because I have a terrible fear for not being able to finish promised things like these


Author: @sebastianstandoffish

Pairing: Reader (She/Her) x Steve

Summary: Steve has to come to terms with his mistakes, and maybe learn how to grow from them.

Word Count: 3,638

Category: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Cursing like a sailor, Anxiousness, Mentions of injury, blood, etc.

A/N: It’s been a long time, friends! I sat down and actually finished this baby. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy!

A rough mission gone south is all it took to push them that far, yanked at their muscles and their sanity until they snapped. It was a brutal fight, the first real one they’d had in a long time, full of precisely sharpened words, ones that would surely strike deep.

Funny, the damage you can do when you love someone, when you know them so well that you have access to the deepest, darkest places in their soul.

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hey b99 fam i just thought of a few Things! a very mixed range of sad and happy so get ready for… different emotions?? they’re just in the order that i thought of them not like chronological or anything

1) Amy visiting Jake in prison: Amy excitedly tells Jake about the new binder she just bought or how she’s liking being a sergeant because seeing her happy makes him happy. she doesn’t ask questions. instead they talk about Paris, and Amy has already gotten a list from Holt of all the best things to do there, and she’s saving up. Jake didn’t think she was serious about it all and asks if they can really make it. Amy says: “when you get out of here, we’ll have enough. and in France, people will treat you as an innocent.”

1.5) the first several times she goes to visit, Amy has a panic attack right afterwards at the thought of what Jake is going back to. Gina talks her through it.

2) Rosa makes out w/ at least 1 girl in prison (Pimento no longer exists)

2.5) however she does not get romantically involved with any of them, it’s sort of all just to distract herself momentarily from where she is and what her life is like and it’s unhealthy but how could she be emotionally healthy anyway

3) Amy visiting Rosa in prison, asking how Jake is, asking how Rosa is and not usually getting a straight answer. one day she snaps a little bit, tears up, says she wants to be there for Rosa. (she switches to Spanish because the guards always seem to be listening.) admits that Rosa is like a sister to her, and that losing her was just as bad as losing Jake. Rosa’s a little shocked, but after a moment, places her hand on top of Amy’s and promises to be more open, because that’s what you’re supposed to do with your family.

4) Charles visiting Jake and Rosa in prison, bringing stories about Nikolaj and a smile always. obviously bc of #3 Rosa talks to the others about how she feels, but she tells Charles everything because she’s not ashamed of him seeing her break. she tells him about fear and the unfamiliarity of it. lack of a reason to live except seeing the Nine-Nine. knowing that for the rest of her life, even when her sentence is over, she will never really escape this.

4.5) Charles also tells Jake all the gross sex details about his relationship with Genevieve, and then tells him how Amy misses him terribly. Jake asks Charles to take care of her, please, and Charles says something weird about being a daddy, but yeah, of course he will.

5) Terry comes and visits too, naturally. Sharon comes along to see her god-husband Jake, and he gets to hear everything about the Jeffords kids. they have gently explained the situation to Cagney and Lacey, who always send drawings of Jake in his police uniform, as a hero. he hangs them in his cell. Terry visits Rosa alone, reminds her that she is strong. does not let her finish sentences that start with “but what if–” “but i can’t–”. she can walk a little taller after talking to him.

6) Gina gives birth to The Enigma and brings hundreds of photos to show Jake and Rosa, despite having previously sworn she would never be that parent. they ask if she’s going to marry Milton, and she says not until she can have two of her three maids of honor back. she promises Jake that she’s being kind to Amy. she tells Rosa that Holt gave her Rosa’s key, and that she’s looking after the apartment, and Rosa is relieved.

7) it takes Holt a short while to work up the strength to visit. the first time he does, he’s scared. and it scares him even more to see his son with shadows under his eyes, looking unnatural in bright orange. it’s hard to believe that this is not an undercover mission. he looks through case files every time Kevin drives him, hoping to be able to bring some good news, find some shred of evidence that will free Jake, who confesses that he doesn’t know how long he can make it in there. it is difficult for Holt to choke out an “i know you can, son.”

7.5) Holt apologizes the first time he sees Rosa. “maybe i should have let you go,” he says. “and you’d be safe.” Rosa tells him she would rather at least be here in New York than Argentina, and he can’t understand why. “you wouldn’t be in here if it weren’t for me. i was selfish to keep you from leaving.” Rosa says, “Captain, i would rather see you once a week for fifteen years, be trapped in here, than be free in a place where i would never see you again. i would miss my family.”


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Idk if you do fantasy aus but maybe #18 with vampire hoseok?

✎ things you said when you were scared ✎
2.2k words ; romance + fluff [ pg-13 ]

Originally posted by osyub

a/n: ok so ive never tried fantasy but im p proud of this i like how this turned out :’)

When Hoseok first told you of his condition, you had laughed him off, pinning it down on the fact that he’s downed one too many shots and had an imagination that couldn’t compare. However, the sobriety in his voice, the plea in his eyes were enough for your laughter to die in your throat.

“You can’t be serious.” You blinked, a nervous chuckle slipping past your lips to hide your trembling fingers in front of you.

Hoseok’s eyes had dropped to your hand holding the cup, before his gaze flicked back up to you as he licked his lips. You froze in your seat and he realized at the same time what the action had implied. “I won’t hurt you.”

“I don’t know that.”

“I’ve been with you for a year now. You know I would never hurt you.”

“This is a joke.” You gulped, tightening your hold around the glass in your hand. “I’m going to wake up and a hangover will be the death of me and this will all be a nightmare.”

A flicker of hurt passed through his eyes. “I wish it was.”

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Seokjin Scenario: The Rhythm Of The Rain - Part 3.

Request: Can I request a Bodyguard AU. Where Seokjin is Y/N bodyguard and at first Y/N was too scared to talk to him but realize one day he is actually a goofball and kind hearted person. Y/N warms up to him and eventually falls for but promise not to tell him because it would risk his job. But something happens and risks his life protecting y/n. You end up confessing to him. Please surprise me in the ending? It can be tragic or a happy one. Thankies~

Genre: Romance / Drama - Bodyguard AU

Part 1 / Part 2

Some could say you were functioning on automatic. One breath, two steps, move forward, repeat; it didn’t matter the exhaustion. Funerals were something you never wished to attend, so after going there you were in automatic once again, moving down the hallway filled with the smell of antiseptic that was so inherent to clinics. You had just visited your father, the doctors said he could leave by tomorrow morning after being in observation for a concussion, but he was alright, all of it thanks to the security service who acted quickly.

You bit your lower lip, there was such a confusing mess of feelings going in you, feeling glad for your father who was as good as he could be due to the circumstances, that you personally had nothing more than a few scratches, while Seokjin was… you stopped for a shaky deep breath, steeling yourself, noticing how some people looked oddly at you, standing in the middle of the hallway with your hands fisted, your brows furrowed while taking shaky breaths and dressed in black only.

The new bodyguard assigned to you was coming behind, he looked even younger than you but he apparently compensated it with a quick mind and lot of strength, didn’t talk too much but had such big expressive eyes, like a little deer in front of the lights,  and you couldn’t help but notice Jin would never leave that much distance between you. There you went again, thinking about him, but it was unavoidable. You turned another corner, rushed your pace just enough to not feel dizzy because you had only had water and coffee the last days; Jin would surely have a lot to say about that fact. You shook your head while smiling sadly, pushing open the door in front of you softly.

Jungkook was the name of the new bodyguard, he introduced himself on the first day you saw him and he already knew he wasn’t allowed to get inside that room with you, this was your private time so he stayed outside. You took a seat near the bed and held the pale hand on your reach, it was warm and a little rough in some places but you liked it, it made the touch feel more real.

