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Sarah Paulson's Hair Was the True Star of 'The People v. OJ Simpson' Premiere

It was certainly a riveting first episode of the FX Network original The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. The highly anticipated series, which takes an in-depth look at one of the most controversial court cases in American history, kicked off Tuesday night with a handful of celebrities starring as other household names. There’s John Travolta, who plays O.J Simpson’s civil litigator Robert Shapiro, David Schwimmer, who plays defense lawyer Robert Kardashian and even Sarah Paulson, who stars as prosecutor Marcia Clark.

And then, of course, there is the one breakout star making her debut in the first season of this FX Network original series: Paulson’s wig.

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Sarah Paulson’s wig stole the show during 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.’Source: Mic/Twitter

Paulson’s wig had one job during Tuesday night’s episode, and it was to perform. There isn’t exactly a way to perfectly describe it’s effortlessly 90’s style — it’s a beautiful bowl cut which grew a tad too long, and was then given a proper perform. The end result? Flawless.

The best part about Paulson’s do for the show? It actually took four wigs to keep Paulson’s perfectly coiffed look throughout the season — and the actress named each of them. “Winston was the first,” Paulson told E Online in 2015. “Gerard was the second. Miss Perfect was the last wig. We like liked her best so I just called her Miss Perfect. She was the only one that had a female name. The rest were all boy names.”

Watch as Paulson’s wig gently glides over her shoulder as she does one of those slow-moving stares just beyond the camera:

Everything about #ThePeoplevOJSimpson is compelling. Especially Sarah Paulson’s wig. @ACSFX

“They sure made Sarah Paulson’s wig SO much better than Marcia’s actual hair!” Stephanie wrote on Twitter while watching the show. “Those God awful corkscrew perm curls.” To Clark’s credit, it was a daunting trial, one closely watched and scrutinized by the prosecutor’s peers and the media — though she really could have used a crimp job like Paulson.

They sure made Sarah Paulson’s wig SO much better than Marcia’s actual hair! Those godawful corkscrew perm curls. #PeoplevsOJSimpson

Sarah Paulson’s wig deserves an Emmy. #ThePeopleVOJSimpson

Of course, the 90’s court case required most of the !-list cast to don some pretty spectacular hairdos, though none could be outdone by Paulson’s incredible wig. Arguably the second best of the night was the Kardashian wig, casually fluttering atop Schwimmer’s head:

Can someone just give David Schwimmer’s wig an EMMY already! #ACSFX

People across Twitter had some really spectacular takes on the wig. “Should I hate myself for thinking Sarah Paulson’s Marcia Clark wig is serving up Christa McAuliffe realness?” Melinda Green asked, comparing it to McAuliffe, a New Hampshire teacher who was among seven crew members killed in the 1986 Space Shuttle challenger disaster.

Should I hate myself for thinking “Sarah Paulson’s Marcia Clark wig is serving up Christa McAuliffe realness?” #ThePeoplevOJSimpson

Not sure if anyone else was thinking that much into it, but a unique perspective nonetheless! Others celebrated Paulson’s wig throughout the course of the night, anticipating it’s return in next week’s second episode of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Tuesday night on FX Network:

Wig designer for Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark should win an award! #perms #PeoplevsOJ

Sarah Paulson looking like lesbian Jesus in that wig

Sarah Paulson’s wig is still 1000x better than Marcia Clark’s hair ever got during the 90s. #ThePeoplevOJSimpson

Walmart, beverage-makers announce water donations for Flint

FLINT, Mich. - Walmart and several global beverage-makers have pledged to deliver about 175 truckloads of bottled water to Flint as the Michigan city deals with a public health emergency caused by lead-tainted water.

The retail giant, along with Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle, announced Tuesday the collective donation will include up to 6.5 million bottles of water through December for at least 10,000 schoolchildren. Walmart says that since July, it has donated 14 truckloads of water and nearly 1,800 water filters.

Flint switched from Detroit’s municipal water system while under emergency state management and began drawing from the Flint River in 2014 to save money. But the water wasn’t properly treated and it became contaminated with lead. Residents have been urged to use bottled water and to put filters on faucets.

女神卡卡向大衛鮑伊致敬 葛萊美獎獻特別舞台追悼

根據外媒報導,美國超級巨星女神卡卡(Lady Gaga),將在2月15日舉行的世界最高峰音樂盛會「第58屆葛萊美獎」頒獎典禮上,獻上特別準備的表演以悼念日前剛剛辭世的搖滾巨星大衛.鮑伊(David Bowie)。


Bobcat sightings in Calgary raise concerns about pet safety

Pet owners in some Calgary neighbourhoods where bobcats have been spotted are being told to keep their smaller pets indoors for their safety.

