Rare weekday date with the bf! Picked him a pair of super affordable glasses from #tokyostaroptical.. Something very different from his usual look but more younger and slimmer, and can I say hipster? Muahaha. None for me cuz I have perfect eyesight, was just fooling around (so pls don’t call me mommy 🙊). We also had the opportunity to try out #thesoupspoon collagen steamboat which was so freaking satisfying! This will make the perfect #CNY2015 reunion dinner with a twist? Prefer the ying yang style? They also have the kimchi stock that comes along with the $128 set, perfect for 5-6 pax at least ❤️#beautyinapot #bblogger #sgigfood (at

Round #2 on Wednesday night with the foodie gang after our #BurppleTastemakers Para Thai eatup… cos yes we’re a greedy bunch.

Beauty in a Pot is right next to Para Thai at OneKM, Tanjong Katong, where you can enjoy Beauty Collagen Soup (a Spicy Nourishing soup base is also available).

I really enjoyed the homemade Fish Tofu and Ebiko Prawn Paste. Plus that wholesome collagen soup!!😋 If I eat this more, will my skin glow?! ☺️✨

#BeautyInAPot #CollagenSoup #HotPot #OneKM (at Beauty in A Pot)