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Chloe: Don’t ordinary people make their beauty sleep???!! 

Chat Noir: MY EEYYEESSS!!!!!

Ladybug: Ohw God… I think I’m blind…

Chloe: Whadd… Never heard of 3pm-avocado-cucumber-beauty-sleep?????

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daddy’s toys (Cashton)

summary: Calum touched Daddy’s sex toys while daddy wasn’t home

Calum came in the kitchen, Ashton wasn’t there. He left a note on the table for Calum. He walked towards the table and read it.

‘Hey princess,
Daddy is shopping with Luke for helping to choose his wedding suit. Next month it’s his wedding with Michael, so excited! By the way, your breakfeast lays in the fridge. I will be back in a few hours

Xx Daddy’

Calum smiled, he was excited too for Michael and Luke. Calum knew he would cry when he sees Luke and Michael kiss in the church as a married couple. Tears of happiness ofcourse.

He stood up and made his way to the fridge. He opened it to see a bowl filled with cornflakes and red fruit pieces in milk. He took it out of the fridge and placed it on the table.

Calum hated lonely mornings, he missed daddy faster than anything, in both ways. Just of the thought (read: memory) of Ashton wrecking his ass with his thick dick, made him horny and stiff, there.

He ate the half of his 'breakfeast’ and walked upstairs to daddy’s room. Calum had his own toys but daddy his toys were bigger and better. He searched for Ashtons toys and found them in his warderobe. Calums eyes widened when he saw a large purple dildo. Ashton never used this one on Calum, would this be Ashton his own?

Calum undid himself from his clothes and layed onto his back on the soft matress. At this moment, he didn’t mind he was in Ashtons room, he needed it now.

He spread his legs and shoved the dildo in his tight little hole. The feeling was painful but Calum liked it. When the fake-dick was all the way in him, he setted it on the highest mode. Loud moans left his lips as the material kept hitting that bundle of nerves that drove him crazy.

He started moving his hips at the same rhythm the dildo does and moaned daddy’s name. Even when the dildo was thicker and bigger than the real dick of Ashton, Calum could still imagine that Ashton was giving him this feeling.

Calum took the lube from under Ashtons bed and lubed up his own dick and hand to stroke himself afterwards. He moaned loud and thrusted his own dick in his little lubed hand. Calum threw his head backwards and closed his eyes.

Suddenly, two tight grips grabbed his wrists and places it on each side of Calum. Calum opened his eyes in horror and saw that it was Daddy. He wasn’t happy, but angry.

“Been sneaking in my room, huh?” Ashton said aggressively in his princess’ ear. Calum only swallowed. Ashton pulled the dildo almost all way out and pushed it back in, touching the spot that brought Calum over the edge. The boy underneath Ashtons touch yelped.

“To play with Daddy’s toys, huh?”, Calum looked at him with eyes that couldn’t describe how hot Ashton was for him. “Answer me!”.

“S-sorry Daddy” Calum stuttered and looked at him with sorry eyes (catch fire af lol).

Ashton pulled out the dildo and layed it on his night stand. “You broke more than three rules at once, babyboy. Do you how hard daddy have to punish you?” He whispers in Calums ear. “N-no Ashto-…D-daddy”.

Ashton looked at him with cold eyes. “You are in so much trouble” he undressed him fully.

“Daddy is going to destroy your little ass” he said and grabbed the crook of Calums both knees to push it on the matress next to Calums head with much force. It looked like Calum losed his control, he didn’t make any move. Without a warning or preparation, pushed Ashton all the way into Calum. He still got Calums knees pinned next to each side of his head.

Calums mouth hanged open as his body was covered with a thin layer of sweat. Ashton kept slamming into Calum, making a loud sound of skin slapping skin. Their balls were touching every time Ashton would push into him.

Ashton came with a full load in Calums hole. Ashton pulled out, earning a whine from Calum. He still hadn’t come. “You can come in round two ”. The golden haired boy turned his princess, so he was facing princess’ ass -that was drooling cum of him-.

Calum whined again, his dick was hardly pressed against the matress. Ashton pushed Calums knees forward, so he was sitting on his knees. “You ass looks so pretty when it drools my cum”, he entered Calum again, this time with more force. Calum jerked forward but Ashton pushed him back. The younger boy his mouth was half open and eyes were closed. With every trust Ashton gave, jerked the younger boy forward, but it made him just more overwhelming than ever.

