: 0 

And now My favourite part Hinatas The Last Movie design

 Here is Kishi’s sketch

The waist belt is a little thick, her boobs are average size and she looks okay

 Now Sp’s version

 Once again SP gave Hinata a small boob job by Making the belt go all the way to her boobs and giving the illusion of her bigger chest. 

But the thing that bothered me is that Whats wrong with having big boobs? sure we Anime fans have been watching lots of different animes and the one thing that anime thought us is that

 If a characters has big titties it’s a sex object.

But Hinata is nowhere Near to that. Kishi drew every character with different body type.

 Sakura with small boobs, Ino with curvy body,  tenten with lovely thighs, Temari with sleneder legs ect

 And speaking of Sakura i see many people protecting Sakura’s flat chest saying that “not everyone can have big boobs” 

 And since Hinata has bigger boobs than Sakura everyone starts to call her a sexualizing victim. i can see through your double standard bullshit.

But out of all Characters the most sexualized character is non other than….



ehem. so anyways.

 Please stop bashing hinata for everything, stay in yo lane.

End of the rant


Okay, I just want to say I’m not posting these for attention or whatever, not that it would be anyone’s business if I was, but lately I’ve been struggling a lot with body confidence. Especially with stretch marks. They’ve only really appeared, or I’ve only just noticed them, in the last year or so and ever since my confidence has been completely knocked.

But recently I’ve been really thinking about it and I’ve realised, who gives a fuck? Yes I have stretch marks, so does almost every woman on planet earth. I think the reason I always considered them to be these ugly things plastered on my skin is because we see almost no recognition of this sort of thing in the media. If it wasn’t for tumblr and the posts that recognise the beauty of all body types, I don’t think I could even look at myself in the mirror.

The reason I’m posting these pictures is because I want to help other people who may be feeling the same way about their bodies and teach them that it’s okay. Stop comparing yourself to that celebrity in that magazine because most of the time, even they don’t even really look like that. Stretch marks are a sign of my growth, so why should I hate myself for that?

Love your bodies people! They’re the only ones you get so you may as well start loving them. You work those stretch marks, you work that cellulite, you work that flab and you hold your head high whilst doing so. You’re hot as fuck, and so am I.

anonymous asked:

5, 9, 18, 24 & 30

5. If you could pick any companion to travel with any Doctor, who would it be?

HMMM, Fitz and Twelve. Because (1) they’d both just rock out on their guitars, (2) the Doctor and Fitz would see each other again and that would be lovely for everyone, and (3) Fitz on the TV show. Goodness knows it will never happen, but… imagine if it did. I would scream.

9. NOTP?

Seven/Ace, cause he’s really supposed to be her father figure? C’mon guys. And also Rassilon/happiness. Sod off Razza.

18. Favourite Cyberman story?

Interesting question. Does The Pandorica Opens count? Lots of Cybermen in that one. No? K, I’m going to sound pretentious and say their debut, The Tenth Planet, because I really like they’re design and spooky voice in that one. Oh, and I also love their design in the comic The Flood. Bring back those Cybermen. And bring back the Eight and Destrii team, last seen in the same comic, while you’re at it.

24. Any eras that you would like to know better?

Hmmm, maybe the Second Doctor era. I’ve only seen one or two Two stories, even though I know that pretty much every character from it is a ball of sunshine.

30. In your opinion will the Doctor ever be ginger?

Yes. Because I think Doctor Who will be going for *Twelve voice* a very, very long time.

So, I mean, unless the BBC purposely never get a ginger actor, just to spite the Doctor…