because 7 of them are not doing it haha

i’m just now hearing of this whole DaddyOFive thing, not sure how recent this is and how late to the party i am.

but i just wanna say one thing, as a kid who was pranked by his parents every april fool’s day when he was really young.

if you have children, or you’re going to have children, don’t exploit them for your own enjoyment. like, i can’t believe that’s a thing that needs to be said.

if your kid isn’t going to enjoy what you do to them for your own fun, why the fuck would you do it? kids aren’t toys. they’re not mindless little robots built for your entertainment. they’re literal human beings that WILL process and remember what you did to them.

the reason i’m saying this is because the message of this DaddyOFive thing is clear and obvious. like, don’t scream and curse at or threaten or physically hurt your children.

but what i’m talking about is the stuff that seems “harmless”, like simply tricking your children.

example: when i was maybe 5-years-old, my dad would take me for rides on his motorcycle. but one april fool’s day, my parents told me that new safety laws were implemented and that i could no longer just sit freely on the back seat. long story short, i ended up upside down with like five straps tying me to the seat. they took a picture, telling me that they needed to send it to the police to let them know that they were following the rules. then when they told me it was a joke, i was just like, “… oh.” like, it wasn’t funny. i didn’t get it. i was 5, and i would do whatever my parents told me, because nothing makes sense when you’re 5. they then proceeded to share the picture they took with everyone they knew, and laughed about it for years.

i hate remembering that prank, because it made me feel stupid, and now as an adult with literal mental illnesses revolving around an intense fear of judgement and humiliation, i still feel stupid about it. it’s not a good memory. it’s a hurtful memory.

another prank they did a couple of years later didn’t work, but if it had… holy shit. while i was sleeping, my dad hid under my bed and started violently shaking it while my mom woke me, frantically saying, “OH MY GOD, IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE, QUICK, GET UP, WE HAVE TO RUN!” i guess i didn’t buy it, because i just groggily blinked at her and didn’t move. they were bummed that it didn’t work. like, “aw shit, we didn’t needlessly terrify our 7-year-old child like we had planned. oh well, maybe next year.”

scaring the shit out of your kid for no reason seems a bit more obvious of a wrong thing to do. but basically, if the end result of your prank is, “HAHA OMG YOU’RE SO FUCKING GULLIBLE, YOU STUPID KID!” then… that’s not a fun thing for a child to experience? and it could very well end up hurting them??

so, i’ll say it again: if your kid will not enjoy your prank and there’s not a 100% guarantee that they at least won’t be negatively affected by it, don’t fucking prank them. there’s literally no reason to do that. they’re people for whom you have total responsibility to make sure they’re as healthy and happy as possible, and tricking them and making them look and feel stupid just for your own sense of fun is not only counterproductive, but just a shitty thing to do.

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hi! i'm editing a minjoon video and i'm really low on their moments in clips so i was hoping The Reason I Fell In Love With Minjoon to help me out please? xD I was hoping if you can just describe some of your favorite minjoon moments w/hopefully some recollection of how to find the certain video too. thank you so much 😊😊 (i have to say i adore all your rm appreciation posts too, makes me love him more and more each day)

first off “The Reason I Fell In Love With Minjoon” im about to cry this is amazing wow thank u AND “makes me love him more and more each day” HECK THATS AWESOME THANK U IM SO GLAD

ok so minjoon moments… im just gonna bullet list

  • all the times namjoon has put his hand around jimins waist (cries). this usually happens when theyre taking pictures esp on the red carpet
  • when they said i love you to each other!!! which is in ahl here at 35:13
  • namjoon picking up jimin bridal style (cries really hard)!!! its from nico nico live but i cant find the actual video with it?? heres a pic
  • when jimin was a little shit and called namjoon “namjoonie” with no honorific and joon pretended to get all mad and jimin was hugging on him like a koala trying to get him to give into his cuteness. here
  • these moments that i have pics/gifs from a beaut concert of which idk the vid??? joon was just rly in his feels

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  • jimin comforting joon when he started to cry?? here

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  • namjoon calling jimin sexy in this interview! 

