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  • okay this boi will be the death of me and im not even a taehyung stan
  • Why is this boy a Gyffindor?
  • lemme tell ya listen up, buckle up, put on that strap
  • strap on
  • more under the cut hoes

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you know what? FUCK THE  SHEDULE
I have to post this boi right now

So I have made a new OC and i forgot about the othe ones
I don’t have a name for him yet, tho ;;
He’s an elf (because I luv them) and he’s a walking pastel mess
He actaully likes feminine/girly clothes and make up, also he’s a sucker for pastel stuff
He’s a shy introvert that loves lizards with his all might

Please help me pick a name for mah pastel elf bebeh

anonymous asked:

Arashi looks like Gaara and Sakura's baby. WTF. I DON'T KNOW WHY, AND I'M SORRY, BUT NOW I CAN'T SEE HIM AS NARUTO'S

Let us clear this up now.

This here is Arashi, Naruto and Sakura’s son. Sakura’s green eyes and Kushina’s infamous red hair

I don’t really get why people think he looks like Gaara. Gaara’s hair is not Kushina’s red. When I think red hair, Kushina is the first person I think of. Not Gaara or Karin (who also has a different color of red)

If we give him blond hair, he looks almost exactly like his older brother Shina (intentional btw, excuse the slightly different way I drew them. I think Arashi will grow up to have Naruto’s jaw line, hence the rounder face when he’s a bebeh)

If he were to be a Gaara and Sakura kid, I wound color his hair like so. A little brownwer with only a hint of red.  I would also change his face all together, but drawing a GaaSaku kid right now is not on my priority list

As for Karin, not even sure how people got Karin out of him. He has green eyes, meaning he’s Sakura’s kid. Unless he’s a Sakura and Karin child, it makes no sense for people to think he’s Karin and Naruto’s child like some people have suggested. Lol

Karin’s red hair has a kind of… pink tint to it. I assume Uzumaki’s all have red hair, but the tint of red varies from family to family. I would color it like so (plus changes to his face and probably a pair of glasses to seal the deal):

As much as I love Gaara (and Karin, and I’m sure Arashi probably admires Gaara since they are in a similar position -youngest of three, and possibly the grumpiest), I don’t see Gaara (or Karin) in his appearance

Kushina is like, in my top 5 of favorite Naruto characters and I get disappointed when people see Gaara before they see her in her grandchild. She’s a red headed, round faced, tomato woman, and her grandson is not much different except in personality.