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I've noticed you and a few others on your page seem to think the ending was happier than I did... Why do people think the boy band is alive? After Noctis dies on the throne and goes into the afterlife/ring universe, they're right there next to him.

I dunno…It just didn’t even register to me that those scenes were kinda implying everyone was dead my first play through. I thought that scene in the afterlife were everyone shows up to help Noct win was more of a Kingdom Heartsy “my friends are my power” type thing, like knowing they supported him gave him all the strength he needed to win….but apparently it was more of a ‘hey Ardyn, meet us in the ally behind the afterlife Macy’s because you killed all of us so the whole clique’s here to rumble.’ I still don’t really buy it 100% that everyone is just dead. I DIDN’T WAIT 10 YEARS JUST TO WATCH EVERYONE DIE, SQUARE!

And even though I didn’t think this at the time, because, again, it went completely over my head that they had diedI also would have thought Noct would allow the bros to attend his ghost wedding. But then we know for a stone cold fact Regis is dead and Noct doesn’t let him attend, so who knows with him. Maybe he was jumping around from afterlife fantasy to afterlife fantasy, and had one private happy wedding with Luna then went camping with the best bros in the world in the other. Or who knows? Maybe that camping scene happened during the journey from Hammerhead to Insomnia, but it just felt better to add it in at the end instead of right then and there. 

So yeah, I don’t know. I’m still not fully convinced everyone is just dead as dirt. I don’t tend to believe in off screen deaths, and that little shot of them joining Noct to finish Ardyn doesn’t sell it to me that they are dead. Maybe I’m being blindly optimistic, but I just don’t buy it. Noct’s “I leave it to you” makes me think he really believes they are going to be the ones to clean up the world once he’s gone…so for them to die two seconds later feels a little shitty story wise. I’m never a big fan of endings in general, but if they really did just flat out murder their entire cast, then who the fuck cares about this story anymore? Why do I care about the state of the world after Noct brings back the light if everyone I cared about is just dead now (I’m sorry, but Cindey and Iris and even dare I say Cor were just not given enough story to be compelling enough for me to really still care about this game’s world without the bros in it.)?  I don’t want a DLC of Prompto if I know he’s just gone bite it in a blaze of lackluster off screen bullshit. That was hyperbolic, if that is the case, Square, I will be unhappy with you, but you will still be getting my money…lord knows you own me. 

(Besides, people say the Iron Giants squashed them….???? These guys who have learned to live in a daemon fill world for 10 goddamn years slip up on three Iron Giants? I took out four level 90 something ones pretty much single handley in Castlemark’s deeper dungeon (because the other bros just couldn’t stay the FUCK alive, so yeah, maybe that’s a fair point, but come on! We couldn’t use items!)

I’ve derailed, a lot…but I think i’ve made my points…I’m sure I’m wrong, but I’m happy in my wrongness. I’m not going to fight to bring anyone onto my ‘everyone but Noct lives’ side, or say anyone who believes they all dead is wrong. Truth is I really don’t know, and until the game spells it out for me in canon I’m going to keep enjoying my optimistic view of ambiguity of dat ending™.


Top 15 Hobbit cast members as voted by fans: Number nine 

“Coming back to New Zealand, it’s interesting because I’ve had this amazing journey since the whole thing started. And some of you were here when we were 10 years younger, 14 years younger. And the thing that’s always struck me was just the spirit of New Zealand, the people, all of you guys. It’s sort of something that I’m so grateful to have been able to come back and experience again. And I hope it’ll stand me through for the next 15, 20 years or hopefully more because the genuine truth and reality of all of you people is just something that the rest of the world only gets to experience mostly through watching “Lord of the Rings” or “The Hobbit”. And that’s great. Thank to you, Pete. I love you all. Thank you so much.” - Orlando Bloom

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I haven't been watching Teen Wolf because I didn't want to watch gross Srydia scenes. But I might watch because I miss Malia, Scott, and Parrish (And Kira but the writers are shitheads and got rid of her) so much. T_T Is it worth it? Should I watch?

You know, technically speaking there is not too much Srydia. Little shitty things that make Srydia shippers lose their shit and us roll our eyes, but nothing is confirmed. On the other hand…writing and storyline SUCK. In your place I would wait to 6x10, watch all 10 eps and decide if I want watch the rest. Or wait whole season and just check after the finale how much anti srydia people regret their life choices :P

BTS reacting to their idol crush playing a main role in a romantic drama with another member

1291 words. For a freaking reaction. This is getting out of hand& well now try to imagine how long it takes me to write a chapter for a fanfiction. 