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yooo I saw you were accepting prompts! Can you do a role reversal (simon as the clan leader and raphael as the fledgling) saphael fic? I've seen some posts about it and I can't get it out of my head 😅 thanks!

yes!!! i was so excited to get this prompt!! so its not really included much, but in this magnus would be in clary’s role and raphael is of course in simon’s


Raphael misses his heartbeat.

If he’s going to have a nightmare, he prefers to have the rapid beating of his heart when he wakes up to remind him that he’s alright. He’s okay.

But now he wakes up in the Hotel Dumort, forcing himself to breathe in and out, with no heartbeat to reassure him. In fact, the lack of movement in his chest makes the whole situation worse. It’s a painful reminder of the night before, when dirt and panic and fear were all beating down on him as he clawed his way up.

Coincidentally, that’s what the nightmare had been about.

He rolls over in bed and spots a thermos and a little slip of paper propped against it. He knows there’s blood in the thermos, despite Simon’s attempts to hide it with the solid metal of the cup. He reaches for the paper, which has Simon’s room number scribbled on it in a hasty, messy scrawl.

Raphael does not want to ask for help. Raphael Santiago never asks for help. He takes care of his brothers without help, he balances school and work without help, and he manages himself without help.

The thought of his family and his responsibilities make another flare of panic rise in his chest. How is he going to take care of his brothers? His mama can’t do it alone, she needs someone to help run things. But the sun will apparently burn him to a crisp and the crosses that deck out the Santiago house will apparently scar him. Which is a whole other problem. He needs to go to church on Sundays, he needs to pray at altar, he needs to wear his cross around his neck like he did every day before yesterday.

So he’s going to ask for help. Because being a vampire is not something he can figure out through his own craftiness and the internet.

He gets up and shuffles down the hall to room 210, where Simon is clearly still awake despite it being mid-afternoon. Raphael can hear a television running and loud guitar music being played and he briefly pauses outside the door, unsure.

He doesn’t know Simon. All he knows is that after Louis Karnstein bit him and Magnus and his newfound Shadowhunter companions rushed him to the cemetery, Simon had shown up with instructions on how to carry out the process. Simon had also held Raphael’s head while he drank blood for the first time, and then held his head again when he inevitably threw it up.

Simon had been nothing but kind to Raphael through the first couple of hours. He’d been soothing and understanding and he’d promised that he would help Raphael every step of the way.

But Simon’s clan has something like 200 vampires in it. He’s probably too busy to even learn Raphael’s last name.

“Raphael Santiago as I live and breathe!” Raphael looks up with a start to see Simon draped in the doorway, a smile on his face. “Well not live and breathe, but, you know. Everything okay?”

“Uh,” Raphael is suddenly overwhelmed with emotions that hadn’t been there only seconds ago. He’s not going to cry in front of Simon, though. So he just shakes his head. “Can I ask you some things?”

Simon’s smile is gone and he looks much more serious. With a nod he heads back into his room, leaving the door open for Raphael to follow at his own pace. The room almost looks like they’re in a different building. The ancient-looking wallpaper is covered up with band posters, some signed by bands who he probably met in person decades ago. He has blankets thrown around, clothes on the floor, water bottles of half-drank blood scattered around various surfaces.

He clears a space on his messy couch for Raphael, who sits stiffly beside him.

“What’s up?” Simon asks.

“I do not know how to do this.” Raphael sighs, clenching his jaw to keep his face composed. “I need to know how I can see my family. And go to church. And wear my cross.”

Simon blinks. “Very ambitious. When I was turned, I stayed in bed for three days.”

“I’m not like that.” Raphael says shortly. He wants answers, not personal anecdotes and caring advice.

“Listen, I’m going to be honest. For a while, life is going to be terrible. You won’t be able to see your family, you won’t be able to go to church, and you’ll probably hate…everything. Everyone does, at first.”

“I don’t want to feel sorry for myself, I want to figure out a way around it.” Raphael insists, immensely frustrated. He doesn’t care how everyone else reacts to it. He is not everyone else, and getting back to normal as soon as possible is all he wants.

Simon puts a hand on Raphael’s shoulder. “There are ways around it, but they take time. Just to say God took me months, and it’s a painful process. I only recently learned how to walk on consecrated ground.”

Raphael shrugs Simon’s hand off. “Well maybe I’m better than you at it.”

Simon’s lips press together and he’s clearly attempting to swallow a laugh. “Yeah, maybe. Go ahead and say it, if you think it’s so easy.”

Raphael doesn’t hesitate. He forces the word out of his mouth, but the only noise that comes out is a choked cough. He’s alarmed to taste a pooling of blood in his mouth and suddenly Simon’s shoving a cup under his chin. Without thinking, Raphael spits and watches in horror as his blood fills the bottom of the cup.

“Oh my–” He’s about to finish the sentence with the very word that just scorched his throat, but he stops himself. When he looks back up, there’s nothing taunting in Simon’s eyes. He looks sad.

“See?” He says softly. “It’s not what you think.”

Raphael never cries in front of people, but he’s never been a vampire before so he’s allowing himself to make an exception. His life is centered around family and faith. Now both of those are gone for who knows how long, and Magnus is off with a handsome black-haired demon killer and Simon is looking at him with so much pity in his eyes that it’s physically painful.

“I know it’s horrible.” Simon says. “But things get better. I can enter my synagogue again, and there are ways to see your family. How do you think your family will react to this?”

“My mama will accept it.” Raphael immediately says, because he knows it’s true. Guadalupe Santiago would never turn away one of her sons, alive or dead. “But I don’t know if I can–control myself–”

“I know.” Simon cuts off his rising panic. “I can bring them food and money and whatever they need until you feel safe around them. Just tell me where to leave it and I’ll get it done. And we can practice with your faith, together. Whenever you’re ready.”

Raphael wipes at his eyes and looks up. “Aren’t you too busy?”

Simon shakes his head, a determined glint in his brown eyes. “You’re family now. I’m going to do everything I can.”


“Because you seem like a good person.” Simon answers with a broad grin, which makes the pain in Raphael’s heart ease a bit. “And I think you’d do the same for me.”

Seokjin: Seokjin would be calm, more relaxed, same with his wolf so he wouldn’t frighten you. He’s a strong Alpha. His heart is kind but when it comes to protecting the people he loves he is vicious and never loses a fight. Imagine you were being cornered in an ally by an unknown assailant. He would be in his wolf form and slowly approach you. You see him but the attacker doesn’t. You can see in his eyes that he wants you to remain calm. You know he will protect you from any harm. He slowly but menacingly reveals himself from the shadows and positions himself in front of you and then he charges your attacker. You close your eyes so you don’t see the carnage. When he finishes off the person putting you in harms way he would change back to his human form, tell you to open your eyes, look at you with a calm smile, and hug you tight while whispering in your ear that he loves you.

Yoongi: It was a time of war. They were in a battlefield and you, being the stubborn person you are, we’re in the middle of it all. General Yoongi being your alpha, you wanted to be by his side and help him in any way possible so you snuck into the camp and set up a tent for yourself to be near him. He knew you were there, he could sense your presence and he was fine with that. That was until an enemy infiltrated the campsite and tried to lay his hands on you. Yoongi could feel your distress from the bond you have. He signaled Namjoon and ran to your tent as quickly as he could. Yoongi pulls you quickly from your attackers arms and passes you to Namjoon who turns you around and hides your eyes from what Yoongi is about to do. No words were spoken as Yoongi approached the enemy soldier with the deadliest look in his eye. He quickly changed into his wolf form and ripped out the throat of your attacker. He payed the price for laying a hand on the mate of General Min Yoongi. After a moment of silence you realized you too had to face your punishment for sneaking into the campsite during a dangerous battle. But, later you realize punishments from your alpha weren’t too bad, and maybe you’d get into a little trouble more often.

