Slow Motion

A/N: This is the most poorly written piece of smut ever omg. I’m so sorry. But this song, does things to my body, and should do things to other peoples bodies. Let’s be real here.
Words: ~1.3k

I know you got all dressed up for the club, waitin’ on n** to pick you up, baby ooh, when I saw you walkin’ out the door, I just knew you needed somethin’ more.

A short black dress caught the eye of Kommissar. A familiar head of brown hair heading through the exit of the club. Finishing her beer the German set the bottle onto the bar and walked after the brunette. The blonde stepped out onto the pavement and looked around, not spotting the small American anywhere. There were only a few days until Worlds, but most of the groups had come early to explore Copenhagen.

A vibration in her tight black skinny jeans cause her eyes to fall, fingers sliding out her phone with ease.

[Maus]: I saw you following. Room 218.

Kommissar popped an eyebrow, dark red lips twitching upwards. Sliding the phone back into her pocket, she threw on her jacket, throwing a leg over her motorcycle. Pushing the helmet over her head, she turned the key in the ignition and sped off to the hotel.


Her hair was slightly messy, but the German didn’t really care at this point. Beca and her had been flirting on and off ever since the riff-off back in Louisiana. They had exchanged numbers, and at least for her, it wasn’t a problem keeping things secret. The tall blonde stood in front of the room labelled 218, and knocked softly, the door creaking open at her touch.

There was some slow music playing in the background and she walked through the door, shutting it behind her. So far there was no sign of the small Bella, but Kommissar knew better than to let her guard down. The room was dim; she could only make out a leather chair by the king size bed, and a few scattered belongings. The scent of perfume hung in the air, along with the faint smell of alcohol. Walking towards the bed she set her helmet on the dresser, suddenly feeling fingers dancing up her sides.

A smile stretched across Kommissar’s face as she turned around to be faced with the small woman. “Mmm, what is this, maus?” her voice was rough as she looked the brunette up and down. Her hair fell onto her shoulders in waves of brown, her green eyes were lined with black, her lips had the softest pink color on them. All she wore was a lacy black bra, with some matching underwear, fishnet stockings, and heels.

Beca’s eyes nearly reached her own, and she felt herself swallow hard. “Something wrong?” she asked innocently, as the German backed up a little, the back of her legs hitting the dresser. “Nien…” she managed to choke out as Beca dragged her over to the leather chair by the bed. The blonde let out a huff of air as brunette seemed to easily push her back into the chair. She was going to lose her cool; this was something that she definitely hadn’t prepared for and seeing the American woman dressed… or rather undressed like this was driving her wild inside.

The Bella grabbed the belt loops of the German’s skinny jeans, pulling them down her long, fair skinned legs. Kommissar held her breath, unsure of how to react quite yet; she was really trying to keep herself calm, and in control. The music in the background continued; the soft beat, the slow rhythm; the way Beca moved made the German want to squirm where she sat.

Baby, I just wanna get you out them clothes, I just wanna see you dance in… slow motion; we can take, we can take, we can take our time, baby, in slow motion.

The smaller girl swung herself over the blonde’s lap, a devilish smile across her face. “I thought that even though we’re competing against each other… that I could- still wish you good luck,” the brunette said in between kissing Kommissar’s neck, nipping and sucking, only leaving light marks. The blonde growled softly, her hands trailing up the brunette’s soft legs. That’s when Beca started dancing; her hips ground upwards against the German’s core, a moan escaping her dark red lips.

A hum of satisfaction left the younger woman’s throat and she grabbed the jacket that Kommissar still wore. “Do you like that?” she whispered in her ear, continuing to grind up and down against the woman beneath her. The hot breath tickled, and Kommissar had to swallow hard before she decided to wrap her arms underneath Beca, and lifted both of them from the chair. “You will see just how much I like it…” her voice was husky, filled with lust.

The blonde set the girl on the bed before discarding her jacket, and pulling off her tank top. Beca lay on the bed, watching, a smile crossing her face while she bit her lip playfully. Kommissar returned the smile, but her eyes were hungry. Climbing on top of the brunette she started by peppering light kisses over her jaw, her neck, her collarbones, the Bella wriggling beneath her. Her blue eyes flicked upwards only momentarily to catch the green ones looking down at her.

Baby, why don’t you make yourself comfortable; while I go and put this tongue on you.

A hard bite to the Bella’s collarbone made her yelp, but the long, soothing lick afterwards made her moan. Kommissar ran her hand over the brunette’s core, her hips jerking off the bed. The blonde made her way down Beca’s torso, along her abdomen, and up her thighs; alternating between nibbles, licks and harder bites that would leave dark marks. “Ugh, Kom-“ Beca started, but she was cut off. “Luisa, call me Luisa,” the German spoke, her voice ragged.