The animals have been seen in several southwest neighbourhoods, including Lakeview, Kelvin Grove and Britannia.

There have been reports of a bobcat attacking and killing a small dog in Lakeview. 

John Tetz, with Alberta Fish and Wildlife, says the bobcats are in Calgary for one reason — because there are available food sources.

“They are an opportunistic predator and they will take whatever presents itself. They thrive in the city environment and that’s because of an abundance of prey, including small pets,” Tetz told Doug Dirks, host of the Homestretch.

Tetz says Calgarians living in areas where bobcats and other predators have been seen should watch their smaller pets closely.

He also says people should get rid of areas around their property where the animals can take shelter. Tetz says that means keeping brush and cover down to a minimum and making sure they can't den under porches and garden sheds.

“Eliminate the opportunities for them to stay in yards, or near yards hidden from view, that will go a long way towards protecting our pets,” he said.

Tetz says the wildlife service doesn’t monitor the urban bobcat population because they are not considered dangerous to humans.

West Yorkshire: AK47s among enormous haul of guns handed over to police

A weapons amnesty launched in the north of England with the backing of a teacher stabbed by one of his pupils has led to an enormous haul of guns and knives being handed over – including two AK47 assault rifles. Some 80 guns and more than 150 “bladed and offensive weapons” have been surrendered to West Yorkshire police stations in the past month.

The campaign, launched at the beginning of January, was backed by Vincent Uzomah – a Bradford teacher stabbed by a pupil in a racist attack last year. He said: “The response has been very impressive. Well done to those who responded to this noble call, and surrendered their weapons.”

Surrender campaigns are regularly run by police forces across the country, allowing members of the public to anonymously hand over weapons without fear of being prosecuted for their possession. Among the latest haul was an AK47 rifle handed over in Bradford and another AK47 rifle, surrendered in Kirklees.

The West Yorkshire initiative was supported by the Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife campaign which aims to bring together anti-knife campaigners across the country to reduce the number of weapons on the streets and make communities safer.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “We are delighted with the response. Some of these weapons are clearly very dangerous. Now they will not find their way on to the streets of our communities. They will not be used for criminal activity or to hurt or, worse, kill someone.

Breakdown of weapons handed in by Policing district:

Bradford: 33 firearms and 26 bladed and offensive weapons

Calderdale: 3 firearms and 25 bladed and offensive weapons

Kirklees: 12 firearms and 22 bladed and offensive weapons

Leeds: 29 firearms and 82 bladed and offensive weapons

Wakefield: 4 firearms and 0 bladed and offensive weapons

"While we continue to maintain a low number of recorded crimes involving guns, knives and other weapons, we take it extremely seriously, which is why initiatives like this are held.

"Weapons surrenders like this are very important and even though we have had these handed in we cannot afford to be, and will not be, complacent.”

The police force said it was still concerned over the number of weapons on the streets, revealing it was currently investigating a shooting in Huddersfield that had taken place over the weekend.

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “I have fully supported this weapons surrender and am pleased we have had so many weapons handed in.

"This surrender has given individuals a perfect opportunity to ensure the weapons are disposed of safely and ensures we are doing all we can to keep our communities safe and preventing potential crimes of the future.”

Una excursión al mundo Marolio (o cómo hacer un éxito a contramano del marketing)

Una excursión al mundo Marolio (o cómo hacer un éxito a contramano del marketing)
El dueño de la popular firma de alimentos cuenta los secretosde la empresa familiar y anticipa sus próximos pasos

“Un cortado y dos ideas para un aviso de radio.” Ese podría ser el mensaje que le pasa por un interno Víctor Fera, el dueño de Marolio, a su secretaria. Es que en el particular mundo Marolio -una de las marcas de alimentos más populares de la Argentina-, las dos secretarias del presidente de la compañía, Susana Castillo y Amalia Suárez, también se encargan de pensar y redactar los comerciales de radio y televisión.
La idea de que todo se puede hacer en casa, sin necesidad de contratar una agencia de publicidad, es apenas una de las particularidades de Maxiconsumo, la empresa fundada por Fera que hoy no sólo es una de las cadenas mayoristas líderes, sino también un jugador cada vez más fuerte en la industria de los alimentos compitiendo de igual a igual con Molinos, Arcor o Cepas, con media docena de marcas propias entre las que sobresalen Marolio y Molto.

