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6. Beaver - Veronica Mars 

My name is Cassidy

Logan- “Cassidy, don’t jump.”

“Why not?”

… . “that’s what I thought.

I adore Beaver, screw the fact that he raped Veronica and killed a bus-full of kids, not to mention Woody and Curly … along with attempting to kill Veronica and her dad. I will always love Beaver, regardless. I think that he was bullied into being slightly psychotic, first my his dad, then by Woody, and eventually by Dick and his friends. All Beav (is that okay?) really wanted was to just pretend that he was never molested. Beaver and Mac were adorable, and I hope that Beaver wasn’t just using her… I don’t think he was, I honestly think that he was trying to start over. But Beaver’s nerdiness, along with his fucked-up ness, and his "serial killer face” make me love him

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10 Episodes That I Will Always Cry At

9. Not Pictured - Veronica Mars (2.22) 

I love the episode itself, but it’s the beginning part where Veronica dreams of what could’ve been that saddens me. And the end where she thinks her dad is dead, that officially makes me cry. I love that she’s with Logan instead of Duncan in her alternate reality, although it’s sad that she doesn’t meet Wallace. I would’ve loved to see what her world would’ve been like if Aaron hadn’t murdered Lilly… I mean, would Beaver still have blown up the bus, would Veronica have even been affected by it? But I am glad that Veronica is different, because otherwise she might’ve never dated Logan. . I always want to cry at Veronica’s other flashback/dream where her father is having a puppet show. And then she runs out thinking her dad is cooking bacon, but it’s actually Logan. This episode is so good in all the right ways, it hits every emotion your supposed to feel.