Request:  bts reaction to his idol crush playing a main role in a romantic drama with another member

Rapmonster: Would try to ignore it.  But at some point all the other members have visited the filming side and it would be weird if he wouldn’t visit, too and GREAT he had to chose the day where you have to shot the only kissing scene in the whole thing. And you’re completely embarrassed because a) you and your filming partner are buddies but nothing more(!!) and b) because there is that super hot guy who has been staring at you for the last 10 minutes.  So as you’re about to kiss there suddenly is just this enormous crash. And you shoot apart and when you look over the super hot guy is just standing there, a sheepish smile on his face as he starts to apologize. So you get introduced to him (“That’s Namjoon, our band leader…also known as god of destruction”) and to his surprise you start helping him and the stuff with cleaning up. Somewhere between small talk (“I listened to your music, it’s really good”) and putting a band-aid on his finger after he cut himself on a shard he manages up the courage to ask you for your number.

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Jin: Maybe the only one who would act like a normal human being about it. Would probably ask his fellow band member to be introduced to you and you two hit it off pretty quickly. (“wow what the hell do they breed perfect people with perfect voices in the basement of your record company?” - “oh my god shut up you are going to boost his ego even further”) But even though there is definitely some chemistry between the two off you he doesn’t want to make the first move while you are still working on the movie, since he thinks it could be awkward. Would be totally flustered and happy beyond belief when you finally ask him for his number.

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J-Hope: Announces on a V-App stream that you and his fellow band member are working together, using the words “amazing”, “Prettiest girl to ever walk this earth” and “I am so jealous right now”. So 200.000 people already know about his crush on you before you do and the next day all your social media accounts are flooded with messages about the two of you. You go pretty fast from “who the hell is this guy” to “shit he’s cute” to “oh my god no he is also charming and funny what do I do?!”. So at that point it’s kinda obligatory that he comes to the filming site the very first day. After ten minutes you already post cute couple selcas (“let’s do this for the fans” also for my poor heart holy shit please don’t ever let me go you are so fucking perfect), and at the end of the day you’re already in love- and you have a date the next day so hell yes!)

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V: Well, all the other band members know he has a crush on you. It’s kind of hard to miss, with your pictures on his phone, him quoting lines from your movies and talking about you all the goddamn time. So the first time he is at the filming site he tries to keep his inner fanboy on the leash, but that is kind of useless. (“Did I tell you about that friend of mine who is in love with you and kind of a stalker? Yeah, that’s him” - “You didn’t mention that he is cute how could you not mention that?!” - “Uhm because I’m straight and now I’ll just leave so the two of you can do the whole flirting thing”) At this point Taehyung is bright red and stammering and it is really cute and you try to help him out and make the whole thing less terrible for him by telling him you like their music. Out of sheer nervousness  he offers you to sing something for you and shit now you are in love.

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Jungkook: Would probably stick around the filming set whenever he gets the chance to, and pretty much everybody besides you knows he has a crush on you. At first he is just that kid you greet whenever you cross ways, but then he pulls some impressive shit (like dancing. Or singing or just existing who am I kidding here) and you two get to talk. He is super shy and nervous, but also incredibly funny and sweet, and he would confess to you in a really nervous and stiff way (“oh my god of course we can go out but you looked so serious I thought somebody had died!”) But he would also be a little bit possessive and you have to remind him once in awhile that this is just acting, and it is your job, goddamnit.

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Jimin: He doesn’t care. At all. That’s what he tells himself. And he knows it’s a huge fucking lie, but he would just try to ignore the whole thing. He leaves when the others talk about it and doesn’t even visit the filming scene (“I’d love to, but I am so busy right now! But you’ll do great! Fighting!”), but he can’t avoid going to the premiere. And at some point he just blurts out “Oh my god, she is so perfect, this is just unfair”- not knowing that you and like everyone in the whole room heard that. You turn around to look at him and make some smug comment, but then you look at him and go bright red because if anybody here is perfect it’s actually him. At the gala party afterwards you are introduced to each other and it’s one of the most awkward moments in your life because “Like are you going to talk? Or just keep staring at each other with heart eyes? By the way she is really good at kissing and I’ll text you his phone number!” The beginning is a little bit bumpy because  his “Would you mind if I really just stared at you for another few  minutes? I’m sorry, I’m still not over how beautiful you are” is one of the most genuine and embarrassing pick up lines you have ever heard.

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Suga:  Would try to tell himself that it doesn’t bother him. But he can’t help to be a little pissed, and he would act even more grumpy than usual. And no, it’s nothing, so can he please just be left alone and have some goddamn peace and quiet? It takes some time for the others to figure it out, but then they just set you up with him on a blind date. That would go something like: “Listen he is super grumpy and kind of creepy sometimes but below all of that he is really sweet and please can you go out with him, even if it’s just for the greater good? Also he sleeps a lot anyways so he is super easy to take care off!”  Eventually you agree, even though you expect some psychopath with shadows from below his eyes to his chin. But  when you meet him he is just this super flustered guy who is a little awkward at first and has a really cool hair color. The two of you hit it off pretty fast and at the end of the day you send a text to your filming partner, along the lines off: “Okay why didn’t you just show me a picture of him? Honestly now you could tell me he eats innocent children for dinner- and I wouldn’t even mind, his face is actual perfection.” That little shit decides to take a screenshot and send it to Yoongi, and yep, you are definitely replacing the face alcohol with real one for that one scene the next day.

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