We found a beaver family at the park! #beavertails #beavernuggets (at Meyer Park)

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aquestorsomething replied to your post “verdantwinter replied to your post “I suspect the sugar cream in the…”

I’m from Alberta and have never heard of beavertails. We have Nanaimo bars though

It must be a slow expansion then. Because I am sure of the in 1997, they existed only in Ottawa and I am also sure that in 2015 there were no less than 9 beavertail trucks at Nuit Blanche. The invasion just hasn’t made it to the prairies yet. Soon you too will be able to eat over priced glorified deepfried pancakes served out of a decorated truck. 

verdantwinter replied to your post “I suspect the sugar cream in the center of a Nanaimo bar is made of…”

I have never heard of such things. They sound tasty!

elanorjoy replied to your post “I suspect the sugar cream in the center of a Nanaimo bar is made of…”

When I looked them up, I discovered that they’re named after a city in British Columbia, so I’m going to assume they’re a Canadian thing. But they look delicious!

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that they are a Canadian thing. I mean who but a Canadian would name something after Nanaimo? 

They are delicious: what’s not to like: chocolate coconut crust thing. Sugar drug cream filling in the middle. a thick layer of chocolate not chocolate coating no layer of chocolate on top. 

Other Canadian sweets include a thing called Beavertails which when I was a child you could only get if you went to Winterlude in Ottawa but now you can get them at any and every festival with food trucks. 

My cousin convinced me that they were the tails from beavers with cinnamon sugar on them and I half believed her in that way that only 8 year olds can half believe someone “that sounds wrong” mixed with “you are an authority and are saying this authoritatively” that leads to squinty eyes and repeatedly asking “Really?”

(Beavertails are a pastry that is roughly shaped like a beaver’s tail. No beavers are harmed in the making of beavertails)

I couldn’t do #foodie tour of #ottawa without a stop at the #beavertails shop. Was told the #maple flavour was one of the most popular, so I tried and loved it! Was shocked to learn the #Canadian treat even has shops in Asia & the Middle East! The pastry is made with wholewheat flour, but still packs a mean punch at 446 calories, so I skipped dinner last nite. #hadtotryone

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I still think of you, but it’s different now. I don’t really miss you anymore, but I still find myself daydreaming about you. Going to go get you at the airport, Tim Horton’s smoothie in hand because of the time you mentioned that you liked being up North so you could have one. We’d spend the time we had together exploring, and taking day trips around the province. First, the harbour hopper and a beavertail followed by supper in one of downtown’s fancy restaurants. Next, a trip to the valley where we’d stop at the vineyards and day drink until we were falling into each other.

A trip here is never complete without a stop to visit the lighthouse. We’d have a classic seafood lunch and then we’d go spend the weekend at a cabin along the beach where we’d bask in the sun and each other’s company.

—  Sher, Daydreaming

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Has Alex ever had poutine or beavertails? (not real beaver tails, the Canadian pastry) if yes, did he like them? if no, does he want to try them? (this canadian is very interested)


HARLEY HERE. //     i myself have never seen/heard/or had them myself so i wouldn’t think alex would have but they seem rather interesting so he is willing to try them. i am so sorry! i wish i knew more to this!

Anti-aging exercises Geisha

Anti-aging exercises Geisha. A month do not recognize yourself in the mirror!

Want to stay young, slim and healthy ?

Here are some basic exercises from the Arsenal of geisha, which will allow you to keep in great shape both externally and internally.

Exercises “Beginning the joyful day”

Do the exercises, barely awake, in bed.

RUB your palms together until they warm up. Then close their eyes. Feel the warmth of the hands is transferred to your eyes.

Squeeze your hands into fists, RUB together to warm. Next, slide the knuckles of the eyebrows, from the nose to the temples.- 3 times

Turn head to the right as you can). 10 seconds hold the beavertail look in this direction. The same to the left. - 3 times

Put your head on the back of the head and make 3 full round eyes. Try to not use the internal muscles of the eyes, and the muscles around the eyes.

