Dearest anonymous tumblr asking ppl. The nerve and lack of respect people have is disgusting. How can you not have your own courage to show your face when posting such a rude comment. Telling someone to go to hell? I’m sorry did you think that makes your access to heaven easier? Do you think you look better in the eyes of god than someone who is gay? I don’t think so. I’m sure who ever wrote a nasty comment to my sisters girlfriend wants a reaction, well here you go. Don’t you dare mess with my family or their loved ones. That is so pathetic and unnecessary. Who are you to judge someone you have no idea what the person you are writing to has gone through or is going through. SHAME on you, I feel sorry for whoever wrote that. Because clearly you don’t know what love is and maybe you’re upset that you don’t have that love in your life. My sister is everything to me! And to say such a rude comment to someone she loves, upsets me as well! Do me a favor, go work on yourself, go find someone to love and stop hating. Hate is ugly.