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  • NAMJOON CRYING YET AGAIN OVER CUTE JIMIN (1:10 ish) and also calling him cool in this interview
  • when jimin put his hands in front of joon to make a blowing kiss from him in the introductions and then also jimin made a heart and joon tickled his chin fondly bc he was so cute (same joon) in this interview! except?? i dont see the heart moment in this interview clip even tho happened here? 

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  • all the times minjoon was hella touchy: X (7:10 and 9:00) X (1:52 and 9:14 also at 0:47 jimin says he likes how joon does “bultaoruene” and get him to do it) X (18:37.. also cant find the vid but at this concert is where jimin does the “we’re a couple, hes the girl and im the boy” thing haha) X (literally just the whole vlive) … n some gifs for the videos i couldnt get (or i did get them and just wanted to post the cute ass gif)

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  • here where namjoon compliments jimin again (1:23)
  • that bon voyage episode where namjoon is cradling jimins hands in his and examining his rings?? oml that shit is so soft

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  • jimin comparing his height with joon in this vlive ((he also did it in concert and was like “well this friend is a little tall” but i cant find the vid but heres a pic))
  • also im not sure which episode ((theyre on dailymotion in full with subs btw)) but where they’re heading back from the beach and minie isnt wearing shoes and the pavement is too hot and SO CUTE trying to get joonie to help (carry) him
  • the twitter vid where namjoon is dancing and jimin is like “dance for me” and joon dances like a goof and minie laughs and joon just keeps doing it to keep his bf giggling

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  • and then most recently their adorable twitter vid

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hey! do you know of any mystery (fiction) podcasts i could listen to with my family? (i have some young teen siblings so it's got to be pretty family friendly)

So I’m not sure how young your teen siblings are but I’m going to assume they’re at least old enough to get into a PG-13 movie!

I’ll warn you that most mystery has an element of creepiness/horror. That being said, most of the “Journalists get into Trouble” podcasts would probably be fun to listen to!

1. The Lost Cat Podcast
I’ve just started listening to this myself so I can’t vouch for the later episodes, but so far it’s very promising! A guy loses his cat and gets into some very weird circumstances trying to find it. (The VA has a very soothing voice and there’s some nice music in it)

2. Rabbits
A new podcast by the makers of Tanis and The Black Tapes. A woman searches for her missing friend (who may, or may not, have disappeared after being caught up in a secret game.) It features secret societies and cults. There’s only 1 episode out so far and it’s mentioned that the friend is an escort - so I’d listen to it first to see if it’s suitable.

3. The Black Tapes
A journalist starts off with a slice of life documentary and quickly gets sucked into the world of paranormal investigations with a sceptic who may be part of some sort of demonic cult. (Don’t let this put you off though! It’s creepy, certainly, but in a slow way with nothing too horrifying.) This one is more fun if you pretend it’s real haha

4. Tanis
From the same people as the previous two, some of the same characters investigate a mysterious place that moves around the world. This one is more a mystery wrapped in conspiracy wrapped in secret societies. Again, this one isn’t “creepy” or “horror” but it’s more fun when you pretend it’s real.

5. Passage
A lifeboat from a ship that sank centuries ago washes up at a small port town in the Pacific Northwest. A journalist travels to find out what the story is and ends up stumbling into a murder mystery, reincarnation, and historical small town intrigue.

6. The Bright Sessions
I debated putting this here because it’s not reeeaally a mystery podcast. It’s based around a psychologist called Joan Bright and her patients - people who have superpowers. There’s a secret shadowy organisation who wants to keep track of them all and they do some preeeetty shady stuff. I’m recommending it because it is VERY GOOD at portraying mental health issues and I wish I had it as a teenager because it would have helped so much with my self esteem haha. I honestly think everyone should listen to it. (And if they like any kind of comic superheroes then they’ll probably like this)

7. The Bridge
Again. Is it really a mystery podcast? Debatable. It’s set in an alternate universe of the present day where a bridge has been built across the ocean. The hey-day has come and gone and we’re left with the rag-tag group manning Watchtower 10, sending out radio broadcasts to an empty and dilapidated road. Oh, and there’s a sea monster locked away in the basement. The mystery is finding out what happened to the bridge, and the people on it, and why they’re still there.

