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Robron vs. Ross

And we see Carey, inconsolable at the unceremonious death of her best friend. She’s in her private quarters with her girlfriend Killian…
—  Griffin McElroy, completely destroying my heart with one swoop

random kageyama/hinata phone wallpapers (640x960px) for @killjoyedwolf​ , thanks a lot for ruining my life with your fics and why are we friends again  ∩(︶▽︶)∩ | part 2


…but…furudate-sensei….how do you…hold all three of their hands…at the same time???

I worked long and hard at this Pitches! Both the picture and the fic. Please do let me know if you like them. I’m pretty proud of them, and the picture gives me so many Bechloe feels. SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT!!

It had been an exhausting day for the girls. Even though they had all graduated in July, they reunited shortly after so that they could keep their close friendships and continue singing together. Hours upon hours of rigorous cardio and choreography practice had left the girls practically dead on their feet.

Fat Amy had collapsed onto the nearest chair, sweating and panting, begging the co-captains to stop for the day, the other girls agreeing vehemently with the Australian.

“If I have to go through that routine one more time today, it will officially be worse than the time I wrestled a croc after he took my chocolate bar!” Amy panted out, emphatically waving her arms about in emphasis, almost smacking Stacie in the face.

The taller brunette gave Amy a dirty look before looking at the two co-captains, her breathing not as erratic as the blonde. She pointed her perfectly manicured nail at them, her cheeks glowing with sweat.

“Amy is right Beca, Chloe… was this really necessary? The last time we were run this ragged was with Aubrey in our first year and no one, I repeat, no one… enjoyed that!” Stacie dropped to the floor as gracefully as she could, one hand resting on her breast, simply lay there and caught her breath.

Chloe looked to Beca, the two girls having one of their usual silent conversations, and wondered if they truly had gone too far in their determination to beat their opponents.

Cynthia-Rose, who had been nodding at the taller woman’s words, now stood gazing in appreciation at the view she was offered of the brunette’s heaving chest. Jessica and Ashley both smacked her to get her attention, knowing where the dark-skinned girl’s thoughts had gone.

Cynthia, realising where she had been blatantly staring, looked away in embarrassment, mumbling that it was a sin to waste the view she was being presented with.

Beca quickly gazed a Chloe, before turning her attention back to the other girls. “You’re right guys, I, we, are both sorry if you feel we have been overworking you all.”

Flo scoffed, “Pfft. ‘Overworking’ is an understatement. I was once arrested for stealing two chickens to give to my family after we had been robbed, and they made me run 10 miles with a dog chasing me. This was worse than that!”

Emily, who had been standing next to the Guatemalan, looked at her in shock and slowly shuffled away from her.

Chloe, who had been watching Beca with a small smile adorning her lips, turned to the Bellas enthusiastically. “We really are sorry girls. I am so proud of all of you. Becs and I promise that we are only doing this because we are going to Greece in 2 weeks and we don’t know what kind of groups we will be facing there. We just wanna make sure we win!”

Lily murmured something under her breath that no one caught.

“Lily just said that she feels bad her aca-sister Amy missed out on lunch, and that, to make up for it, we should all go to Morellis for some ice cream.” Amy interjected hopefully.

Lily had a blank expression on her face as she turned to face the Australian, who avoided looking in her direction.

Chloe walked over to where both her and Beca’s bags lay; Billie was sleeping peacefully next to them on a blanket she had brought with her.

“That’s a great idea, right Becs?!” She said with a smile that lit up her whole face. The smaller brunette had never seen anything more beautiful.

“Let’s do this nerds!”

The girls gathered onto the bus and settled down knowing that it was a 45 minute drive to get to Morellis.

Beca took the seat just in front of Chloe, mutually deciding to not sit directly next to each other. They had decided not to tell the other girls that they were together just yet. It’s not that they didn’t trust them or that they were scared the other girls would tease them. It was mostly because they liked their privacy… and maybe because Beca secretly entered the Bellas’ “Bechloe” bet and wanted to win the collective $1000.