Desde que hace 30 años Fera se alzó con Marolio -que antes de pasar a sus manos era una pequeña marca de aceite-, el fundador de Maxiconsumo nunca se preocupó por hacer las cosas como indicaban los manuales de marketing. En su tratado
Las 22 leyes inmutables del marketing
, el gurú Al Ries postula que hay que ser muy cuidadoso al encarar un proceso de extensión de marca, con el convencimiento de que es preferible ser fuerte en una categoría antes que débil en muchas. Hacer exactamente lo contrario fue el camino de Fera, que en los últimos años no se cansó de lanzar productos bajo la marca Marolio, desde café instantáneo hasta papas fritas, pasando por salchichas, cereales para el desayuno o leche larga vida, hasta completar un portafolio de más de 300 referencias. Para un
self made man
como Fera -que nació en Morón, se crío en Laferrere y abandonó la escuela en primer año de la secundaria- seguir sus intuiciones nunca fue un motivo de desvelo. “A mí me asesora la vida. Aprendo de los errores que cometen otros y también de los míos. Siempre anduve por la otra vereda. Y además siempre me dijeron que eso no se hacía y hoy todas las grandes marcas, de Knorr a Lucchetti, están copiando lo que empezamos a hacer con Marolio: unificar todos los productos bajo un mismo nombre”, asegura.

Alimentos para todos
El modelo Marolio se sustenta en una premisa: hacer alimentos accesibles para todo el mundo. Con esta consigna, en la empresa no tienen problemas en convertirse en proveedor de sus rivales, lo que explica que Marolio y Molto hoy se encuentren en las góndolas de Walmart, Jumbo o de mayoristas que compiten en forma directa con Maxiconsumo.
“Nosotros le vendemos a todo el mundo, incluyendo a 200 mayoristas de todo el país. Y a los que les vendemos se dieron cuenta de que teniendo nuestra marca venden más y que también reciben más bonificaciones de parte de los grandes proveedores. No hay ningún misterio, es sólo una cuestión de competencia. Estoy convencido de que si no hay competencia, los precios no van a bajar. Ahora estoy trabajando para que me atiendan en la Secretaría de Comercio. Por Precios Cuidados no me llamaron. Fui yo solo y me terminaron atendiendo para poder incluirme”, explica el empresario.

Con este modelo tan heterodoxo, al grupo no le fue nada mal. Hoy sus ventas superan los $ 4000 millones anuales y con Marolio y Molto la empresa es la número uno en productos tomatados -con un
market share
de 23%-, pelea el liderazgo en fideos y está segunda en amargos, detrás de Terma. “En aceites perdimos algo de cuota de mercado cuando se hicieron los acuerdos de precios. También somos muy fuertes en fideos y frutas enlatadas, y en vinos donde participamos como Cavas San Julián y Santa Isabel. En muchas zonas del país, como Salta o Misiones, con Marolio tenemos un nivel de aceptación altísimo y somos más populares que la Coca-Cola”, se jacta el empresario.

Para bajar costos, Fera es un convencido de que todo se puede hacer en casa. Con esta premisa en sus cuarteles de la calle Empedrado, en el barrio de Paternal -a menos de 15 cuadras de las oficinas de otro hombre que se hizo a sí mismo como Alfredo Coto-, el dueño de Marolio montó un pequeño estudio de radio y televisión en el que funciona MaxiTV, la productora a cargo de los comerciales de la empresa. Para llevar adelante esta área, igualmente, contrató a un profesional reconocido del medio como Eduardo Metzger, productor histórico de Canal 13.
Con 62 años, Fera asegura que sus tareas en la empresa se limitan a fijar la estrategia del negocio y a hacerse cargo del área publicitaria, mientras que todo el trabajo operativo está en manos de una segunda generación integrada por sus dos hijos y sus dos sobrinos varones. En todos los casos, los chicos no siguieron los pasos de sus padres y tienen una formación profesional. Pero el espíritu más familiar y, si se quiere, artesanal se mantiene en todas las áreas, lo que explica que la construcción de los nuevos supermercados de Maxiconsumo siempre lleven la firma de la arquitecta Romina Fera, otra de las hijas de Víctor.
Planes industriales
En el mundo Marolio también hay lugar para los enemigos. Desde hace un par de años, Fera está en una cruzada, que ya llegó a los tribunales, contra Molinos Río de la Plata, a la que acusa de discriminación porque no le vende sus alimentos a Maxiconsumo. “El tema está en el juzgado. Yo les estoy haciendo juicio a ellos porque no me venden productos. Y también le presenté una demanda penal a Augusto Costa (ex secretario de Comercio) por incumplimiento de sus deberes como funcionario público porque me tuvo el expediente parado durante ocho meses”, explica Fera.
En el terreno comercial, Maxiconsumo quiere seguir sumando supermercados mayoristas -hoy cuenta con 33 tiendas-, aunque el foco está puesto en el desarrollo de su red de comercios asociados bajo la marca Red Mini Costo. “Con Mini Costo ya tenemos 1300 locales adheridos y queremos llegar a los 10.000. En los 90 tuvimos una primera experiencia con una red de locales propios, Maxi Red, que fracasó por la presión de las grandes empresas que no querían que les vendiéramos a precios diferenciales a nuestros locales. Ahora el panorama es diferente porque son las mismas grandes empresas las que se quieren sumar al proyecto porque ven los resultados que estamos teniendo”, explica el empresario.
Sin embargo, a futuro, los planes del grupo pasan principalmente por crecer en el negocio industrial. “Hace poco compramos un molino de arroz en Santa Fe, estamos terminando la planta nueva de tomate en Mendoza y construyendo otra de fideos en Moreno que nos va a permitir duplicar las ventas actuales, siempre con la misma idea de tener un precio lógico. Al fin y al cabo lo que hacemos es trabajar para el 90% de los argentinos y no para el 10% más rico”, asegura Fera desde su cuartel en Paternal.
El origen de la marca
Marolio nació hace un poco más de 50 años como una pequeña marca de aceite. Su fundador era Oscar Marvaso -un empresario ligado a los medios de comunicación-, que a la hora de bautizar la empresa optó por utilizar la primera sílaba de su apellido y sumarle el sufijo “olio”. Fera se alzó con la marca en 1984 y para cerrar la operación no se basó en ningún estudio de mercado, sino en su olfato de negocios. “Era una marca que me gustaba porque era muy fuerte en la zona oeste de donde soy yo”, explica.

