beaver jaw

Happy Beaver Day!

Well it’s official - Moose Jaw Manny, one of Canada’s leading sources of weather information, has added an odd number of sticks to his dam since this time last year. As we all know, this means we can expect a full two months of frost and mud.

Beaver Day is an annual event celebrated in Canada that picks up where Groundhog Day leaves off. Just as Groundhog Day predicts the weather for the following six weeks, Beaver Day takes on the next two months. Depending on the number of sticks added to one of the indicating beaver’s dams, we can look forward to either two full months or one and a half months of frost and mud. There is more than one indicator beaver just as there are multiple groundhogs, but of course, some are simply more famous than others. Of all the beavers, Moose Jaw Manny is the best suited to the limelight.