A warm february day spent cuddled in the back of danielle’s car, no worries or responsibilities, with your best friends, and the most beauty and love I’ve ever seen or felt in one place 🌞✨ truly the most perfect sunday (at Beavertail State Park)

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Some more Joshua Tree National Park photos

Some more photos I took yesterday during my hike in the Wonderland of Rocks area of Joshua Tree National Park. This particular space is loaded with strange things, and is a relatively dangerous place to be without a guide or a good set of maps, or GPS that works for you. Over the years, a lot of people have gotten seriously lost in the labyrinth, and several have died.

All photos by rjzimmerman February 19, 2017.

A “typical” Joshua Tree National Park boulder formation.

The “Astrodome,” which is a favorite among rock climbers.

So many cactus in this area. These are prickly pear, many with emerging blooms. Other cactus in the area include foxtail, barrel, hedgehog, claret cup, beavertail, and so on.

Manzanita read to bloom.

The “red obelisk”

The “wave” or the “monster rock.” I see a saber tooth tiger. From a different angle, one can see a nun hovering over a kid in class, getting ready with her ruler.

today i went to the art gallery on the harbourfront. it was all so beautiful and enrapturing, saw some great artwork that i usually can’t see at the big art gallery close to the center of the city. the area around the harbour is all so peaceful, everyone is so happy and children are laughing. it’s such a nice break away from the decay and smog of the center of the city, life is so much prettier on the outskirts. i also got a beavertail which was delicious. and i rode the subway for free which was great.

  • me: I'm so fat! I'm not going to eat today
  • me a couple of hours later: goes to the Rideau canal and consumes a poutine, a beavertail, and a mocha
  • suffice to say i kinda hate myself rite now

areteisjohnlocked  asked:

Tim Hortons is the best! Tim Bits are amazing but so are their doughnuts. I'm not a coffee person but their hot chocolate is my favourite. It's a bit of a Canadian thing, you can't really say you've been to Canada unless you go to Tim Hortons, have a poutine, or a beavertail (not actually a beaver tail)


My first week in Ottawa

My first week in Ottawa has come to an end and I am starting to get to know the city and how to make my way around.

I arrived last Saturday in the middle of the annually Winterlude festival with plenty of snow, ice sculptures, people ice skating on the canal and eating beavertails! - I must say, Canadians are good at embracing winter!

View from Alexandra Bridge - one of the bridges that connect Gatineau/Quebec and Ontario and crosses the Ottawa river just east of Parliament Hill.

After my first weekend of doing some sightseeing I started my actual purpose of coming to Ottawa - namely working at Bruyere Research Institute (BRI) on the Dr. Pottie team - Canadian Collaboration for Refugee and Immigrant Health (CCRIH).

BRI is a hospital-based research institute affiliated with Bruyère Hospital, that was founded by Mother Elisabeth Bruyére in 1845. BRI was founded in 2002 to support researchers who contribute to the relevant and practical knowledge needed to improve continuing care.

Pre arriving, I created my learning objectives, in collaboration with my internship supervisor, Dr. Pottie to have a mutual understanding of what i wanted to learn during my two months in Ottawa.

Learning Objective I:

Gain insight into how policy tools  and recommendations are made by an organization for improving inclusion of  immigrants into policies.

Key strategies (tasks):

  • Attend and observe meeting proceedings
  • Collaborate with the team of care practitioners, specialists,  researchers,  immigrant community leaders, and policy makers.
  • Read and discuss organization’s policy recommendations. Assist in the development of evidence based guidelines and policy tools

Learning Objectives II:

Understand the importance of health  advocacy and its role in working with vulnerable population groups i.e.  refugees and immigrants

Key strategies (tasks):

  • Assist in gathering information and evidence about emmediate needs of  the target group
  • Read and discuss advocacy  strategies made by the organisation CCIRH

Learning Objective III:

Learn more about immigrants and  refugees and their needs and the obstacles when meeting a new health care  system

Key strategies (tasks):

  • Work with immigrant community leaders
  • Use intercultural communication skills
  • Differentiate between immigrant and refugees backgrounds 
  • Participate in the Narrative Exposure Therapy training for medical  students working in community service learning with refugees.
  • Visit refugee shelter, community based primary care clinics.

Back to my week at the Primrose ave based Institute!

It has been a week with plenty of new information and impressions! As mentioned I will be working with Dr. Pottie on the ECDC Guidance on Prevention and Assessment of Communicable Diseases Among Newly Arrived Migrants to the EU/EEA. The evidence based guideline is focusing on TB, HIV, HBV, HCV, Vaccine preventable Diseases and Intestinal Parasites and each disease is managed by six different disease specific teams run by Guideline synthesis emerging leader (GSELs), who extract evidence, Cost effectiveness etc. into six systematic reviews which leads evidence to decision tables.

As the process of finalizing the guidance is in progress I’m being involved in the consultation process, editing and managing of timelines. I have participated in meetings about crowdsourcing to involve stakeholders and how to plan the next steps. As the guidance is made for a European context I have key role when it comes to considerations by an “European mind”.

I will also be involved in Narrative exposure therapy training and visiting refugee sites and in collaboration with a medical student team I will work on a Value Paper focusing on the delivery and adaption of the evidence based recommendations.

Next week I attend an important meeting with different stakeholders, where I will share my considerations as a European consultant and present a “pipeline”, showing the process and next steps for the ECDC guidance.

- Wish me luck!

I know I’m selfish and stupid but damn if I wouldn’t be down to take Baekhyun out to the nicest goddamn dinner for Valentine’s Day and do whatever he wanted and listen to him vent for hours like JEEZ I love Baekhyun so MUCH I hope he has a great time on the 14th and that he gets lots of love for 비가와 MMMMMMMMMM anyway carry on