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Bitch you are so rude. Here I was having a rare productive day, and then my trash ovaries and I were unfairly ASSAULTED by That One Gif. There goes my day (and my panties for that matter). Rude AF. Plz don't ever change.

Oh, this seems like a perfect time for an impromptu poll:






…I dunno about y’all but all of them result in immediate full body nut for me because I’m bonafide Ignis trash and totally indiscriminate in my instant arousal in the face of anything Ignis

Rick is….Tired™


I   W A S   T A G G E D
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Dude... what is your deal with feminism? All people ask for is COMPLETE equality, and don't you dare say that we've reached that point. There are still millions of gender abortions, and women are treated like property with no ability to get jobs or educations in certain countries. And that doesn't mean it's perfect in the U.S. just because we don't have that. The pay gap is real. Do you not believe that women are equal to men?

Don’t use women in 3rd world countries to justify feminism in the 1st world, which is what I spend most of my time speaking out against. That said, yes there are many inequalities that women face around the world but we don’t need a gendered movement to help them. Most of the time men in those places also need help, even if it’s to a lesser degree. We should just help the people who need help regardless of their gender. I haven’t found that feminism is interested in doing that.
Now the reason I’m against feminism in general is it paints all of society everywhere as a patriarchy where men are the oppressors and women are the oppressed. There are plenty of places in the world where that is not the case and men’s issues are often ignored and belittled because feminists have convinced people that men are a privileged class. It’s my opinion that in 1st world countries men have just as many societal issues as women. So in short, yes I do believe women deserve equal rights to men. I just don’t believe women are the only ones with problems that need addressing and I don’t believe feminism is interested in addressing problems when it doesn’t benefit women. In fact I’ve seen time and time again that feminists are happy to disadvantage men in favor of women.
Lastly, the gender pay gap is simply the difference between the average earnings of all men and all women working full-time. Has nothing to do with people working the same job. It doesn’t take into account hours worked, job title, job history, level of education or really anything else. The reason women EARN less on average that man is due to their own individual choices, not sexism.

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I don't like Hanna post time jump... She's an asshole and when she's with Caleb that only multiplies and it makes me sad cause I used to really like Hanna and now I kind want to kick someone in the face when she's in my screen...

Preachin’ to the choir, baby. 

I think they’ve really taken advantage of the audiences love for her. A lot of people loved her because she was honest and blunt and said what she was thinking but for the most part, she did it in a funny way or a nice way and it was likeable….now she’s just…really mean…it’s not funny anymore and it’s not nice anymore and I’m not sure the writers really get that >.<

Character things they’ve slipped into the Duck Tales premiere I like that we can already gauge the triplets’ personalities without it being spelled out to us TOO loudly;

Huey: The unofficial leader despite being kind of lame. Really really positive. Believes you can find an answer or solution to anything. A pure boy who despite being on of the triplets and therefore a terror, is not super good at it when it comes to actually executing said plans. The boy scout of the group.

Dewey: has “middle child” problems. A little insecure. Craves attention because he craves affection. The smart one who doesn’t realise he’s the smart one. The baby face of the group. The emotional one.

Louie: The one who lies and probably comes up with the meanest pranks and schemes but he’s quiet most of the time so nobody realises he’s the evil mastermind. bit of a loner. Keeps people at arm’s length. Either doesn’t or ACTS like he doesn’t care about major issues within the group or family. The shadow leader of the group.

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ToT for Kondo-san: How can you have so much free time on your hands? Hijikata-san is busy 24/7, Sannan-san is working on the water of life, the captains are training and going out on rounds but you have time to drink tea with Chizuru and show her around the new headquarters... don't you feel like your underperforming here? I've never seen you work, the only thing you do aside from participating in battles is relaying orders from the Aizu han to the Shinsengumi, the time in between is spent idly.

