Let’s talk about that scene in season 2 where Veronica and Logan dance to Sway by The Perishers. Because everyone thinks its strictly a LoVe song, but they are only onscreen during the chorus.

When the song first starts, and during the lines

“It was you who picked the pieces up
When I was a broken soul
And then glued me back together
Returned to me what others stole”

Its Mac and Cassidy who are onscreen and Cass is looking sadly at Mac the whole time and I just.

I feel like Rob possibly meant the song for both couples and I’d really like him to answer some questions about Mac and Cassidy. Like did he love her? Or was he really just using her? And if he did love her, as a friend or as more? And was he anticipating graduation night going like that? Or was his plan to really sleep with Mac and then he realized everything was falling apart and he had to switch to a different plan? Did he go into the party knowing he was going to kill himself? Was the gun for just in case something happened or was it brought with the intent to murder Veronica at some point?