because I don't like my face most of the time

🎉 archive moodboards & christmas rates !!!

guess what guys?! i reached 600 followers!!!!!!! (actually managed to get to 605 in the amount of time it’s taken me to organise this post and my face is like red with how happy i am)

okay this probably seems like no big deal to most of you because it’s still such a tiny number but you have no idea how long i’ve been close to 600 for - i think it’s like a few years?? so this is such a massive accomplishment you just don’t understand. :)

now, i asked you all to lmk how you wanted me to celebrate this awesome accomplishment and about 50% said archive moodboards so that’s what i’m going to do!


  1. must be following this very cool person of course!!
  2. you must reblog this post (likes count as a bookmark only)
  3. send me a 💓 for a archive moodboard (you may need to be patient though because if i get a lot of requests then it might take a while)
  4. if you’d like, you can also send me a ⛄ if you want a blog rate & christmas aesthetic as well (see format here - you don’t need to rb both posts, only this one & you don’t need to vote anymore!)
  5. the runner up in the poll was a network so i’m still considering doing that anyway, so if you have any particular ideas for what kind of network you’d be interested in, lmk!!
  6. also you can let me know if you’d like me to tag you in any of my future creations (i’ve got a small list saved atm)
  7. maybe also check out my creations??
  8. blacklist “natalie celebrates 600!!” to stop seeing these
  9. i’m going to be doing these until december 24th so feel free to keep sending things in until then!!

i’ll be posting the rates/aesthetics straight away & will get to the moodboards as quickly as i can afterwards. please don’t worry if it takes a while - i promise i’m not ignoring anybody! i just have no idea how many requests & if i get quite a few then it could take me a while to get around to them so we’ll have to wait and see how popular i really am lmao

i love you all so much & thanks for helping me get to this goal!!! i’m actually so happy just aaaahh!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D i hope you’re all having absolutely magical winter’s so far and may your christmas be merry as hell!

How is one person
So gosh darn cute
That I actually want to punch them in the face
Every single time they talk to me
Just because I want to stop them
From being so cute
Because their cuteness is killing me
How is one person
Such a dork
That it makes all other dorks look cool
In comparison
Yet they make it seem adorable
How is one person
Capable of making me feel
So happy or so mad
Just because of how incredible they are
How is one person
Whom I’ve only known for a few months
More important to me than people
Whom I’ve known for years
How is one person
That clueless to how amazing
They really are
When they could actually be an angel
In disguise

A-Z Meme thingo

Because I’m bored. No one tagged me (unless you take @owly-sims vague “if you haven’t, do it - I also noticed the purposeful dashing of the U’s…), I’m not tagging anyone…

a / age: 26. 27 in 1 month.
b / biggest fear: Serious answer - eternity.
c / current time: 5:45pm 
d / drink you had last: Most likely water
e / everyday starts with: Working out how much longer I can avoid getting out of bed. Then I wash my face.
f / favourite song: Ahh… I’m not a “favourites” person, but I’ve gotten attached to Stop The World Because I Wanna Get Off With You by the Arctic Monkeys lately.
g / ghosts are real?: I’m definitely a skeptic, but I have no proof to say yes, none to say no.
h / hometown: Gold Coast, Australia (lets be honest, MOST people aren’t going to know if it I narrowed it down, let alone the area)
i / in love with: Food.
j / jealous of: I try not to be, but maybe people who seem to have their shit more together than I do.
k / killed someone: Yes, lets incriminate myself on Tumblr. 
l / last time you cried: Ah… A while ago. I honestly don’t know. Within the last 2 months, surely.
m / movie genre: Action/Superhero I suppose, I do love a Rom-Com though. 
n / number of siblings: 2. One of each.
o / one wish: Unlimited travel fund.
p / person you last called/texted: Called my dad because I was too lazy to walk home, texted my friend at work.
q / questions you’re always asked: “So, why don’t you drive?”, “Is your hair naturally red?”, “Been on a tinder date yet?”.
r / reasons to smile: Why not? Seems like good enough reason.
s / song last sang: Muppet theme song. It’s my go idle song.
t / Tattoos: None. Yet. 2 planned (blue cornflower for my mum, 2 crows - Huginn and Muninn)
u / underwear colour: Ah. Grey? I don’t remember and I’m not checking.
v / vacation destination: Iceland. I want to go everywhere, but that’s my current obsession.
w / worst habit: Thinking I can do things without help all the time. Sometimes it’s ok to ask. Also, I don’t always think before I talk.
x / xrays you have had: Dental, wrist, toe, shoulder, plus a few scans because my body hates me.
y / your favourite food: I’m loving Vietnamese at the moment. Particularly the Bahn Mi I had. I don’t know what they put in the sauce by it’s amazing.
z / zodiac sign: Aries and Taurus - on the cusp.   

So I heard people say Seungri looks ordinary…..

Pfftt that boy’s face is FAAAAR from ordinary. Just saying.

I love his face so much honestly, he has a face that can be sweet and cute than sexy and handsome. He’s got eyes and a smile of a panda, self-explanatory. And often times, I find his face side profile REALLY attractive. 

He reminds me of Hong Kong actors from the 90′s and just really doesn’t look like most South Koreans if I must say. I remember when watching Healing Camp with BIGBANG, one of the MCs mentioned Seungri’s face passing off as an actor, I definitely have that same thought. He’s just so silly and cute that people don’t take him seriously. 

If I have to say, who cares most about their fans, it would definitely be Seungri. The effort and the extent in which he tries to master the language, remember each and every single one of his fans, is simply amazing.

Because I’ve loved BIGBANG and Seungri since their debut, I’ve seen how much he’s worked and how much of an effort he puts in his work so that he could be recognized by the public. To me, he’s also very fragile. All his hyungs are at a level that’s definitely recognized by the public and they have more experience as well. Seungri have gotten hate, been put down and ignored, and I’m sure he gets depressed often because of this. However, he doesn’t want people to know how much he hurts, so he always have this goofy cover in front of others. He never fully admits to being perfect but he knows he’s got a long ways to go compared to everyone else, yet he’s never discouraged to put his fullest into everything. In my eyes, that’s Seungri and that’s why I admire him on top of everything else that he is. He gives me motivation to try hard as well.

From the boy who nearly didn’t make it into BIGBANG, didn’t think about singing as much, to someone who has this unique tone and voice that can harmonize with the rest of the members, I know he’s practiced a lot.

I just want to say, I won’t stop loving Seungri, ever. It doesn’t matter if people think he’s ordinary, because that just means they only judge a book by its cover without trying to understand him. I’m sure a lot of us Seungri-bias knows what I mean, right? I could probably write an essay on how much Seungri has influenced me into looking at people and finding motivation to try harder but I won’t do that, hehehe.