Namjoon: You were kidnapped. Namjoon knew something was wrong because he felt his wolf crying. He knew you were in danger. He would be frantic trying to figure out what to do and how to get his precious mate back in his arms. He would change into his wolf form and search for your scent like a madman. But once he found where you were being kept locked away he would come up with the most intricate plan to get you out. He’s known for his wisdom and knowledge. Namjoon’s able to sneak you out of the compound you were being kept at through the air vents without your kidnappers knowing what had happened. After he ensured you were safe he takes your place in the cage you were held in and once your kidnappers returned to check on their prisoner the last thing they ever saw were the yellow eyes of a black wolf lunging at them. Namjoon made sure that those men never saw the light of day again.

Hoseok: You went missing. And he knew exactly where you went. Being the leader of one of the most dangerous packs around is no joke. It’s funny though that he was known as a ray of sunshine, the light that shines the way. He would make the weirdest noises or movements to make sure that the people he cared about were happy and smiling just like him. However, if his loved ones were in any danger? There would be hell to pay. A pack of rival wolves stole you away in the dead of night leaving Hoseok an absolute wreck. He was in tears from the moment he realized you were missing. Yoongi tried everything he could do to calm him down. As Yoongi held Hoseok in his arms, Hoseok’s expression would suddenly turn from a look of fear and sadness to a look of absolute rage. Everyone knew to stay out of his way. He couldn’t control his anger. The thought of you being in the hands of those mongrels was something he wouldn’t tolerate. He, and he alone, went to the rival pack and destroyed anyone who got in his way. He cleared the path straight to you. What the rival pack didn’t understand was that they shouldn’t underestimate the beautiful smile he held on his face. At the end of the day, he was a symbol of strength, not only in positivity to his pack but also his strength showed in the way he fought and protected. That’s how he became a leader. When he finally had you back in his arms he started crying while he kissed every inch of your face saying, “Baby I love you..I’m so sorry y/n…Forgive me I couldn’t protect you, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Jimin: Your insane ex-boyfriend decided to kidnap you. He thought that if he took you away he’d be able to convince you to come back to him. But as you continued to refuse he went mad. He started to torture you. But little did he know who’s mate he was messing with… Park Jimin, his face would be the definition of a beast. Contorted in anger and rage. He would be the most terrifying person to be around if you were in any form of danger and everyone knew not to get in his way. He could feel your pain as he searched for you, following your scent to a bunker that your ex had built to keep you in. He could hear your screams as he approaches and it made his blood boil, his eyes turning red. Jimin would barge into the bunker and be the most graceful, terrible, beautiful thing you had ever seen as he somehow gently removed your restraints and placed you near the exit just as quick as he had your ex pinned to the wall, threatening his life. Once he made sure that he had gotten his point across, all of his attention was on you. He lifted you into his arms and held you tight, promising never to leave your side again.

Taehyung: Coming from a family of mobsters had its perks. For Kim Taehyung, aka V, he was able to live in the lap of luxury, wear his favorite Gucci clothing items at all times, he was able to shift from his human form to his wolf form doing whatever he pleased, he had the most delectable and amazing mate, he was soon going to take the role of leader of the pack, and no one messed with him or his family of Alphas. Everything was great until the one day that someone tried to rip his world from under him. That someone was a half brother that Taehyung never knew even existed. But he was enraged that Taehyung would be receiving everything in the world that he could possibly want when he was discarded and forgotten. While V could never understand what his supposed brother went through, he empathized with him. He felt bad for what he had to go through. But he made a terrible mistake. He kidnapped you. Taehyung was shaking with rage when he received the ransom note for your safe return. He became a total disaster. You are his life and the thought of loosing you is too painful to bear. He made a vow to make sure that you would never be harmed and you would always be safe and protected with him. He made sure to keep that vow. His half brother was keeping you in an abandoned warehouse filled with betas waiting and willing to do his bidding. But they were not prepared for the hell that would be unleashed by Kim Taehyung. He may have had his family name under his belt but V also had connections of his own. His own ARMY was by his side as he fought his way through the warehouse to get to you. His roar could be heard for miles as he let out his rage on anyone that stood in his way. He finally found you, you were injured and laying on the floor of an empty room. His wolf slowly approached you, whining because of his concern for your well being. You could hear him and reached out to him. Taehyung curled around you and you could feel the warmth of his fur as he gently licked your wounds away.

Jeongguk: Jeon Jungkook was the youngest but most skilled assassin of his time. He knew his profession was a dangerous one but not only was it exhilarating it paid good money too. You being his mate knew what he did and what he was capable of but never asked questions because you and he both knew that to discuss what he did at odd hours could also put you in jeopardy. Jungkook’s profession never stopped you from loving him though. Granted his job was the most terrifying thing because you never wanted him to someday disappear but you loved him and he loved you. It was a ride or die lifestyle and besides you always had a thing for bad boys. But everything changed the day that you disappeared. A client had put out a hit on a powerful and corrupt business man. However, the business man knew the threat against him and he had heard of the skill of the young assassin. He had dug deep and began to have Jungkook followed. This lead them to you. They figured that if they held you hostage they could make Jungkook drop the assignment he was given and change his loyalty. But they underestimated the wrath of the powerful alpha. In the pack of assassins he was the strongest and most agile. And the love of his life was in danger. Your kidnappers weren’t very conspicuous seeing as they held you in a building owned by the man he was supposed to kill. Jungkook’s stamina and agility allowed him to be swift and quiet as he made his way to you. He took out the enemy and his guards one by one, quickly and quietly. They were all dead the moment the idea of taking you away popped into their heads. The businessman was his final victim. He made his presence known, storming into the businessman’s office and suddenly holding him by his neck. He gripped it tight enraged and he watched as the life left the corrupt man’s eyes. Afterwards he continued to search the building for you. As soon as he found you, he ran to you. You were tied up but unharmed. He held you so tight. He looked into your eyes and made sure to remind you that he loved you more than anything in the world, you were his moon and stars, and he would always be there to protect you.


5x25 season finale fix-it

Written by Praemonitus_Praemunitus


Summary: That helicopter scene in season 5 finale was just begging to be rewhumped.  I don’t know much about helicopters, but the shockwave alone from that nuclear blast should have done at least some damage to the machine.  I decided to test my theory, did a bit of research, and… voilà- this story was born.  And while I was at it, I also decided to expand on something Steve said to Danny while they were in that helicopter – that Danny didn’t get to die today because he had reasons to live (his two kids).  Because Steve has a reason to live, too.  And that reason has been sticking to him like glue since S01 episode 1.

“You’re gonna have to jump, Danny!”  

Steve’s voice was barely audible over the ear-splitting whine of the engine and the choppy but loud roar of the helicopter blades and for a moment, for one stupidly optimistic moment Danny actually thought he had misheard him.  That was until he dared to open his tightly squeezed eyes and risk a glance at his partner.  And saw his tense, pale face, the tightly clenched jaw, the white-knuckled grip he maintained on the wildly shaking cyclic stick.

“You’re joking, right?” he tried, swallowing down a dry lump of fear that dropped like a lead stone into the pit of his stomach.  "This is a joke.  Right, Steven? Please, tell me you’re joking.“

Steve threw him a quick glance, a wan, half-crooked smile.  "That shockwave blew out the tail rotor, Danny,” he said, sounding apologetic somehow, as if it was somehow his fault that some self-proclaimed patriot nutjob woke up one morning and decided to fix all of America’s terrorist problems by exploding a goddamn nuclear bomb in downtown Waikiki. “I don’t have enough aft cyclic to pull up.”  

