Deepwater Horizon (2016)

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A story set on the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, which exploded during April 2010 and created the worst oil spill in U.S. history. 

judiejodia  asked:

Requests are open?? Would you mind writing something for my baby, ML beauxbatons AU? Something magical slice of life or whatever you feel like!

When Adrien awoke, it was to a blanket of palpable reassurance and warmth.

This was strange, as the last thing he remembered was the biting chill of the study room after hours and the frustration of trying to revise an essay without his teacher’s input. Maybe he’d had a good dream…?

He blinked the sleep away from his eyes and lifted his head, finding his cheek had been glued to his essay. He must’ve fallen asleep on it while the ink was still wet.

The reassurance and warmth didn’t fade as he woke up, so he supposed the feeling couldn’t have come from a lingering dream. He looked around for the source, wondering if someone had caught him and left warming and cheering charms on the room.

He was just peeling his essay off his cheek when he caught sight of the ladybug.

Of course.

Salut,” he greeted his crush partner’s patronus, sleep-rough and a little slurred, and then yawned a jaw-cracking yawn.

The dust motes floating in the air of the tiny study room very nearly lit up in the sudden outpouring of affection.

Flustered, Adrien scrubbed at the ink residue on his burning cheek.

“…Nice to see you too.”

The ladybug flitted over, landing on the dryer pages of his essay, and it felt a bit like a hearth fire had gotten up and walked over to him, the outpouring of warmth was so strong. Trundling over the words, the little bug flickered its wings and saturated its aura with soft concern.

It could be for any number of things, but Adrien picked the most likely offense to address. “‘S okay. I just,” another yawn, “wanted to get a head start. Lost track of time.”

(It wouldn’t do for him, heir of the Agreste name, to be anything less than the best, after all.)

The ladybug beat its wings at him, and Adrien couldn’t help but feel that it was scolding him, somehow.

Breathing a laugh, he murmured, “Thanks. I’ll keep better track, next time.”

The patronus hesitated, appearing to consider something. Then, after a moment, it took flight and landed on the folds of his collar, hunkering down and projecting the emotional equivalent of a lullaby.

“Sticking around?” Adrien asked, undeniably tickled. It took energy for his partner to upkeep that aura, and that she’d do so remotely just to keep him company wasn’t something he’d been expecting.

The ladybug buzzed a short affirmative, not budging a millimeter.

Adrien smiled and turned back to his essay, ignoring the longing pang in his chest and the heat in his ears.


i ended up with a little something in between, oops :’D hope you like it /o/

send me a ship and an au for a 3 sentence short fic

Warren and the Small Floof Dog Headcanons:

OKAY, here are your small floof dog headcanons, AND THEN WE ARE DROPPING THIS, IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BECOME A THING. (First part- beginning story I guess)
- Warren finds him when he’s sifting through an old dumpster behind a restaurant on a cloudy day in the city. He’s had a terrible day at the mansion, and has only been gone a few hours on his meditating flight. He digs around the allies and back streets of the city, looking for nothing and walking to nowhere. He’s spitting and cursing under his breath as he kicks trash and walks on between the nasty buildings, not sure why exactly he is in such a pissy mood for no reason. But when he raises his head up from his crouched position on the dumpers edge- filing through the trash for anything useful as an old habit he’s never been able to break- and looks up to see a small, white, pile of fluff with tiny black eyes and a quivering dark nose, he freezes. His feathers stand on edge as he glares at the small dog, and bears his teeth as the the creature doesn’t move. His wings subconsciously lift a little, and Warren crouches a bit more- ready to either attack or take off.
But then the small thing walks towards him- it’s invisible paws under the soft fur not even making a sound on the wet concrete- and something suddenly chruns inside Warren. Not like when he looks at Kurt or when his blue love does something terribly adorable, but something else… It was an odd feeling.
It didn’t want to attack him? Did a dog actually decide treat Warren as a normal person and not go after his precious wings!? Why did he suddenly care so much about this stupid pooch!? The angel is hesitant as he looks down from the dumpster at the tiny white ball as it walks up to him, and stays dead still; wings still raised and body still crouched. The tiny beast stops just a few feet away from him, and looks up with squinty wet eyes. Warren can now see how well groomed it is, knowing it must belong to someone, and relaxes a bit as the pile of fluff sits silently. He holds his breath, and steps down from the dumpster, glaring at the dog as he slowly walks over. He makes it a few steps towards the thing, but freezes and opens his wings again in a hurry when the pup stands. He jumps back and so does the dog- the little pup becoming a ball of rolling fluff as it falls backwards and rolls in fear; getting up shakily but not running. Warren calms again as he watches the tiny dog, his heart racing, and right then- as he watches the small animal stand back up and look at him with teary eyes and a small tremble- Warren is in love.

