Life messes with everyone. I’ve been homeless, know what it’s like to be hungry, saw my husband cry because he felt like a failure because he thought he could not provide for his family, lied and said things were fine when they were really bad but you know what? I survived. My struggles have made me a rock solid woman, an understanding mother and a loyal wife. We all go through hard times but nothing stays bad forever. I’m living proof. Remember this:

I believe in you!

i pretty much feel like a failure because i wasn’t good in high school and had to drop out from college,i don’t see my mental illness as an excuse as others have mental illness and are still functional.

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What if the hand with three fingers shown in the fight was the hand of the arm Amon lost in TG and that's the reason why he's called Floppy? O_o Was really him? Did his regeneration fail?

That hand is most likely from the arm Amon lost. Floppy’s disfigured right hand

and then the right arm that Amon lost thanks to Kaneki (chapter 134)

Amon failed as one of Kanou’s experiments, unlike Seidou, which is shown by the fact that his arm didn’t regenerate properly.

But his name as Floppy to me is based on the theory that he was deemed a failure because his kagune were unusable. It would explain why he constantly wears a cloak (to hide his ‘floppy’ kagune that don’t retract back into his body) and uses a quinque and Arata armour instead (although that could be also be attributed to Amon’s investigator side).

probably comes from the fact that his kagune are basically unusable.

A Lady’s Guide to Education
  1. Seek wisdom before all else, and knowledge will be added onto you.
  2. Keep organized with everything you do.
  3. Do assignments once you are assigned them.
  4. Ask for help - tutors and teachers are paid to assist you.
  5. It is much better to understand than to memorize.
  6. Although grades are not everything, they are important.
  7. You will not always be the smartest person in the room and that’s ok.
  8. Accept failure because it is from failure that we grow.
  9. Sit in the front of the class, always.
  10. Do not allow any of your time to go unwasted. 
  11. Procrastination speaks ill of your study habits. Avoid it.
  12. Education can be more than books - learn a skill, craft, or the like.
  13. Keep a journal to record thoughts and ideas.
  14. A professional mentor is important for your educational journey.
  15. Never accept mediocrity, be an exemplary to the best of your ability.
  16. Sleep and eat well, also do not forget to exercise.
  17. Praying without action will not get you an A. 
  18. Study what aligns with your gut instinct and passion in life.
  19. Avoid developing and acting on crushes on your professors. 
  20. Whatever you choose to do, serve others wholeheartedly.  

Finally, Do not forget about God. 

Treading Lightly

Anon: Prompt- Illya gets really upset and goes on one of his rampages, breaking things and whatnot. Gaby has to calm him down. She talks to him softly, telling him it’ll all be okay as she kisses him and smooths her hands through his hair.

“You’re mother would not be happy to hear that her only son was eliminated because of his failure to serve his country. Do what you must, or both of you will be laying beside your father.”

He dropped the phone, leaving it to hang by its wire. The images flooded his brain, the marching sound thumped in his ears in synchronicity to his quick heartbeat. His vision was becoming splotchy the tighter he gripped the desk.

“I grabbed what you-Illya?” Gaby paused at the door watching him shake violently, crouched over the desk.

First it was the vase, before she could slip another word out it was flying across the room and smashing against the wall. Then the desk was violently flipped over, everything on it went in different directions. Gaby covered her face, trying to avoid the small glass pieces. She threw the aspirin he asked for onto the bed before running over to him.

Now it was the mirror, punching it only once but causing all of it to shatter at once. gaby turned away just in time to save her body from the shards, but Illya was not so lucky.

“illya! Stop please!” She tried to grab his arm but he ripped away, storming to the other side of the room. He kicked a chair into the wall in a swift motion, slowly but surely he was going to rip apart everything in the hotel room if she didn’t stop him.

She gave up on trying to force him and instead quickly wrapped herself around him. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. She was now positioned so he couldn’t see anything but her face dearly close to his. 

He continued to walk around in frustration with her wrapped around him, not making eye contact with her. He grumbled a few things under his breath, but she noticed his hands were slowly starting to relax. She ran her hands through his slick hair, feeling the soft roots underneath.

“Illya, Illya look at me.” Her voice was soft, but unwavering.

He had finally stopped pacing and now they stood in the middle of a shattered room.

