Love is Love

Beca’s flight was delayed by a storm.

Even though she sent Chloe a text alerting her of her late departure and the promise that she’d be home as soon as she could, it was still nearly four in the morning by the time she creepy into their flat, placing her keys quietly on the hook. She left her suitcase by the door and moved further into the room, catching sight of the blue glow of the television and the figure on the couch that it illuminated. Beca ruefully shook her head and made her way to the sofa.

“Chloe. Chlo.”

The redhead grumbled. Beca grinned.

“C'mon, Chlo, let’s get you to bed.”


“Hi, nerd. C'mon, bed.”

“But–” Chloe yawned and snuggled deeper into her blanket. “Gotta talk.”

“Not tonight. Tomorrow, okay?”

“In the morning?”

Beca hesitated. “If you want to. But sleep first.”

“Mmkay.” Beca managed to coax Chloe into her bedroom, but before she could leave, Chloe caught her arm. “Stay.”

“I don’t have to go anywhere again for a while,” Beca said, frowning.

“No. Here. With me.”

Beca hesitated again. “Let me get a shower.”

Chloe nodded sleepily and let Beca’s arm slip through her fingers. Beca rolled her eyes, but smiled softly as she went to collect her suitcase.

One notoriously hot shower later (seriously, Satan himself should envy showers taken by Beca Mitchell), Beca found herself standing in Chloe’s doorway, uncertain whether she should continue. It seemed, however, that even half asleep, Chloe had the mind capability of a telepath, and a mumbled “C'mere,” had Beca obediently climbing into the queen bed with her best friend. Chloe mumbled something incoherently and snuggled into Beca’s side, wrapping one amr around her waist. Surprised, Beca hesitantly wrapped an arm around Chloe’s shoulders and slowly settled in for the night.

It was a few minutes before Chloe spoke again. “Bec?”


“I love you too, y'know. Always have.” She yawned. “Was scared.”

Beca chuckled softly. “Well, I guess I’m an idiot, then.”

Chloe snickered. “You can be, sometimes.”

Beca rolled her eyes, but a smiled graced her features. “Go to sleep, you nerd.”


Anyways, have the last bit of what I have dubbed the “Love Is” mini trilogy (can I call it that?) Send your thoughts my way! Later, pitches!

When u realise that it’s been 5 years since Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale eye fucked each other whilst naked in the shower and two years since Chloe suggested they experiment together and they seem to have broken Beca out of her strangely brother/sisterly relationship with Jesse ridiculously likeable Swanson but then you also realise that it’s probably the last movie and they’re probably going to waste 90% of the film on super duper enjoyable cameos ( ☺️🔫 ) and developing another hopelessly unfortunate heterosexual relationship for Beca Mitchell and u just

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…cannot be killed or swept aside. now fill the world with music, love, and pride.