-Warren has never picked up a dog in his life. He is awkward when he bends down to the tiny puppy and touches it, wincing as it moves against his hand and wags its tail. He does what he’s seen other people do, and wraps his fingers around its midsection. He’s surprised when his hands sink into the fur and feel that the dog is actually nothing but fur and some bone, and lifts it gingerly. Warren doesn’t expect it to move, and gasps as he nearly looses his grip and drops the thing. After a few seconds when the dog calms down- Warren debating whether or not he should just drop it and fly off with how awkward he is- he manages to hold it securley in his arms, and takes off into the sky.

- He flys steady and slow back to the mansion with the small dog held under his jacket against his chest and arms, and by the time he’s home the sun is just about set. Warren speed walks through the halls and doesn’t say a word to anyone; his heart racing as he now has a death grip on the slipping dog as he holds his worst enemy with surprising care. He manages to make it to his room and slams the door, shutting the blinds and moving to the bed.

- Warren opens his jacket and lets the dog fall out, watching as it rolls on the bed and stands with shaky legs on the thick comforter. He stands awkwardly a few feet away as it sits and looks up at him, but jumps back when the dog suddenly comes to life and bounces up towards him with a small yip. He gasps as it stops at the edge of the bed and suddenly looses its balance, falling off and flat to the floor.

-“Oh god!” Warren stands in shock as the dog slowly gets up, and looks up at him with a wagging tail. He becomes a statue as it moves to him again slowly, and sits on his foot. “Uhhh,” Warren is too shocked for words when it curls up on his boot and lays down in an uncomfortable position. He slowly bends to pick it up again, and this time the dog stays limp in his hands as he holds it out. “You’re not so bad…” He smirks as it stares at him, but groans when the dog looks down and licks his hand. “No, that’s not happening!” He drops the dog quickly back to the ground, and wipes his hand on his jeans.

-For the rest of the night, Warren goes through his nightly routine in odd awarence for the small dog as it explores the room and sniffs around. He sits on the bed and watches it like a hawk, and finally relaxes when it curls up and falls asleep under the desk. Warren isn’t sure how to act around a dog or any small animal, and moves slowly and silently as not to wake the pup. He’s nervous to fall asleep, but eventually drifts off and stops worrying so much when he realizes it isn’t getting up any time soon.
“Man, Kurt’s gonna kill me…”

- The next morning, as soon as Warren wakes, he shoots up from bed and stares at the dog under the desk laying in the same position as last night. He pauses a moment, then gets up and moves near it. It doesn’t move when Warren stands by the desk, so he calls out. “Dog?” It still doesn’t stir. Warren feels a wave of panic shoot through him, and he quickly grabs his stress ball on the desk; chucking it at the pup. The dog lays still when the ball hits the floor hard inches from its head and bounces away, and Warren twitches on his feet. “Oh god, I killed it!” He sighs loudly in a stressed moan and spins around, not knowing what to do as he bites his knuckles and feels his heart pound.

- At Warrens loud words, however, the dog lifts its head and yawns, looking up at Warren with an unamused face. “Oh thank God!” Warren lets his breath in, and suddenly reaches down and lifts the dog up forcefully; holing it in front of his face. “Don’t fucking scare me like that you little bitch!” Warren glares’ The dog then looks down, and gives Warrens hand another lick. “Uuuughh!” Warren groans and puts the pup back down, wiping his hand on his shirt.