So tell me when you’re ready, I’ma speed up for ya, just for a second, for a second, just for a second; then I’ma slow it down and keep it steady.

Luisa tugged down Beca’s black underwear, noticing already how wet they were. “Luisa, please,” the Bella begged, lifting her head off the bed to watch the German. The blonde hovered right over the brunette’s clit, looking up at Beca with a grin. She was taken by surprise when Beca lifted her hips from the bed, pushing herself right into the blonde’s mouth. Luisa wasted no time, feeling a jolt in her own body at the contact.

Wrapping her lips around the brunette’s center she licked slowly, swirling her tongue around one way before circling it in the other direction. Long arms reached up to fondle the Bella’s breasts as her tongue worked. Beca could only moan loudly and grind her hips upwards. She broke the contact with her mouth and heard the Bella gasp, but it wasn’t long before Luisa gave a long lick from the bottom of her slit up to her clit and went back to work, speeding up a little. The smaller girl’s thighs twitched beside her head, and Luisa thought it was time. She brought one of her hands down, and slid two fingers easily into the smaller woman.

Adjusting the pace of her fingers, she was pumping them in and out of the girl at the same speed as the song that was playing. Curling them against the brunette’s sweetest spot. The German could feel her walls starting to close down, and she increased her speed, as well as going a little deeper into the woman. “L-luisa!” she screamed, ecstasy washing over the Bella’s body, her limbs tightening and twitching as she rode her high.

As soon as she was done, the blonde released her hold and got up from the bed. Gathering her belongings and sliding her shirt and pants on, throwing her jacket over her shoulder. Beca was still gathering her breath, but propped herself on her elbows, lust filling her own eyes. Luisa looked over her shoulder as she picked up her helmet. “You will be the one needing the luck, my feisty maus,” she said as she left the room with a  grin.

Undisclosed Desires 5/?

Previous Parts 

Beca tapped her phone against her lips and sighed loudly. A month. It had been a month since she’d last seen Mina. That weekend had been such a whirlwind and she had loved every single second of it, but as with all things, it had to end. The tour had resumed, and Mina was off with DSM and Muse with promises from the both of them to call and text and Skype as much as possible.

The reality of it was, they only got to talk for a few minutes a day between all the time zones and Beca’s classes and Mina’s performances. They were the best few minutes of Beca’s day, and she hoped the best few of Mina’s too. From the way her face lit up every time they were on Skype, Beca thought so.

Texting was easier, a quick text between sets, on the road, while Beca was in class, it didn’t matter. There were at least a hundred texts between them a day, ranging from the mundane, what they were doing to rather in depth conversations about anything and everything. Beca felt herself falling harder and harder for a woman she’d only met twice. But she connected with her more than she had anyone else. And that had to mean something.

She sighed again and Amy looked over. “Oi, what the hell are you on about now? Do you need more butt confidence for that presentation tomorrow?”

Beca scooted more towards the wall by her bed. “Uh, no, I’m good. Really, really good. I’m just…I miss Mina, that’s all. Which is stupid because I mean, how can I miss her after such a short time, but like…I do. It’s whatever.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I miss the things that Pieter can do to a woman’s body.”

No, no that really did not make her feel any better, but at least Amy was trying. At least they had gotten plenty of use out of the room Beca had left for them, that night. She shivered a little bit at that, but at least she had had the good sense to not try to go home. Instead, she’d spent the entire night with Mina, talking for a long time, cuddling, kissing. It definitely hadn’t been where she thought the night was going but it had been sweet, almost innocent. It had been good for them, she thought.

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Okay. I’ve gotten my fair share of hate mail over my writing and that’s totally fine. To each their own… But I seriously just got a message that threw me for a loop. It was pretty threatening to be honest… Telling me I should be “disappointed” in myself for not updating sooner and other things I won’t even mention. Do all the fanfic writers a favor anon and do what your mama taught you. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Fanfic writers write FOR FREE. At their own pace. We share our passion for characters we love for others who love them as much as we do. Any writer willing to share their work on the Internet should be appreciated and respected in their own way. Please.

The Red String of Fate 1/10

SUMMARY: Two people connected by the red thread called “the red string of fate” are said to be destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. Fate was always careful in choosing two people who truly belonged together and bestowing upon them this gift. So when Beca and Chloe just couldn’t get it together, and when everything around them just seems to pull them apart, Fate decides to intervene through a play/musical where the cast and crew are the recently graduated Bellas and Trebles, and with Beca, Chloe, and Jesse on center stage.