The bus ride was mostly silent, unless you include the girls vehemently forbidding Amy to tell stories of her and Bumper’s… intimate moments. They were stories no one wanted to hear… no one.

As the bus stopped at their destination, Beca heard Flo hissing at everyone to be quiet. Turning to look at the smaller girl, they saw she had her phone out, taking a picture of something. What she saw took her breath away.

Chloe was fast asleep, Billie snuggled up close to her. Her small head was tucked under the redhead’s chin and resting on her shoulder, looking directly at Flo. The girls were cooing and “awww"ing at the sight, having taken their own phones out to capture this precious moment.

Beca couldn’t hold back her smile. Her two favourite girls were melting her heart all over again, taking away her breath once more. God she loved them. She couldn’t help herself from giving up their ploy in favour of following her heart.

Unbeknownst to her, Stacie had been closely watching her reaction from the start and was filming her with a big smile on her face.

Beca had unbuckled her seatbelt, never once taking her eyes off of her redhead, and stood up slowly, trying to not make any loud noises. She crept forward, hoping not to startle Billie and therefore wake Chloe. Luckily, Billie saw her coming and stayed still, if anything snuggling closer to the redhead, who, in turn, tightened her arms around her baby girl.

Beca leaned forward, putting her face close to Chloe’s, her eyes roaming over the beautiful face in front of her, her heart swelling with so much love. She leaned her head, close to her girlfriend’s, not quite touching, but close enough that she could feel her breath on her neck.

Being this close to Chloe was making her feel so emotional, she could feel the tell-tale signs that tears were about to start welling up, and knew she had wake her up. Knowing the Bellas would give her all kinds of grief, and potentially use this as blackmail, she leaned up and very gently kissed Chloe’s forehead.

The other girl tensed slightly, a small smile forming on her lips, and her eyes fluttered open landing on Beca. The smile grew bigger and she was soon beaming at her small DJ, her cheeks wide enough that they could burst.

"Hi baby.” Chloe murmured, her voice husky from sleep. Keeping one arm wrapped around Billie, she brought her free hand up to softly caress Beca’s cheek. It was only then that the sound of high-pitched squeals could be heard within Beca and Chloe’s little world.

“Let’s go and get some ice cream.” Beca smiled at Chloe.

3. “It’s about damn time!”

A/N: HEYOOOO. Numbers 1. “Oh my god, you’re in love with her” and 2. “You’re too good for this world” are here. I’m going off of zis list here. Finals suck, but here I am not studying for them. That being said, this one is a tad shorter than my usual. Enjoy xx

You’d think, after four years of being together after being together for two in college, that Beca and Chloe would’ve tied the knot by now. Nope. They haven’t. The idiots weren’t even engaged yet. 

Everyone had always assumed Beca would’ve been the one to pop the question first, and Beca assumed Chloe was the one who was gonna pop the question first. So really, the last six years have just been a mess of confusion. But, regardless, they had each other and that’s all they really cared about.

Aubrey and Jesse’s wedding had rolled around and it gave everyone an excuse to get back together for a weekend. There would be an unhealthy amount of booze, what Beca had hoped a jacuzzi tub in their hotel room, and copious amounts of talking shit about how high strung Aubrey was until she started banging Jesse. Ahh family bonding.

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11 blocks

Based on the song 11 blocks by Wrabel. 

For the anon who suggested this prompt. I hope I did it justice.

Beca Mitchell was sitting on the stairs outside of her apartment. She couldn’t help thinking about how close Chloe was yet she was so far away now. Not physically, no, she was still just eleven blocks from Beca’s apartment. Beca would always remember that and it killed her. They had parted ways after graduation. Chloe had gotten together with Tom, and Beca couldn’t stand the thought of them being together. So she stopped talking to the girl with no explanation. She had blocked Chloe’s number and all of the other ways the girl could contact her. Beca knew how horrible and selfish it was, but she had to do it. It was for her own sanity.

