beca marshal

I want a love like Jim and Pam: A friend that you will always have, no matter how long you wait. A person to end all you doubts, a friend to pick you up when you fall, and to smile like an idiot when you to something amazing. A goofy dork that would do anything with you not matter how dumb. Someone who will always make sure that you know just how much you mean to them. I want a love like that.

I want a love like Ben and Leslie: Someone you grow to love, someone who understands you passion and loves you for it. A dork who will make you watch all their favorite movies even though you think they are dumb, but you’ll do it anyway because you love their goofy smile and how they quote every line. Someone who just gets you. I want a love like that.

I want a love like Andy and April: A goofball at heart that makes sure some part of you never grows and remains a child. A person who deadpans and makes you love. A lover who will make dumb sex jokes in front of your friends and family. Someone who you will love unconditionally even when you make mistakes. I want a love like that.

I want a love like Beca and Jesse: Someone you forgive, a person whose  mistakes make you angry and frustrated but you know that they meant well. Someone who shares your passions. A person you can sing in the car with, at loud obnoxious volumes. Someone who supports your dreams and knows that you care about them even if you forget to show it. I want a love like that.

I want a love like Marshall and Lily: A person who you miss so much when they are gone that you cuddle a pillow. A friend you high fives you after you make a bad joke. Someone who doesn’t mind that you stuff your face when you eat. A person who gives you ridiculous nicknames, someone who you see yourself with forever. I want a love like that.