The “Green Man” is an urban legend which originated in Pennsylvania and is said to be a glowing supernatural entity or a demon which wanders the country roads at night. This is one urban legend that has truth behind it and the truth is a lot more upsetting than scary.

In 1918, Raymond Robinson, who was just a young boy, was climbing on a train track bridge to get a closer look at some birds when he was electrocuted. The shock sent 22,000 volts of electricity through his body and literally melted his face - he lost both of his eyes, his nose, an ear, and even an arm. As Raymond grew up, he was bullied by other kids, who mocked him by calling him cruel names such as “The Zombie” and because of this, he chose to stay indoors. The very rare time he would venture outside was at nights when he would walk along State Route 351 with his walking stick. Locals caught wind of this and would go out at night in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Raymond - some would mock him as he walked alone while others were friendly.

Raymond stopped these late night walks during the last years of his life and moved to the Beaver County Geriatric Center where he died when he was 74-years-old. The real story of what Raymond experienced became obscured and overshadowed by the ghost stories that grew out of them and Raymond became more of an urban legend than a sentient being who was ostracised by the community purely due to his appearance.

WEDDING: June 17, 2017

Ceremony:  Doubletree Hotel, Moon Twp., PA  

Reception: Doubletree Hotel, Moon Twp., PA

Make Up: Laura Vojtko-MAC Make Up Nordstroms @ Ross Park Mall

Hair: Barrett’s Salon Bridgeville and the Bridesmaids

Florist: Chris Puhlmam’s Flowers and Gift

Entertainment: Master G (George and Alex Tyson)

Colors: Graphite, Charcoal White, Pale Yellow and Off White

Honeymoon: Dominican Republic, Punta Cana

I have had the unique opportunity to photograph hundreds of weddings over the 18 years that I have been a photographer or training in college, PS. many people don’t know this but my degree is in Photography, my husband is graphic design, you get those kind of degrees when you go to “Art school”. So I don’t know that I try to seek out a connection or a bond with my clients or if I’m just a chatty Cathy and it happens.

When I first met with Ashley and her sister Casey, we discussed many aspects of her day, they opted for a first look due to the limited amount of time in between ceremony and reception and they also wanted their puppies included in the photos. Done, SOLD, I’m in!

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Interested in taking the slow road from the Willamette Valley to the Oregon Coast (or vice versa)? Consider the Nestucca River National Back Country Byway! On the coast, the mostly paved two-lane road starts at the town of Beaver in Tillamook County and ends near Carlton in Yamhill County. The Byway is about 35 miles long, passes through lush coastal range forests and waterfalls, and also offers a terrific scenic panorama of the Cascade Mountains at Sheridan Peak. Several first-come, first-serve campgrounds are available during certain seasons along the road, as well as other recreational opportunities, like off-road vehicle riding.

My rage-filled post of the day.

I just saw a link for my county’s FB page on my wall. And it read,

“How do you feel about Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy’s statement on gay marriage? Do you think same-sex couples should be allowed to marry?”

I left my two cents and decided to read the comments.

Bad idea.

I live in western Pennsylvania in an area that has so many backwater hicks and Confederate KKK assholes. I hate everyone here. I see the comments and see nearly all the feedback is “No.” “It’s disgusting.” “America’s in the shitter for faggot praising.”

Really? I checked your facebook pages. I checked your ‘about me’ section. Don’t think I made disgustingly loud laughter at the fact you put in your bio that you 'love everyone for who they are’ and 'idgaf about politics or religion.’

You, lady, are the epitome of asshole bigotry. You are a cuntcake and should be twatpunted off of 'da bridge’ as you called your hometown.

My comment, if anyone cares, read:

“With the divorce rate at 50%, I think some people should be concerned with their own marriages and not on anyone else’s. Love does not discriminate.

Remember when people were up in arms about mixed race marriages? Well history tends to repeat itself, so in the future, gay marriage (or as I like to cal it, marriage) will be as legal and as commonplace as straight marriage (again, as I like to call it, marriage)." 

I think my rant is over.