Age Difference Ships

Part ½: Non-Canon (But some of them basically are, so fight me.) 

Hayniss (24 years, operating off the 16 and 40 age estimate)

Bethyl (~20 years, operating with Beth being 18 when Daryl was in his late 30s/early 40s)

Charloe (~20-25 years as a best guess)

Rolarke (~15 years as a complete guess)

Pydia (18 years, if Peter started the series at 35 and Lydia at 17)
Magrudy Enterprises LLC

Magrudy’s began trading in 1975, and quickly became a central part of Dubai life. At first selling mainly educational toys and school supplies, children’s books formed part of our very first offering. By popular request, new categories were quickly added: mother and baby, cookery, fiction and so on. We had to open a second shop to fit in all the books, which were by this point the biggest part of our business.

Tobias Harvey

Faye Toogood’s Moody Blues

For the British designer, a private home in London’s Mayfair became a chance to reinvent the idea of Englishness with a palette of inky slates and moody blues, and the scent of leather and mud.

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