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A Pattern

“Liam gets a dog from his parents, to learn responsibility and stuff. Anyway Liam loves the dog and starts smelling like his dog…with the result that Brett is really jealous. Starts thinking that he has another were-friend and like acts really possessive. When it comes out that Liam smells like dog, it doesn’t get better and he and the dog like growl at each other and stuff”- funnyfreckless

Liam doesn’t even notice it at first. When he does, he thinks he’s probably just reading too much into it, looking for something more in things that could be easily brushed off. After a while, though, there’s no denying Brett’s acting a little strange. He’d never been much of a touchy-feely person. Now, though, Liam seems to find him standing just a bit closer than necessary, brushing their shoulders in wide hallways, being right at his side when the two packs meet up. Liam would love for it to be something more, because if he has to be a werewolf he can at least have a hot werewolf boyfriend, right? But no, he has to constantly remind himself that it’s probably nothing, that Brett probably only tolerates him, at best. Still… he’d once heard Stiles say something interesting; once is an incident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern. Liam decides maybe it’s time to look for a pattern.


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State of Grace

Summary: When Liam Dunbar spots an incredibly alluring girl in the hallway with glowing green eyes, the pack (or more like Stiles) becomes suspicious and investigates.

*I don’t own the gif; credit goes to the wonderful owner/maker*

Note: So the first four chapters are written; I’m still working on the fifth one (which has the siren request in it lmao I know I went nuts). I’m still trying to figure out if I want to continue it after the fifth part… I think I’ll wait to see how you guys feel about it and then go from there…


Liam was having quite the intriguing conversation with Mason when the girl with the strange green eyes passed him in the hallway. Okay, maybe that was a lie. Their conversation wasn’t all that interesting- it was simply yet another debate about another video game that Liam had beat him at. Still, Liam had been quite wrapped up in it.

           In fact, he was just in the middle of making a bet when she caught him off guard. “Dude, I could totally kick your-” And then he stopped. Liam had heard of people being rendered speechless before. It was one of the most common things in literature, practically. But he had never experienced it himself.

           There she was, in all of her sweet-smelling glory, flouncing down the hallway. As if he was a passing thought- although they had never met before, Liam was sure, because he would’ve remembered a face like that- she glanced over at him. Her eyes were a neon spring green when they met his before flickering back to their normal color. Needless to say, it certainly got him off topic.

           “Um, dude?” Liam blinked, suddenly remembering Mason standing less than a foot away from him.

           “Sorry.” He quickly said, keeping his gaze on the girl until she rounded the corner and vanished from sight. “I guess I’m just a little nervous about the lacrosse game tomorrow night. My parents are finally going to make this one.”

           Mason gave him a disbelieving look. “They used to come to your games all the time last year. Why is this any different?”

           Liam just stared at him. Although Mason had found out about Liam being a werewolf, Liam was still hesitant to talk to him about anything supernatural. Maybe it was because he was so used to lying to people, it was too hard to remember he didn’t have to make up stuff around Mason anymore. Maybe it was because he wanted to protect his best friend from all the supernatural happenings in Beacon Hills- including himself. Regardless of the reason, Liam didn’t say anything about his full moon nerves or the mysterious girl that had just walked by. He didn’t want Mason to worry, so he just shrugged and closed his locker. “I don’t know man. I guess there’s more pressure ‘cause I’m a sophomore now.”

           “If anything I would think there would be less pressure. You don’t really have to prove yourself as much now.” Mason crossed his arms. “But if you want to keep lying to me, that’s cool too. I’ve told you before: when you’re ready to talk, I’m right here.”

           The bell rang then, causing both boys to groan. “Late again.” Liam ran his fingers through his hair, yanking sharply on the ends. “Coach is going to kill me.”