8. Archive 81
The first season is your run of the mill - guy gets drafted into a secret government project listening to some increasingly weird tapes. The second season turns away from the mystery slightly and heads more into horror. I’d give the 1st season a shot definitely, but possibly vet the 2nd season before you show it to impressionable younger audiences

9. Drywater
Not gonna lie I love this one. The only problem is that there’s a couple of episodes and they’re put out infrequently. Set in the future 2 guys (amateur radio presenters) find evidence of a government coverup and try and bring it to light. They get shut down at ever turn so decide to investigate on their own (which brings its own heap of problems)

10. Small Town Horror
This is…definitely more in the horror genre. Again, vet it before you let younger people listen to it, but it a good one. A guy goes back home after his dad dies and finds out that the creepy town game he played as a kid (and his subsequent kidnapping) may have more sinister connotations than he realised.

11. The Magnus Archives
Again, more horror mystery than anything else. The Magnus Archives are a collection of short creepy stories about paranormal goings on. There’s a whole larger story about the archivists and the possible murder of the previous head of the department. Definitely vet it, but give it a listen to.

12. Mabel
Still on the horror side of mystery. A carer for an old lady starts leaving increasingly weird voicemail messages for the old woman’s living relative. The 2nd season is when the mystery really kicks in. Definitely vet it as it’s possibly not that family friendly.

13. Hush
A student production that has an interesting storyline (and stuff at the end from their student radio on dealing with school pressures). A teenager comes home one day to find her grandma is missing. She ends up moving in with a family while a hunt is started. There’s also an old mystery where a whole bunch of people (including Andy’s parents) went missing in some local caves - which also seem to be a portal to other worlds. I’m not explaining it very well but I would definitely recommend this one!

14. Return Home
It starts of as sort of horror, but it’s not really. It’s more lite-horror than anything. A guy returns back to his town to find it over-run with secret societies and strange goings on. You’ll find creepy dolls and faeries but also an arc on were-bunnies.

15. Alice isn’t Dead
A trucker tries to find her wife on the long American highways. This is more horror than mystery and there are some definitely creepy moments. I’d listen to it before you let younger members of the family listen, but it’s a good missing person story.

16. Within the Wire
This has some horror moments - like the nurse but at the end - but nothing graphic. It’s mostly creepy in the way everything is so normalised. If you’re a fan of Portal, you’ll most likely enjoy this. The narrator is the voice on some relaxation cassette tapes, speaking to the patient listening to them. The mystery is trying to figure out how and why they’re in this mess in the first place.

17. The Elysium Project
A bunch of kids get experimented on by a shady government agency and gain superpowers. They escape but are left trying to figure out why them, what makes them so special, and why the government is so adamant at hunting them down. This one has a slow release schedule but it is so worth it!

18. Augustine
This one is a short little mystery podcast about the town of Augustine and what happened to it. It’s like a lite version of some of the others on this list and a good one to start off with.

19. The Tunnels
A journalist decides to do a podcast on a local feature. He accidentally stumbles on a conspiracy and possible monsters locked away in the tunnels that run underneath his city. It’s good and not any scarier than others on the list.

20. Help Me
This one is definitely more horror than anything else. I’m putting it down because it’s technically mystery but I don’t know if it’s suitable for the age group you’re wanting. Basically it follows a young girl as she investigates her friends suicide and discovers it may not have been a suicide after all, but the work of a demon that acts suspiciously like slenderman. It’s short but there are some moments that I don’t think would be suitable for anyone impressionable. Definitely vet this one before letting younger family members listen to it.