- After Warren is dressed and ready, the dog now much more active and walking around, there’s a knock at the door. Warren knows it’s Kurt, and looks back at the pup nervously. “Uh,” Warren sighs and looks around quickly, before scooping the dog up and running to the bathroom; dropping it in the empty tub. He runs to open the door, and smiles at Kurt. “Babe,” He starts quietly as Kurt walks in happily. The blue boy instantly knows something is up with how Warren is looking at him, and he frowns.

-“Varren, vhat did you do?” He sighs and rolls his eyes playfully, and Warren smirks.
“Whaaaat? I didn’t-” Warren trails off when Kurt gives him a knowing look, and gives up. “Okay, look, you can’t get mad-” Warren wanted to finish and give his best puppy eyes to his love, and Kurt wanted to stop him there, but they were each cut off when a small thud came from the bathroom, and out bounded the small ball of fluff.

- Kurts gasp is loud and high, and Warren stutters as the blue boy looks down in shock at the tiny dog staring up at them. “U-h Kurt, look, it’s only temp-” Warren is stopped when Kurt crouches down- his tail flicking widly- and scoops the dog into his long arms.
Welpe!” Kurt giggles and Warren stares in confusion when his boyfriend stands back up and laughs as the dog licks his chin.

-“Uuuuuh, you’re not mad?” He tries, giving Kurt a tiny smile, and the blue boy laughs full of joy.
“Varren! I zout you hated dogs!” Kurt giggles madly as the dog squirms in his arms and attacks his blue face with kisses.
“Uggh, that doesn’t bother you!?” Warren ignores the hinted question; too grossed out to even answer. “That things tongue has been all over the streets and on God knows what, don’t let it lick you!” He moves to stand in front of Kurt, putting his hands gently on his skinny waist and running his thumb over the rim of his pants as he leans in.
“I let you kiss me,” Kurt smirks at him and narrows his eyes, and Warren laughs.
“Ouch!” He smiles at Kurts come back. “My mouth is clean!” he exclaims, and moves forward to peck Kurts lips.

- Kurt smiles when he pulls away, and lets his nose stay touching Warrens. He was going to respond to the angel, but couldn’t get the words out before the dog leans up and licks a wet tongue across each of their noses, and Warren shoots back.

-“Gah, that little BITCH!” He glares at it and scrubs his whole face with his shirt, mumbling curses. Kurt takes the oppertunity to smile and admire Warrens scarred abs as they are exposed while he practically gives himself a bath, and then giggles at the small dog still in his arms.
“Varren! You cannot call her zhat!”
“It’s a boy, babe.” Warren responds lightly through the fabric. Kurt frowns and lifts the pup to hold it out in front of him.
“Oh…” He flicks his tail and smiles embarassingly as he puts the dog back to his chest after comfirming it for himself.

- Warren smirks when he’s finished, but glares at the dog again. “I’ll deal with YOU later…” He growls, but the pup just wags its ball of a tail and licks the air as if Warren was close enough. Kurt sets the dog back on the floor, and moves to wrap his arms around the angel.
“Vhat vill Charles say?” he whispers, and kisses Warrens nose where the dog had licked it.

- Warren smiles slowly as he leans up to plant a soft kiss on Kurts lips. “Relax, don’t worry about it.” He smiles when he leans back, and pecks Kurts cheek one more time before pulling away to get dressed. Kurt sighs and looks down at the dog, his smile widening as it bounds around the room.


- Warren has no idea how to take care of a dog. Kurt has made the routine of coming over to his room early before the sun is up while Warren is still asleep, and bamfing into the yard to let the pup out. He stays around Warren even more than he already did, if it was possible, and helps prevent Warren from killing the tiny thing. He stays with the angel until he and the dog are sound asleep for the night, and slips out quietly after giving each a gentle kiss on the head.