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 11

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: This took longer to put out that I anticipated, a lot of things happened during the past week, some are good and some are terrible, but I’m in a great mood today so I thought I work through all the shit in my life. 

Previous Part

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Teen Wolf Imagine- What Happened To Y/N?


Authors Note- Okay so sorry if this is confusing, but I’m starting a series where each part is told in someone else’s perspective so the first part is in Y/n’s perspective and the second will be from another member of the pack and so on. All parts follow the story of Y/n and an event that occurred, but each pack member has a piece of the puzzle that they are unaware of. (Isaac, Derek, Peter and Allison are still there). Also I want to make it sort of interactive so if you have any ideas drop them in the comments or in my requests x

Y/n’s Pov

“I honestly didn’t mean it to come across like that” you said innocently with wide eyes. “Come on, you’re a flirt and you know it! The poor boy must of been so confused” Lydia giggled, giving you a light nudge. “I have no idea what you’re talking about and I wish to never find out” Scott claimed as him and Stiles sat their trays down opposite you. “Ah, don’t worry my dearest brother. You’ll never find out” you replied, laughing when you and Lydia exchanged looks. “There you guys are!” Liam panted as he slammed his textbook on your lunch table and flopped into the nearest available seat. “Woah, you look terrible” Stiles remarked as Allison joined you all. “Have you heard the news?” Liam asked, still struggling for breath. ”Enough with the suspense, spit it out!” you said as he barley finished. Before he could open his mouth to speak, Kira dragged a chair over to the end of the table, you all stared at her as it squeaked the whole way there. “Sorry” she eventually said with an awkward smile. “Anyway, the Beacon Hills High pep rally has been moved to tonight”  he said with such enthusiasm. “This is what you were so desperate to tell us?” Lydia asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, I thought you guys would be excited” he said as he looked at everyone’s bored faces. “Once you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all” Stiles said, sounding like a wise old man. “Don’t worry, we’ll be there” Scott reassured, sensing his disappointment. “Right guys?” Allison joined in, staring particularly at you and Stiles. Everyone nod and murmured in agreement, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world” you added with an eye roll. You felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket, causing Liam and Scott to stare at you as they’re the only others to hear it. “Are you going to answer that?” Scott asked when you blatantly ignored it. “Oh uhm yeah” you mumbled, shrugging off his questioning looks. You pulled out your phone and read all the texts. You quickly shoved it into your pocket again and stood up. “Where are you going?” Allison asked. “I’ve just got to go to…the bathroom” you excused. “I’ll come with you” Lydia offered. “No it’s fine. Everything is fine” you replied too quickly, picking up your bag and exciting the cafeteria. “What was that about?” Kira questioned. “I don’t know” Scott answered with concern all over his face. “Did you pick up any signals with your wolfy powers?” Stiles leaned in. “Anxiety?” Liam spoke up. “Fear” Scott corrected as they all glanced at one another.

You stumbled into your house, holding your head. You dropped your bag by the door and tried to sneak up the stairs quietly. “Where the hell have you been?” your brother asked with his arms folded in the living room door frame. “Oh hey Scotty, I was just running some errands and I guess time ran away with me”  you lied. “For one I heard your heartbeat rise and I can smell the blood. What happened to your head?” he asked as he moved to the bottom of the stairs. You turned around and gave a weak smile, “We played dodgeball in gym class last period and I was hit pretty hard and-” you began before he cut you off. “Lydia checked, you weren’t in gym class” he pointed out. “Listen, we can do this back and forth all night but if we do we’ll miss the rally and we cant let Liam down. Just drop it. I’m fine. I promise” you said with another weak smile. “Hurry up and get ready, Stiles is picking us up in half an hour” he gave a loud sigh. You continued up the stairs. “Don’t think I’ve let this go, we’re talking about this later” he added. You waved him off from over your shoulder and slammed your bedroom door shut behind you. That was a conversation you weren’t willing to have.

You hopped into the back of Stiles’ jeep and smiled brightly at Lydia sitting beside you. “You look amazing, very indie” she said with an approving nod. “You look amazing also, very chic” you returned. “They’re cute, almost as cute as us” Stiles said, punching Scott in the arm playfully. “How come you aren’t riding with Kira?” you asked Scott. “She somehow got sucked into brining Liam and his friend Mason, so she made Allison go with her for company” Scott said as Stiles pulled out of your driveway. “So how about Isaac?” you asked again. “Him and Derek were sorting something out at the loft, or something like that. I think Derek’s brining him later” Scott shrugged and was about to turn the radio up. “Wait, so is Malia coming?” you asked quickly. “Yeah, we’re going to pick her up now” Scott answered once more. “You’re really jittery today, what’s up?” Stiles asked this time. “I appreciate your concern but as I told my brother here, I am 100% fine” you said, getting slightly tired of repeating yourself. A few minutes later you pulled outside the Tate residency and Malia staggered out of her house before straightening herself out and opening the car door. You squeezed into the middle seat as she got in. “I like the feather” she smiled casually. “Thanks, I like the boots” you smiled back. “That’s a cute necklace” Lydia added, leaning forward. “Thanks and that’s a really nice bracelet” Malia replied, dazed by it. “Girls, eh” Stiles scoffed while Scott simply shook his head.

When you arrived at the rally you immediately met up with the rest of the pack and said your greetings. You, Lydia, Malia, Allison, Kira and Mason were all in a huddle complementing each others outfits before Liam, Scott and Stiles pulled you away from each other not wanting to hear anymore compliments for the rest of the week, let alone the rest of the night. You all broke off for a while and did your own little things. You, Allison and Lydia were having a few drinks and dancing, taking full advantage of being able to feel the affects of alcohol. Scott was talking to Stiles further away from the music so they didn’t have to shout to each other. Liam was chilling and having a relaxed time as he introduced Mason to a few of his team mates. While Kira and Malia took full advantage of the free food that was on offer and aggressively drinking from red solo cups because they couldn’t feel a single thing other than the strong taste of vodka. You looked out of the corner of your eye and saw a figure, you turned yourself around and watched it, noticing it heading towards the bathrooms. You discreetly danced out of the crowd, before Allison and Lydia could notice. You quickly walked after the figure, glancing behind you and at your friends to make sure they weren’t watching you.

After eventually resurfacing you felt the crisp air on your skin as you walked out of the building. You leant against one of the trees at the bonfire, you listened to the sound of the crackling fire, the hum of students laughing and talking, the sound of coach tormenting Greenburg and the loud music that threatened to block out all other noise. A senior handed you another red solo cup and attempted to hit on you, you gladly took the drink and knocked it back but even that wouldn’t mildly convince you to show him any sort of attention. You looked up to see all your friends dancing together at this point, you didn’t need Scott’s hearing and sense of smell to tell they were having a good time, even though every so often they would look around trying to locate wherever you had gotten off to. Stiles and Kira were both sort of bobbing to their own rhythm while Malia and Allison laughed. Scott and Lydia didn’t miss a beat and were taking pride in trying to out dance each other. Isaac and Liam were stiffer than the others but still not as bad as Kira and Stiles. Mason had ran off somewhere with one of the lacrosse players. You shook your head at them and were taking joy in just watching them but before you could join them your phone buzzed again. You hesitated for a second, before aggressively pulling it out of your clutch. You skimmed over the messages and let out a loud huff, before storming further out into the lacrosse field. Who knew so much stuff could happen in one day?