21. Limetown
Year ago there was a secret government town. Years ago something went horribly wrong and everyone in that town disappeared. You follow one young woman as she journeys to find what exactly happened to the residents of Limetown, and why it was covered up so hard. There’s only one season but it’s a really good season.

22. The Message
This has been renamed LifeAfter, but it’s 2 separate stories and the first of definitely worn a listen. The message follows an intern as she chronicles the first message mankind receives from an alien race.

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What are your expectations on Troian directing the episode?

I’m not expecting an episode filled with answers like the last episode, that’s for sure. Troian has no control over that. The episode may actually totally suck, like 712. Troian’ directing can only be as good as the material (the script) she’s given to work with. But, I’m expecting just beautiful shots. It’s really boring when a TV show is just a compilation of scenes where the camera sits still. The camera should pan across sets, zoom in to characters to show emotion, etc. Give us something to look at other than just listen to the dialogue of the characters. Also, since Troian knows the show’s story so well, I feel like she’ll nail the emotions. I feel like when they were filming on set, she would’ve been telling the actors “more emotion! More tears! Ok, too many tears! Now you’re furious! But now you’re happy, do a really big smile. Too big of a smile! Tone it down. Tone it up. A.D literally violated your body, you should be shaking” etc. So I feel like the acting might even be better next episode. Troian would’ve tailored everyone’s acting to the context of the scene, which not all the directors can do, but Troian can because she knows the girls so damn well. SHE is the one who’s worked with them everyday for 7 years, not the other random directors who alternate every 7 episodes.

But yeah, the main thing I hope everyone remembers is that if the episode sucks, we shouldn’t blame Troian because director =/ writer. Instead of judging Troian on the quality of the episode in terms of quantity of answers and plot progression, we should look to stuff a director does instead of a writer. But everyone already knows that, idk why I felt like highlighting it anyway haha

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I'm amazed by the way most of Nordic people speak English. Like they've been taught through all of their lives or something! I'm from Spain and we start having English lessons since age 7 (properly) till we are 17 or so and most of us really suck at it 😂 how's that even possible? Like do you have special classes or activities so you learn better English or is it just that our English teachers suck?

Haha! I’m guessing you’re Spanish? (If not then… I have no idea 😂)

Spanish is such a big language though, so maybe those who speak Spanish don’t really care for learning English as well, because it’s like 6 million people who speaks Norwegian in the entire world and most of them are in a tiny little country like almost at the North Pole, so if you want to experience any different culture at all, any good tv series, read any good books and meet new and interesting people you need to learn English or else you won’t get far!

And higher education, no matter what course you take you will 100% have to read several books about the subjects you’re taking in English. There simply aren’t enough Norwegian books or translations of books! Especially in science and maths which are quite universal anyhow.

Spanish is what, the second or third most spoken language in the world? And it’s the official language in so many countries! You have billions of people speaking it.

And maybe the biggest reason: atleast here a Spanish accent while speaking English, some bad grammar and pronunciation is sexy. Spanish is viewed as a sexy accent. Norwegian is not. Norwegian is not a pretty accent in English. No.

7 Things That RM Can Improve On.

It is now officially a new year. I thought it would be a great idea to give RM some of my resolutions for the show during the new year and possibly a reboot in the far future.

1. Younger cast.

When SBS first came up with the idea of an outdoor variety show, none of them thought it would last this long and have such a huge following in Korea and overseas. Yoo Jae Suk himself said that he never thought RM would make it past 100 episodes, and here we are, 331 episodes later. I understand that in order to draw in viewers you need people with a lot of brand power. Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook and Ha Dong Hoon are all familiar names in the entertainment industry. But all of them were in their mid 30′s to early 40′s as of shooting the pilot episode. That’s a recipe for disaster considering this show was meant for intense action, and continuous running.