A month after she stopped communicating with the girl she had found one of Chloe’s jackets in her closet. It had brought on a huge meltdown. Because the jacket still smelled like her. It taunted her. She remembered Fat Amy trying to calm her down.

“Beca, you have to quit doing this to yourself, alright?” Amy said when she found Beca crying on her bed with Chloe’s jacket in her arms.

“I can’t help it Amy, everything in here reminds me of her,” Beca sobbed.

“So let’s get rid of all of her belongings. That’s the best thing for you,” Amy sighed giving her best friend a hug.

So everything of Chloe’s was gone. She started feeling better after a few weeks, but it didn’t last. The girl would always come into her thoughts at some point in her life.

Beca got up from the stairs and she walked to one of her favorite coffee shops. She ordered an iced coffee and sat by the window. She used to come here with Chloe a lot. She remembered the last time they were there together.

“Beca can you believe graduation is only a week away?” Chloe asked.

“I know. It seems so surreal,” she said not knowing what was to come.

This place felt so much emptier now. She didn’t know why she tortured herself by going there. So she went home to work on some mixes.

During the day, Beca was always so busy with her job at Residual Heat. She didn’t have a chance to even think about the redhead. At night, it was a totally different story. She always had bad anxiety at night. It would get the best of her, but Chloe was always just a phone call away. She would find a way to calm the brunette down. Now she didn’t have Chloe, and her anxiety had peaked to where she could barely sleep.

Tonight was one of those nights. Her mind wouldn’t stop racing. She couldn’t stop thinking that Chloe would be home. The girl had stopped partying as much when it came closer to graduation.

“I think it’s time to leave the parties behind, Becs. It’s time for me to get serious about teaching.” She smiled at her.

That had floored Beca. Chloe always wanted to go to parties, but Chloe had changed so much in the last year. The redhead finally had a plan on what she wanted to do when she got out of school after going for so long.

“Then we will stay home on Friday nights now,” Beca smiled back at the girl.

It was Friday night and Beca knew that Chloe would be at home eleven blocks away.

A week later, Beca had been invited to a party by one of her co workers. They were celebrating about producing a new artist’s CD. It was the first one Beca had helped make. So of course she had to go.

The party was fourteen blocks from Chloe. She cursed herself for counting as her friend drove to her co worker’s house. She was so overwhelmed with the thought that Chloe wasn’t there to celebrate Beca’s success.

Beca got out of the car and walked into the house. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. Beca had never felt so alone. She had never fit in at parties except when she was with Chloe. So, she walked back out and sat down grabbing a cigarette. She had recently picked up that horrible habit. Beca’s mind was on repeat. The girl was so close how did it come to this.

When Beca was done with her cigarette, she decided to get out of there. She started walking until she was two blocks from Chloe’s place. She broke down sobbing. Tears started streaming down. The cold air stung as it hit her in the face. She didn’t know what to do. She should be going home. She had started dating Jesse a year ago. She thought she was ready to officially move on. She was in love with him she had convinced herself.

But she knew Chloe would be home, and she would never get out of Beca’s head. No matter how hard she tried to love Jesse. She was having serious withdrawals from the red headed drug that was just eleven blocks from her doorstep. She shouldn’t even be thinking about her. She had Jesse now and he was so good to her. She knew he’d be at home by now waiting on her to come back from the party he had to miss because of work. But her mind wouldn’t stop. She needed help.

But instead of going home, Beca had to walk those two more blocks up to Chloe’s apartment. She looked to the second floor and saw the lights were on in her place. Beca didn’t know what she was doing. She felt so empty. She had to see the girl that came in and out of her thoughts the past three years.

So she took in a huge breath, not even knowing what she would say. She walked up those stairs she had done a million times before. Her body was on auto pilot, like she wasn’t in control of her own movements. She knocked on the door. After knocking, she immediately regretted her decision. She flew down the stairs. She could hear the door opening.

