Thrifting the Elle Way

When building a stylish wardrobe, one must have one-of-a-kind pieces. Thrifting is one way to finding unique pieces. Many college students cannot afford to finance the acquisition of current trends, astronomically increasing the popularity of thrifting. 

 Thrifting is an easy way to enter the fabulous underbelly of the world of discount shopping.  

1. Be imaginative: most pieces found in local resale shops and thrift shops need to be built and modified to fit personal style requirements. 

 2. Get to know the thrift shop like an old friend: contact fellow student thrifters about the best paces to go. Find out when the specials are; most resale stores have a specials schedule. Ask the owners or employees when new shipments hit the racks. 

 3. Set aside plenty of time: thrifting should be an enjoyable adventure for all. Unlike regular department store shopping, thrifting is a hunt for the extraordinary. Set aside a day or weekend to spend thrifting, alone or with friends. Make it something to look forward to. 

4. Try on everything: sizes often vary from brand to brand, and though thrift store finds can look fabulous on the hanger but some items can look unflattering on the body; if it fits, buy it. 

 5. Get creative with thrifted finds: remember that thrifting is an experience; mold thrift store finds to fit personal style. Turn a sweater into a cardigan or make a pair of denim overalls stylish again. 

 Be patient, just as it takes time for diamonds to evolve, thrifting is a discovery process. Take time and search the racks that look promising.  

Do not get discouraged if nothing looks like it will work, just keep looking and stay positive. 

If a piece of clothing looks like it may fit one’s personal style, put it in the basket. There will be time before checkout to sort out what is perfect and the pieces that do not quite meet personal standard. 

Pick out a stylish relaxed outfit and comfortable shoes, grab a cup of coffee or tea and venture out into the secret world of bargain fashion. One-of-a-kind finds wait at thrift stores!

 Happy Thrifting beauties!



i never saw it as a child, but everyday i wake up i look in the mirror and find my grandmother’s face, i guess when God made me he decided the world could use another Edna Lee Cole. To the woman who taught me to what it meant to be a Cole Woman, a lady and a lover of all people, i carry you with me always.
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5 Interesting Facts and Uses about Coconut Oil all beauties should know about! 

ok gals, im marginally obsessed with coconut oil…here’s why 

1. It is one of the only oils that can penetrate the hair shaft. Meaning that it can moisturize your hair deeper than other oils and increase the health of your hair. 

2. It is a great moisturizer for the skin. It can help improve the condition of extremely dry skin.

3. It can also be used as a sunscreen, it has been proven that it can block up to 20% of the suns rays  

4. It can aid in thickening hair! 

5. And My favorite use, it is an amazing makeup remover. It makes removing eye makeup effortless and it great for removing non water based foundation. (be careful not to get in in your eyes!) 

Coconut oil can be purchased at a local health food store/grocery store or online. The one that I use is Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil, which can be purchased at Walmart. 

stay unique beauties!! 



I always get questions about how i got good at doing makeup and the simple answer is nights like these, i have cold and i can’t sleep so makeup is my outlet to express the thing son my mind i can’t always put in words.. it had to become something i absolutely loved, it became my confidant, I’ve spent hours watching tutorials, reading books and practing my craft…also playing guitar at odd hours of the night doesn’t sit well with the neighbors lol
this is a recreation of a look by @alyssamarieartistry brought to my atention by one of my favorite gals 😊
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