because HOT DAMN

Louis has the prettiest ankles I will never be over them like people probably think that i over react but no his ankles are fucking prettier than my face they are just so dainty and tan and he has a little triangle tattoo on one of them I am in too deep

can you imagine derek and braeden both becoming police officers and having to keep their relationship a secret because it’s against the rules to be in a relationship with one of your coworkers but it’s so hard for them because damn derek you just look so good in that uniform and braeden stop teasing me like that we’re at work and during one case, derek almost loses braeden so they are hugging for the longest time and sheriff stilinski clears his throat and they were like oH UH we were just comforting each other ?? uH and sheriff stilinski says “oh for god’s sake derek, just kiss her already” and derek is like “wait you know” and sheriff stilinski laughs and says “how dumb do you guys think i am? im pretty sure the whole precinct knows that you two are together. but as long as you guys act professional, i can keep up act of not knowing” and the sheriff claps them both on the shoulder before leaving them alone and derek says “since we aren’t technically at the office …” and he pulls braeden in for a kiss