After about an hour, the party was still raging but it had died down from what it was. Most of the pack had stopped dancing and had collapsed onto the floor due to exhaustion. Stiles was throwing up behind the very same tree you were leaning against previously while Liam awkwardly pat his back. Malia was sitting against the other side of the tree, half falling asleep while eating one of the chicken nuggets the bonfire had provided that not many people dared to touch. Lydia and Allison slightly stumbled over to them with Scott and Kira trying to hold them up. Mason had reappeared with a rather smug look on his face followed by Isaac with a rather concerned one. “Where’s your sister? I haven’t heard from her in ages and she wont answer any of my texts” Isaac asked, shaking his phone. “Speaking of which, I haven’t heard from her in a few hours” Allison added, as if she instantly sobered up. “Y/n’s right here, I can smell her” Malia claimed with her eyes shut. “Or she was here” Liam said biting hid lip anxiously. Stiles turned around and wiped his face, showing the same concerned expression as the others. Malia had also woken up a bit and pulled herself to her feet. A brief discussion led to them splitting off in search for you. The werewolves following scent and the others their intuition.

A Few Days Later

“I knew something was wrong, I should of made her tell me” Stiles shook his head. His murder board was now wiped clean, whatever he was researching in the trash. It was now occupied with you and the leads of your disappearance. “She wouldn’t of told you, she wouldn’t of told anyone. You know Y/n she’s her own warrior” Lydia said glumly. “It’s my fault, she’s my sister and I should of protected her. I’m too busy trying to save complete strangers to know when my own family needs it” it was clear that Scott was broken, his grades dipped within a day and he wasn’t eating, neither was your mom. Stiles hadn’t slept since you went missing and his dad had a huge pile up at the station because he was too occupied with your case. Lydia lost her spark, she kept going to tell you something before realising you weren’t there to hear it. “I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to her” Allison exclaimed, staring into space. The brave hunter now a former shell of herself. “We’ll find her, I’m sure of it” Kira tried to be positive, even though your disappearance put a storm cloud above all of their heads.

Meanwhile at Derek’s loft: Isaac, Malia, Derek and Peter stood around the table, bouncing ideas of one another. “Stiles said something about her getting a text from someone” Isaac voiced. “Who from?” Peter asked quickly. “I’m not sure, he never said. I don’t think he knew either” he added. “So what, she was kidnapped?” Malia was lost in this huge mess of chained events. “Didn’t you two hear anything at the bonfire?” Derek questioned with a firm tone. The two shook their heads and looked down at the ground. “We’ll find her, just keep looking” Derek said, a bit more sympathetic than usual. Even the Hales missed your sarcastic presence. Isaac would find himself staring at the empty seat at lunch, that no one dared to touch. Malia text you about five times a day, even if you didn’t read it, it gave her a form of comfort by writing her thoughts down to you.

Mason watched as Liam paced back and forth in his room constantly, biting his nails uneasily. “What if we don’t find her in time?” Liam questioned. “We will” Mason replied. “What if we’re already too late” “We’re not”. “What if-” Liam began to say before he was cut off. “Li, calm down. Y/n wouldn’t want to see you like this” Mason said, rubbing his shoulder for support. “But she’s missing and I think I know who took her-” Liam stated.

Should I continue this or not? Sorry for the non-existent uploads but schools started and I’m struggling to keep on top of things so I’ll upload when I can x

{fic} What We Wanted

Word Count: 5.3k
Characters: Elain/Lucien
Summary: Lucien’s first Fire Night as High Lord of the Spring Court puts he and Elain’s fledgling relationship in an awkward position.

I think I’m technically a day late? but done for Elucien week! Based loosely on prompt 4, Betrayal/ Loyalty. Just some angsty Calanmai-based smut, unrelated to my other fics. here on Ao3

Elain doesn’t realize until the day before. She wonders if he was keeping it from her deliberately, so she wouldn’t worry, or if he just doesn’t know how to bring it up, but when she asks Alis what the frankly excessive amount of firewood being stockpiled is for, it’s a rude awakening.

Feyre had told her all about Calanmai, of course, long before Lucien ever became High Lord of the Spring Court, and before Elain had, with obvious ulterior motives, volunteered to move from the Night Court to help him with his new postwar duties. She’d been at the spring court for almost two months now. Admittedly, if anything, she made Lucien’s job harder by constantly stealing him away for picnics and rides through the forest, but he never seemed to mind—quite the opposite, if his enthusiasm kissing her is any indication. She hasn’t offered him food yet, although she has long since decided she someday will, so it feels certain, and comfortable, to learn how to fit with him. They’re enormously good at affection—she’s sure an hour doesn’t go by without him kissing her hand or her cheek or her temple, or without her curling up at his side or resting her head against his shoulder. Things like that are like breathing now, but Elain is not sure whether she’s frustrated or grateful that he consistently draws back from anything more sexual than tame fully-clothed groping. Certainly, Elain feels a little silly in the face of his three hundred odd years of experience, but she and Grayson hadn’t exactly been angels when she’d been human—she knows what she wants from Lucien. From her mate.

And she doesn’t mind waiting, until the realization of Fire Night sends the whole concept of sex with Lucien into a panicked tailspin.

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It was very stupid (Tony Stark x Reader)

Anonymous requested:

I am so tony trash! Can you do something fluffy with tony? like where it is AoU and the reader gets hurt and tony is really scared and angry because she could’ve diend and then fluff? thank you ♥♥

  • Words: 1.698
  • Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
  • Warnings: Little violence, swearing, and fluff
  • Author notes: As usual (Y/N) is your name