Coach Finstock didn’t kill Liam- although part of him wanted to. Instead he yelled at the kid for a little while, ordered him to go get dressed, and then shouted at him a bit more. “You have a responsibility to this team. You need to honor it!” With a heaving sigh, Coach plopped himself down on the bench. The rest of the team was in the weight room. He was tired; he just wanted to send Liam in there, but what kind of message would that send to the other students?

           He took a long draught from his thermos. “Run ‘til I get tired.”

           With a sigh, Liam took off as fast as his little legs could carry him. He truly was an incredibly gifted lacrosse player, but this school year he was having issues with being punctual. Maybe it was some weird phase. Hopefully there was a way to sweat it out of him. This couldn’t continue, otherwise the school would expect Liam to be benched at the next game, and the team couldn’t afford that. Coach Finstock sighed and took another sip. Coffee was the only thing that seemed to keep him going now days.


Scott smiled as he watched his best friend struggle with pushing the weights onto the bench press. Stiles was very jerky, always afraid that he was going to drop the load onto his toes. That had happened to Greenberg once. Coach had been so angry that he had made the entire team run horses until practice was over. It was no secret that Coach Finstock hated Greenberg.

           “Stupid, freakin’…”  Stiles muttered under his breath. “Spend all of the period trying to get the damn thing on right…”

           “Do you want some help, Stiles?” Scott asked, setting down his water bottle.

           “No, no, no. I can do this, alright? Just need to…” Stiles leaped back when his hand slipped; the weight crashed to the floor and drew the attention of all the other players. Sheepishly, he lifted it and shoved it onto the bar.

           Kira, Scott’s girlfriend, shook her head as she continued to do curls. “Do you really think going straight to bench press with that much is such a good idea?”

           Stiles looked offended. “Yes.” He tripped over a spare weight on the ground, grabbing onto the seat to steady himself. “Look, I don’t have” he looked around and lowered his voice “super special werewolf strength, okay? So I’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity I have to try and make up for that.”

           “You don’t have to do that, you know. Strength is not just measured in the physical ability to lift things.” She said with a soft smile. Scott couldn’t help but find her perfect: she was smart and sweet, not to mention beautiful.

           Rolling his eyes, Stiles flopped his scrawny butt down. “Thanks, Kira. I still can’t pick up my Jeep, but thanks.”

           Scott made a face. “Dude, I can’t even pick up your Jeep.”

           Making a mocking face, Stiles replied, “Well, if you wanted to, I’m sure you could. Now if you’ll excuse me…” He leaned back and hit the back of his neck on the bar. “Ow!” He shot into an upright position, nose scrunched in pain as his hand flew to the pulsing area.

           “Try scooting down a bit.”  Scott recommended with a smirk. Stiles derided him lowly but still complied. “Now go under it.”

           “I know what I’m doing, Scott, okay? Jesus.”

           Scott chuckled. “Didn’t look like it before.” Just then, the door to the weight room opened, revealing a slightly winded, definitely sweaty figure. As gross as it was, Scott recognized his Beta the second he caught the scent. “Liam!”

           Stiles jerked upward; the bar smacked him right across the forehead. “Son of a-”

           Liam covered his curse. “I know, I’m late again. Don’t worry, Coach already chewed my ass. You don’t have to.”

           Scott sighed. He often tried to give Liam advice about things because he wanted the best for him, but sometimes- well, most of the time- it came off like an older brother nagging at his younger brother. “All I was going to say was-” He was interrupted by Stiles angrily standing and yelling, “That’s twice! I’m done. I’m so done.” Stiles had been furiously rubbing his head, and when he pulled his hand away, a large, thick red line was visible across his forehead.

           “What did I miss?” Liam asked with raised eyebrows.

           “Me, being an embarrassment. Nothing out of the usual.” Stiles grumbled. Kira rubbed his shoulder awkwardly, trying to provide some comfort.

           “Anyway… there’s something I have to tell you guys.”

           Scott raised an eyebrow. “Is this about why you’ve been late so much?”

