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No we’re not starting this again. Me and Hellbent have been having good days lately chatting with eachother becoming more close as FRIENDS. seriously I needed this happiness from them it made me feel more comfortable and easy minded, do not fuck this up for me and make me think they’re uncomfortable with me again. This might be a joke and I understand if I’m loosing my shit right now but please stop or I’ll be scared to talk to them again because all this embarrasses me. Please really it’s not funny anymore.

I miss being missed by you.

I let you go, because I wanted to do right by you. And now you have moved on, and I am happy for you. But I catch myself wishing you still missed me, wishing that you still wanted me.

I know that isn’t fair, that you deserved better and that means that you needed to move on. But I miss being missed by you.

it sounded romantic when I heard it the first time. it was before we were married, and he told us to not forget it. seriously, he said, keep this one with you because when it gets hard, you’re going to need it–okay here it is. the purpose of marriage is not happiness, but growth.

ugh, I love that, I said.

no you don’t, he said. you’re happy right now, so you feel up for it. growth usually happens when you’re not up for it. you love the idea of it, but you’re not going to like it. that’s okay, but it’s important to expect it.

he was right. it’s not romantic, it’s hard. it’s not that warm feeling i like. sometimes it feels a lot more like a limb is about to be pulled out of its socket. you reach a fork in the road, and it’s time to grow again, but God I just rather not today. you made me grow last week. resisting the growth is more painful than the growth.

he was right. it’s not romantic. it’s actually annoying how much growing is going on right now. I am tired of growing.

you know that scene in miss congeniality where she is forced to eat healthy food, so she has hidden junk food under her pageant gown? and her coach makes her give them all up? but there’s more. so he takes those too. no choice. no exceptions. that is how I feel. give me your pride, and now your greed–no, all of it. and jealousy–i’ll be taking that. ok, fine, here. is that enough? no, hand me your resentment. oh! and the comparison. i almost forgot that one–hand it over.

that fork in the road I mentioned with one way being growth–don’t mistake the other road as happiness. like I said, to not walk into the growth is more painful. that’s because resisting it means walking into avoidance, into denial, into defensiveness, into stagnancy, it is anything but happiness.

marriage is a mirror. by design, God created us to reflect back to each other what isn’t resembling him. you can get angry, and defensive, refusing to look in the mirror. you can punish your spouse for functioning as they’re intended to. or you can acknowledge what’s coming up, thank them for showing you, ask them to love you, and choose to grow.

L, marriage // year one


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Life decided to play games with me this year, and art block is still dragging my ass down BUT I managed to finish this! (I have like 4 unfinished korrasami drawings but let’s not talk about that) anyways, have some cute fluffy korrasami because I think we all need something happy right now.


Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday but because of that last episode, I decided to wait because I’m still crying over here. Honestly, I’ve been in the mood to do something feelsy/mild angst in this fandom because it needs more of it tbh-,,, but it has a happy ending, so you guys can’t hate me too much, right? ( ;;; ω ;;; ) If you’re wondering what happened, Yuuri got into a serious car accident before the GPF and Viktor never left his side after his surgery.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be dying in the corner until the next episode releases.


  • Jack: I told George about us and she was really supportive. I knew I could always count on her and it's good to have another person on our side for this, it's all going really well. :)
  • Bitty: Oh, honey! I'm so happy and so glad it worked out! Now tell me *brings out a list* does she like pies? muffins? cookies?
  • Jack: Well, I know she likes your pies but-
  • Bitty: Wonderful but she's going to get GIFT BASKETS worth of baked treats BECAUSE I NEED TO SHOW MY APPRECIATION BECAUSE I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW-

there’s no denying that Hearth is a cutie🌸

  • you are allowed to have feelings
  • you are allowed to feel intensely
  • you are allowed to be emotional
  • you are allowed to be sad
  • you are allowed to be angry
  • you are allowed to be hurt
  • you are allowed to be frustrated
  • you are allowed to be happy
  • you are allowed to be excited
  • you are allowed to be enthusiastic
  • you are allowed to feel your feelings
  • your feelings are not bad or shameful
  • your feelings are not too much
  • you are not too much

I did a spread using my printable tapes! Maybe that can be an inspiration for someone on how to use them? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  :D

There’s this quote, “What right do you have to be unhappy?” which is from a lovely scene from the movie The Longest Ride (quite good romantic movie that got me bawling my eyes out at the end, if you’re into that). When I heard it for the first time, it had such a deep meaning for me, maybe even deeper than in was originally meant to have… The point is, I put it everywhere now because it keeps reminding me that it’s okay to be happy, which I need.