Kondou scowls fiercely. “Excuse me,” he says, his eyes frigid. “But I think you might have forgotten who you’re talking to, because you’re taking your own assumptions as fact and using them to insult me to my face.” He crosses his arms, his expression stony. “First of all, you should know that you’re comparing vastly different kinds of work. I understand your confusion, since most other officers have a schedule, but the nature of my work is such that it can’t be planned out as accurately as the captains’ rounds. I do put in my time each day, but sometimes it happens that I have more or less to do—and I’d like to point out that even if you’ve only seen me during my free time, you haven’t accounted for all the times you have not seen me, when I’ve been locked in my office or away on diplomatic errands.” Kondou sighs, glancing aside. “But before I get into too many details about my own job, I’ll tell you up front that I worry about Toshi and his productivity more than anyone else. The thing is, much of his paperwork is refining my first drafts, which isn’t supposed to be part of his job. But I’m no great writer, you see, so he takes it upon himself to ensure that my meaning comes across in the best possible way.” He sighs. “So, part of why he’s so busy all the time is because he insists on sharing my own workload instead of letting me do it all myself. I am of course grateful to him, but…”

Trailing off, Kondou shifts his stance. “At any rate, since you don’t seem to fully understand what my job is or why it matters, I’ll explain it to you as best I can,” he says. “Broadly speaking, I must maintain good relations with domains loyal to the shogunate, as well as certain key establishments around Kyoto. More importantly still, I must keep up-to-date on where the Shinsengumi fits into current politics. That includes which factions are most likely to oppose us, and which are most likely to provide us with aid or backup if we need it. A great deal of correspondence is required for both, so much of my time is spent writing letters and making arrangements, and sometimes traveling to do it in person; diplomacy is a long and involved process in times like these.” Kondou presses his lips together briefly. “And speaking of gathering information, since the Watch reports directly to me, it is my job to decide what needs looking into in Kyoto as well as among our own ranks, not to mention what to do with the news they bring me. In fact, I am responsible for making almost every administrative decision involving the Shinsengumi, and even though I value Toshi’s opinion enough to defer to his judgment in several cases, the final call is supposed to be mine.” He levels his gaze at the horizon. “But in order to deserve the title of Chief, I must look after all my men and earn their loyalty. Therefore, I have to make sure the Shinsengumi has an appropriate goal and functions properly as an organization at all times—and might I add, having help in making that happen doesn’t devalue my role in the process, given everything else I do.”

Kondou puts his hands on his hips. “In short, I may not have as much of a set schedule as the other men, but just because you happen to have caught me on a few of my less demanding days doesn’t mean I spend all my time in idleness,” he finishes. “In fact, I’d argue that my work never really ends. The well-being of the Shinsengumi is constantly on my mind, and just because my job may be less noticeable at times than Sanan-kun’s research or the captains’ rounds, it isn’t any less important. I am the Chief of the Shinsengumi for a reason, and I expect to be treated accordingly.”

For the first time in so long, I feel like myself today. I actually look in the mirror and see Shannon.
I love my makeup. I love my hair. I love my outfit.
I haven’t felt that in so long and I could cry because I’m so happy.
I know it won’t last, but I’m making the most of today and this moment.
Go me!


Maid Astringent

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I finally joined the train. 

If you maaaaybe remember (probably not) I drew this for my first submission and I didn’t know there were like, canon maids and faces so I just designed one. I like her design though, so here is me recycling.

The bottom picture is a younger Astringent. Choo choo! Train is coming.

me when shading anything


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So I had recently just watched the "Run BTS" live in Thailand where Kookie was asked if he actually likes Jimin and he replied with the famous line "Of course I like Jimin hyung".. I find this whole situation worth being looked into in more depth??? Like how when he was answering his voice got a little squeaky (?) towards the end, with a higher pitch than his normal self. I think it's because he was honestly and openly acknowledging his love for JM so he got a bit flustered by that? (tbc)

Another thing I noticed, when the members were asked if they thought what JK said was true, Yoongi, Tae and Namjoon actually held up the X sign.. At first I thought they could just be playing around so that JK would get the punishment but the more I think about it, these 3 aren’t the type to play like this and would be honest with their response? So I have been trying to figure out what this implies and it would be great to hear your opinion ^^ (Just wanna add you are my fav JiKook blogger!)

Thank you so much! Favorite? Really? ^.^
It’s funny. That another observation ask popped up in my inbox. Right after I’ve been called “a tad fucked up”. Hehehe.


“Of course I like him”. Not “Yes”. Not even “Yeah I like him”. “Of course I like him”. Of course! How could we think anything different, he seems to be saying.  

I don’t have a gif of this but he and Jimin go back and forth.

