because I have them all blocked now anyway

Okay, ukthewhitewolf, you tagged me in THIS (read to understand)

And now here’s a tiny, fluffy, Art School AU drabble, set sometime after Bog and Marianne are dating. Why? Because I’m having a bit of writer’s block and scrambling for inspiration.

The Floor is Lava

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I’m pretty sure most people don’t read these, but anyway, here’s the scoop.

I’m gonna go try to queue some posts now, because from 10:30-fansubs release, I won’t be on Tumblr at all, except for my inbox. So if you have any dire questions to ask me, go ahead and ask them, I’ll post them tomorrow. If you send me spoilers, you’ll be blocked from the ask box, end of story.

As per usual, no spoilers of tomorrow’s episode will be posted until NEXT Thursday. That said, spoilers for Despair Arc Episode 10 WILL be valid as of tomorrow.

Anyway, I have another essay to type tomorrow, so I might not be on much post-episode anyway. I probably will be lurking because I’m a great procrastinator. It’s about how attention of a concept affects something, and if it’s worth it if in the end the product/idea “sticks”. I gotta look for some quotes.

See you later, guys!