Anyway, let’s not get too emotional or anything :D. Please keep tagging me if you use my tapes (or shoot me a message!) I love seeing what you do with them :)

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Kayla, you are simply amazing. You have such a bright, sunny personality that I love hearing every day. I'm so glad you talk about having anxiety because trust me, I'm about to graduate college and I still have anxiety, but it takes a lot of will to deal with that. You're much stronger and much more resilient than you give yourself credit for. You also bring so much happiness to people - you're such a necessary person. Don't ever forget that!!

This nearly brought me to tears. I really needed to hear it right now. I’ve been having a pretty rough night/morning (#haha love being an anxious mess) and was worried about even being capable of finishing my video for today and that only made it worse. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.

Happy Tim/Kon things if you need to be happy right now:

-Kon leaves out vitamins for Tim every morning by his coffee just in case he hasn’t been eating properly again or isn’t getting enough sun.

-Tim always brings home cookies from lunch meetings he’s saved for Kon because he knows Kon loves the black and white cookies from the deli they always order from.

-On lazy weekend mornings they like to eat breakfast on the balcony with Kon soaking up the early sunshine and Tim propping his feet up in Kon’s lap while he reads the paper.

-Kon says ‘I love you’ out loud every chance he gets just to make sure Tim hears him and knows, plus it always manages to make Tim smile when they’re out in public.

-During the fall in Smallville they run through corn mazes together and eat fried oreos at the county fair and Kon always wins Tim the biggest teddy bear they have. And yes, Tim keeps them all. He has a special closet for them and rotates them out to sit in the corner of their bedroom bi-monthly.

-Tim has yet to get tired of feeling how warm Kon is whenever they kiss or hug each other. He washes away any chill from his body and it reminds him of how alive they both are, how lucky, and it really does feel exactly like coming home.

Got7 Reaction to You Confessing to Them in Your Sleep

Enjoy <3

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*Note: I don’t own any of the gifs [Do I really have to put this on every time or can we all finally realize I will never own these gifs?]

xoxo- MelodyBaby

Mark- He’d be frustrated, but happy. Frustrated that he was about to give up on you liking him back after knowing him for only two years. Yet happy because Jackson was right that you really had liked Mark back. He wanted you to wake up, so he could ask you directly.

(insert gif) “Now can you tell me that when you wake up? I need to hear it again.”

Jaebum- Cocky as fuckkk, but he’s also high-key fanboying. He didn’t love you yet, but his feeling for you were stronger than a wimpy crush. When you wake up, get ready for some hard core teasing. He’ll confess of course, but he won’t let you live the events down.

~after you woke up~

“Will you stop looking at me like that?” You rolled your eyes.

(insert gif) “I mean, I knew you couldn’t resist me. You should have just said so earlier.” He intertwined your fingers together to prevent you from moving away from him.

Jackson- Laughter. That was all he could find himself to do. He was happy, but at the same time, he found your confession. He had hoped that if he stayed around longer, you would sleep talk more confessions that he could use against you, but he didn’t get so lucky. Why? Because he was too busy laughing at your sleepy confession and his foolishness for not realizing you liked him back. His laughter is what woke you from your nap.

“Why are you so loud?” You’d snap waking up angrily.

He tried to keep his smile from widening, but man was it hard.

(insert gif)

“Why are you laughing?”

He won’t tell you, but he may just confess to you in the next few days now that he knows his feelings weren’t one sided.

Jinyoung- He had planned to just let you sleep on the couch, but he thought better of it and moved you to his bed, so the boys wouldn’t wake you up when they came home. When he placed you on his bed, that’s when he heard it. It was faint, but he heard it. You said it! But, you were sleeping. He still considered it a confession. He would lie beside you and stare at your sleeping figure.

(insert gif) “I’ll just wait here for you to wake up.” Just to wake you up faster, he may lean down and kiss you while you were half asleep.

Youngjae- He needed answers when he heard the words slip off your lips. Youngjae wouldn’t wait like the other members because his curiosity was killing him, so he’d wake you up.

