because I had to watch that scene a million times

The Good Dinosaur - Easter Eggs

Finding the Easter Eggs in The Good Dinosaur is a hard job this time! Because the movie is set millions of years ago in a natural environment the Pixar artists had to be very creative to hide the inside-jokes. 

Yesterday I was watching the movie again, In almost every movie they hide a reference to the upcoming movie, so for The Good Dinosaur I had to look for a Finding Dory reference. I was searching in all the water scenes and finally I got it! Hank the Octopus! You can see him in the picture above!


Another returning Easter Egg is A113, It is almost impossible to find. (Pixar Wikia)

The Luxo Ball

During the hallucination of Arlo and Spot, you can see the Luxo Ball! (Pixar Post)

The Pizza Planet Truck

The Pizza Planet Truck hasn’t been found yet! Can you find it? Let me know if you find it, and what did you think of the other Easter Eggs?