He lost  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I wonder if Grandpapa Mycen’s keeping tally 

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MerMcCree, MerGenji and pirate fem!reader Drabble?


McCree waggled his eyebrows at you and you just rolled your eyes, listening to your crew amble into the port town to have fun. As he smirked you just raised an eyebrow, being able to read him like a book after all of these years. You met him as a child, growing while he remained the same and eventually you went to sea with McCree towing after you.

He tilted his head and you followed him, hiding under an arch and perching on a rock. Jesse finally pushed himself out of the water and you smiled at him, his webbed hand taking yours.

You pulled him close and pressed a kiss against his lips, which he quickly returned with his tail slapping happily behind him


You were tossed into the water by your second in command, though technically he was the one in command now. You heard the pleased sounds of you crewmate before hitting the water, you struggling to get to the surface. Your mouth opened in surprise as something grabbed your feet and you were dragged hundreds of miles before you could blink. 

You gasped air as you suddenly surfaced, something covered in metal rising with you. You stared at him, masculine chuckle coming from his chest, and your heart ached.

“My master would like to meet you,” he said and you nodded, just wanting to be around him, and he pulled you along and took you to the metal homunculus. 

when lgbtq kids spend time with each other, they have the freedom to share experiences, to explore more about themselves and their identities, to learn who they are and to be comfortable with it. realistically this is what happened to me in undergrad but it’s just a lot funnier to tell people that oberlin college turned me gay


“I didn’t want my father to get near, Christian. The day he was born I said it to my self with tears in my eyes, in the hospital. My father is never going to come near that child, because of the damage he did to me.”

Marlon Brando with his first son Christian Brando, born May 11, 1958.