“Hello?” Beca heard Chloe’s voice. She hadn’t heard it in so long so she started crying again. Trying to move as fast as she could.

Chloe had looked over the railing and spotted the brunette.

“Beca?!” She called out. Beca froze. She didn’t think Chloe would see her.

“Beca what the hell?” Chloe ran down the stairs. Then they were face to face.

Beca knew she was supposed to say something. She just couldn’t form the right words. She had cut the girl out of her life leaving no trace. Of  course this had to have hurt Chloe badly.

“I never thought I’d see you again,” Chloe sniffed as tears started prickling at the corner of her eyes. “You completely abandoned me with no explanation!” Chloe yelled causing Beca to flinch.

“I’m so sorry, Chloe,” Beca managed to speak out though it came as a whisper.

“What are you doing here? Why did you leave me?” Chloe needed that explanation.

“I needed to completely block you out of my memory after you got together with Tom, but I could never get you out of my head no matter how hard I tried. You were always eleven blocks away from me,” Beca had finally responded.

Chloe looked so hurt. “Why? Why did you erase me from your life because of that?” She asked, confusion written all over her face.

“Because I was in love with you. I’ve always been in love with you,” Beca admitted. Chloe’s eyes had widened and Beca wished she had never spoken those words to her. She wished she never came here.

“You..” Chloe paused. “You were in love with me?” Her sentence came out croaked like she was choking. Which usually happened when someone cried so much they couldn’t breathe right anymore.

“Of course I was. I still am,” Beca could barely look at the girl. Admitting her feelings to her former best friend was agonizing. “But you obviously didn’t feel the same way. You chose Tom. And I should probably go before he comes out here looking for you,” Beca turned to leave but Chloe grabbed her hand stopping her.

“I’m not with Tom anymore, Beca. After you left, I could never get you off of my mind. I put up a wall and Tom was never able to tear it down. He knew I was in love with you before I did. Something was always there between us I was just too dumb and blind to see it until it was too late. So he broke up with me,” Chloe wiped the tears that had fallen onto her face.

“You were in love with me too?” Beca gasped.

“I still am, Becs. I never stopped thinking about you. You were just eleven blocks from my doorstep.” Chloe replied.

"Never go away"

Okay guys so this is my first fanfic which I have been writing for nearly 3 hours.. I hope you enjoy it ^_^

It had been a full day of essay writing for Beca and she’d been getting stressed with all of this work which she sure thought would be for nothing. She’d always wanted to become a music producer and work in LA. With that goal in mind she sat in the corner of the sports hall and put her overly large headphones on and tried to continue to edit the music for the Bella’s set but that was a hard job when Chloe kept bending over and showing off her ass.

The other bellas were all working hard on a routine that Chloe had been choreographing, she was determined to beat the trebles at regionals again this year. All of the girls were in groups, Flo, Jessica and Ashley and then Cynthia Rose, Lilly and Amy.

Chloe and Stacey had been trying to teach Emily to do the splits but so far the only splits had been in two pairs of yoga pants. This was going to be one of the last tries but Chloe wasn’t giving up.

“Ok girls, on three. One. Two…” There was yet again another rip.

“Oh shit” Emily mumbled. “How does this keep happening? Aren’t these meant to be stretchy?”

“Go and get changed Em” Chloe sighed “I’ll have a look at the routine again and maybe I’ll get Beca to take your place” she said jokingly.

As Emily walked out with Stacey’s hoodie around her arse, Chloe approached Beca who had her laptop balanced on her lap. Beca and Chloe had been dating for a few weeks now and were trying to keep it quiet among the bellas but with Fat Amy around, things weren’t going to stay quiet for long.

“Becs” she said “Beca!” The brunette jumped, her laptop almost falling off her lap.

“Jeez Chloe, give a girl a shock”

“Hmm, maybe later” the red head replied with a smirk. “I need your help. Emily’s split 3 pairs of yoga pants and I don’t think the store are going to let her buy anymore soon.”

