Eye see you. Ok, so ignore the remnants of yesterday’s flaked off mascara. This is what my right eye looks like in an extreme close up with a flash. It’s interesting to me that it looks like there’s a dark maroonish color daisy around my pupil, complete with a tiny leaf and stem that goes down and touches the outside rim of my iris. I never knew my eyes had so many colors in them instead of just browns with occasional flashes of green when the light hits them just right! That’s pretty amazing and I wish they looked like this all the time. LOL!

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I totally own the fact that I get extremely aggravated about something in the shortest amount of time possible. but that’s life. one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tells someone something about themselves. elaboration is needed, I know. for example, if you tell someone that you have a body imperfection and they reply with, “no you don’t! you’re such and such!” right, because you’ve seen me naked and know my own body better than I do. this act really grinds my gears. I accept my flaws on a good day. and consider myself extremely lucky/count my blessings. because while my skin isn’t flawless like the lovely Lupita, at least it hasn’t been burned off or scarred terribly. but you know what? I’m willing to bet that there’s is always going to be someone who wants to be you (or at least be like you). you have admirers. and you most likely don’t even know it.