bec blanc

OKAY I was about to get in the shower when i realised this

No matter what, whether you felt let down or not by the upd8, there’s one wonderful, undeniable fact:

The mayor finally gets to be a real mayor. Of a real can town. With a real fuckign hall and citizens and his great friend (?love interest) PM.

So really, we all won. The upd8 did good.


I was gonna write a fanfiction about Chat knowing daddy argeste was Hawk Moth and also finding out mari was ladybug.  Akumatized Chat Noir is still Chat Noir (not Chat Blanc bec it seems to be fitting that way in a sort where he wants to be himself- not Adrien in a costume)  he’s eyes were violet and bell was silver

Mari wants her Chat back

i wanted to write angst Mari and like Chat was the cause of that like- saying he was disappointed that mari IS ladybug and he expected more

In the end, Marinette has cured the akuma but she can never forget, is why she never becomes Ladybug again and Chat doesn’t know why  

(Part 5 of 8) Letter from Charles Jeanne to his sister, from prison, December 1833

(I LIKE THIS PART. Contains: delicate negotiations with the army on following orders & the nature of honor, barricade speeches, The Flag: Act One, an anecdote that looks like it’s going to produce Jean Valjean feels but does not end the way it began (heh heh), The (Red) Flag: Act Two, and also a bunch of blanked-out swear words.)

Ces deux attaques successives avaient pu durer environ une heure ; nous restâmes alors à peu près une demi-heure tranquilles ; & je pense qu'il était environ une heure ou une heure ½ quand un de nos jeunes éclaireurs vint nous dire qu'une colonne de la ligne s'avançait par la rue St Denis et que probablement nous allions être attaqués par la rue Aubry-le-Boucher. À l'instant les mêmes dispositions déjà prises dans l'attaque précédente furent prises de nouveau. Bientôt nous vîmes paraître les assaillants, qui s'arrêtèrent au cri de halte, au pied de notre barricade avancée.

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Some WIPs I'll never finish

I’ve been really busy lately with internships and work and Mass Effect. So I haven’t had time to paint or draw for myself, and I have a bunch of unfinished things I thought I would upload anyway. 

Bec Blanc warm up sketch. How draw dog faces.

Feferi and Kanaya painting that I screwed up the hues on. I’m too lazy to repaint it now. ; ;

REALLY old sketch from about half a year ago. Never painted it because I couldn’t decide on an appropriate background or colour palette.

Some original junk.

Touhous. Orin and Okuu~ 

i love love love fanart of bec blanc but i’m always so amused by the fact that almost inevitably they will always portray bec blanc with boobs

bec blanc, who has literally the exact same additive qualities as bec noir, the only difference being their origin, which is that one is a white chess piece and the other is a black chess piece

they are both carapaces. exoskeletons

all fanart of bec blanc gives her bone tiddies