USA. New York. March 8, 1991. U.S. soldiers returning from the Gulf make telephone calls at the Kennedy Airport. The soldiers, tired after their 14-hour flight via Rome, flashed “victory” signs as they stepped off planes to the sound of cheering airline employees, and an Army band that played “God Bless America.”

Photograph: Bebeto Matthews/AP

Trafiğin sakinleşmesi için camide beklemek...

Kalan yüzde dokuz şarjım bitmekte kararlı. Bitene kadar yazayım. Zira yazmazsam olmazdı. Zira kelimesi ne güzel…

Sakallarımı özledim bebetolar. Bu bebeto lafzını da zeki abi yavrusuna “bebeto de bakalım murat abine” diyip ismimi bebeto olarak çocuğun bilinçaltına yer ettiriyor. Bu daha güzelmiş(:

Sırtımı yaslamışım serin duvara, oh! Sanki bir hafta belim kime tutulmuş, neye ağrımış, niye pomadlara maruz bırakılmış! Ayaklar desem feveran içinde. Zihnim çer çöp, bu en acısı.

Uzansam olmayacak. Bari ayaklarımı uzatayım… yine içim rahat etmiyor. Eve gitmeden yemek yesem sonra evde de yesem karnım patlayacak. Olacaklar ve olmayacaklar arasında sıkıştım kaldım doktor. Neyse ki olacak olan zaten olacak: bir çiçek solacak, bir çiçek açacak.

Annem ütüyü beğenecek mi bakalım. Beğenmeyip ne yapacak sanki ütü bu koltuk takımı değil ki. Ya da bir vazo. Vazo demişken senelik iznimi bir vazonun içinde geçirmeye karar verdim. Ya da yaz tatilimi diyeyim. Yazın çok sıcak olması halinde belki büyücek bir sürahiye geçebilirim. Ya da olmaması halinde. Tabii bu keyfime bağlı.

Neyse bebetolar şimdi üç tane 7-8 yaşında arkadaş geldi, müezzinin mikrofonuyla heeehaahauööö diye bağırıp ortalıkta koşturuyorlar, onlara katılmam lazım. Grş

“Today is Yom Hashoah, the Hebrew name for Holocaust Remembrance Day. The date coincides with both the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the 27th day of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar. It is a day to reflect on the lives and stories, told and untold, of all those who were lost — and who survived — the horrors of the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel was one of those survivors. He was just a teenager when he was imprisoned, and he lost his entire family to the camps. He spent most of his adult life, until he died in 2016, fighting for the world to remember what happened, fighting against denial, and fighting to ensure that nothing like the Holocaust will ever happen again. | 📷 by Bebeto Matthews/AP.”


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The US may have intercepted communications that preceded Syria's chemical-weapons attack

(Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, addressing a meeting of the Security Council on Syria at the UN headquarters on April 5.Bebeto Matthews/AP)
A senior US official claimed that military and intelligence operatives had intercepted communications between the Syrian military and chemical experts discussing preparations for last week’s chemical-weapons attack in Syria, according to a CNN report Wednesday.

The intelligence was part of a larger collection of information that was reviewed shortly after the attack, which killed at least 83 people in the northwest city of Idlib.

The official also mentioned that because of the substantial amount of intelligence gathered from the region, the US could not have examined all of the data before the attack.

None of the intercepted communications confirmed Russian involvement, the official told CNN. The person added, however, that Russia was most likely more careful in its communications. Russian jets, which may have been purchased by Syrian forces, were reportedly used to drop ordnance that contained chemical agents. Further, a Russian-made drone was also reported to have been identified in the area, circling potential targets for a follow-up assault that hit a hospital.

US officials, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, have said there is “no doubt” of the Syrian government’s involvement. Turkish officials confirmed that Syria was still in possession of chemical weapons and that autopsies on the victims of last week’s attack showed traces of sarin gas, despite Russia’s assertions that Syria’s chemical-weapons capabilities had been destroyed in 2013.

“We know they have the expertise. And we suspect that they have help,” a US military official said on Saturday.

To date, both Russia and Syria have denied involvement in the attack.

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