beaver bother

I’m replaying Donkey Kong 64 and doing a 101% run again.  All I have to say right now is that as much as I love this game to death, some of the stuff they expect you to do is a huge pain in the ass.  Beat Donkey Kong Arcade with one life twice?  The second time being on hard mode?  As a REQUIREMENT to fight the final boss?  This is why I could never beat this game when I was a kid because Mario dies if he falls from two centimeters onto a platform.  75m on hard mode is damn near impossible!

Also, I hope whoever play tested the Beaver Bother minigame was fired from Rare and is currently on the streets begging for food.

Beaver Bother certainly is a bother...

I’ve been playing some Donkey Kong 64 and I’ve been trying to get 100%. It’s all been going well until I got to the Creepy Castle level. There was one mini-game to get a Golden Banana called Beaver Bother and it took me AN HOUR AND A HALF TO BEAT! Immediately after that I saved the game and turned it off because I had no tolerance for anything after that, I just laid on my couch in anguish watching my brother play Pikmin 3.

Today I tried to progress some more, then I came across another mini-game to get a Golden Banana that just happens to be Beaver Bother. I mean SERIOUSLY?! TWO OF THE SAME, DIFFICULT MINI-GAMES IN THE SAME LEVEL?!

I understand it’s one of the last levels of the game but come on… There could have been something else there for Lanky Kong right? Not the same mini-game they already used for Chunky Kong, ugh… I can’t be the only one who thought that this was annoying. What was Rareware thinking when they made this level? Despair and frustration I bet…

I personally vowed to take a break from the game so that I can mentally heal my damaged soul… That sigh of annoyance and anger I made when I saw that I had to go through that again… The next time I pick up the game I’ll try to beat that mini-game, I bet it’ll take me an hour and a half like the last one. Sorry about that, I’ll just stop. End of rant/story.