           “Yeah,” Stiles glowered, attempting to seem menacing as he threatened, “You need to start coming to practice on time, Mighty Mouse.” Scott could practically see the wheels turning in Liam’s head, as if trying to decide whether or not to say something about Stiles’s nickname. Apparently Liam thought the mark from the bar was enough because he brushed the comment off. Scott agreed.

           “I’ve told you before that I’ve been hanging out with Mason. We don’t get to see each other as much as we used to. We don’t have as many classes together as we did last year.” Scott felt for his Beta. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he only saw Stiles once a day.

           Liam shook his head back and forth. “That’s not what I wanted to talk to you guys about. Today, while Mason and I were in the hallway-”

           “-when you should’ve been on your way to class-” Stiles interjected, earning a glare from Liam that had him quickly shutting his mouth. Although Liam was younger and smaller than the senior, Liam was a werewolf with an anger disorder. It tended to make Stiles uneasy sometimes, Scott had observed.

           “As I was saying, we were in the hallway, and I smelt something really nice, and when I looked up, I saw this girl. I’ve never seen her before. She was so beautiful that it was insane. But when she looked at me, her eyes… they went bright green…”

           Kira raised her eyebrows. “Interesting. You’ve never seen her before?”

           “No, never. Trust me, I’d have remembered seeing a girl that looked like that. She was seriously pretty.”

           Scott’s lips pulled into a tight line. Just when he thought they were catching a break from all the supernatural drama… “Sounds like she’s something. Question is, what? And who is she?”

Find the second chapter here: 02 

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Talk to me about liam

ngl when i first saw this in my notifications i legit stared at it for a good five minutes because WHERE DO I EVEN START FUCK

liam liam liam it’s so funny you know, I’m gonna give you a little bg on how I became the liam girl I am today. When I first joined the fandom back in early 2013 I like many others was all about the harry crazy i was also a larrie but that’s another story for another day god i wanna say liam was maybe my #3??? #4 even god i did not pay any attention to him really. and then one day i just had a dream about it, it wasn’t anything crazy we were just walking around my old neighborhood and i think he grabbed my hand and then i woke up like “………………..ok lemme give this boy a little more attention” and then i was hooked a fucking goner i never saw it coming how much this dumb boy would mean to me

theres so many things i can talk about first let’s talk about his talent. liam is the best singer in that band. whether it was ot4 or ot5 point plank period liam owned that shit and he’s gonna continue putting the other three to shame and im not even biased anyone with ears will tell you the same. his voice, god i don’t even think i have the right words to describe it. it’s so beautiful from a listener’s stand point but also you gotta think about from a professional standpoint liam is ALWAYS ON POINT. A L W A Y S !!! i don’t think i’ve literally never ever heard him sound bad while singing and i think that’s just something that’s so rare??? he also has one of those voices that what you hear on the cd is exactly what you hear live so consistent and so beautiful i think someone literally described his live voice as “crystal clear CD quality” LIKE FUCK MAN C R Y S T A L C L E A R and the way he can literally fill in for any of the other boys and when he harmonizes with them so naturally and the fucking shit he does when he adds his own free style too it (REMEMBER THAT SHIT WHEN THEY SANG STOCKHOLM SYNDROME FOR THE FIRST TIME FUUUUUUUUUUCK) but there’s literally like a million other examples that i could bring up and he has pure talent man and it’s one of the reasons it breaks my heart when he doesn’t get the damn recognition he deserves because HE FUCKING KILLS IT ALWAYS