Beca lifted her head and her eyes met Chloe’s. “So you need me to do what?”

“No need to sound so grumpy” the red head said as she sat down beside Beca and put her arm round her. “What’s up?”

“I’m extremely stressing over everything right now. My dad isn’t very encouraging with the whole music producing side of life. He’s happy to have a daughter in college who’s going to be able to earn loads of money and live independently. I hate it, he’d rather be with the step monster than help me get to LA.” She rested her head on Chloe’s shoulder and Chloe’s head rested on hers. “I’m never gonna do it am I?”

“Yes you will Becs, I know you will.” She squeezed her hand “No matter what your dad says, you’ve gotta do this for you and you only” Chloe lifted Becas head and brushed her hair behind her ears, planting a light kiss on her forehead.

“Guys! What are you doing, stop with the gay! we need a routine so I can kick Bumpers ass!” Fat Amy of course arrived at this moment. All the girls loved her, she was the big fat glue that held them all together. But at times she could get a little bit too…well too much Amy isn’t always a good thing. “Chloe come on, Emily’s back but says she’s not going to go into the splits again. And I’m tired so can we hurry this up”

The three went back over to the group, Chloe holding Beca’s hand and Beca not really wanting to be there at all. She’d been feeling distanced from the group and wasn’t too confident with Amy blurting out about the girls relationship to the other Bellas.

“Right girls, plan is changing slightly. Emily, you’re going to swap places with Beca and Amy you’re going to be grouped with Jessica and Ashley instead of Flo. Are we all okay with that?” All of the girls nodded, happy to continue practising. “We’ll give it another 20 minutes and then we’ll leave it until tomorrow”

Beca and Chloe split from the group and Chloe tried to explain how the splits were going to fit into the routine. “So after Flo has blackflipped i need you to go into the splits in time with Stacey. Do you think we can try?” Chloe trying to make eye contact with the brunette.

Beca seemed very distant. “Babe come on, this is all going to be okay…”

“Chloe you don’t understand.” She snapped “This isn’t okay, I have no idea what Im doing. My dad wants me to get this degree and I have no clue what I’m even studying” Her voice began to break. I can’t…I can’t do this". A single tear rolled down her cheek, this was quickly wiped away by Chloe’s thumb, she couldn’t stand seeing Beca hurt like this.

Chloe put her arms over the brunettes shoulders and rested her head on her girlfriends forehead. Chloe felt beca softly place her hands on her waist and heard a sad sniff coming from the brunette.

“Look, everything is going to be okay. I’m here.”

Tears now streaming down Becas face as her eyes met Chloe’s. The red head kissed her gently and Beca returned the kiss, her hands holding onto Chloe so tightly as if she was scared of losing her. “Chlo..” she said in a soft sniffling voice.


“Never go away”

Chloe pulled Beca in tightly. “I’m not going anywhere without you” she whispered in her ear. Chloe’s left hand holding her thin waist against her stomach and her right hand tenderly placed on the back of Becas head holding her close. “I’m always going to be here. No matter what.” She gave her a squeeze. Chloe lifted Beca’s chin and kissed her again. The girls both felt the rest of the group looking at them, they turned to meet the eyes of the Bellas.

“Well, like I said last year. Everyone loves a good Bhloe.”

I am very curious to know exactly where it “clearly” says that Grimsley is a cheater and that he actually encourages players to cheat when necessary. Having played through both BW and B2W2, I don’t see any quotes that confirm that any of those assumptions.

I’ve seen many people refer to two particular quotes and I’m sure you’re also referring to them:

There are bad ways to win– and good ways to lose. What’s interesting and troubling is that it’s not always clear which is which. A flipped coin doesn’t always land heads or tails. Sometimes it may never land at all…

“A beautiful loss is still a loss, and an ugly win is still a win!”

(The rest is under a cut because oh boy this is a doozy)

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