1: Jesse’s Girl

Beca was in a rush to leave work. Chloe said she wanted to talk to her about something important and asked to meet up at their favorite coffee shop. Beca has no idea why, maybe it was with the nervous sound of Chloe’s voice over the phone or maybe it was the strange feeling that’s been taking over her ever since they’ve moved in together four months ago, but she could feel her heart beating incredibly fast, butterflies ready to explode in her stomach.

Up atop someplace Fate smiles. Finally.

Chloe was doing her best to not panic. She could feel her heart racing with every minute that kept passing. She got to the coffee shop first, sitting down at their usual booth, and waited for Beca to get there too. She couldn’t wait any longer, she’s waited long enough in the last four years.

Chloe knew she was maybe being selfish. Beca had Jesse. But Jesse’s been away, he’s barely been able to keep in touch with the young DJ, and Beca doesn’t seem to even notice. So maybe Chloe allowed herself to hope, the two were always close but the last four months they have been growing closer, and Chloe couldn’t wait anymore. She tried running away from her feelings, it didn’t work. She just has to face the music.

Each time some new costumer walked through the entrance of the coffee shop, Chloe’s head looked up with a hopeful smile that a familiar face would finally pop up and join her. And that was exactly what happened.

Except, it wasn’t Beca. It was Tom.

Chloe looked at her former flame in confusion as he ran towards the booth and eagerly sat opposite Chloe in the booth. He wanted her back, that’s not she wanted, he was being persistent, saying something about it being luck and destiny that he ran into her as he was thinking about her a lot. He reached out kissed the back of her hands, she barely nearly slapped him. He wasn’t listening that she didn’t want him. She wanted Beca.

But Beca didn’t hear a single word Chloe said. All she saw through the glass as she stood outside the coffee shop was Tom being sweet and romantic. She didn’t hear Chloe proclaiming her feelings for her to the wrong person, she didn’t see her stand and walk out. She had ran away as fast as she could as soon as she felt her heart literally dropping down to the ground.

Was that what Chloe wanted to tell her, that she was back with Tom? Maybe she was moving out to move in with him?
Beca couldn’t understand why it hurt, it hurt terribly much, seeing Chloe talking to her former flame.

She stopped running once she was a few blocks away from the coffee shop. She looked at her phone, it was buzzing nonstop, and already there were missed calls from Chloe. It started ringing again just as she was about to put it away and Beca looked at the caller ID. It was Jesse.

“Hey Jess.” Beca said as she answered the phone, it felt a little strange talking to her boyfriend, or maybe ex, she wasn’t sure, they haven’t talked to each other in two months.

“Hey Becs, do you remember that park I took you out on our third date?” he said attracting Beca’s curiosity.

“Yeah, why are you asking?” Beca answered as to curious as to why Jesse would randomly ask her this.

“I need you to go there now. I have a surprise.” Jesse replied before hanging up.

Beca had no choice but find out, her curiosity getting the best of her. She reached the park about fifteen minutes later, still ignoring Chloe’s calls. As soon as she reached the spot where Jesse took her for a picnic Beca froze. Jesse was there holding a sign that said “Will You Marry Me?” with all of the Trebles singing serenades to back him up.

Beca had no idea what to do. Her boyfriend shows up out of the blue after months of having a long distance not-much-really-of-a-relationship relationship with him and now he was there being the sappy romantic puppy he was, proposing.

Jesse walked towards her, with each step he took he readied the tiny black box with the ring, and this time asked Beca with his own spoken words. Beca had no idea what was happening. She just sort of smiled at Jesse and he took it as a yes, slipping on the ring on her finger.

Five minutes later, in the middle of cheering sounds the Trebles were making as Jesse threw his arms around her, holding her close, it just hit Beca that she was engaged. This is what she wanted right? Jesse was the right choice, he loved her, she was safe with him, he made her happy… right?

But if those were all true, why did she feel some sort of guilt forming in the pits of her stomach, the thought of a bubbly redhead popping in her mind. No, Chloe’s with that stupid Tom again, she thought to herself.

So why wasn’t she happy?

Fate groaned, this was not how things were supposed to turn out. This was nowhere near what was planned. Of all the people, all the soulmates pulled together by the thread that binds them, Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale had to be the most curious, intricate, and infuriating case of all. Fate has no choice, it was time to intervene before either one of them mess things up even more.

ok but we can all agree that beca is definitely a closet sweet tooth, right?? like she pretends to thrive off whiskey and black coffee but really she can’t live without fruity cocktails and vanilla bean frappuccinos and chloe makes fun of her every second for it