bebby ;~~;

So, SOMEONE ( @mollifiable ) sent me a bunch of sketches as an extra present. Let me share those with ya’ll.

Soooo in this one Chloe seems to have my tattoo on her wrist and is wearing my Yoshi Woolly World sweater…? :O

The petnames that seem to have stuck the most lately have been “Duck” and “Turtle.” (and she ain’t even seen ATLA yet)

Is this what she’s been like at uni lately…? -^^-

This one’s just wintery and adorable. <3

Scientific fact:
“Fuckin’ GENJI!”
is my most uttered phrase across the like 100 hours I’ve played of Overwatch. ^_^;;

And lastly, this one seems to be from the ‘All Wounds’ reality. </3

Don’t worry, things will get better. <3

@mollifiable Thanks so much, Bebby~<3
These are great.


Debbie/Rebecca Wishlist: 4/?

A few months after they’ve moved in together, Rebecca starts to feel overwhelmed by her commitment to Debbie and the kids. She starts going out most nights and Debbie rarely sees her. When Rebecca blows off Sarah’s birthday party to go into town, Debbie’s had enough. (insp. by a conversation with @bartsugsy)

No, seriously, ...

… when are Vanessa, Robert, and Debbie going on a ‘Bi’s Night Out’?!!!

Vanessa and Debbie can be the friends Robert needs so desperately as he misses his husband, Robert and Debbie can teach Vanessa how to deal with controlling psychos … from various perspectives, and Robert can whisper to Debbie about some one whom she might be interested in while Vanessa goes over to a curious Rebecca to ask if there’s reason for them to discuss the vastness of ways to get do-it-all mums away from the men whom are obsessed with them (ranging from potentially killing to already have seduced).

… And how soon will Liv or Gabby age in (that kind of thing is usually for only one member of a couple)? I vote Gabby (keeping it as ‘otherwise strangers’ as possible and so Debbie can get a far-off look in her eyes when ever Gabby is reminiscent of her cousin). …


sorry for the long post but the bebbies aged up!!!! they’re all so cute that i couldnt choose on my own who’ll be kitty heir so im letting coral (and the cats) decide that! whichever cat has the highest relationship with heiress coral will stay and the others will go with who they highest relationship with, if that sim is moving out.