(insert gif) “I need to know.”

“Know what? Why did you wake me up?”

“Do you love me? Like love love me not just as a friend? I need to know”

BamBam- He would die. He was your childhood best friend and he found himself falling for you right before you entered high school. However, he never pursued anything because he figured you saw him as a brother, but that changed. He finally knew it wasn’t one sided, but he still couldn’t believe it.

“Did they just—” (insert gif)

Yugyeom- No words when he heard your confession. His face lit up and he knew the moment you woke up, he was going to ask you out.

This gif is worth a thousand words. Just look how precious he is!!!

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The rings in episode 10

I’m probably really freaking late with this again, but I’m watching the episode a second time because so much happened in it, that I missed a lot.

I know the whole fandom is freaking out over the Viktuuri engagement, but I felt a bit bothered because this episode was chock-full of double entendres. I’m talking about anything that has to do with the rings. I know I’m sounding really salty right now, but I just need more Viktuuri. Actual, literal in your face Viktuuri. 

So I’m currently at the scene where Yuuri buys the *cough*lucky charms*cough*. I paused at the bit where Yuuri opened up the receipt. And y’all are probably gonna facepalm really hard when you read this because everybody already knew and I’m just so fucking slow but please just leave me be I was so happy when I noticed this

lets look a little closer

“something-i-can’t-read gold wedding ring





I know this anime is just one huge metaphor for love and romance but still


I wonder if Stiles ever thinks about Derek. Thinks about calling him and asking how he’s doing. Thinks about where he may be in the world right now, what he may be doing with Cora, if he has a job or if he’s living in a proper apartment without a hole in the wall. I wonder if he ever smiles at the thought of Derek being better now, doing better for himself and finally being happy.

I wonder if Derek ever thinks about Stiles. Thinks about checking up on him even knowing that he doesn’t need it because he’s Stiles. Wonders if Stiles is keeping up with the supernatural, if he’s still smart and doing well in school, he’s safe, if he’s still taking care of the Sheriff. I wonder if he ever smiles at the thought of Stiles getting through all of this, Stiles who isn’t so skinny and defenseless anymore, coming out of the madness of Beacon Hills alive and well, with a bright future ahead.

Why’d you leave? You never really gave me a reason, you just left.“ I asked, full of curiosity.

"I constantly gave you attention. I gave you love and I cared. No matter what I did, it was never enough. You could never be happy. Not with me, not even when I gave you everything.”

“I didn’t need everything, I just needed you. Don’t worry though, I’m happy now. You’re right. I could never be happy with you, but that was because of you, not me.”

After that I realized he would always be in my heart, but I didn’t need him to survive.

—  (didn’t need you)
I’m trying to study! Part 5

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Bucky x Reader College AU Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Hello, my amazing angels! I am sorry for the slight wait, but my college has started up again after Halloween and my time is limited. Also, I’m so happy to be working on a request right now as well (my first ever request! Yay!). Anyway, here is part five, and I hope you enjoy!

Word count: 1793

Warnings: a little bit of fighting and confusion, some light swearing, overload of fluff, mentions of fonduing

When you cooked dinner, it always turned into a disaster.

Not because you were a bad cook, no. In fact, you were excellent; people went as far as fighting each other to eat some of your food (more often than not, the fights were between Sam and Bucky. But then again, those two didn’t need much of an excuse to start a row.).

Cooking dinner was a disaster because no matter how hard you tried to keep focused, something always distracted you. Today, that something - or rather someone – was Natasha and her new boyfriend, Clint.

Natasha met Clint a few weeks ago, at the nightclub she tried to persuade you to go to. Apparently, your absence at the club was a blessing for Nat; she met Clint, danced with him, got his number, the whole lot. After a few days, they began to hang out quite often, as they had a lot in common. They only got together last week, but it felt like they had known each other since childhood. You liked Clint; he was extremely sweet with Nat, but also playful and funny. Even though you had known him for just a few weeks, he already felt like family and that seemed to make your redheaded friend very happy.

The downside was that they were currently in the middle of a heated make out session in the living room and you could hear everything through the paper thin walls. Of course, you were glad Nat finally had a man, but it painfully reminded you that you were still single and so far, there seemed to be no chances of you getting together with Bucky.

