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I just wanna give Mark and Haechan pats on the back and a lot of love for performing twice in music shows because they’re both in 127 and dream

In my Haikyuu omegaverse, Suga is raised by his somewhat traditional omega mother. She’s traditional in a sense that whenever Suga has to talk to an alpha, she makes sure she’s around or another bonded adult is around. That was the practice before. Suga doesn’t tell his mom that most of the members in the volleyball team are alphas, and Takeda sensei and Coach Ukai who are adults, are around most of the time anyway. So when Daichi, a modern day alpha, asks Suga out; Suga just looks at him confused and says ‘but aren’t our parents supposed to agree on the courtship first?’ After that, Daichi spends an entire night researching on traditional alpha/omega courtship, because not only is he trying to impress Suga but also Suga’s mom. 


P.S. the cherry blossoms are in full bloom today

My incrediblyincredibly7monthsLATE gift for @chrisalis105 who I got for the RyoSaku Exchange last…Feb (THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PATIENCE BB) I know you said no to cherry blossoms but…it just fit so much so I hope you like it! :’D special thanks to @sera-luna-stella and @gabbiki for the help!

Inspired by @ionahi‘s artwork ❤ (thanks so much for letting me do a similar template!)


“The things we see are the same things that are within us. There is no reality except the one contained within us. That is why so many people live such an unreal life. They take the images outside them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself.”

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Am I the only one who imagines your Plushtrap with Peridot's voice? I mean it's so hard not to bc they're both small and green and (as far as i've seen) calculating? still tho your Plushtrap is super adorable, i lov~ ;v;

The first Peridot line that popped into my head:

I love the idea of Ken taking homicidal but actually innocent/clueless people under his wing and teaching them how to care about other people and how to use their head sometimes (because goddammit this is common sense guys pls stop killing people indiscriminately).

Ken’s Logic School For Homicidal Children

Time to ignore the Klance tag (and Lance’s even though it breaks my heart) for a while until that fcking vlog hype dies down (im that disappointed and conflicted I don’t want to analyse it yet) and go back to my toxic-free, anti-free ships. Hello, KakaIru and Promptis! I’m back, please be good to me!

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i have nothing against big ships, i'm just sad dazushi is now a rarepair

I’m uncomfortable with people spreading how Dazai/Atsushi (Dazushi?DaAtsu?Dazatsu?) is considered a “rarepair” when until only recently, it’s the largest and most well-known BSD ship for non-jp fans. Perhaps it still is, but I’m not too sure. DaAku was at one point the biggest BSD ship in jp (and currently tied as most popular), yet I don’t see people asking why there isn’t much content of them as a pair. And if you are looking for something rare, then where is my Chuuya/Akutagawa?

Maybe I’m wrong so forgive me if I’m rude, but I think you have an agenda asking this. :)) Just remember to ship what you like, because at the end of the day, it won’t matter whether it’s popular or rare since BSD is not a romance manga/anime anyway.