Don’t lie, we know we all got emotional during this scene.

It Started Centuries Ago

Soulmate AU. Read it here [x]

Beca has been drawn to the leader of DSM since the moment she laid eyes on her. Without an explanation, she seeks her out after the Worlds competition and finds out why.

I just made a collection of Bechloe interactions from the Pitch Perfect script that hint subtext between the two. Probably from the initial idea to make Bechloe endgame. Who knows.

The first time Chloe meets Beca. She thinks the younger woman could be made cute. What? Yes. Cute.

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Chloe had been in a weird mood ever since they got home from Worlds. It took awhile for Beca to nail it down but she finally thought she had pinpointed that as the turning point.

Beca couldn’t call it a “bad” mood, at least not in the same sense that Beca had bad moods. Beca’s bad moods were all encompassing. She was short with everybody, she was broody, she couldn’t focus. Chloe, on the other hand, seemed mostly like her normal chipper happy smiling self. But there were moments when something would change, just for second or two, when she wasn’t. As time went on it seemed like those moments got longer.

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  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:who were the members of the bellas between Beca's freshman and senior year? Aubrey said in the first movie that they needed 10 members to compete at the collegiate level, and they began the second movie with 9. Granted, that was before auditions, but that means they lost a member. Who was it? When did they join the Bellas? Why did they leave? When was Flo brought on? At one point did Denise leave? Where is she now? The timeline is unclear. With certain calculations, there could be, at most, 3 Bellas between 2012-2015 who we haven't met. Who are they? What are their stories? These unknown Bellas haunt me.

|| You’ve got me on a cliff’s edge ||

Cherries and wine

part 2 of Blind date

It was 6:57. Kommissar said 7. Which meant that Beca was a complete mess. She was frantically running around as well as she could in her 4 inch heels, looking for her misplaced phone. She pulled her dress down that had snuck up her ass, again. Damn Kommissar for telling her to dress nice. Although her wardrobe situation was partially Beca’s fault. All she owned that was considered “nice” was her tight black clubbing dress and her “fuck me” heels, which is not where Beca wanted the night to go. Nope, not at all.

There was a knock on her apartment door, yet Beca still couldn’t find her damn phone! “Kleine Maus, you coming, ja?”

“I’ll come for you!” Shit. Beca cringed and waited for a response but all she could make out was a muffled laugh. “Gotcha.” Beca found her phone in the refrigerator (seriously? How out of it was she?), grabbed her purse and opened the door to be greeted with the hottest thing Beca had ever laid eyes on. Kommissar was wearing a silky red blouse tucked into black sleek tailored pants, paired with a black leather jacket. Her blonde hair was braided back into a messy bun with a few stray hairs framing her face. Her lips looked like they were painted red with the blood of her enemies and she had on dark eye makeup that accentuated her icy blue eyes. She was breathtaking.

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Did anyone else notice that they slipped in the tiniest bit of Lady Marmalade in there!  It’s like a little tip of the hat to the bootcamp and Aubrey! <3

anonymous asked:

hey if you have time, could you do part 2 of the "I won't tell a soul" fic?

Here’s Part 1 of da fic, bronies

Chloe Beale is light and sound. Her voice was something that smoothes the edges of Beca’s mood and eases the lines on her forehead. She’s illuminated music, and Beca lives off of the lightness, the noise, the breathe of the other woman. 

It knifes her somewhere in the break between her lungs, then, how much she prefers silent darkness in these stolen moments between classes and dinner dates.   

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