The commotion in the other room was driving you insane and after about five minutes, you finally had enough. Slamming the lid on top of the pot of soup, you turned the heat off and angrily shoved your coat on.

“I’m going out, enjoy yourselves!” You called out into the apartment before shutting the door and walking to the only place you knew would bring you comfort: Bucky’s place.

“Oh, hey, (Y/n)! I didn’t know you were coming over”, Sam grinned, opening the door. You smiled back, laughing a bit.

“Yeah, I didn’t, either. But Nat and Clint seemed to be getting a bit… frisky.”

Sam barked out a laugh just as Bucky shoved him away from the door to let you inside.

“Hey, doll. Please, come in.”

Smiling gratefully at him, you walked into the cosy home and ran your hand through your hair.  “Nat and Clint were nearly going at it while I was still there. Figured I’d get out while I still can.”

Bucky burst out laughing. “I don’t blame you, (Y/n).”

You grinned at him and your heart skipped a beat at the sight of Bucky’s smiling face. The brunet caught your gaze and blushed, his gaze boring into yours. You felt your legs carry you closer to him, your heart speeding up even more. Bucky cleared his throat, his eyes never leaving yours, but just as he was about to speak, Sam sauntered up to the two of you.

“So? Are you guys coming or what?” He grinned, smirking when he saw you glare at him slightly. Bucky broke out of his haze and nodded in a rush.

“Sure”, he replied, offering you a smile. “You coming, doll?”

You sighed and smiled back. “Of course.”  Ignoring the look on Sam’s face, you followed the boys into Bucky’s bedroom.

“So…” Sam wiggled his eyebrows at you.

You rolled your eyes. You had spent the past few hours studying with Sam and Bucky, until the three of you had grown impossibly bored, causing Bucky to get up abruptly and slam his books shut.

If I study any more, I think my brain will explode. I’m going to get stuff to eat and drink for us, be back in a sec”, he had said, leaving the room soon after, which caused you and Sam to be together. Alone. This was not going to be good, especially since Sam seemed to have figured out that you have a crush on Bucky.

Scoffing, you turn away from Sam. “So nothing. Stop making that face at me, Sam. Whatever the hell you’re thinking of right now is not going to happen.”

Sam pouted slightly. “You don’t even know what I was thinking of!”

You scowled at him slightly. “You were probably thinking, ‘let’s embarrass poor (Y/n) over here! It’ll be fun!’ So yeah, not happening.”

Sam snickered. “No, actually. I was gonna ask why didn’t you just kiss Barnes when you had the chance.”

Your eyes nearly bugged out of your head. “What?! Wilson, are you crazy?! Why the hell would I do that?”

Sam’s face gained an innocent look. “Oh, come on. Just make out with him already! I mean, you loooooove him!”

You could hear the mockery in Sam’s voice. “Pfft, if you must know, I only like him, not love him. At least it’s not obvious, as I am a master spy and I excel at hiding my feelings.”

“Oh, really?” Sam challenged.

“Yes, really”, you replied, your voice unsure after seeing Sam’s face.

In a split second, Sam’s face turned from jeering to purely demonic. He took one step towards you, then lunged and attacked you with his hands, his nimble fingers going straight for your most ticklish spots.

“SAM WILSON! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” You shrieked with laughter, trying to roll away from the young man in front of you, your sides tingling from how much was tickling you.  Sam laughed in response, stalking towards you once again.

“In your dreams, (Y/n). Right now, I’m making you suffer. You deserve it, after that look you gave me when I came between you and Barnes in the corridor!” Your eyes widened in horror as you attempted to jump away from him and avoid your fate. However, Sam was much faster, pouncing on you and pinning your arms on the wall above your head with one hand. You yelped, wriggling like a worm.

“Game over, ‘master spy’”, Sam mocked you. “How will you escape now?”

“I…uh…” you attempted to figure out a brilliant escape plan. “I will-”

“What the hell?!” A voice roared from the doorway. Sam immediately released you, spinning towards the figure at the door. You saw who it was and felt yourself go cold all over.

Bucky was holding a tray filled with snacks and drinks, but what frightened you was the plastic of the tray that looked like it was about to crack from the pressure he was applying to it from how hard he was gripping it. However, what frightened you even more, was the coldness and hurt in his eyes.

