bebe mozz


Taking Soulful Self-Portraits with @bebeismyname

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“I started taking silly self-portraits when I was a teen, but now I’m doing it with a passion,” says Bebe Mozz (@bebeismyname), a nurse and self-taught photographer from Witten, Germany. “Only in photography can I fully express myself and just be myself.”

While creating poetic self-portraits has a relaxing and meditative effect on Bebe’s mind, the process itself is a full body workout. Two years ago her camera’s remote broke, but she got used to the fact that she has to run back and forth between shots to manually push the release button. “I set 10 pictures in one shot, so I still have time to put my wig and costume on. And when my camera starts to beep I then start to run and pose,” Bebe explains. “Usually I get two good pictures out of 10.”