next god let’s talk about hit heart, that beautiful amazing heart of his that breaks my own damn heart and makes me want to cry. god liam probably has the biggest heart in the whole wide world its like i’m sure if you cut him open you wouldn’t even see other organs his heart consumed them along the way. liam is literally always going out of his way to make the fans happy even when it gets to be too much for him god i’m thinking about that scene from TIU when he was like “it really gets to me whenever i see a sad face because they couldn’t get a picture” or something along those lines HE JUST WANTS EVERYONE HAPPY EVEN IF IT MEANS GIVING LITERALLY ALMOST EVERYTHING HE HAS IN HIM. god you guys remember that time the security guards set up a meet with fans with harry and liam asked security to ask the fans if they wanted to meet him too. BITCH DIDN’t JUST GO OUT HE WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY WANTED TO SEE HIM AS WELL LIKE FOR SOME REASON THEY MIGHT SAY NO can you hear the sound of my heart literally BREAKING?? he does so much to help others too with all the charity work he does even outside of 1D, like things he does on his own to help and projects he feels passionate about. god i was going through his twitter earlier to check on to remind myself that a tweet was actually real, and he’s literally so active on social media. always wanting to reach out and get the fans included and make them feel like they’re actually a part of something because he actually loves us like that saying “liam is all of our boyfriends” TOO DAMN TRUE

speaking of his tweets he’s JUST SO SILLY! i love him and his stupid ass he’s so endearingly stupid that i just don’t know if i want to kiss his face or shake my head at him. i love his sense of humor and how goody he can be like remember that instagram thing where he blurred out his crotch and pretended he lost his shorts (also remember them thighs????? UGH) god what an idiot i just love him so much. and you remember when he and sophia were on the boat and he gave her a wedgie like WHAT A CHILD a cute dumb teddy bear child and then his tweet after “my baby has the cutest little hiney hooo” FUCK. AND DON;T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE WHOLE “OH NO NIALL!” thing that’s just he’s TOO MUCH FOR ME

going back to his big heart thing god he loves so deeply you can tell, and that love goes out to his boys especially each and every one of them. he loves his boys SO MUCH always so protective of them like who do you turn to when something happens? LIAM! who do you trust fall into? LIAM! who protects you from random pillows to the face? LIAM! he’s that band’s rock and honestly they would not survive without him and he probably would make sure they never have to. he’ll always shoulder all their problems and pain and take it upon himself just so that they’ll be okay. you remember in 2013 when they were on txf us and an interviewer asked who would they trade places with and i don’t remember liam’s exact words but it was something like “i’d trade places with harry because he’s got a lot riding on him and i’d like to just take that on a bit for him” not even close to the exact words im sure BUT YOU GET THE GIST! LIAM LOVES HIS BOYS!!!!!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!!! boy is fine as fuck homie shit there isn’t a lot that i wouldn’t let that boy do to me. actually there’s nothing because i’m literally so whipped for him. i love his face i love his hair i love his cute little eye squint when he smiles so wide or laughs so loud i love his cute little tummy i love his long ass fingers his huge ass feet as well i love his weird abs love his little but i love literally ever inch of him and i hate how much i do honestly.when i see new pictures of him its like a clenching in my chest because everyday im just like FUCK HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL I KINDA WANNA DIE he looks so good whether he’s wearing those holey sweatpants or he’s decked out in a suit on the red carpet i love every version of liam. i love his nose especially like never ever in my life have i wanted to kiss a nose more than i’ve wanted to kiss liam’s nose its crazy but he just does things to me he’s just so good looking. he looks so warm always and like he smells so nice and i bet hugging him would feel like what i imagine hugging snuggles the bear would feel like because i’m pretty sure they’re the same person. i want to hug him so bad :(( to just feel those strong arms wrapped around me making me feel so safe and like everything is right in the world even though it’s not, like i just really need that rn you know he’s the type of hugger to just give you so much love into it and make you feel like damn bitch how am i ever gonna hug anyone else after this shit

when i say i love liam, i think i genuinely mean it. now dont get that confused with me saying im like in love with him or something because i’m not delusional i know that i don’t even really know him, but i know that in my heart i do have love for this boy because he honestly means the world to me and i just want that cute little smile to never leave his face because his happiness also means the world to me and that’s what loving someone is about to me, their happiness coming before your own (ahem to the bitter bitches in this fandom) and just wanting the best for them and not really caring about getting anything in return because them happy is all the reward you need

so yeah in conclusion liam is p cool