Originally posted by ageofsuperheroes

“Tony?” You asked “Tony is this you?” You bit your bottom lip, trying to avoid the shivering “Did you come back earlier?”
No matter how much you asked, no one would answer back. All you could hear was the buzzing sound of some electric circuit near you. Tony was in Oslo, thanks to the murder bot he had helped to develop. It wasn’t his fault; the things that he saw when he had to put that bomb through the wormhole during the aliens’ attack to New York City during 2012 kept haunting him at night, that’s why he felt so responsible for all the bad things that happened in the world.
You couldn’t go with him to the Nexus so you were staying with agent Hill and Bruce while Tony was away, doing what he did best. You had a suit of your own, but it wasn’t very offensive. It was incredibly tough and almost unbreakable, but not very good when it came to attacking things. Tony wouldn’t want you to take part in any kind of fight and you didn’t want to be a part either. 
That day, Maria had gone because Fury needed her so you were left only with Bruce who was too busy to come down; you were frightened to death by now. The Avengers Tower was a huge place to be almost by yourself. There were a few Iron Legion armors that were not put down yet; Ultron could’ve come at any time to kill you.
“Baby, is this you?” You asked again.
“Well, I am technically a baby…” A deep voice sounded from near you “But I guess I’m not the one you’re looking for… Why would you even call Stark a baby?”
“Ultron…” You whispered “What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be in Seoul?” Stupidest question your brain could come up with; he was like an internet virus so he could be practically everywhere.
“Well, I can be everywhere” He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world; of course he could “This is a very nice suit, not like the ones I took that night. Too bad Stark left you here, all by yourself” For being just an AI he could express lots of feelings and ridiculous amounts of sarcasm. Maybe Tony shouldn’t put so much of him into his suits and murder bots “I mean, it’s bad for you, but for me it’s… Almost good. You’re here, for me, ready to be killed” The iron armor slowly walked to you “Although I don’t want to kill you; not just yet” After a long pause he spoke again “You’re not my target”
“I’m not alone” You remembered Bruce working in the lab “And I’m not what you call a defenseless person”
“Yeah I know” He tilted his head to both sides “but I wouldn’t really trust a suit these days if I were you” He said moving his hand carelessly “Besides, Dr. Banner is one scary companion, isn’t he?”
“I don’t know about that… B-but hey, Tony should be here in a minute” You said, or well, you muttered nervously “I think it’s actually him who you want to see”
“Yes, I might want to see him, but you’re not a bad choice either” He devilishly laughed as you tried to walk backwards to some safe position “I mean, if I don’t have Stark, I will have you and probably I will trigger something in him”
“Oh yeah, and you don’t want to see that, homeboy” Another voice was heard loud and clear in the room.
And as soon as he raised his palm to shoot you; another shot came from a different direction and knocked Ultron down, but it was too late. Ultron was still able to shoot you and knock you down too. Your head and back received part of the impact against the wall, the other not so great part was that you fell on your arm over broken glass. You groaned as you tried hard not to roll over into a less painful side of your body, but you couldn’t, the glass on your cheeks and arms were unbearable.
The Iron Legion suit was shut down and you were barely conscious, your head pounded and you felt a warm liquid under your wounded body and your stomach hurt a lot. You slowly and softly touched the pinching area and felt the wet fabric of your shirt. What an awful day to have your favorite one all dirty with blood.
Tony ran and kneeled next to you and hurried to cradle you in his chest. A pair of strong arms lifted your body and from that point on, you really don’t remember much and apparently, you passed out on your way to the infirmary. What you do remember is waking up in the infirmary, with different IVs on both your arms and a warm and fuzzy blanket over your body. On the night table to your left there were lots of ‘get well’ presents and such, and attached to the bar of the bed, there was a huge balloon with good wishes to you.
A loud breathing that sometimes turned into an even louder snoring was the thing that woke you up. You were not in pain, or actually, the last thing you remember was being in such a terrible pain that if you were in pain now, it was nothing. You saw Tony curled in the futon over the corner and you also saw Bruce coming through the glass door. He was happy to see you alive and well. You slightly waved your hand at him and he woke Tony up.
“She’s awake” He gently whispered “Tony, she’s awake now; you can go to bed” Just like a cat that hears a sudden noise; Tony woke up in such an alert state and almost breaks something. You feared it would bring a suit to the room, but those issues were a thing from the past now, fortunately “Tony?” Bruce talked to his friend, whose alertness didn’t last very long.
“Y-yeah” He mumbled with his eyes closed again “(Y/N)’s awake”
“Tony, come on, wake up” You rolled your eyes from the bed. Now he woke up for real.
“Fuck, you are awake” You nodded “Bruce, can you leave me alone with this lady? I have tons of things to discuss with her”
“Oh fuck” You whispered knowing the torments you would get.
“Yes, oh fuck” He repeated, louder and colder.
Bruce tried to persuade Tony from it. He knew the topic of the discussion; Banner had suffered from his wrath before you woke up. Tony couldn’t understand why on earth you got injured by one of the robots from the Iron Legion, especially when Bruce was supposed to turn them off and to protect you at all costs. Dr. Banner said his goodbyes and assured you he’d come by in a while to check on you. Tony wandered around the room impatiently while you looked at him with a blank expression.
“Come on baby, spit it out” You finally sighed after an awkward silence “You’re making me uncomfortable with all walking”
“Oh, there’s so many things I want to say (Y/N). First” He finally turned to you “Why were you by yourself in the living room? I told you to be exclusively with Maria or Bruce. Second and most important, why didn’t you put on your damn suit?”
“For that one I have a great excuse” You hurried to say raising a hand trying to defend yourself “Ultron said-”
“You believed him?” He asked, not truly believing your words “You really believed a word that platinum bastard said?” He narrowed his eyes “I thought you were much smarter”
“Let me finish” You replied “He had a great point when he said that suits shouldn’t be trusted these days…”
“But yours wasn’t like the Iron Legion, it’s like mine” He said almost accusingly “And mine is not being controlled by Ultron”
“Oh well, and you share a lot about the suits, right?” You scoffed “God, Tony. You were the one who didn’t let me help you in Oslo” You reminded him “Besides, I’m alive and you should be happy for that”
“You barely made it (Y/N)” He grabbed the bars at the feet of your bed and shook it a little “Because you didn’t want to call your suit. That was very stupid from you”
“You’re being unreasonable Stark” You rolled your eyes “And if you’re going to act like this you can just leave because I rather go back to sleep than having you here acting like my dad because I was in slight danger” You waved your blanket and fidgeted yourself in the cozy bed again “And yes, it was frightening, but what the hell? I’m alive and that’s basically all that matters to me” Something must have triggered inside him because his façade changed the very second you tried to close your eyes.
“Hey, don’t be mad at me” His voice was soft; he dragged a chair next to you and held your hand “I just scared to death… If something happened to you…”
“But it didn’t, because your timing is just amazing…” You smiled “Hey, come over here and hold me tight because I was scared as fuck too”
You hopped to the side and he laid on the spot you left for him. Your hands were intertwined as you rested your head on his shoulder; he kissed your forehead and repeated how much he loved you and how sorry he was for not being there to protect you. He promised he would never do something like that again and that he’d develop an even better suit with better defensive and offensive skills. You assured him you didn’t need the suit; that having him was all you wanted and loved. He paced one of his hands on your chin and gently lifted your head to kiss your lips before you rested your head on his chest. His breathing and chest heaving was soothing and in no time you were dozed off again in the warmth of his body.

Endearments - Part 2: Gimli

[Part 1]

(Based on this post.) Finally, the conclusion! More sappy pining Gimlas, family quarrels plus the happy ending! (Also a little Bagginshield mention snuck its way in there, whoops~)

Khuzdul translations are at the end. (My Neo-Khuzdul is worse than my Sindarin, so if anyone out there is familiar with The Dwarrow Scholar’s Neo-Khuzdul and has corrections, pleasepleaseplease let me know!)

This was, without doubt, the stupidest thing Gimli had ever done. And as a reckless, hot-headed dwarfling, he had done a lot of stupid things. Falling in love with an elf, with the son of Thranduil was still the crowning achievement in any competition of completely foolhardy decisions. Not that he’d really planned on it. By the time he’d noticed, it had been far, far too late to stop himself.

Still, he had no desire to be mocked, or worse, gently and sorrowfully spurned, so he decided to keep his great trap shut. Which was easier said than done, because every time the elf looked at him, smiled at him, called him that strange sweet-sounding elven word, the truth tried desperately to tumble from his lips, and it was all he could do to bite it back. It got a little easier, if he was honest, when he started calling Legolas his greatest treasure. Of course, the elf had no idea what it meant, so it was safe, even if he knew any dwarf would pluck his beard out one hair at a time if they knew.

Which was why he was resolved not to call Legolas that while they were staying together in Erebor. King Thorin Stonehelm had welcomed Legolas with more grace than Thranduil had managed at the beginning, but that was damning with faint praise, and Legolas got an equally frosty reception from Gimli’s family. Glóin remembered Legolas’s slight against his wife and son, and Gimli’s mother and sister were wary and mistrustful.

So it was a tense household, but at least Mizim made every attempt to be civil. She was not one to abandon manners for hurt pride, especially not over something that happened so long ago, and when Legolas was equally courteous back, she began to warm to him. Just a little. It lifted Gimli’s heart to see it. It made him incautious.

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able to believe

Reborn didn’t believe in anything but his own skills and hard work. Having to believe in a higher power planning out his future to each minutiae detail, to consider any good that came out of being a hitman, of being mafia, as the workings of someone else made him scoff. Fate, destiny, deities or gods - he didn’t believe it. All there was to the world was willpower and persistence, and no amount of faith would change that.

Call him selfish, but Reborn preferred to consider his skills and achievements as the result of effort and practice, not some given gift from the heavens that they bestowed upon him because they wanted to. That took away from his own satisfaction, and in a world where self-satisfaction was prominent, Reborn felt it only appropriate that he called his skills his own, fully and truly, without any doubts.