Jimin has to be reassured several times. It’s adorable, their back and forth. Kookie’s voice doesn’t change here, except to me it sounds a little defensive, especially the yes’s. Right before the boys vote though, when Jimin is counting down, Kookie says “I like him!” one more time. His voice breaks, goes higher, like most people when they’re defensive. I wonder what this means.

Hobi, Jimin, and Jin vote yes, Kookie does like Jimin.
Yoongi, Tae, and Namjoon vote no, he doesn’t like Jimin.

Honestly I do think they’re just playing around. I think Tae and Namjoon say no, just because they know it’ll piss Jimin off. When Jimin leaps off his seat in defense, look at the way Namjoon cracks up and lifts his feet in the air like a kid. Like a sibling who loves messing with their little brother. Tae smirks/smiles too. I think he too does it to get a rise out of Jimin. Yoongi…is a bit harder to guess. He could be doing it the rile Jimin up, or just to be rebellious in general, or because he’s jealous, or because he’s bored…We never know with him. He has a better poker face than most. ^.^ 

Honestly it’s all fun and games when it comes down to it. It’s a great moment ^.^

“Of course I like him!”

Jikook is love. Jikook is life.


so i’m whipped with Poe Dameron (and Kylo Ren (and a certain Assassin -cry-))

SO I THOUGHT, HEY. LET’S DRAW HIM IN FIRST ORDER TIE FIGHTER UNIFORM. cries everywhere because he lookssogoodinblackit’ssin

and I had the mightiest need to draw this babycakeangelface so i did.. which is the very top drawing.. then I was like MAYBE I’LL INK IT

but then it lead to like.. KILL ME NOW LET’S COLOUR IT

and then i coloured it but then i was like.. kill me.. just kill me.. because i love him so much! -cries an ocean-

so yea. Poe Dameron for you guys uvu;;

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Poe Dameron©Star Wars

Ok so, work keeps scheduling me for 5 ½ hour shifts which is like the most obnoxious length of time to work because it is long enough to be during a period where I would normally eat a meal, but short enough that corporate is like “you don’t need a full 30 min meal, you’ll be good” so I end up cramming a whole meal in my face during my 15 min break.