“It’s all going to be okay.” She didn’t know why he had gone on his rampage or what to say to him, other than that he was okay and that he wasn’t alone.

His heavy breathing was now down to it’s normal pace and his muscles were a bit more relaxed. And now that he had finally stopped moving around she noticed the big gash on his forehead with a piece of glass sticking out of it.

“Let’s fix you up, yeah?” She kissed him lightly on the cheek, rubbing her thumb over a smaller cut under his eye.

He walked over to the one part of the room that hadn’t been touched, the bedroom. He sat at the top of the bed, Gaby still wrapped around him. She turned on the bedside lamp to get a better look at his cut.

“Stay here. I’m gonna go grab some bandages. And this time, don’t break anything else when I come back.” Her voice was light but he knew she was serious, bringing a small, bittersweet smile to his face.


A few minutes later Gaby returned with a white bandage, tweezers, and some alcohol to clean the wound.

She set them on the bed and sat on his lap, focused on the injury.

“Don’t move.” Before he could reply she had picked up the tweezers and placed them on his head. With a quick motion she pulled out the glass, Illya sat still, not pained by the removal.

“Thank you.” He sounded somber, to Gaby’s surprise. She looked up from the tweezers she was cleaning to see his sad look. Her heart sank to her stomach, she had never sen him like this in the two years she had worked with him.

“It’s okay.” She inspected the wound for anymore glass shards that had dispatched themselves in him. After finding nothing, she silently grabbed a cloth and poured the isopropyl onto it.

“What caused the rampage?” She was quiet, trying to tread lightly in his emotions.

He winced as she patted the cloth against the open wound.

“It was…the KGB, they used a leverage against me that I never thought they would use…”

The images flashed into Gaby’s mind of Illya telling her of his past in bed one night on a mission not too long ago.

“I thought they knew not to use that against you because of the incident at the training school?” She pulled the wrapping off the bandage causing her to slip a little on his lap. He quickly had his hands on her waist to hold her still. 

They were both quiet for a moment before she slowly placed the bandage on his head, smoothing it out just below his hairline.

“I guess they needed the information so urgently that they thought that was the only way to motivate me to do it.”

Gaby couldn’t stand to see him this way, she grabbed his stubble face with both of her hands and slowly kissed him. He slowly wrapped his arm to her upper back to keep her balanced. They held the kiss, enjoying each others warmth, Illya could slightly taste Orange on her lips from earlier.

They pulled away, but kept their foreheads against each other, Gaby only resting against the non injured part.

“No matter what they say, I will always be here for you and you will never mean anything less than the world to me.” Illya breathed in deeply, relishing her words. She lightly pecked him on the lips before suggesting they should get ready for bed.

She got up, taking the glass and bloody cloth to the trash. She quickly changed into her sleepwear and walked back out Illya. He was already changed and laying in the bed, reading a book on astronomy.

She knew he had always loved to learn about the stars, especially in his youth when he felt alone. She smiled to herself, watching his peaceful stature for a moment.

He looked up from the book and smiled at her. This side of Illya was a very private one and she knew he only shared it with her. She knew how important she was to him, she realized it the first day they met. He had no trouble secretly warming up to her, telling her how much he really did love her. Sometimes she wished they lived a different live. One without so much danger and hurt, where they could show their feelings for each other beyond closed doors. But if they did it would serve each other as a weakness to the adversary. But that didn’t stop her from loving him so much. She didn’t have a lot of stable things in life that were good for her, but Illya was one of them and she wouldn’t trade the world for it. She knew he had a hard life as well, and she was more than happy to be a stability in his life.

“Come here.” He laughed a bit, enjoying her smile that plastered her face.

She laid down on the bed next him, her head resting on his chest with his arm wrapped around her. He continued to read to himself, twirling a strand of Gaby’s hair in one hand.

She was asleep in minutes, a small smile still on her face. He finished the chapter and looked down to her sleeping figure.

He laid the book down quietly on the night stand, trying to move his body as little as possible. He adjusted himself so he was laying flat on the bed, Gaby still curled up into him.

The mission could wait till the morning, for now he was enjoying a much more important mission at hand. Spending quiet time with his fake fiancé, soon to be real one.