(Besides, he didn’t think any higher power would happily, guiltlessly, give him the skills to kill.)

The same could be said with people. If he had a choice in the matter, Reborn wouldn’t deal with anyone at all, jobs or otherwise - and while he did, they weren’t ideal options to choose from - but Reborn managed to pass through the ranks of mafia with as little interaction with others as possible. More often than not, he’d meet someone once and never again, others he kept in contact with if only for connections and their worth, and there was only one continuity throughout all of them.

None of them ever got his trust.

Eyes straying, Reborn’s gaze flitted over to the preoccupied boss flanked on both sides by towering documents. Work had swamped Tsuna after an outbreak of conflicts between Vongola’s middlemen and those of another previously unheard of Family. The cause was vague at best - animosity towards Vongola because of past deeds, its power in general even if Tsuna declared he wouldn’t be using it for mafia purposes anymore - and if he wasn’t putting out the fire himself in the battlefield (never taking a life, never using the full extent of his power, just enough to tire out opposition) or attempting to negotiate with the Family’s Boss, then he was inside flying through paperwork with a determined fire in his eyes.

It was a wonder how Tsuna managed to balance everything, albeit precariously, but he was Reborn’s student after all, and Reborn never settled for anything but the best. Even with his groans and half-hearted complaints that morphed into something more exasperated and reluctant than outright unwilling, Tsuna never failed to soak in everything life threw his way, never failed to meet the expectations Reborn had set for him, and went so far as to surpass them with flying colors that sparked something within Reborn until it evolved into a flicker of a flame when Tsuna stood up to him, all determination and raw power when he promised him something Reborn had given up on so long ago.

“I’m not going to let you die, Reborn.”

And Reborn, after going his whole life without faith in anything, wanted to at least believe in his no-good student who was worth so much more than what he had cared to admit.

So he did. For the first time in his life, he put his faith not in the omnipotent gods, but in Tsuna. Just clumsy and kind and normal Tsuna.

(He wasn’t disappointed.)

Upon seeing the weariness creeping into his eyes, Reborn stood, silent as a shadow as he strode over to Tsuna’s desk and took a hefty cut of the towering documents. His student snapped out of his concentration to look up at him with obvious confusion.

“Reborn? What are you doing?” he asked, trepidation already in his voice as he watched Reborn go over to a window and casually flick the latch back.

“Getting rid of the trash.” He dug out a lighter from his suit jacket.

“Wait, Reborn, that’s- ”

“Nothing too important,” Reborn finished, dragging the lit lighter down the stack before flinging it out the window, burning flames and all. In the back of his mind, Tsuna thanked his luck that there was a concrete walkway right outside instead of flammable vegetation. Reborn turned to Tsuna, holding out a hand. “Give me the rest of it.”

“No!” Tsuna didn’t think he’d ever have to defend paperwork, but there were a lot of things he never expected to do until Reborn waltzed into his life. “I needed to finish those by tonight, Reborn, and you- you threw them out the window after you set them on fire! Gokudera’s going to throw a fit - I’m going to throw a fit - and you’re just standing there like nothing’s wrong.” He ran a hand through his hair, groaning. “What am I going to do?”

“Nothing. I’ll take care of it.”

Tsuna bit back his retort when he registered that Reborn was offering his help. His tutor never did that; Reborn preferred to watch him suffer than cut it short by getting involved.

“Go to sleep, Tsuna,” Reborn pressed, and something clicked right then, making Tsuna lips pull into a grin he couldn’t hold back.

“Reborn, are you worried about me?”



A hint of irritation flashed through Reborn’s eyes. “Leave.”

Tsuna pressed a hand to his mouth, covering the chuckles that wanted to rise as terribly fake coughs. Reborn scowled at him, expression going dark and more than a little intimidating, but there was no point. Tsuna had long since replaced the fear he worked so hard to ingrain in his mind with fondness instead.

When his laughter subsided, Tsuna smiled up at him. “Thanks, Reborn.”

Reborn clicked his tongue and looked away, away from bright eyes filled with relief and trust - trust that Reborn had never noticed there before, and he wondered how he didn’t because it was so obvious - and let his lips tilt into a small smile.

Believing in something - believing in someone - wasn’t so bad after all.



Could you do scenario with Junkrat and Zenyatta who notice that their s/o is in a lot of pain, yet keeps on working even though it’s starting to effect their work?

Aah I love Zenyatta! This is my first time writing for him so it may suck a little bit, but hopefully you enjoy it deary <33

I’m thinking about changing my icon to Zenyatta, maybe even one with him wearing a flower crown, but I can’t seem to find the perfect picture anywhere.

Anyways, tell me if it isn’t long enough or if I didn’t quite portray them correctly, because I’m all ears to constructive criticism!

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“I hate you!” “Do you?”

Request: “can you write an imagine where the reader and jiminiee get into a small fight, but later it gets worse,because of the reader’s short temper issues. but jimin understand that and it ends with extra fluff?” -Anon

Genre: Fluff Angst

Pairing: You X Jimin

Word Count: 1318

Jimin had promised to be home by 10pm at the latest, so you decided to wait for him to get home before you had dinner. You had a late breakfast and a late lunch just so you could have dinner with him when he got back. He would stay overnight most nights and tonight would be the first night he would be home in four days. He knew this and promised he wouldn’t be late. But as 11pm came and went, your stomach became furious and you decided to make something for yourself. Not Jimin.

At this point, your stomach didn’t care what you fed it, so you just threw anything into the scorching pan and fried it together with some sauce before throwing it onto a plate; not caring about presentation either.

Jimin was usually good at keeping the few promises he made. The only reason he rarely made promises was because he was scared he wouldn’t be able to keep them. And when he did make them he would keep them. But today, he didn’t. You were furious. He knew that you would be waiting for him before you ate, he could have at least called. Instead, he just let you figure it out on your own.

As you were putting your empty plate in the sink, you heard rattling keys in the door and then someone tip toeing through the living room. Drying your hands, you too crept to the living room and quickly flipped the switch, scaring the black haired boy.

“You’re still awake?” Jimin asked, flicking his eyes to the clock that read 12:05am.

“I’ve just finished eating.” You told him flatly, walking through the living room and into the hallway with him rushing to catch up with you.

“I’m sorry.” He gripped your wrist but you snatched it away from his hand instantly.

“Whatever. I’m going to bed.” You turned back around and started to walk towards your bedroom before he wrapped his arms around your stomach, pulling you towards his torso.

“Look, I didn’t know I was going to be late.” He whispered into your shoulder that he’d buried his face into to try to calm you down.

“Late would be half ten.” You snapped, pushing him away and clenching your fists to repress your ever building anger. “Five past midnight is way past the point of late.” You kept your voice as calm and neutral as you could, which proved difficult as you trembled out of anger. He exhaled, admitting defeat, which meant it was your queue to go to bed and leave him to ponder over his actions and how to make it up to you. “I’m going to bed Jimin.” You rubbed your eyes and walked into your shared bedroom.

You got ready for bed slowly as you could hear Jimin cooking something for himself and climbed into bed, keeping to your side and curling up into a ball. You tried not to cry like you usually did when you were angry. Although, it didn’t go to plan as you realised that the smell of him on your bed had faded from him not being home in so long.

Once your eyes began to resist staying open, and sleep began to overtake you, you heard your door creak open and feet pad across the soft carpet. Followed by the stripping of clothes and then the covers to be peeled away from the other half of the bed -careful not to disturb you- and the slight sinking of the mattress.

“I’m sorry. I love you.” His gentle voice whispered as he gave you your space. As soon as the words left his lips, you fell into a deep slumber, as did he just minutes later.