-Warren buys dog food at the dollar store down the road that is open 24 hours, so he can easily sneak in and out once a week in the night to stock up.

- The dog still sleeps on the floor- Warren will never be that trusting or passive to allow it into such a personal space. Only two things were allowed to sleep in his bed- him, and Kurt.

- Kurt, however, pitties the tiny pup and the hard spot under the desk it must sleep on, and sews it a fluffy pillow out of old fabric and cotton.

- “Vhat is his name Varren?” Kurt smiles up at Warren as they lay cuddling on the bed one morning.
I was thinking like… Little Bitch, or something.“ Warren says simply, and looks over to where the dog sits watching them.
Varren!“ Kurt flicks him with his tail, and Warren giggles with a shrug.
"What!? He is one, so why not?” He tilts his head to peck Kurts cheek.

- Kurt allows Warren to keep the same, but gives the pup his own; he prefers “Wenig.”
Warren thinks it’s adorable, and has grown into the habit of watching his love from his bed as Kurt sits on the floor and plays with the dog by dragging his tail back and fourth and laughing as Little Bitch sprints after it.

-“Why are you guys gone all the time?” It’s Scott that asks one day when Warren and Kurt show up late for lunch, and the team agrees as the two sit with them. Warren glares at Jean in a warning to stay out of their minds, and she looks away conflicted.
“Nowhere. Why are you around all the time?” Warren raises an eyebrow back, and Scott pauses.
“What?” He asks, and Warren changes the subject.

- Kurt had forgotten that dogs need vet appointments. They had made it one full week of keeping the dog hidden- only taking it outside in the dead of night and keeping it asleep in the day. But when Warren comes into his room to find Kurt frowning with teary eyes down at a very sick Little Bitch, Warren knows this one will be hard.

- They manage to hide the dog in Warrens bag, and make it down the road to the nearest vet. No one at the school asks where they are headed as they drive off, and Warren is glad when the lady at the desk of the office doesn’t seem suspicious.

-Warren has to put ‘Little B.’ as the pups name on the paper work, and Kurt is the one to fill it out happily as they wait.

-Turns out Little Bitch needs fixed.

-They go home dogless that day, and Kurt leans sadly against Warren as they walk into the mansion.
“Where have you guys been!?” Jubilee greets them when they walk in for class, and Warren shrugs. Kurt masks his worry and sadness for poor Wenig all day, and when the day is over and he follows Warren to the angels room, he flops sadly on the bed.
You wanna sleep here?” Warren whispers and leans over Kurt, rubbing his back as he can feel his loves heavy heart. Kurt nods, and Warren whispers all night as Kurt falls asleep that everything will be okay; it’s only a simple surgery; he’ll be back tomorrow.

-Kurt wakes Warren up in the morning with excited kisses and a bright smile. “Come on, ve must go and get Wenig!” He says as Warren groans and gets up.
“Kurt, they aren’t even open yet,” He smirks tiredly as Kurt gets dressed and ready in record speed; his tail swaying as he buzzes with energy. It’s everything Warren can do to keep Kurt patient and waiting before they can leave and go pick up their pup.

- Sneaking a dog in and out of a giant mansion full of kids and teachers was easier than it sounds. They had managed just fine so far. But a dog that was limp and fragile fresh out of the operating room? That was hard. They could no longer just shove Little Bitch into Warrens bag and speed walk in- now they had to hold him still and swaddled; careful as not to move him too much.

- Kurt takes the responsibility of holding the mound of blankets that encases their Wenig, and walks between Warrens slightly opened wings as he follows the angel up to their room. Warren keeps him hidden between the walls of feathers, and they ignore the odd looks they get from their friends as they rush in and close their door.

-“They’re up to something…” Jubilee smiles after the bedroom door closes.
“Yep,’ Jean smiles, and Scott rolls his eyes.