2. Limit the amount of guests.

TOO MANY GUESTS. and it’s not just with Running Man, Roommate another SBS show that was cancelled was partially due to the fact that they lost viewers because of how many guests were added to the show. You would think SBS learned their lesson, but time and time again they prove us wrong. Of course there are times when adding a guest would boost a shows rating, and that’s perfectly fine. But please do it in moderation. If you keep adding random people to the show, the cast members won’t have the time needed to mingle and get their chemistry up. Instead all their time is spent talking to the guest and making them comfortable. 

3. Stick to the format.

You would think with a title like “Running Man” there would be a lot of action and i dont know, Running? and yet the show has run so far away from that idea that all they do now is just sit around, have food missions and play simple mini games. They eliminated the name tag ripping game, which was a staple of the show. Multiple times they would do episodes that are vaguely on the same line as Infinite Challenge. Which is understandable, of course you would want to emulate Korea’s best variety show, but this isn’t what this show is about. Don’t try to be like other shows and stay in line with the original premise.  

4. Bring back the punishments.

Prizes are somewhat useless considering these are the top entertainers in the business. Giving them rewards that they could easily buy isn’t going to motivate them to win. Punishments however are a great way to boost up the competitiveness. Nobody wants to do something embarrassing in front of a crowd or on TV. It makes the entire cast try a lot harder, and plus punishments are usually funny. Its a variety show, you’re here to make us laugh. 

5. Less is more.

We’ve all seen the episodes where the production staff go all out and do crazy ideas that don’t pan out well, or get that good reviews/ratings. Like the zombie special, 7 vs 300 and Running Man Go episodes. Granted all of these episodes were past the prime of the show, but you can argue that these ideas were not executed very well. And let me say this again, TOO MANY GUESTS.

6. Annual episodes. 

Remember the cooking specials? Psychic baseball with Ryu Hyun Jin? Soccer with Park Ji Sung? The college student series? All of these were annual events that made the casual and hardcore RM fans waiting in anticipation. Most of these specials were ditched after the second of third time, and this show has been around for 7 years now! what happened to the other years?

7. Production staff.

I personally don’t know what they can do with this one. because i don’t know what the future of Korean variety is gonna be like. A reason why RM went downhill was because of the main PD’s leaving Korea for better opportunities in China. SBS needs to try their best and lock down their talent and stop them from leaving. 

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More new asks: 6, 7, 8, 9, 20, 21, 22, 31

6. Already answered

7. What kinds of shoes make your feet the most ticklish after wearing?
Hmm…probably boots

8. In what kinds of shoes do you forego the extra layer of protection (aka socks) and let your bare feet get incredibly soft and unbearably ticklish inside?
I’m not sure really. Erm…probably Converse or something like that

9. Already answered

20. How often do you tempt the Tickle Fairies? Why do you tempt them so?
Haha! “Tickle Fairies.” I like that! I go barefoot as often as I can because I like the idea of being vulnerable and that anything would be able to tickle my feet

21. Is your second ticklish toe longer than your big toe, the same length or shorter?
I think it’s the same length

22. Have you ever had anyone draw or paint on the bottom of your foot? What was it like?
I haven’t had anyone to do that to me but I’ve drawn on my feet a couple times before and it was very tickly haha

31. Feet are often known for being ticklish. How do you feel about your feet? Do you like them/dislike them/feel neutral? Are you aware of the power they have over some people and do you ever experiment with that?
I’m neutral about my feet. I think they’re a little too big but I’m growing to accept them. I’m very aware of the power they have and I occasionally use that to my advantage

KakaYama Week 2015
Day One - Team 7

So I missed KakaYama week because I was busy finishing cosplays for a local con (which was AMAZING). So I’m going to do KY week an entire week out, haha, don’t kill me

In this doodle Team 7 just gave Kash and Yam a bouquet to congratulate them on being gay with each other

