Stimulate collagen & elastin, get rid of acne & scars, improve circulation, tighten skin & encourage lymph drainage.

I believe in cup therapy for the body & I’ve been dying to try it on the face too, so when I saw the gorgeous @farahdhukai using these cups, I was sold & @amazon primed them I͢M͢M͢E͢D͢I͢A͢T͢E͢L͢Y͢!

After 2️⃣ weeks of using this combo, I have NO WORDS!!

Cupping is believed to have been practiced since 3000 B.C. by the Egyptians.

The process “tones tissue that is flaccid, increases the diffusion & receptivity of skin cell nutrients & restores new skin tissue.”

It not only gives my skin a boost & an instant PLUMP, the increased circulation sped up the lifespan of a few pimples I had so they disappeared almost immediately⚡️after.

Avoid the 👁 area & eye lids!!! Temples are great with the small cups, for the rest of the face AND NECK (don’t forget that!) I use the medium cups, with the large cup as a final rub.

To avoid bruising, keep the cups in motion.

Here’s my exact process:

1️⃣. Rose hip oil applied with the gentle exfoliator that comes with the cupping set, to more deeply penetrate the skin.
2️⃣. @lureessentials cupping set.
3️⃣. @skinkisseduk Vitamin C serum
This will help plump & hydrate the skin, help get rid of acne & acne scars, and fight fine lines & wrinkles.


Always test out products first.

🅣🅐🅖 🅐 🅕🅡🅘🅔🅝🅓 who’d do this with you!



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