I’ll be updating my Bechloe fic until I finish it. That means I’ll post a new chapter every week, so if you’re interested, I’ll leave you the link below the synopsis:

Beca is a rebel girl who isn’t good at making new friends and whose only worry is music. Nothing can distract her from becoming a DJ, except someone really special. But it seems that person is unattainable, and even if she doesn’t want to show her feelings and open to people, Chloe can take Beca’s wild side out and also make her see the world in a different way.

Genre: Humor/Romance

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So when I’m not posting edits, I’m writing fics, that keeps me quite busy. I hope you like it :)


#chloe’s face is so funny #that immediate ‘oh shit’ expression as she glances over at beca #like she knows how sensitive beca is about her height #but you know she’s the only person who can tease beca about it without beca getting super pissed #it’s like she’s waiting for beca to explode #which is why she was so prepared to physically hold her back when her lid flipped #chloe beale aka best girlfriend in the world