CBF drawing the actual Team 7, soooooz


Juhaku Week, Day 7: king and his magi

…by doing that, you will become my king who will push forward no matter what, because we have to break the shitty “destiny” of the world

list ten of your favorite songs and tag five people to do the same

Thank you for the tag @mysterybunnies :) I’m going to enjoy this one! (And I’m probably going to listen to your songs because I am not sure if I’ve ever heard any of them haha)

1 - Blackheart by Two Steps from Hell
2 - Dance With Dragons by Brunuhville
3 - Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons
4 - Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
5 - Cemeteries of London by Coldplay
6 - Only the Beginning of the Adventure by Harry Gregson-Williams
7 - Oh My Dear by Tenth Avenue North
8 - Riverside by Agnes Obel
9 - Angels by Within Temptation
10 - There Used to be Birds by Astropol

And finally I will tag @sgcfcjohnpreston782 @morbidmanatee @g0blin-rave @petalanegra @a-singing-dragonfly if you guys feel like it! I would like to hear your favorite music

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when you get this, answer with five things that make you happy then send it to the last ten people on your recent activity!

Thanks for sending this! 😄 I just did this (I got 7, so I’m gonna keep doing different things haha), so I’ll do my top 5 male Choices characters.

1.) Jake McKenzie/Dominic Hunter (they’re tied for #1)
2.) Mark Collins
3.) Chris Powell
4.) Maxwell Beaumont/Horatio Santos (another tie)
5.) Sean Gayle

Shout out to the Cordonian Princes, Blake and the Big Brother from Rules of Engagement, and Rayden though, because I love them very much.

Spring 2016 Anime First Impressions !!!

OMG OK. So I’ve never done this but but but this season is just sOOO AMAZING I have to do this. I binge watched a ton of first episodes this season and so let’S DO THIS. 

1. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

IMAGINE SHINGEKI MEETS STEAMPUNK MEETS SAMURAI. Everything. Everything is just so amazing like the art the animation the characters the setup the pacing like it just screams QUALITY. WIT Studio x Sawano Hiroyuki is finally back on track (lets not talk about owasera) and omg ok if you liked SNK you have to watch this. It also just has that pretty and retro (???) gundam art style to it that I really enjoyed.

2. Joker Game

Just. Look. At. The. Seiyuu list. (Okay I’m so biased as seiyuu trash I would watch this even if the anime is crap but) It’s actually good ??? Like the first episode build up and all that nOT TO MENTION THE CLIFF HANGER also I’m just a suck for spy-themed stuff that involves plot twists and mind tricks just praying for actually good logic here 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Music is on point !!!! While its true that it might be hard to tell the faces apart I kinda do like the more realistic touch to it (also spies are supposed to be invisible so that’s kinda cool ??)

ok spoilers I watched the second episode it was more meh cuz the pace slowed down a bit let’s hope it picks it up again

3. Boku no Hero Academia

FINALLY !!!! Ok not gonna lie my friend recommended this to me like a week ago and I just binge read the entire manga in one day. If they follow the manga, it’s going to be good. If you like the typical hero-themed (?) stuff you’ll like this. The seiyuus fit really well and they really bring the original manga to life !!

but tbh I’m just waiting for todoroki to appear mY SON

4. Bungou Stray Dogs

I knew nothing about this before watching it (except that it has a ton of ikemens and MIYANO MAMORU) so I thought this was going to be pretty serious but it had quite a bit of comedy in it w I would describe the style as similar to Hamatora, but amped up fight scenes. THE ART IS SO PRETTY AND THE ANIMATION IS SO PRETTY (imo style is more detailed than manga actually) and just a lot of shippable ikemens so yes. I read a bit ahead into the manga and while it’s not exactly my taste it definitely has decent quality/plot/characters. I guess I’ll wait and see how the anime interprets the manga.

5. Sakamoto desu ga

Of course. Of course. I have more complicated feelings about this because I LOVE the manga (and have been following it since it first came out) and it’s literally the most hilarious thing I’ve read. But precisely since it’s so funny in the manga adapting it into an anime is going to be challenging. I think they do a decent job given what they had to work with, but I definitely still find the manga funnier. 

