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Kind of a random question but I was just wondering what your skincare routine is? lol

This is gonna sound bad but I don’t really bother too much with my skin. I’m lucky enough to have really good skin where I hardly ever get spots or blemishes so all I do is use a cleanser to take my make up off and then a toner before I go to bed. However I’ll occasionally (like on weekends or something) use an exfoliating face mask to pamper my skin a little. As for the rest of my body I just use a moisturising fake tan so that my skin is softer and has some colour in it :)


Beat By Bish.

For my very first attempt at Halloween makeup, my amazing boyfriend was kind enough to let me beat him up jk not literally!

Step By Step:

🎃 I applied a thick layer of Duo Lash Adhesive in the dark tone on the side of my bf’s forehead in an imperfect line for a gash like effect.
👻 Once dried I tapped the middle of the “gash” with my finger and rolled the edges of the imperfect line to give a peeling effect bc the adhesive is a dark tone it’ll replicate the appearance of a burnt gash.
🎃 I then applied a generous amount of Mac’s “Hey Sailor” cherry red lipglass on top of the gash (adhesive) to mimic the appearance of blood. You can use any dark, cherry red lipgloss or even lipstick.
👻 Using the short shader end of my double sided “Give Crease a Chance” Brush by The Balm I packed a mixture of the nude-ish gray colors from the Bh Cosmetics “Bh Day & Night” palette to create a raw skin effect around the gash adding in some purple and blue.
🎃 Using the fluffy side of the brush to blend the shadows around the gash for a seamless but obvious transition from skin to cut.
👻 Mixing the same combination of colored eyeshadow around the left and right eye for a deeply bruised “black eye” effect concentrating the darkness around the bone area of the eye for a realistic punched look.
🎃 My boyfriend already had a small scar on his right eyelid from childhood I used to act as a guide for a small abrasion adding the same shadow concoction and adding in that red lip gloss over top.
👻 Lastly run some more of that red lip gloss over the nostrils, inside if you like, over the lips and on a beard or chin smudging it along the way.
🎃 Dab some lip gloss on your finger and gently tap over the teeth area for a knocked out effect.

There you have it Dolls… A beat up boyfriend! And a technique you can use to achieve almost any kind of realistic, painful looks for Halloween! Enjoy ✨

I’ve been using Too Faced Natural Eye Palette for my eyes for about two and a half weeks now & I seriously lalalove this palette! It’s become my new favorite palette not just because it’s super pigmented & comes with 9 cute eyeshadow colors but it’s perfect for creating a natural eye look! Yes, it IS sort of pricey but the quality is so worth it <3 & YES, I know my hair is super long. I don’t think you can really pick up the eyeshadow from this picture but in person, it looks great :) tehehe<3