So my choir did some recruitment stuff over the summer and we had a bunch of new people show up who may join us.
  • One of them was a nine year old girl I'll call J for privacy's sake. She sat next to me with the other sopranos. I was acting autistic as heck (twisting my Tangle and rocking) because there were new people and things were a little out of sorts. I had the cutest conversation with her about autism.
  • Me: *Rocking and twisting my Tangle while I wait for practice to start*
  • J: *Keeps peeking over at me*
  • Me: *Notices she has Elsa on her shirt* Ooh, nice shirt. I like Elsa. *quietly sings the beginning of "Let It Go"*
  • J: *whispering* Me too! I really like Frozen. Wait, you watch cartoons? How old are you?
  • Me: I'm thirty-five. How old are you?
  • J: Nine. You still watch cartoons? Really?
  • Me: *trying not to laugh out loud* If anybody ever tells you you're too old for cartoons, remind that person that adults make 'em.
  • J: *Laughs* What's your name?
  • Me: Cyndi.
  • J: *Tells me her name*
  • Me: Nice to meet you, J. *notices John(choir director) sitting down at the piano, which is an environmental cue that practice is about to start* Oops, looks like we're gonna start.
  • Then choir practice got started and my conversation with J kind of fell by the wayside. I helped J find where she was supposed to look because she didn't know how to read or follow sheet music. I used my Tangle to point most of the time.
  • Later on, J approached me during the 15 minute break we had in the middle so people could use the restroom, get drinks and stretch their legs.
  • Me: *Doing major Tangle cranking and rocking during the break*
  • J: *Notices me moving and comes over*
  • J: What's that twisty red thing?
  • Me: It's my Tangle. It helps me stay calm.
  • J: Why are you moving so much?
  • Me: I'm autistic.
  • J: What's that?
  • Me: It's what makes me, me. You could say I'm a little different.
  • J: Different how?
  • Me: *Thinks a sec* It's like our music scores. See how I have an octavo and you have Xerox sheets?
  • J: Yeah.
  • Me: *Opens my octavo for a song and points to the Xeroxed copy on J's chair.* It's like this sheet music. See how they both show the same notes? Your music isn't bound like a book, so you have to hold it a little differently than I hold mine so it doesn't spill everywhere.
  • J: *Picks up her Xeroxed music and tries to hold it at just the bottom like an octavo and the papers bend backwards* Oh! Yeah!
  • Me: That's what an autistic brain is like. It's not bad or less, it just needs to be taken care of a little different.
  • J: Does autistic hurt?
  • Me: *Giggles* Only sometimes because I have sensitive hearing. Certain noises hurt my ears and I might look like somebody punched me. Every autistic person is different.
  • J: Is that why you don't look at me when we're talking?
  • Me: I am looking at you, I'm just not looking at your eyes. Most autistic people don't look people in the eyes because it feels a little bit scary. I'm looking at your face, but not at your eyes. I'm looking at *points at my own mouth* your mouth.
  • J: *Grins* You're so weird!
  • Me: Thanks! *sticks out tongue, laughs*
  • J: What's it feel like?
  • Me: Sorry, what?
  • J: What's autistic feel like?
  • Me: Hmmm... *thinking of a comparison a nine year old can relate to* ...kinda like I want to pay attention to everything at the same time, especially in places with lots of talking like this. Remember how muddled up the tenors and altos sounded when they messed up that line in the "Holy, Holy"?
  • J: *nods*
  • Me: That's what a lot of people talking can sound like to me. I can't make sense of what people are trying to say to me when there's a lot of noise. *Speaks quieter on purpose* Can you understand what I'm saying if I talk quieter than everybody else?
  • J: What?
  • Me: *smiles* I said can you understand what I'm saying if I talk quieter than everybody else? Another funny thing with me is I can think of a bunch of words to say about thinks I like or know a lot about, but I can't think of any words to say if people start discussing something I'm not interested in, like political stuff. That's when I get real quiet and start daydreaming a lot.
  • J: *gets real serious looking* Do people die from being autistic?
  • Me: Nah! Some autistic people need a lot of help with everything like eating, taking a shower or putting on clothes. Some of us, like me, can get dressed, eat and take showers, but I need somebody to drive me places because I can't pay attention to everything you have to pay attention to when you drive, I can't cook because the measurements get really confusing for me and I have trouble cleaning a messy room without some help. Lessee...some of us can't talk at all or can only say a few words-- that's called being nonverbal or nonspeaking. Nonverbal autistic people might use other ways to talk, like sign language, computers or pictures. Sometimes it can take a long time to figure out a way to communicate, but autistic people who can't talk are still smart. Not being able to talk doesn't mean somebody can't think or understand.
  • J: Ooh, okay, I'll try to remember that. What's that wiggle you're doing right now?
  • Me: *Realizes I'm rocking on my chair* The moving around I do is called stimming and it's something that helps me make sense of all this noise. I might have trouble talking if it gets too much louder in here. I may get clumsy too, so sorry in advance if I bump into you a lot. ((Clumsiness is due to my variable proprioception.))
  • J: I'll watch out so you don't fall down.
  • Me: *So amused by this cute kid* I don't think I'll actually fall, but thanks!
  • J: *sits down and picks up her folder* Did you get autistic because you hit your head?
  • Me: *rocks some more* No, people are born autistic and it's a lifelong thing. There are some quack doctors who think vaccines cause it, but they were wrong. There are other quack doctors who think it can be 'cured' but most autistic people don't want that. We're happy being who we are. Being autistic isn't bad, it's just different.
  • J: How do you spell autistic?
  • Me: Like this. *Writes it on a Post-it note and gives it to her* Now if you look it up on the internet, make sure you avoid anything by this group-- *Writes Autism Speaks on the Post-it too* --because they want you to think being autistic is a bad, scary thing when it's not. They want to make it go away because they think people who can't talk or take care of themselves are suffering when they aren't.
  • J: That's so mean!
  • Me: Yeah! They're mean! Anything that has to do with lighting it up blue and blue puzzle pieces is related to Autism Speaks. That wannabe charity is bad news for autistic people. Autism Speaks makes us feel bad about being who we are. *Writes "Autism Speaks is mean!" on the Post-it note*
  • J: *puts Post-it note in her pencil case* I won't click anything by them.
  • Me: Great! You're already helping me a lot by avoiding Autism Speaks. Oops, here comes John. Breaktime's over.
  • John: Doing okay with all the noise, Cyndi?
  • Me: Yup! *Tips folder by accident, drops my music EVERYWHERE* Aaaaaaaaaand there's me being a klutz.
  • J: Oops! *Helps me pick it up*
  • Me: Thanks.
  • Then we went back to practice. I was this kiddo's first encounter with autism and I hope she stays around with the choir so she sees it's not a horrible person-stealing disease.

