bec cosplay


I’m going to be a little self-indulgent and post these photos because holy heck, I am super happy with how my Grimsley cosplay came out. ;w; I couldn’t stop playing with Atomi’s Mimikyu, either lol

Funny enough, I didn’t rest very well the night before, so I was super tired that day and nearly passed out from exhaustion. Talk about being in-character!

@memegoma - Guzma
@atomi-cat - Skull Grunt


Guess what I just finished in art class! This is my Bec Blanche mask, from Homestuck! I even made a flower crown for it (not shown). When I actually get to take this home, I might add fur or something to make it soft. Don’t know if I’ll wear it to Cons or anything yet. If you have an questions on how this was made just ask! And PLEASE tell me if I should leave it the way it is or not!!!!!




I just found this adorable video of us on instagram. I was so worried I’d bonked her in the face with my sniffer lmao.

The “KISS!” and then the hollered “THANK YOU” crack me up