The First Meeting

Prompt: A becommisar fic about Kommisar’s thoughts on Beca at their first meeting.


“Danke schön” Kommissar breathes through her microphone after Das Sound Machine finish their performance at the car show.

She looks across the room and sees the a cappella group they are replacing, the Barden Bellas. She then looks across at her sidekick, Pieter, and nods when she notices that he sees them as well.

The group walk off the stage together, still completely in sync, and once they are backstage, Kommissar turns to Pieter.

“I say we go and meet the Bellas. After all, they were the ones who allowed us to go on this tour.”

He nods, and they and the rest of the group go to meet the Bellas in the main hall.

Kommissar sees Beca talking to her friends, and she almost loses all composure just by watching the way she moves. Almost.

“Come on.” She orders, after preparing herself to stay calm just as she usually is. She doesn’t want to ruin her first impression. Especially because this is Beca.

“Barden Bellas! You came here to see us?” She smirks. “Is it because you are…what do the American kids say? Jelly?”

“We are so not jelly.” Chloe retorts.

“We should really thank you for making this tour a reality. You know, with your bumbling inaptitude. We should send them something! Fruit basket?” She looks at Pieter and he approves. “Or would you prefer mini muffins?”

“Okay we didn’t come here to start something with you guys, we just wanted to check you out before the Worlds where we’re gonna kick your ass.” Beca says confidently.

Kommissar finds it especially difficult to contain herself when she hears Beca’s angelic voice, but she manages to contain herself in a matter of seconds whilst the Bellas cheer Beca on. Afterwards, she walks towards Beca slowly, and sort of threateningly. When they are only a few inches apart, she speaks.

“You? You are the kicker of ass?”

Beca feels uncomfortable at the close proximity, and Kommissar can tell.

“Well yeah..”

“You are so tiny. Like an elf. Or is it a fairy? Or sprite?” She asks herself. She then asks Pieter something in German, and only Beca, who studied German before, can make out what she’s saying.

“Troll.” Pieter answers.

“That’s it. You are like a troll.” She smiles down at Beca, still leaving her no personal space, and she can see the affect it’s having on her by the way her eyes are wondering around awkwardly.

“You…” She starts. “Are physically flawless.”

The unexpected compliment caused Luisa to inwardly melt, but as always, she stayed contained on the outside. It was like she had no emotions when you looked at her, and Beca had her mind set on finding something to make her loose control.

“Thank you.”

“But it doesn’t mean I like you.”

Kommissar found it adorable how flustered Beca seemed, and she knew that it was all because of her presence, even if this was the first time they had ever spoken or even seen each other.

“We are not scared about the worlds because when the Bellas hit the stage we are gonna blow minds!” Chloe interupts to stop the awkwardness that’s present. All because of Beca’s accidental compliment which Luisa just finds adorable.

Pieter carries on talking to the Bellas, but Luisa is too busy discretely checking out Beca to listen. She watches how her eyes are looking her up and down, and she internally laughs at how she hasn’t realised that she is staring back at her. She watches how her eyes widen slightly when she comes back to reality. She watches now she is stood there twiddling her thumbs because she doesn’t know what else to do with them, and she watches how her hair falls perfectly past her shoulders, looking both elegant and casual at the same time.

Kommissar finally snaps out of her daze and starts speaking again, never breaking eye contact with Beca.

“Darlings, please take my advice. Don’t try to beat us. You can’t. We’re the best.” She smirks. “And now, I really must rest my neck. It’s sore from looking down on you.”

She walks away, the same mischevious grin plastered on her face. And her heart skips a beat when she hears what Beca says after.

“Okay, just because you’re making me very sexually confused does not make you intimidating.”

The effect Kommissar had on Beca was finally confirmed, and all the tall blonde could think about after that was seeing the Bella girl again.


“Danke schön.” = “Thank you very much.”

É como uma corda bamba: ora pra lá, ora pra cá. Busca se equilibrar, todavia não consegue. Despenca, mas volta a tentar. Isso é o que enfrentamos em cada segundo de nossa existência. Não dá pra ter estabilidade na vida.
—  Craquelar.