Close. Sam’s face is so close, Castiel can feel his warmth, their noses just short of brushing. Sam’s looking at him, his eyes focused but free of the worry that usually lies behind them, just easy calmness playing among his features now. Castiel supposes he himself looks far less collected as he can feel his face heat up and he’s frozen to the spot, all he wants is to close the last few inches between them but all he can do is focus on Samsamsamsam-

Do you want to kiss me?” Sam murmurs, shifting just a bit closer and brushing his nose ever so slightly against Castiel’s. The angel’s “Yes” tumbles out before Castiel can think about it, his heart beating faster. Sam’s lips turn up into a small smile and once again Castiel acts quicker than he realizes, closing the distance he thought he would never be able to. Sam is there to welcome him.
Magrudy Enterprises LLC

Magrudy’s began trading in 1975, and quickly became a central part of Dubai life. At first selling mainly educational toys and school supplies, children’s books formed part of our very first offering. By popular request, new categories were quickly added: mother and baby, cookery, fiction and so on. We had to open a second shop to fit in all the books, which were by this point the biggest part of our business.