I’m so in love it scares me.

Hiii, so this is a video of me doing my contemporary solo.. I’m really scared/nervous of posting this because it was like my third time running through this so I’m kinda dying a bit in it (especially the end) and I’m not quite comfortable with it all because really this is the first time of me doing it full out and I haven’t really done it in two months. So there are some parts where I know it’s not that good, I know I can do it way better (especially with more energy) so please don’t judge, I thought most of this looked pretty good considering I don’t have much energy… I’ll shut up now, enjoy!

Mistakes, part 6. (Neymar imagine)

The tension between Neymar, Bruna and me is enormous. It feels like an hour before she finally speaks.
‘Just in time.’ She snaps. She walks over to the door and grabs her coat to put in on. I avoid Neymar’s stare, and just look down. Davi is leaning into me, and i put my hand on his head. When the door gets slammed shut, and he’s sure she’s gone, Neymar walks over to me.
'I’m so sorry you had to hear that. I don’t know hy she came to me, i didnt want her to-’ I shake my head.
'That’s none of my business.’ I say.
'I’m just here to drop Dani off.’ I say, and he looks down. He sighs, and gets on his knees.
'What did you do today?’ He asks after hugging him.
'We went ice skating, and we watched a movie.’ Davi says. Neymar looks up to me, and i give him the smallest hint of a smile. 
'I made dinner, do you wanna stay and eat with us?’ He asks, and i frown. I feel Davi’s eyes on me, and i remember what he said today. That, and Neymar just kicked Bruna out of the house in front of me. There’s nothing wrong with staying for dinner. 
'Sure.’ I say, and tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. Neymar looks confused and suprised.
'Really?’ He says, and puts his hands in his pocket. 
'Don’t make me change my mind.’ I smile, and when i see Davi’s happy face i’m glad i said yes. 

Neymar made lasagna, and after a long day i was starving. We had a little small talk but most of the time we were eating. At some point it almost felt like before. I try to not get too excited, because i know i’ll get dissapointed again. I’m loading the dishwasher with Neymar in silence. It’s a comfortable silence, and i’m happy we can be together without yelling at each other. Funny how Davi is the only reason we have to be nice to each other, and he isn’t even my son.Well, he isn’t but he does feel like mine. I hear him calling my name from the living room.
'Yes?!’ I yell back.
'Come play fifa with me!’ He yells back. I chuckle, and i feel Neymar looking at me. I look back and he smiles. I don’t know why, but it’s a different kind of smile than he normally gives me. A little bit sadder.
'Ehm, i..’ I point at the door, and he nods.
'I’ll finish.’ He sighs, while putting a cup in the dishwasher. I stand there watching him for a second, till Davi calls me again. I sigh too, and walk over to the living room. 

I just score a goal when Neymar comes and sits next to Davi on the other side of the couch. I’m a little dissapointed he didn’t sit next to me. I realize that if i wanna resist him, i need to be away from him. We sit like that, and play for hours but the time goes by extremely fast. Before Neymar i now it, we’re yelling at the tv while scoring one goal after another. 
'No!’ Neymar yells, and i laugh. I just beat him. He grins at me.
'I let you win on purpose.’ He says, and i chuckle.
'I’m sure you did babe.’ I say, and almost drop my remote when i realize what i said. I feel Neymar looking at me, but i try to focus on the tv. 
Shit! I wanna dissapear and never see him again. I told him i’m not gonna forgive him, but somehow i end up playing fifa with him and his son and i just called him babe! 
'We’re shooting some scenes tomorrow, so i have to go.’ I say, the moment Davi falls asleep in my lap.
'Alright.’ Neymar says, and i stand up. I try not to think about the first time i told him i was casted for this movie, and he was on his phone the whole time. He walks me to the door, and i put on my jacket. 
'I enjoyed today, you can bring Davi to me more often.’ He smiles.
'I never realized how close you two are.’ He says, and i play with my scarf.
'Yeah, he feels like my little brother.’ I say, and smile at the thought of how much i actually like the little guy. 
'No really..’ He says, leaning against the wall.
'I’m thankful you didn’t forget about him, just because we’re ehm-’
'Not together.’ I finish his sentence and he nods. 
When i wanna walk out, he walks over to me and gives me a quick hug. I give him a small kiss and i turn around to walk away. I freeze on his doorstep, and he doesn’t shut the door which means he realises what happened too.