Bucky glared at you and Sam. “If you guys are gonna suck each other’s faces off, at least have some decency and GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” He spat out, slamming the tray down on the bedside table and spilling the drinks in the process. He then turned on his heel and sped out of the room, slamming the door closed. Sam stared at the mess beside the door, then wordlessly turned to look at you.

“At least now you know Barnes likes you too”, he stated, making you roll your eyes at him.

“Really, Sam?! Now you bring that up?”

Sam grunted. “I’m just saying! You should probably go after him though. You two have a lot to tell each other.”

You nodded with a sigh, glancing worriedly at the door. “You’re probably right. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna kill you afterwards for this.”

Sam lifted his hands in defence. “Hey! You’re going to thank me for this later, no need to get mad!”

Nodding sarcastically, you muttered a “just you wait” and ran out of the room, your heart pounding and your thoughts focused on Bucky.

You found Bucky on the roof, staring out across the city.

His entire body was tense; his fists clenching and unclenching the whole time. A few loose strands escaped his bun and flitted around in the wind, but he didn’t seem to care. You came up close beside him and could feel the wind being knocked out of you when you saw his face.

Bucky was crying, angry tears pouring down his cheeks, his eyes red. His face wore an expression of anger, hurt, sadness…it was easy to decipher exactly what Bucky was feeling. As soon as you saw what state he was in, guilt settled heavily in your chest and tears pricked at your own eyes. You reached out and gently touched his arm but as soon as you did, Bucky jerked away from your touch and turned around so you wouldn’t be able to see his face.

“The hell do you want?” He mumbled in an irritated tone.

“Bucky, I…with Sam, it’s not what it looks like-”

“Really?” Bucky cut in. “Because it certainly looked like you were about to…fondue.”

You cracked a small smile at this. “Goodness, no! Sam is like a brother to me, not anything else!” You reached out and grabbed his arm; this time, he didn’t pull away. You took a deep breath.

“Look, Sam and I were just messing around. He wanted to cheer me up because…well, what I wanna say is…I guess that…”

Before you could stutter even more, Bucky did something that astonished you. Turning around in a flash, he grabbed you and roughly slammed his lips onto yours.

Your eyes shot open and you went rigid, unable to move a muscle. Bucky kept his lips on yours for a while longer before pulling away, his hands shaking slightly.

“S-sorry, (Y/n)”, he murmured in a broken voice. “I just thought y-you wanted to say you l-liked m-me…I’m sorry.”

You gasped slightly, realizing that he thought you didn’t like him back. Grabbing his hand, you stopped him quickly.

“W-wait, Bucky!” You cried out. “Of course I like you back! You just surprised me, like, a lot.” Laughing nervously, you looked up and met his gaze.

Bucky laughed in relief. “Oh, thank god. For a second there I thought I was wrong.”

You giggled as well, your nervousness quickly fading away. “How could I not like you back, Bucky?”

With that, you pulled him as close to you as possible and leaned up, brushing your lips against his, feeling how relaxed his body became and quickly leaning into his touch. You loved how gentle he was, loved how the setting seemed so perfect and loved the feeling that nothing could ever go wrong anymore. But, most of all, you loved Bucky; with him, you felt at home.

As long as I have you with me, nothing can bring us down.

So here it is! I hope you all enjoyed this part and the little rooftop scene ;)

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Here’s what I hope happens for our beloved #Jaspenor. Sarah Alice asks Eleanor if she liked her necklace from Mr. Caterpillar and Len will say “what necklace?” Then Sarah A will say “Oh, I’m not supposed to say anything. I promised.” and Len will beg her to tell her and Sarah A will tell her about the storybook her and Jasper made and the necklace. Then, James will approach Eleanor and tell her he found something that she needs to see and then show her the video of Jasper on the phone with his dad (I’m assuming there are cameras literally everywhere in the palace) and she’ll see that he put the necklace in a drawer in the camera room and she’ll find it. Then, when she goes to find Jasper, he’ll have left for Las Vegas because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore and she’ll follow him there. And then hopefully this happens❤

My heart is shattered right now. They both were so happy. Jasper’s dad is such a POS! He already had doubts that he wasn’t good enough for Len and that she deserved better and all he did was take a stab at that insecurity. We only have 4 eps left and a S4 hasn’t been announced yet. I NEED Jaspenor to be ok. They deserve to be happy😭💔