“Still so tight, after being fucked for billion times” Ashton said through gritted teeth and took Calums leaking dick to wank him at a roughly fast place. Calum made high pitchy pornographic moans and bit in the bedsheets to quiet them.

“Cum for me, Princess. My bedroom walls need a new color, I prefer white, could you make them that color, huh?!” Ashton groaned and fasten his pace around Calums penis. Ashton jerked Calum onto his chest with his hair and Calum came hard onto the walls.

“You did great babyboy, I hope you never gonna do something like that again”, Ashton came for the second time into his princess. When they both had collapsed and caught their breath, covered Ashton their naked sweaty bodies with the bedsheets.

“Princess need his beautysleep”

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Masterlist - Disney Movie Writing Challenge

A big thank you for everyone who participated in my challenge, I hope you all had fun writing your pieces. Here’s the final masterlist, check out all my wonderful, talented writing buddies!

Beauty and the Beast

The Library (Raphael Santiago x Reader) by @writingforweirdlings

Beauty and the Beast (Draco Malfoy x Reader) by @deatheater61103 

Learn to love a Beast (Benny Lafitte x Reader)  by @writingforweirdlings

The Beast Within (John Winchester x Reader) by @may85

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty (Will Graham x Reader)


Shield-maiden Within (Bjorn Ironside x Reader) by @writingforweirdlings

Imagine: Pretending to be a man and joining the Night’s Watch, eventually causing Jon Snow to fall for you.  (Jon Snow x Reader) by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure

Pirates of the Caribbean

Untitled (James Norrington x Reader) by @imagine-mix-fandoms

Momswap AU Headcanons part 2!

16. Jasper sleeping in the same bed with Steven after he had a nightmare

17. Lapis and/or Peridot singing for Steven after he had a nightmare

18. Lapis is sleep-screaming and Peridot always wakes up from it

19. Peridot and Lapis always fight over random stuff even thaught they really like each other

20. Jasper tried to cook for steven when he was younger but nearly set the kitchen on fire

21. Jasper, Peridot and Lapis took cooking classes so that they could make food for Steven

22. When they stopped making Cookie Cats Jasper went out and stole the recipe

23. Now they all make Cookie Cats every sunday and call it Cookie-Cat-Sunday

24. They were really overprotective when Steven was younger

25. Steven baked them a cake for mothers day and even thaught he nearly set the whole house on fire and it tastet miserable they were still really happy about it

26. Lapis always goes to the Big Donut with Steven and likes Lars and Sadie a lot

27. Peridot doesn’t like Connie at the beginning but ended up liking her in the end

28. Lapis reads unfamiliar Familiar and talks about it with Steven and Connie

29. Peridot makes Steven cute Lunchpacks at night and puts them in the fridge and when Steven saw her one night she blushed and tried to tell him that she is not the one who makes his lunches but got hugged by him anyways

30. Jasper threw Peridot in the ocean once because Steven was really sad that Peridot always refused to go swimming with him

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12 for Jackson please? xD thank you!


I don’t know why I always make the Got7 boys slightly more crazy than what they are, it’s just more fun that way ^^ Hope you enjoy love <3

12. “Your nose is cold.”

Genre: Fluffy and pretty weird if you ask me xD

Word count: 1 479

Summary: Camping with Got7…

“Bambam, come back here you big dork!” I yelled as I chased the lank boy around our camping spot and in between the trees.

“Never!” Was the answer I received as he started disappearing from my view in the midst of pines.

“You know that I will get my revenge somehow, so just accept it like a man now instead of getting it anyways but like a coward.” We had now exited the forest and were running around the tents.

“Yah! Hyung, help me, she’s cray cray.” The black haired, smirking thief hid behind his leader as Jaebum rolled his eyes and stepped aside, revealing Bambam once again. He glared at Jaebum who just laughed and sat down by the soon-to-be-made campfire. I saw my chance and jumped him, catching him in a headlock and rubbing my knuckles against his styled hair.

“Yah!” Bambam tried to get away but to no avail. “ Stop! Stop it!”

“Hajima hajihajihajihajima.” I stiffened as the tall maknae appeared in my line of sight, doing the dance to stop stop it. Bambam took this opportunity to escape my grasp and fix his hair to it’s original form.

“Nice job Bambam, you got him dancing again.” Jackson groaned as he playfully hit Bambam in the arm with one of the firewoods he was carrying. Yugyeom was still performing the little dance in silence, not even singing the song anymore, just lost in his own little world. The other guys just stood there, watching him with blank expressions and then resuming what they were previously doing.