I wanna turn around again. I wanna tell him it was an accident, but when i turn around he’s already standing in front of me. I let out a shaky breath, and before i realize what i’m doing i jump on him and press my lips against his, begging for entrance. He’s startled, which causes him to fall back a little, but he quickly recovers, and opens his lips. He slowly runs his tongue across my lower lip. I wrap my hands around his neck, and he wraps his arms all around me. He holds me so close to him i almost can’t breath. Our kiss is not tender and romantic, it’s full with lust and i wanna rip his clothes off of him. He continues the kiss in my neck, and puts small wet kissed just below my collarbone. I let out a small moan, and as i run my fingers through his hair i realize how much i missed him. I missed his hands, his lips, his eyes and his touch. His touch.. I think. I can’t help but imagine him doing with Bruna everything we’re doing now. I slowly pull away, and he groans. He puts his arm around my waist but i pull away again. He looks at me confused and i wanna kill myself for kissing him. I turn around and walk to my car in a fast pace. I quickly get inside and avoid looking at Neymar, who’s still standing on the doorstep. I bite my lip and start my car. Don’t. cry. in. front. of. him. My subconscious scolds at me. I’m so so stupid. As i enter the highway the tears start to run down my face. I want him so badly, but i can’t. I just can’t.


I think this is my favourite part so far haha
I don’t really care about likes, but messages really motivate me so don’t be shy and talk to me :)

Most of the time I’m too shy and embarrassed to post my drawings but today I just felt like posting something.

He was supposed to be holding those funky keyblade guns but I don’t like to challenge myself so now he’s holding air, with his wrong sized fist D:.

The first sketch I made after a few months of no drawing (which explains the less-than-stellar anatomy and perspective). Thanks, depressed!Hermann & helpless!Newt!

A scene from an AU I thought up where Hermann starts experiencing endless time loops (maybe the breach’s quantum!whatever is doing something wonky to our space-time continuum? idk) and Hermann soldiers on and on for a few months trying to figure it out and running the calculations and memorizing EVERYTHING and doesn’t tell anyone and finally cracks and this loop’s Newt doesn’t know what to do.

I liked the idea so much (maybe they eventually solve it with science and a judicious use of drifting to keep Newt in the loop [i hope] or maybe they don’t and there’s just a bittersweet ending as they cycle on and on but at least they’re together if they keep drifting hello darkness my old friend) I asked for it as one of my prompts for PacRim Secret Santa.

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(I love your blog so much but I also love angst SOOO..) Arthur you'll never be good enough for Francis, he just pity's you and that's all he'll ever do, he will never REALLY love you, no one will. I bet even your imaginary friends hang around you in pity (Sorrynotsorry Iloveangst)


Because I am DAMN sure that I’ve been pitiful for most of my years alive.

As strong as I ever wanted to be, as strong as I ever displayed myself, I’ve mainly just been alone. Hell I can’t even talk to my “imaginary” friends without someone thinking I’m starting to go looney! The only reason America even chose me to help him was out of pity, and the only reason he didn’t shoot me while I was down was because of BLOODY PITY!

I know I am unable to be loved, it was made clear to me while I was young, that my first love “didn’t exist”, that my “caterpillar” brows could scare any man, my messy hair made me look like a wild animal, and my face troll-like…

Hell for all I know there’s a “I hate England” club out there and the one member who’d want to join most can’t because his name is in the title.

I get it,

you don’t need to rub salt into the wounds that have never healed even with all the times I’ve covered them up…

I’ve been fine alone anyways…