- Kurt carefully sets the dog down on the pillow, and unwraps him gently. He mumbles sweet German to him in a hushed whisper as he pets Little Bitch with his tail, and massages his ears. The dog shivers a bit, and Kurt frowns, covering him back up. Warren watches with a small smile as his boyfriend cares for the tiny dog, and goes over to him. He crouches next to the blue boy, and puts a soft wing over him. ”You’re so cute, you know that?“ He whispers with a smile, and pecks Kurts cheek. Kurt giggles and falls into Warrens arms as the angel holds him close, and they watch as Little Bitch falls asleep in seconds.

-They skip breakfast the next morning; forced to stay back and watch over their pooch. Little B. needs a pill twice a day, and Warren suddenly realizes why Kurt was so upset at this whole 'getting fixed’ thing. He holds the dog in the blanket, and Little Bitch watches with a tilted head as Kurt wraps the small white capsule in a piece of cheese.
"Now now, Wenig, zis is vor your own good…” Kurt says nervously, and gingerly holds the food out. It’s gone in a second, and Little Bitch swallows it happily with no trouble.
“Oh thank God,” Warren sighs and relaxes, and Kurt pets the dogs head with a smile. “I was worried I was gonna have to stick my finger down his throat or something,” Warren huffs, and Kurt leans down to kiss him.

- “Alright, spill the beans. What’s up with you guys!? You two haven’t acted this weird since you started dating and tried keeping it a secret, so what the hell is going on?” Jean intterogates them as soon as they set foot into the living room for movie night, and the team corners them. Warren pauses and looks at Kurt, not sure if he should tell them the truth and just go for it. A deep blush spreads across Kurts blue cheeks as he gives a worried look at Warren, and the angel sighs and looks at the floor.
“Oh god, did you kill someone!?” Scott says and twitches.
“No, you idiot,” Warren rolls his eyes and glares at him.
“You broke up!?” Scott panics, and Ororo frowns with worry.
“Fuck no!”
“You’re moving out!?”
“Your dad is back!?”
“Don’t tell me, you’re pregnat!” Scott runs a hand through his hair, now in a full blown panic.
“What the hell, no!”
“What, you’re adopting a kid then!?” He says, and all of them freeze as Warren and Kurt look at each other.
“Are you?” Jean says quietly, and smiles with surprise along with the rest of the team. Warren waits a second, then grows tried of having to keep this stupid secret.
“Well… we sorta already did…” He shrugs.
“No way! How!?”
Warren ignores all their mounding questions, and slips away. “Just stay there!” He sighs.

-Kurt is now the one bombarded with questions as Warren is gone, and the gang sits him on the couch. “Is it a boy or a girl!?”
“What’s its powers!?”
“Is Warren a good dad?”
“Why would you hide something like this!?” They all asks at once, and Kurt stutters with shyness as his face heats. “U-uh” He doesn’t know what to say, and is saved when Warren walks in with the giant pile of blankets held carefully in his arms. The girls squeal as he walks over with a hard look, and he raises his wings a bit.

-“Back off,” He says sternly, and they all sit with buzzing excitment as Warren takes a seat by Kurt. The blue boy smiles and scoots close to him, peering down at the bundle. “Now he’s fresh out of surgery this morning, so you bozos can’t go crazy,” Warren says firmly, and they all nod.

-They all squirm and sit on the edge of the couch with joy as Warren unwraps the blankets, but all freeze when the small white dog is revealed. Warren hands the quivering pup to Kurt, and the blue mutant happily takes him carefully into his lap and flicks his tail. Warren raises an eyebrow at the teams stunned looks, and it’s Jubilee who speaks first.
“Guys, this is Little Bitch,” Warren says, introducing the dog and gesturing to it as he wraps a wing around Kurt.

-“That’s a terrible name Warren.” Scott is the only one who is relived, and the girls soon relax and smile with him.
“I call him Wenig,” Kurt reassures them, and they all nod as Warren jokingly rolls his eyes.
“What does that mean?” Jub asks quietly, and leans forward to see the sleeping dog better in Kurts lap.
“It means 'little’ in my language. It'z zhe only comprhemise I could make vith Varren,” Kurt says quietly and giggles.
“I thought you hated dogs Warren?” Jean asks him as she watches the pup.
“Eh… he hasn’t tried to kill me yet,” Warren shrugs happily and leans into Kurt.

