beca mitchell*

we’re not lovers, we’re just strangers (1/4)

Summary: If she gets closer to Chloe, she’ll find out. And she can’t risk Chloe finding out because she will lose her, and God, she can’t lose the only good thing in her life right now.

She wonders whether that’s possible; to lose someone she doesn’t have.

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but what if in pitch perfect 3 it’s all about beca coming to terms with her sexuality and her feelings that she’s had stored up for her best friend but just continuously ignored it just tried to push it to the back of her mind, but she finally realised now chloe is the one she wants Jesse was just a distraction for beca he was a safe bet with him she could just forgot all the suppressed feelings for Chloe. but now it’s evident that’s it’s the red head little ball of sunshine that has catched beca’s heart.

In my ideal world, IF Bechloe get together in PP3...

I want Aubrey to be the instigator.

Like, she notices Beca’s toner for Chloe or something.

Calls her out on it.

Eventually she tells Beca that Chloe likes her. Always has.

And she gives Beca some odd Aubrey-esque ‘best friend permission’ to tell Chloe how she feels because she wants Chloe to be happy and knows Beca can make Chloe happy.

Bonus: Aubrey secretly (or openly) hates Chicago..