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one! Thank you to the anon who sent me the prompt! Please send me more, as I love to write them for you and receiving feedback! X


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Ladies and gentlemen, here’s how the Patriarchy started.

Women like men with high status and power. Women, in general, do NOT (sexually) respect men with a lower socioeconomic status than themselves. Not even a feminist will bring herself to date a short / jobless man - but a man will date a short / jobless woman. This is what is called HYPERGAMY.

This is how the Patriarchy began. This is what will keep it alive.

Men seek to have higher status than women because failure to do so means they are not just sexually rejected - it means they are also extremely expendable. See how society shuns homeless men but not homeless women. This is not because of Patriarchy - it’s because, like every other species in the animal kingdom (of which humans are a part), males with low social status are disposed of.

To destroy the Patriarchy you have to destroy male disposability.

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When I was 21 I was at my parents and I saw a big ass spider in the garage, so I made a flamethrower out of wd40 and a lighter, and burnt the spider, it set fire to the wall, and to this day my parents think an overheated drill caused it.

I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WD40 WAS A SPRAY i thought it was like the oil equivalent of some super lube but good work you did the job and u did what u set out to do, so dont look back because it definitely wasnt a failure, but a flawless victory

Imagine the Monday before Niki is suppose to tie/beat the Diva’s Title reign streak, Stephanie tells Nikki that because of her recent failures she will be defending her title. Nikki goes out, there a long pause, Aj Lee’s music hits, she runs out, pins Nikki and becomes the Diva’s champion again.

I dropped Crystal when the Black Moon arc started because I couldn’t stand it any more. I’ve never seen such poorly choreographed fights, poor artwork and suicidal writing. Doesn’t matter if it’s more or less faithful to the manga: what matters is that somebody at Toei; somewhere; even if it’s just the caterers; cared a single iota about the show. It’s clear that they didn’t.

Good job with the blog. People aren’t hating on Crystal because it’s different or because of nostalgia. They’re hating on it because it’s a failure that the creators should genuinely be ashamed of. Kyoto Animation turn out movie-quality animation 26 weeks a year, and these clowns can barely squeeze out the anime equivalent of a 12-year old’s first PowerPoint presentation once or twice a month?

Thanks again! <3

Due to his Jewish name, Roderich came under question in 1939 from the Nazi party. 

He was unable to prove who he actually was (a Nation, they’re sworn to secrecy on their identity), so they stripped his house of everything valuable, took his Steinway and sold all his belongings.Then they took him to Auschwitz. 

It was several months later when Ludwig and Gilbert got a telegram asking them to come and inspect a prisoner, nicknamed “the Devil that won’t Die.”

He had survived the gas chambers. 


When Roderich was delivered back to them he was emaciated and shaking and his eyes were distant and glazed.

It took two weeks for him to actually eat anything, and another two months to mutter anything other than prayers in Yiddish for all those who couldn’t say them anymore.

For over a decade afterwards he was confined to a wheelchair for a number of reasons, not least because the economy failure had left him weak, but because having his legs smashed in as punishment and then going through the gas chambers twice took quite the toll on him, despite his immortality.

There’s a few reasons why Roderich doesn’t talk about the war.

(Also aristokratischer I know you posted your version of this the other day but I found this gorier version in my drafts so… is that ok?)

We must allow ourselves to think, we must dare to think, even though we fail. It is in the nature of things that we always fail, because we suddenly find it impossible to order our thoughts, because the process of thinking requires us to consider every thought there is, every possible thought. Fundamentally we have always failed, like all the others, whoever they were, even the greatest minds. At some point, they suddenly failed and their system collapsed, as is proved by their writings, which we admire because they venture farthest into failure. To think is to fail, I thought.
—  Thomas Bernhard, Extinction
suicide tw

I have been self-conscious about giving my exact age on tumblr but whatever: 28 is the age I am and the age I saw myself dying at when I was  younger and specifically I am less than a month away from turning 29 and I was always like, “29 is almost thirty so that’s too old, 28 is when I should kill myself because then I’ll still be young and either I will have accomplished things or I’ll be a failure because if you don’t accomplish things by 28 you’re definitely a failure, but either way it will be Time To Die.” So in less than a month I will be older than I ever really saw myself getting until like… a few years ago, honestly. 


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