- Two weeks after the first meeting the team has with Kurt and Warrens new baby, and Charles has agreed to let the pup stay, things are more easy going and energetic in their small group of friends. Little B. is now healed and back to bounding around, and Warren and Kurt never new how fast he could run until the small thing suddenly has the entire living room, hallway, and giant yard as a personal playground. The dog can now see the sun out in the grass, and seems to have a nice talent of playing fetch. Little B. now knows how to roll over, sit, stay, play dead, and how to jump up into Warrens arms from the ground. The team falls in love with the pup, and Warren and Kurt soon become the stars if the school as everyone wants a turn with the pile of fluff.

- The team gathers for movie night in the living room, and the gang begs Warren to bring the dog. He agrees, and the team is more distracted playing fetch with the pup than they are watching the movie. They all laugh when the dog falls over, or thinks the toy is thrown when they trick him and runs down the hall only to stop and look back at them. He pants as bounds back and fourth, before jumping on the couch and into Warrens lap. Warrens automatic reaction to the hyper dog is to push him down- and Little Bitch face plants onto the floor as he does a summersault and falls.
“What!? He’s a tough little bitch!” Warren smiles and shrugs and indeed, the dog bounces right back up and jumps back into his lap. He pushes the pooch again, and this time he flings to the side and lands next to Kurt. The blue mutant picks him up and holds him up in the air, making kissing noises and giggling at Warrens groan as it licks Kurts chin.

- Little Bitch joins them for movie night every week after that, but the pup always falls asleep towards the end on Warrens lap. The angel doesn’t mind by now, and everyone smiles as he, Kurt, and the dog all curl up with each other and pass out for the night.


- By the next month, Little Wenig (Warren and Kurt made a deal for the new name after Warren kept getting in trouble whenever he yelled for the dog across the yard,) has become a loved addition to the X-Kids close group. Warren never thought he’d love a stupid dog this much- but every morning when he wakes to find Kurt gigling as the fluffy thing climbs all over him, and sees the joy in his boyfriends eyes, he can’t help but quietly thank the dog after Kurt has fallen asleep for showing up in the alley that day.

- So when a flustered owner shows up at the mansion one day, claiming that Little Wenig is her dog that she lost last month, it makes sense when Warrens reaction is to just slam the door in her face. It makes snense to the angel, and he knows it. Little Wenig came to him in the streets well groomed, a good weight, and properly behaved. He had wondered when he first discovered the dog if he belonged to someone, but hadn’t expected now- after so long- that they would actually show up.

- Charles, Warren, Kurt, and the owner all have a long talk in the professors office about what to do with the situation. Warren is fuming with anger as he curses the woman out and says she clearly cannot care for him in the first place if he got lost to begin with, and Kurt is on the verge of tears when the owner pulls out photos, vet records, and adoption papers to fully prove that yes, indeed, 'Benny’ was hers.
It’s Wenig,” Warren hisses. The owner ignores him, and Kurt lets his tears loose as Charles is forced to agree to hand the pup over.
Charles apologizes to the lady when everything is said and done, an she leaves the mansion with the happy dog in her arms.

- Warren stares after the car as it drives off, and Kurt cries silently into his neck. The team warily gathers behind them and Charles; feeling just as upset as they realize Little Wenig is gone forever.

- “He didn’t even care…
Vhat?” Kurt looks up at Warrens quiet words.
“He was happy to see her… after everything we’ve done for him, he just lets her take him…”
“Varren…” Kurt doesn’t know what to say. It’s true, he realizes, and the team frowns sadly at them after the car is long gone down the road.

- Warren rips away from Kurt, and storms up the steps to the front door and back inside; leaving the blue mutant teary and staring after him with quivering hands.
The gang comforts their blue friend, and hear Warrens door slam shut as they all walk back inside.


