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The Japanese voice work for RWBY is so good. It makes me happy that they’re getting such solid performances over there considering how big the show has gotten in Japan

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you nct fans hype them up wayyyyyy to much. I heard the teaser and it wasnt even that good. they dont deserve everything they are getting, meanwhile sm completely ignores talented groups like red velvet

Okay so first of all, just by reading this I can tell that this isn’t about NCT at all. You’re just salty because SM promotes them well while Red Velvet gets the short end of the stick, which I can understand. Nothing wrong with that, I mean if you feel SM isn’t being fair, that’s how you feel. Secondly, of course we are going to hype NCT up. What fandom doesn’t go crazy when their favorites release something? Thirdly, I mean, obviously you have some interest in NCT if you bothered to click on the video and sent this message. You could have easily scrolled past it and keep living your life, but you didn’t. You clicked on the video, watched it, and then sent this message to me, an NCT stan. I don’t even know why you bothered, like did you think I was going to agree with you?  Fourth of all, if ANY fandom should be angry here it's the f(x) fandom. Now there’s a group who really gets NOTHING from their company. I’ve seen Red Velvet stans in the freaking NCT tag on tumblr (which by the fucking way can we keep the NCT tag instead of bombarding it with other things?) complaining about how SM went all out and is announcing NCT’s new fandom name too soon. Like boo, didn’t f(x) have to wait FUCKING years for their fandom name!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Do I think SM plays favorites? Heck yeah they do! There’s no denying that. But does Red Velvet really have it the worst. No, they don’t, f(x) does. Because at least Red Velvet is on variety shows, dramas, and things like that. The f(x) members seriously get nothing, I mean you got Amber spilling tea on instagram about how SM isn’t letting her pursue her music, now there’s someone who is really suffering. Yeah Red Velvet fans had to wait a while to get their fandom name, and yeah SM should have gone all out for them too because those girls seriously deserve it, they’re amazing, but boo, f(x) has it so much worst. f(x) are actually ignored by SM, Red Velvet is not. Anyways, I'm probably going to block messages for a while because I’ve been in arguments with Red Velvet stans before and I honestly don’t feel like going through that again. I don’t wanna fight, I just want to peacefully enjoy my bias groups comeback, please and thank you.  

What I say: I’m fine.

What I mean: I wonder how the Gotham writers will make Nygmobblepot canon because there are still so many options even though a lot has happened and one of them is currently an ice block but they’re soulmates just look at them and there were so many parallels in the finale and even all the other couples fell apart in the finale too like literally no one has a significant other in Gotham City right now except Thomas and Martha Wayne but they’re in the ground six feet under maybe they buried them holding hands though even death couldn’t part them and all that anyways did Ed ever put poor Elijah’s body back because that was just rude.

Saving Lives pt. 8

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: series, doctor!baekhyun au, fluff, angst, smut (in later chapters)

Word Count: 3,323

Summary: You’re about to start your internship in Seoul’s most prestigious hospital but before you devote your whole life to medicine, you decide to have one more night of freedom, and meet someone you didn’t expect to meet again. (inspired by Grey’s Anatomy)

A/N: I’m so soooooooorry!! I know I said I would update soon especially because I had winter vacation but I had writers block and I got really distracted but I’m updating now and I don’t have writers block anymore, aye. I also have some great news and for those of you that actually read the Author’s Note, I got a full-tuition scholarship to my dream university! So now I don’t have to worry about college apps or acceptance letters, or finding a way to pay for tuition cause its all paid for. Well anyways back, to the story, ENJOY! (oh and btw I didn’t proof read because I wanted to get this on here ASAP so sorry if there are any mistakes, I’ll fix them when I can)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

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Us and Them


Chapter 2

Out of all the terrible situations that Geoff had been in throughout his life, this one could only be labeled as one thing: the most god damn shitty position he was ever put in. Geoff had lived a very, very long life- an immortal being of his age is bound to be thrust into plenty of god awful situations- but this one, right now, was the god damn most shitty. A million and one things had happened to him in all his years on this forsaken planet, and yet, this tiny, tiny situation threatened to be the one to uproot everything he’d worked for.

“Geoff.” Jack spoke, broken the ghostly silence that filled the room.

“Jesus, Geoff, you didn’t have to fucking shoot the kid!” Michael said, taking a step back from the scene before them.

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KaiSoo the way I see it

MY understanding about Kaisoo is this:

They were close since training days. There are numerous facts to sustain that statement.

After debut they remained close destroying S@M’s official couple arrangements. Kyungsoo was supposed to be paired with Baekhyun. As for Jongin… I don’t really remember which member he was paired with XP.

The important thing is that their closeness put the bases of KaiSoo. The fans saw their special relationship and acknowledged their compatibility. And how could they not?!

Their jealousy is epic and the way they talk about each other warms your heart. Let’s not forget when Kyungsoo gave his vote to Jongin making him the most handsome in E_X_O. Or when Jongin stood by Kyungsoo when Chanyeol said he didn’t talk much. And do not forget that Kyungsoo is the only one that laughs at Jongin’s jokes, while Jongin calls Soo cute all the time. All their moments are so precious. >_<

I believe that S@M was happy for a while because KaiSoo made them a lot of money by attracting more and more fans.

But things began to change along with the group’s popularity. I don’t know exactly why, it might have been because of the gay rumor circling in the industry or because KaiSoo fans turned more and more obsessed with this ship or because Kyungsoo and Jongin became a real couple.