The next morning, you woke up alone. You uncoiled yourself, sat up and rubbed your eyes before picking up your phone and reading the time. It wasn’t late, but it was later than you would usually wake up.

Climbing out of bed and walking into the living room through the hallway, rubbing your eyes you heard Jimin pacing the living room. Walking in, you saw him tugging at his jet black hair.

“I can explain.” He pushed his hands out in front of him as soon as he spotted you and creased his brow.

“No need.” You cut him off, walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge to get out the milk for some cereal.

“Practice ran late.” He ran after you, pleading for forgiveness.

“You could have text me before at least.” You scolded, making yourself a bowl of cereal and sitting at the breakfast bar to eat it.

“I’m sorry.” He pleaded.

“Sorry doesn’t change the fact you broke a promise.” You snapped, looking up at him over the counter.

“I know.” He frowned and bowed his head, “I was practicing and I forgot.”

“You forgot that you’d scheduled a date with your girlfriend who was going to be eating late enough as it was. Who then didn’t eat until half eleven? You forgot about the girlfriend that you hadn’t seen for days?” You yelled, trying to prevent yourself from throwing something.

“I know! I’m a terrible person, I’m sorry!” He shouted, flailing his arms about the place.

“Yeah you are.” You muttered.

“Excuse me?” He turned to you and rose his eyebrows.

“I said yes you are.” You started at your bowl of cereal as you spoke.

“I’m glad you agree.” Mumbling, he pushed his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants.

“Oh, I more than agree.” You made perfect eye contact, making the tension in the room build.

“Fine. I’ll just go then. You clearly no longer want me around.” He started to walk out of the kitchen knowing you’d stand up and get angry. The tension disappeared in an instant and was replaced with both fear and anger.

“Fuck you Park Jimin!” You screamed, throwing your spoon to the floor and chasing after him with tears of anger rolling down your face. “You’re the worst! You make promises you can’t keep, you lie to me, you never see me! You don’t call! You’re the wort boyfriend in the world!” You cried, throwing things around the room while he watched your outburst. “How dare you! I hate you!” You collapsed onto your knees and sobbed into them.

“I love you.” He told you calmly, knowing how these outbursts worked.

“I hate you.” You wept.”

“Do you?” He inquired, keeping a fair distance from you.

“No.” You bawled into your knees, then felt a presence in front of you. Looking up, you saw Jimin crouched in front of you looking right into your eyes.

“You want a hug?” He opened his arms for you to fall into; which you did.


He held you while you cried and once you had calmed down, he pulled away from you and laid on the floor with you draped over his body, resting your head on his chest.

“I’m sorry babe. You know I didn’t mean to. I never make promises I can’t keep.” He mumbled while he entangled your legs together and snaked his arms around your back.

“I know.” You sighed, relaxing into him and laid your arms over his shoulders. Both of you enjoyed each other’s warmth and listened to your steady breathing while you calmed down, silently apologising for everything said. You didn’t hate him, you couldn’t. And yes, he may have disappointed you, but he disappointed himself too.  

“I didn’t mean it.” You whispered, having exhausted yourself.

“I know.” He replied, also in a whisper.

“I love you.” You said and felt the vibrations of his chest.

“I know.” He laughed, making you laugh too. Neither of you moved for a while and even when you did, you stayed wrapped in each other to watch a movie together on the couch, cuddled up with some blankets and popcorn.


Unremarkable | Dan isn’t popular, or unpopular - he’s average. Unremarkable. Flawed. Until he starts receiving encouraging messages in his locker, complimenting him, and giving him the confidence to be himself. | Phan | Gen | 2,044 Words

Disclaimer: In no way to I pretend this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

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anonymous asked:

Okay but how about Alpha WS Bucky being extremely protective of Omega Steve who has reverted back to his original size after being I heated with something and having to carefully guide Steve throw his heat like back in the day . Basically just size kink, angst, and fluff !!!!


btw, I won’t really be active for the next couple of months, because of a family trip (which is pretty much why I wasn’t all that active this past month either, lots of preparing) but I hope a 5,000-odd word fic is enough to make up for my absence! -Jenna

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Here’s a bunch of my favorite CS fics that I recommend reading to survive the hiatus. All links will take you directly to Ao3 or, unless it is only available on tumblr. Click the authors name to be directed to their tumblr if they have one. XO  There’s about 96 stories in total. (I think.) (I’m bad at math.) (Sh.)

Lieutenant Duckling AUs

  • Round and Round by Killians-Dimples
    Emma is a princess in the Enchanted Forest. Killian works in the kitchens. They are best friends and Emma is desperately trying to convince herself that’s all she feels towards him. Lieutenant Duckling (Young!Emma/Killian) AU. (Trigger warnings for assault/attempted rape)

    [ Complete | Rated T ]

  • Turning Page by Colormyheartred  
    The kingdom of Misthaven’s prince Killian Jones is on the hunt for a bride. Enter Emma Swan, and a whole slew of women from all over the land, in a massive dating game in the middle of building turmoil with the Dark One and Evil Queen.

    [ Complete | Rated T ]

  • Till No Space Lies Between by Colormyheartred
    Killian’s POV of Turning Page told from his beginnings with Snow White and Prince Charming up through his happily ever after with Emma.

    [ In-Progress | Rated T ]

  • Rotten Heart by ModernKillianJones
    Princess Emma and Prince Killian are supposed to marry to unite the kingdoms, but neither are very keen on a marriage. They’ve never seen each other before and while Emma has to struggle with his attitude toward her, he has a dark secret he’s keeping.
    [ In-Progress | Rated M ]

  • The Curse of the Bean Sidhe by oubliette14
    A princess, a curse, and a vengeful pirate captain. Kidnapped and cursed as a child, Emma spends nearly a decade locked away in solitude, until one day a certain devilishly handsome pirate comes to her rescue. 
    [ Complete | Rated M

We’ve been friends since we were kids but oh, hey - I’ve been kind of in love with you forever AUs

  • Fifteen by nowforruin
    “She’s fifteen the first time she meets him, her brother’s new friend. She’s shy and awkward, hasn’t quite figured out how to tame her long blonde hair yet or grown into her spindly legs. He’s already beautiful, bright blue eyes that make her wish she was prettier, older, more his type, but he ruffles her hair as he leaves with David.” - Emma & Killian through the years.
    [ One-shot | Rated T ]

  • Eighteen by nowforruin
    A companion piece to “15” told from Killian’s side. Read “15” first.
    [ Complete | Rated M ]

  • Off Limits by hooklineandswan
    She had always been like a little sister to him. Until the day she came back from college and everything changed.
    [ Complete | Rated M ]

  • A Woman Like The Sea by SLimac
    Emma Swan never expected for her blind date to be the same person who was her only friend as a child. When Emma and Killian are reunited they decide that being just friends is enough for them. But were they ever really just friends? The answer becomes more complicated the longer they are together, especially after a serious accident makes Emma reconsider her decisions.
    [ Complete | Rated T ] 

  • Desire by killians-dashingrescue
    Emma and Killian are teenagers, and he is the older brother of her best friend and she’s always had a crush on him.
    [ Complete | Rated M ]

  • Seven Minutes by startswithhope
    “We’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now I think I might actually be in love with you.” Expect a sexy spin on the best friends secretly in love with each other trope…
    [ In-progress | Rated M

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A short or long reaction (how you like) about your boyfriend (bts) hearing about your miscarriage...😔

So… these are quite long. Pretty much a short scenario for each boy. There’s a word count beside their names, just so you know, but the entire post is about 7600 words. I’m putting it under a read more, but for those of you on mobile, I’m terribly sorry for the incredibly long post u.u And, in case the request didn’t tip you off, this is filled with angst.

Gifs aren’t mine

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