6. Kiznaiver

tHE ART IS REALLY PRETTY and the setting is really cool, again alluding to the seven sins. i mean the protag is a moe moe shota so um. It setup/colors/characters/idk kind of reminds me of Gatchaman Crowds, and hopefully it’ll be able to deliver the same quality/depth. But also – and this is just personal taste – I’ve been avoiding a lot of anime with male-directed fanservice because it just bothers me (not !! saying that you should do the same literally do what you want) so depending on how much it continues to have this I might drop it. 

7. Mayoiga

?????? ok I mean I will literally watch anything with a bunch of crazy people in it. This feels ~okay~ and the characters seem one-dimensional… and are probably going to be hard to develop because there are so many of them (unless they start killing them off really fast haha) so I’m more skeptical. That being said I’m probably gonna watch the whole thing because the genre w

8. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Probably actually just watching this because Ono Kensho (I MEAN. 20 MINS OF LAZY ONO KENSHO. I CAN LISTEN TO IT FOREVER.) but I can see why people would like it. It’s very relaxing, extremely slow paced, and just something small and fun to watch when you’re bored.


Um. Ok. Um. Oh god it’s been so long since I’ve read the original manga I don’t even remember what happens. Anyways enjoy your dose of bl and I hope they animate all the suggestive scenes i mean what

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Your Portal Ford is awesome! Might I request B7 for Reverse Pines Ford?

I had to do some research for this one, because I don’t know that much about Reverse Falls. Haha. But this was fun to do. Thanks for the request! Reverse Ford in palette B-7.

Send me a character and a color palette and I’ll draw them.

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With your Undercover cop AU, which is amazing and cute on so many levels, I was wondering how old Bokuto and Akaashi were? Akaashi seems like with his maturity he's in his late twenties/early thirties, while Bokuto seems to be in his early twenties.

I don’t have any exact ages for them, but they’re about 7-8 years older than in the original series. So around mid twenties, give or take a couple of years.

You’re right, Bokuto may seem a bit childish since he doesn’t really do anything to earn his living and he has no responsibilities whatsoever (yet haha). Akaashi may seem older because he’s already been through a lot in his life and he’s intelligent and determined and very passionate about his work~

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Hi Elliot! I went and got my vision checked today, and it was -7.00 in both eyes. I'm nearsighted so I've had huge jumps recently. I was wondering, because you wear glasses, do you wear contacts when you cosplay, or is your vision not so bad to the point you need them to see all the time?

Hey there! I have pretty awful eyesight haha, I need glasses/contacts all the time unless I have something like 3 inches from my face XD I just buy my cosplay contacts for my prescription. Honeycolor has a really easy really affordable system for getting colored contacts or circle lenses or whatever you need in your prescription, that’s where the bulk of us all get our contacts from (us being, me, Jet, Fox, and most of our friends) hope this has helped! 

Schedule “Progress” Picture

I know, it’s crazy. And I don’t even have my work schedule for tutoring yet! But these things are bound to change anyway as I figure out how much time I actually need to get certain types of work done. I think I might actually split this up into two separate schedules: “absolute obligations” (such as class, work, and meals) and “flexible obligations” (such as homework I can reschedule if something comes up). Just because there’s so much going on here haha.

I’ll probably end up working 7-9 each night, except for Wednesdays for obvious reasons, since I can pretty much set my own hours for tutoring. (Which is reaaally nice!)

But more importantly, I’ve started to come up with “rules” for my schedule. I think this is important because when you have flexible, “fake” classes, you may be prone to neglect those obligations. Even if you really want to do them. It just happens. I know I need structure, and I’m sure I’m not alone. So what are the rules I’ve come up with so far?