- Christmas is just two months later, and the angel has just gotten over the loss of Little Wenig. He had spent the past weeks sour and locked away; only letting Kurt see him every now and then when he grew exhausted. He was furious with himself, at Charles, and at the stupid woman for all being so stupid and foolish.
“Varren, you are not voolish, nor stupid…” Kurt comforts him one night when the angels heart is racing and he holds back tears.
“I got attached to a stupid animal too easily… I was such an idiot…”
“No, Varren. You took care of a puppy you vound in zhe streets; no von can blame you vor zhat. Ve ALL got attached to him. Ve all loved him and miss him.”

Warren eventually learns to accept Kurts words, and comes out a bit more each day. He gets over his stupid mistake as he manages to move on, and builds back up his defensive behavior as his trust has been shattered once again.

- Warren has never liked Christmas, that much is obvious. But Kurt wakes him up early, puts him in a thick, black sweater to go with his own caramel one, and drags him down to the giant Christmas tree in the mansions official living room.

- Everyone in the school is gathered around, and all open presents given to them by their own friends. Cookies are passed around, the air soon smells of sugar and pine, Kurt makes him and Warren hot coco, and the X-Kids all squash together on a couch to pass out gifts. Warren sits at the end of the sofa pressed against Kurt, and works quietly on cup as the others laugh and open gifts. Everyone knows Warren honestly doesn’t like reciving gifts, and typically take his word and don’t buy him things.
So when Kurt gets up and places a big, heavy, painted box in front of him, Warren freezes and glares up at him.

“Just open it! It'z from all of us!” Kurt smiles widley down at him and gestures to the gang, who also look excited and scoot coser. Warren sets his mug down, unsure, and gingerly opens the box. He peers inside, sitting up, and goes still as what he sees.

- A small, white and cream colored pomeranian puppy, no bigger than Warrens hand, looks up at him, and the angel hesitates a second before lifting it up out of the cardboard with gentle hands. Kurt tosses the box to the floor, and sits next to him. “She’s vrom zhe pund in zhe city…” Kurt whispers, and looks lovingly at Warren.
“Charles agreed to it; she’s all yours.” Jean says sweetly this time, and Warren can’t stop the tears from gathering in his eyes. His arms shake as he sets the puppy in his lap, and it instantly circles and lays down on his thighs under the blanket of Warrens fingers.
I love you,” Warren chokes out to Kurt, and leans into him. Kurt smiles as Warren holds the puppy close, and wraps his tail around the two.
“You deserve it, Engel,” Kurt whispers, and kisses Warrens head as tears fall and the gang joins in on the group hug.
I am emotional at my own writing…
The new pups name is Cricket, and she is a smart little ass that eats spiders, runs away from kids, and sleeps under the bed.
Warren loves her.


For @cool-bluemoon…reader is Kurt’s half-sister who’s married to Spencer, making this a crossover. Enjoy!

Kurt: *shocked* You’re what?

Y/N: *grinning* I’m pregnant, Kurt.

Reid: *smiles* We wanted to deliver the news personally.

Kurt: *realization setting in* I…I am going to be an uncle?

Y/N: *nods* Yep.

Kurt: *teleports to ceiling* *yelling* Ich werde ein Onkel zu sein! *teleports to Jubilee* I’m going to be an uncle! *teleports to Storm* I’m going to be an uncle! *to the Professor and Hank* I am going to be an uncle! This is great news! *to Peter* I’m going to be an uncle! My family!

Y/N: *giggling*

Reid: Is he going to keep doing that?

Y/N: *nods* I bet it’ll be awhile until he’s calmed down.

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imagine if heather chandler, kurt, and ram all survived

would they rat jd out

would he threaten them into silence

what would veronica do

how would these kids even act when they got back from the hospital

would they have a secret support group for each other to try and deal with this

what would they do when they see the petition

would they even go back to school

how would they feel when jd died

would these kids ever be okay