The possibilities are many, but I really think that the main reason is that KaiSoo is real. Why I say that? Because S@M does everything in their power to keep Kyungsoo and Jongin apart. They are never together on shows, just the two of them. On stage there is always another member in between them.  The many ships of Kyungsoo (ChanSoo, SeSoo, BaekSoo etc.). Kai_Stal. And many, many other strategies to cool down the fans.

Many would say that because of the thinks I mentioned above KaiSoo is just commercial, but I think it is more to it. Hmh…

Now, I know that idols do or say everything their label demands them to do, but you all have to admit that some things cannot be faked. If you look closely at their interactions, you would see the love in their eyes.

And anyway, if it was all an S@M strategy why go overboard with the cock-blocking?

I believe that this is the main mistake S@M made. They are trying to pull them apart by any means while contradicting themselves.

So S@M… nice try, but I don’t buy it…

I’m at home for once on a Sunday (I’m usually at my bf’s) and this morning my auntie came over for her and my mom’s weekly weigh in (they support each other in losing weight). I didn’t weigh myself today, and I’m not going to for a while -until I feel I’m ready to know how much I’ve gained after all that pizza and birthday cake! Anyway, I had the idea of weighing in with them now that I want to maintain. It would limit me to just weighing myself once a week, AND would mean I can’t hide any significant weight loss, blocking the sneaky ED! I suggested it to them and they agreed it was a good idea.

The thought makes me nervous, having them know my exact weight, but I think it’s really the ED that’s nervous, because it’s a huge recovery step.

We’ll see if I actually follow through with this plan. I’m going to really try!!

Why don’t you guys ever talk any more? Thoughts on Destiel

I’ve seen people saying they’re having trouble feeling Destiel this year because Dean is so distant from Cas. (The manly pat on the shoulder and the “Pal” was a good example from the last episode, plus we have the fact that Cas invariably talks to Sam on the phone now, rather than Dean.) The two of them are hardly together at all, and the writers give no sense that they’re talking privately on the phone or texting, or even that Dean is communicating with Cas via prayer. It’s a little frustrating.

As I’ve said before, I don’t have any trouble believing that Dean is deliberately keeping his distance from Cas– he’s afraid the Mark is going to transform him into something awful again, and possibly make him kill Cas, and who would want to intensify a relationship under those circumstances? When his guard was down and he was talking to a stranger in the confessional, we saw that he longs for something more (I still can’t read that scene as Dean talking about anyone other than Cas), but given the state his life is right now, keeping his distance probably seems sensible to him.

But what about Cas? We know now that he can feel someone longing for him (and could even when he didn’t have his own grace). If Dean is still privately longing for Cas, as the confessional scene seems to imply, wouldn’t Cas be aware of it, and be trying to get back to Dean at every opportunity so that Dean isn’t missing him so much? Wouldn’t he be calling Dean on his phone, rather than Sam? Wouldn’t he be spending all his spare time at the bunker, just to be near Dean?

I can think of a couple reasons why this might not be the case. First of all, Cas has been dealing with a “terminal diagnosis,” too– his awareness that when his borrowed grace runs out, he’ll die. It’s not hard to imagine he might have been avoiding Dean because he didn’t want to weigh Dean down with his own problems when Dean already had enough to deal with. And like Dean, he might be reluctant to intensify their relationship when he knew that sooner or later, he’d die. Staying away from Dean would likely make sense to him, too. 

This theory is supported by the fact that the instant Cas’ grace was restored in the last episode, he returned to the bunker and let himself relax and have fun with the boys. I’ll be interested to see in the next episode if Cas and Charlie have moved in, or if they’ve gone back on the road again. (As far as I can tell, neither is in the episode, but since they were all hanging around the bunker together at the end of 10.18, I hope to get a line of dialogue explaining what they’re up to.) If Cas was keeping his distance due to his awareness of impending death, he will probably want to support Dean by sticking around as much as he can now that he has his own grace back. 

Another idea I had, though, involves the Mark. What if the Mark of Cain, which is after all a mark of Hell, masks Dean’s longing and prayers from Heavenly beings? Maybe Cas has been listening for Dean’s prayers and longing all this time, and hasn’t heard any because the Mark is blocking them somehow. If he were unaware of this effect of the Mark, he might simply conclude that Dean no longer wants him around. (A lot of people have speculated he’s probably a little sensitive about staying anyway, since the last time he came “home” he was immediately kicked right out again.) If he thinks Dean no longer has any real desire for his company, he’ll probably leave the bunker as soon as possible.

At any rate, the writers have been keeping Dean and Cas apart, and making sure we only see Cas communicate with Sam, pretty blatantly, and yet the confessional scene seemed to clearly underline that Dean really wants to be with Cas. (Assuming you accept the Destiel interpretation of that scene, anyway– and I have yet to see any other interpretation that makes sense to me.) There needs to be a good story reason why the two of them are keeping their distance from each other, and I hope we’ll learn what it is before too long. I’d like to see the writers explicitly address this question soon!

Welcome to Evee’s second ever follow for now! I say follow for now because forever is a long time, and I’m scared of commitment. Some even doubt my commitment to Sparkle Motion, and it pains me dearly. Anyway, underneath this block of text are some people that I find near, dear and/or make my dash the beautiful gold mine that it is. Love them, etc. etc. And as all follow forever/whatevers go, I very well may have forgotten some people, actually I probably for sure did, so this is not an exhaustive list.

Thank you all for 700 fucking followers. I can’t even believe it. I felt like I’m waiting on my Tyra mail now. You are all so wonderful!

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