Fingertips tap on the lower jaw, moving from the ear to the chin. Then climb the cheekbones, moving towards your mouth, then around the mouth, from the nose around the eyes and forehead from the centre to the temples.

Close your mouth and run your tongue around the outside of the lower teeth, then the inner. Then also on the upper teeth. - 5times.

Knock the teeth so that the gums vibrated 10 times

Thumb and index finger, massage your ears from top to bottom. - 5times

Spread and pinch your fingers so that the brush looked like a paw of the animal. Then push these brushes massage your head from forehead to nape.

Tense hands press on the back of the head 10-15 times

The inner surface of a fist to gently tap on the chest 10 times

Sit down and within 30 seconds, RUB the lumbar region and kidneys.

Put your hands on your knees. Rotational motions on the knees - 30 seconds

Carefully RUB each foot with both hands.

Now your body is awake.

You can perform 2 exercises from the morning program of the geisha.


Lie on your back with outstretched arms. Legs straight, tightly pressed to the floor. Socks for myself, the heels resting on the floor. Bend the legs one way and arms another. Try to vibrate and shake all over, like a fish jumped ashore.

Daily performance of this exercise regulates the work of all organs and systems does the spine, normalizes blood circulation.

Exercise for healthy veins and capillaries.

Lie on your back. Under the neck put a rolled towel, cushion or pillow under the neck was comfortable support. Raise straight arms and legs. Feet pull over. Line a shallow breath and start to shake hands and feet so that vibration is passed on legs and arms on the body. Try not to bend your knees and gradually increase the pace. This exercise gets the blood flowing, prevents stagnation, which is beneficial to the veins and the pelvic organs. In addition, it will allow you to acquire beautiful and healthy complexion.

External image

So I saw the new Colt Delta with Novak sights and got excited

They were hyping up how much they improved it with the new beavertail and everything…


After Peggy’s cove we went right to Halifax, Nova Scotia. This was one of the few times we got a couple of hours to freely explore downtown and my goodness it was a wonderful time. I loved how the harbor was practically integrated into the commercialized part of town. I think it’s called a wharf and that’s a pretty bad-ass word if you ask me. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Beaver Tails shop here as I thought that was an exclusive Ottawa delicatessen.
I also went on a half hour boat and road tour on FROG FIVE. From what I remember on that tour, Nova Scotia/Halifax is 2nd in practically everything. 2nd smallest province in Canada, has the 2nd bridge to be fully reconstructed without demolishing it, 2nd largest boat to boat collision, 2nd to get water cooling in buildings, and world’s 2nd largest ferry boat in the ocean, to name a few things. They’re first in the most pubs per x amount of space or something though, and it’s where Alexander Keith lived! I also remember that nobody wanted to emigrate to Nova Scotia due to its harsh environment and nothing to do there. But a person convinced people to come over once he promised to give free land, free food, AND free alcohol to all who stay there for a year!
Nova Scotia is pretty cool, I wouldn’t mind staying there for a while to be honest!

Beaver Tail State Park - Jamestown, RI. #jamestown #jamestownri #beavertailstatepark #lighthouse #visitrhodeisland #ocean #boat #sailboat #seagull #newengland #summer #scenic #gay #lesbian #lgbt #instagay #gaystagram #gaytravel #gayfriendly #gayri #gaymarriage #gaywedding #fishing #enjoylife (at Beavertail Jamestown Ri)

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Grand Theft Auto V - Desert Eagle

“The weapon model lacks the long beavertail of an actual Desert Eagle and has a trigger guard that bears more resemblance to the PT92, has oversized cocking serrations and a much too curved top to the rear section of the slide, chunky rear sights with a tiny front sight pin, and incorrectly has an underbarrel accessory rail. It also has no scope rail mounts, no barrel lock, no magazine release, and lacks the Desert Eagle’s safety switch; the developers appear to have confused the slide release for the safety, and so the pin for the slide release is attached to nothing and the projecting part has been turned into a sliding selector, the mechanics of which are best not considered.”

Source: IMFDB