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Andy: Hats Part IV

Nicktoons Unite! Movie fan trailer by Doodley (DToons)
I’m really curious to know what characters will be in this major crossover movie. There’s so many great choices and team ups, it’s really hard to choose! Would’ve to see the original team (Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob and Timmy) on the big screen too though! 🌎🌏🌍

Also, checkout and their youtube page for hilarious toon reviews by Doggy D. Dachshund and many more great crossovers!


I gravitated toward the scripts, and when I met each of the female directors that I worked with — Jodi, Debra and Lori — we just kind of hit it off.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence directed by women filmography:

The Poker House dir. Lori Petty (2008)
Winter’s Bone dir. Debra Granik (2010)
The Beaver dir. Jodie Foster (2011)
Serena dir. Susanne Bier (2014)


Supernatural 11x16 “Safe House”

I loved this one so much <3

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