  • Flexible obligations are only mildly flexible. They can be moved around if needed, but the time should be made up within one day. If that’s completely impossible, it needs to be schedule ASAP at a time where the work will definitely be done. However, if the work absolutely needs to get done at that time for the next class, the time is not negotiable.
  • Flashcards or notes must be reviewed every night before bed, optionally every morning. It’s an easy but powerful way to review, so do NOT pass this up!
  • Be strict on your bedtime and morning routines. These help to lock in the structure of your schedule and will help you sleep.
  • Wake time is non-negotiable, but bed time can be. This helps to set a good sleep schedule. While bed time should also be the same each night, it’s unrealistic to think you will never have important reasons to stay up occasionally. So setting a specific wake time for every day is important. (Also, sleep debt is a myth, just get into a good sleep schedule.)
  • Short breaks should be taken periodically when working. It can be anywhere as soon as after 25 minutes of work or 55 minutes (with the break being about 5-10 minutes), but make sure it’s not over an hour, even if you’re in the zone. Doing work without breaks apparently hinders learning by tiring you out. Also, be sure your “break time” isn’t something distracting or else you will likely have trouble getting back to work. Try meditating, eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom. You may even want to workout during one of the breaks!
  • Let your friends know what you’re doing. Not only will this prevent them from distracting you via text message, but if you tend to be flaky about these things, they might be able to remind you to keep working or ask you what you’re working on. Whatever it takes to be on track!

If I think of more, I’ll post them with the finalized schedule! Also, just as a note, your schedule doesn’t have to look like mine to work. I just really enjoy studying and being very thorough about my work. Plus, I don’t really do much else, in all honesty.

If you want to make your own schedule using my blank template, you can download the Word file here!


I was tagged @thereisamissingpart to post 6 selfies from 2016 köszi!!!! 

I’m posting 7 cuz I couldn’t choose hahaha (I tried to make them to be in time order haha)

I tag: @ziatta (because of that fantastic selfie xd) @mayhematic @viking-badger @william-shakespeare-jr @thethroneoffirenowbelongstome @ikilledemall @doohmmagahden @bruceedickinson @lord-of-the-blackened-sun @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross @vladimemeputain @whiteriotariotofmyown @helloweeny-gamma-maiden @brendonpackin @fleshbutt-apocalypse @floregrohlssard @bassist-blog @valhallas-mighty-walls @akasztofaviragpor and anyone who wants to do this


To the first question: I replied to something similar here a while back regarding the types of brushes I use. And to add on, I use Photoshop CS6! 

To the second question: ACK this one’s been sitting in my inbox for a while but I haven’t forgotten! So here’s my answer–the numbers will correspond to the picture! 

1. I use a Handbook Journal sketchbook; the paper’s really great and takes ink and watercolors really nicely! 

2. I have a Moleskine to jot down thoughts, ideas, & writing. Sometimes it’s post-it notes, and I just got a big pack of yellow legal pads the other day, which I love. 

3. Kuretake Zig Clean Color - these are SUPER cool; they respond to water, so you can pull off some fun watercolor techniques with these, which is why I like them! You can get them in a variety of colors too! 

4. Koi Color Brush Pen - It works well with the Kuretake Zigs! I like it as an underdrawing tool, it gives the drawing a nice soft look. 

5. Blue Heron Water Pen - I like this over the other water pens because the end hasn’t given out, haha 

6. Kuretake Disposable Pocket Brush Pen - the best pen. You’ve probably seen a lot of people with this juggernaut. I do a lot of inking with this one! 

7. Uniball Signo White Pen - THIS is the queen of white pens; this is the only thing that I know that actually works. 

8. Pilot Vball Pen & Pentel Hybrid Tech Pen, both 0.5 - I use these the most, actually. It’s a pretty easy pen and I use these to doodle, write down things, sketch, and sometimes make more finished art. 

9. Pentel Brush Pen - I think?? It’s been so long I’ve totally forgotten…great for inking, the ink comes out nicely!


11. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen - this is SUPER nice; so elegant, makes such nice thin lines and easy to refill! 


So, yeah! Lots of fun stuff–I’ve gotten questions about this before, so I figured I’d put together something more comprehensive!