because deaded fits with every post

Okay, but… Vampires on tumblr with aesthetic blogs. And not just gore or creepy aesthetic blogs, either.

Vampires who’ve got to count every grain of rice if you spill it on the floor having a blog that’s entirely pictures of things fitting into other things in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Vampires who grew up in a decade of the last century reblogging nostalgia stuff about that decade, and, conversely, laughing at ‘90s kid nostalgia because the ‘90s were terrible.

Vampire children with blogs where they reblog nothing but toys or pastel aesthetic. 

Vampires who are into fandom and somehow have a lot of time on their hands to make cool edits, which are nearly always posted in the dead of night and then reposted as part of their queue.  

Vampires who have secret sideblogs with nothing on them but pictures of sunrises and sunsets.

Aestheticblogging vampires.

anonymous asked:

For my roleplay blogs, I usually follow blogs of that faceclaim with really nice gifs and photos (and for kpop stars, the same hair colour lmao), and they have to post consistently but never over the top posting (like 20 a day, every day). Your blog 100% fits those criteria's! Congrats, I guess. But, seriously, I really love your blog. I am weary with yoonmin but your blog is, none the less, the highlight of my entire feed (mostly because my rp is basically dead right now.)

Oh wow! Rigid qualifications! haha. :) I’m glad I made the cut! And sorry for making you suffer through all the YoonMin. XD

Seriously, thank you very much for appreciating my blog and feeling like it’s the highlight of your feed… even if it’s only for the current circumstances 😅

Should you need any gif that you think I can help provide… feel free to ask and just mention if it is urgent haha… 


I just get extra annoyed when people are like “Beth was so annoying in earlier seasons” because like, please go on, try and tell me why she was annoying without coming off as ridiculously sexist or just moronic because… what legit things did she do that were just so annoying to you, hm? What? She was annoying because she sang? Because she… took care of a baby? Because she tried to take her own life after going through a horribly traumatic experience, only to decide she wanted to live?

Or was she just annoying because she didn’t fit your bullshit standards  of how the only way a female character can be ‘cool’ is if she’s physically strong and violent and aggressive, aka more masculine? Is that is?

Was she annoying to you because she was in every respect a teenage girl? I mean, heaven forbid. How annoying, right?

I suspect that Shay Cormac will not live past the events of AC Rogue. This is because there’s no mention of him in ACIII. Granted, it’s very likely because Shay was simply not thought up of at the time. But in order to instill continuity with the lore and AC Canon, it makes sense. Not only that how Shay hunted down the Assassins was so horrific that he’s never talked about post the French and Indian War, but he’s also simply not talked about because he’s dead. 

It also would fit for what’s been proclaimed by Ubisoft execs as “the darkest game of the series.” So far every Assassin in a released game has survived. It would fit with the dark tone if Shay did not.