Sheet Masks for Acne Prone Skin!

Ah sheet masks. They make me look like a murderous goal keeper, but effective. Moisturizes, soothes, and brightens pretty damn well.

My skin is extremely acne-prone and combination. It’s mostly due to my tendency to sleepcuddle/sleeprollaround/sleepburymyfaceinsheets and ~puberty~. I’ve recently started to look into asian cosmetics and skincare, and this shit’s awesome.

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The My Beauty Diary sheet masks in Strawberry Yogurt are really good for  blemished skin. They smell damn great too. After wearing one, either overnight or watching TV, the reddness in the bumps are reduced and my face feels soft as fuck. The packaging could be improved though, but compared to Purederm and other brands, MBD masks have the best and most simplistic face shape.

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Another decent sheet mask for acne are the Beautymate nanosphere anti-blemish masks in green. It includes chamoille, aloe, and cucumber, all ideal for relieving redness, calming bumps, and preventing blemishes. The mask doesn’t fit my face as well as the MBD ones, and has way too many cuts. It also makes my face feel a bit itchy while using it. The part covering above my Cupid’s bow is always seperating itself. But afterwards, the results were more noticable. The reddness was drastically improved and my face felt refreshed.

If you’ve found any other sheet masks effective for acne-prone skin, drop me a line!

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my bf: you are like a mausoleum of beauty

me: … what

him: …

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him: oh… what’s the one with all the statues in greece

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