“Y/N-ssi.” I turned around to be met by Jinyoung offering me half of his sandwich. “Just because thai boy ate your food doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat anything at all, you need the energy. Especially since you’re dating him.” He pointed towards Jackson who were trying to start the campfire, looking immensely concentrated. Finally, the wood sparked, making Jackson jump back, screaming. I guess he wasn’t ready for that to happen. I turned back to Jinyoung.

“I see your point.” Then I accepted the sandwich and took a mouthful, making Jinyoung smirk at my big appetite. I thanked him, hoping he understood even though I had my mouth filled with food. He gave me a thumbs up, indicating that he probably did.

Me and the guys has known each other for a very long time, being a trainee at JYP Entertainment myself I had grown quite fond of the Got7 boys. I have yet to debut but I guess that will happen with time. I’m one of the rappers in my group and I have gotten a lot of help from both Mark and Jackson, resulting in me being closest to them in general. Speaking of Mark, I realized that neither he nor Minjun was anywhere to be seen. Minjun is my best friend and she had agreed to accompany us on this trip arranged in purely relaxing purposes. JYP realised we were overworking ourselves so they sent us on a little vacation so that we could have some time to breath in time for the MAMAs.

After a while I had finished my sandwich and was now sitting beside Jaebum with Youngjae by my other side, chatting away with both of them and Jackson who was sitting on the other side of the fire. That’s when a familiar high pitched laugh made it’s way into my ears. I turned around to see Mark with his arm around Minjun’s shoulder, laughing at something she had said. She herself, looked like an overripe tomato. She caught my gaze and I wiggled my eyebrows at her, making her blush even more.

She had been very quick to agree coming on this trip and I know that it wasn’t just because of me. Her crush on Mark was so obvious it was sickening. And from what I was witnessing at the moment, their chemistry, I would say that Mark was reciprocating those feelings. I wonder if something happened while they were on their own little adventure.

“Jagiya, come sit with me, I’m lonely.” My boyfriend’s voice travelled across the fire and I looked up at him. He was giving me puppy eyes (*cough* wang puppy *cough*) and pouting with his lower lip. He knew I couldn’t resist that face so I stood up quickly and walked over to him. I was planning to take a seat beside him but before I knew it I felt a hand on my waist pulling me down into his lap. He wrapped his arms around my middle region and rested his chin on my shoulder, humming happily. The love birds joined us by the fire, followed by Bambam, Jinyoung and Yugyeom, who had stopped his random dancing by the way. Jinyoung had three big bags of marshmallows in his hands and Bambam had gathered suitable sticks to put them on.

While the marshmallows and sticks were being handed out, Mark and Minjun sat down beside me and Jackson. Minjun beside us and Mark on her other side.

“Oh my God!” Youngjae suddenly exclaimed, making everyone turn their attention towards him. He was looking at me and Minjun like we had committed a murder or something.

“What?” I asked, slightly confused.

“You guys aren’t planning on splitting up Markson, are you?” I started laughing at the ridiculous question but it was cut short when Jackson suddenly thrown himself to the side with a yell, hugging Mark closely behind Minjun and me that had fallen into the lap of my best friend in the process.

Not Markson, nothing will ever come in between Markson!” Mark was laughing like crazy at Jackson’s antics as he struggled to get loose from Jackson’s grip. This only resulted in Jackson squeezing him tighter. “Babe, do you ship us?” He asked me in english making me roll my eyes and giggle.

“I’ll ship you of you help me up.” Jackson acted as if my words would determine life or death as he let go of Mark as quick as he had grabbed him and helped me up from my lying position on Minjun’s lap. He quickly wrapped his arms around my waist once again and cuddled me into his chest, face buried in my neck.

“But I ship us the most, I love you the most.” I don’t think that anyone else heard him since all of them were engaging in their own conversations, however, the butterflies still erupted in my stomach and a sheepish smile made its way onto my lips. I turned as much as I could in his arms and gave him a peck on the cheek, telling him that I loved him to. As my lips touched his cheek the tip of my nose brushed against it too. Jackson raised his head and looked at me with a concerned look in his eyes.

“Are you cold?” He asked me. I shook my head, even though the sun had almost set and it was a little windy, Jackson’s body heat was enough for both of us. “Your nose is cold.” He said as if that was a reason enough for my whole body to be chilly.

“No shit Sherlock, my nose is always cold, just like my hands and feet.” I sassed him making him shake his head and chuckle at me.

