Beavers Bend State Park, OK

Cedar Bluff Nature Trail - 1.04 Mile Loop
Elevation Gain: 28 FT

Lookout Mountain Trail - 2.47 Miles Out & Back (Loop Available)
Elevation Gain: 400 FT

August 1, 2015 - Jo Reese, Kate Shilling, Bonnie Blumert, Marie Vestal, & Kristen Howard

In an effort to earn our breakfast tacos, five girls set out on the Cedar Bluff Trail. 

As you can see from the trail information above, it didn’t last long enough as we quickly looped back to the car.

We drove on down the road until we found the Lookout Mountain Trail.  It was definitely pretty, and had some nice climbs – but we never did find a place to “look out”, so we stayed on trail until it was time to head back to the cabin for breakfast. 

Note:  Horseflies were a bit of a bother. Pack bug spray.

Driving time from OKC: 3 hrs, 54 min.