Alfredo Sainz

2016-02-01 01:40:17

2016-02-01 01:40:17
Celine Dion thanks public, Quebec government for support during 'difficult time'

Celine Dion is thanking the public for their love and support as she grieves the loss of husband Rene Angelil and her brother, Daniel.

In a statement on her website, the superstar singer from Quebec says she’s “deeply touched” by the well wishes.

“We have felt your love for Rene, and your prayers and compassion have helped us during this most difficult time… more than you’ll ever know. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Dion also thanked the Quebec government for honouring Angelil with a state funeral last week and thanked those who helped with the tribute.

“We will never forget all of the kindness that you have bestowed upon us,” she said.

Angelil, who was Dion’s her longtime manager, died on Jan. 14 of throat cancer in Las Vegas. He was 73.

Her brother Daniel Dion died of cancer two days after Angelil.

Meet Tru: Hilton’s New Affordable Hotel Brand

Finally, there’s a Hilton hotel that millennials, families and budget-conscious travelers can actually afford. The recently unveiled Tru by Hilton, the hospitality giant’s newest hotel brand, will have rooms priced between $75 and $90 per night.

Designed to fill what Hilton describes as a “massive void in the midscale [hotel] category in the U.S. and Canada,” the first Tru hotels are expected to open in the United States by the end of this year. More than 100 new hotels are planned in cities including Chicago; Atlanta; Dallas; Houston; Denver; Portland, Oregon; Charlotte, North Carolina; San Antonio; and Nashville, Tennessee.

Hilton said Tru, the 13th hotel brand in its portfolio, will appeal to millions of consumers who will no longer be forced to “compromise between price and a quality experience.”

“More than 40 percent of all U.S. hotel stays are within the midscale and economy sectors and Tru by Hilton addresses a gap in the marketplace by appealing to the youthful mindset demographic, pushing the industry to marry quality and value,” Jim Holthouser, Hilton Worldwide executive vice president for global brands, said in a statement. Tru will be “a hotel that’s a place travelers will want to go to rather than just through,” Holthouser added.

Watch the video of ‘Meet Tru: Hilton’s New Affordable Hotel Brand’ on

The Tru hotels will feature smaller, more efficiently designed guest rooms (no desks, closets or in-room coffee machines) with a 55-inch TV and lots of DirecTV channels, a pop-up desk and high-speed Wi-Fi, as well as huge lobbies that Hilton calls “a first-floor experience,” designed with areas for playing games, eating, lounging and working.

Travelers will also enjoy a free breakfast bar featuring Greek yogurt and more than 30 toppings (candy sprinkles, anyone?), oatmeal, bagels and doughnuts.

What do you think about Hilton’s newest hotel brand? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

This article was originally published on as ‘Meet Tru: Hilton’s New Affordable Hotel Brand’.

Ατομικό για Καμπιάσο-Τσόρι και φιλικό με τους Νέους
Δεν είναι παρά ελάχιστες οι πιθανότητες να προλάβουν το ντέρμπι με τον ΠΑΟΚ οι Καμπιάσο και Τσόρι. Οι δύο Αργεντίνοι