“If you want we could head to bed, it’s quite late anyways.” I thought about and decided that he was right, so I nodded and we stood up together. “We’re headed to bed guys, goodnight, see you all tomorrow.” We waved and received various calls of goodnight from them as we made our way to our tent. Once there we quickly changed and snuggled down in one of the two sleeping bags, not even bothering in using the second one. We fell asleep in a spooning position as we always do, Jackson the big spoon and me the small spoon.

We were awoken in the middle of the night by someone zipping our tent open. I screamed, thinking it was a serial killer or something and Jackson tightened his grip on me in a protective manner. As the person entered we finally realised who it was.

“Youngjae, what are you doing here, get out.” Jackson said, annoyed that someone interrupted his beautysleep.

“I have nowhere else to sleep, Mark kicked me out of our tent because he wanted to be alone with Minjun so move over and get back to sleep.” Wow, Youngjae may be a sunshine during the day but you really don’t want to get in his way when he’s sleepy.

He snuggled down in the other sleeping bag and soon enough we heard snoring coming from his direction. Jackson sighed and snuggled closer to me, both of us trying to get some more sleep before the sun rises and the craziness takes place once again.

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Four Kisses

Gilinsky: You are watching a film on tv, snuggeled up closely together. When the commercial break starts you get up to make your water. When you come back, you find that Jack has taken off his shirt and is waiting for you in one of the most sexy compostures ever. “You trying to seduce me bae?” You sit down on his lap, your knee’s on either sides of his hips. He places one hand on your ass and the other between your shoulders. “What makes you think that babygirl.” Jack purrs, curling his lips outwards a little. “Please kiss me Jack.” You whimper in the slutty fashion you know Jack loves. “How bad do you want me to kiss you, baby?” Jack cooes. “So bad I can hardly stand it. Please Jack, kiss me now!” You whine. Jack cups the back of your skull and pushes your lips down on his. You both moan at the intensity of the kiss Jack just intiated. Jack tongue trails over your bottomlip and you moan again, opening your mouth to him.Your tongues dance and you grind against each other.
Nash: You hang your coat on the rack and walk into the living. To your utter relief, Nash is home alone. But he is sprawled out on the couch and taking a nap. You tiptoe over and sit down on him, straddeling his waist. “Hammie, wake up.” You cooe. Nash’ eyes flutter open. “When did you get here?” He asks, his voice still a bit hoarse from his beautysleep. “I just got in.” You bend out to kiss his nose. But doing so, you have to stick out your butt. Nash grasps it fervently. You moan in pleasure and surprise. Nash grins and kneads your flesh. “C'mon now, be a good girl and kiss me for real.” He purrs. You lean over allmost all the way, but hold your lips bare milimeters away from his. You run your breath over his lips, hearing him groan a little. He pulls you down by the rim of yoru shirt and claims your lips almost agressively. You moan into the kiss, which gives Nash the opportunity to invade your mouth with his tongue. Your tongue’s battle for dominance. Nash wins and has you weak under his touches.
Taylor: You snuggle up to your boyfriend, noticing he is a bit sad. “Baby, what is the matter.” You nuzzle your nose against his cheek. “Nothing…” He mumbles. “Please don’t lie to me Tay.” You cooe. Taylor sighs. “I had an argument with my parents again.” Taylor sighs. “Awe, baby!” You cup his cheek and make him look at you. “Let me cheer you up sweety.” You whisper before pressing your lips to his ever so sweetly. Taylor kisses back a little insecure. You crawl up on his lap and deepen the kiss a little. Taylor sighs happily and nibbles at your upper lip. You moan a little and press yourself tightly against his well formed torso. Taylor moans as well and clings to you.
Aaron: On a lazy sunday, you and Aaron are both very refusant to leave Aarons bed. You cuddle up together, with Aarons head nuzzeled into your chest while you run your fingers through the curley hairs of Aarons sideburns. He clings to you and is almost drooling. “Rawnie, you are creating a wet patch in my shirt.” You tease. “Well technically it is my shirt.” Aarons words are muffled by your flesh. “Still, you are drooling Aye Aye Rawn.” You purr. Aaron pushes himself up with his hands and slides himself up a little so your face and his are at the same height. “I can make you drool as well.” He leans down and gives a little nip at your bottomlip. You squeal softly. “That is a nice sound babycakes.” Aaron cooes before softly but sensually kissing you lips. You kiss him back a little deeper and he whimpers the cutest moan known to mankind.

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