ビーバーテールズ Beavertails!

In one of our attempts to think of Canadian foods, we tried to explain Beavertails to Ayumu. In trying to Google images, we discovered that there was a Beavertails cafe, ビーバーテールズ, in Jiyugaoka! We explained that Beavertails are typically available from little kiosks at ski resorts, at winter carnivals and summer festivals, etc. We were shocked to find that there was a whole establishment for this imported treat in Tokyo (and close to our home)!

It’s quite a large cafe and we were the only customers.

It tasted the same as in Canada and was awesome.

On a different outing we were at Tokyo Dome City, an amusement park area, and found the other ビーバーテールズ establishment in Tokyo, a food truck. This time Ei could try a Beavertail (he liked it) and ordering was done through buying a ticket from a vending machine. So Japan.

There are savoury flavours like basil-garlic, and spicy-curry … do we have savoury flavours in Canada??

It was a hit!


Drove out to Beavertail for the sunrise ~ #goodmorning #sunrise #beavertail #jamestownri #love #nature #holistic (at Beavertail Lighthouse)

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