I made another Shea butter mix!!! I was running low so last night I stayed up to make it. This will be my moisturizer and styler next I have to make my leave in conditioner!!! Bcuz I’m all out! Lol I made a video of this I plan to upload this weekend and I will also shoot a video on my leave in. #youtube #beautyhairqueen #naturalhaircare #blackbeauty

The top row is my hair after taking down my protective style of half French braids and half bun. The bottom row is my hair after doing a scalp treatment, air dry, and flat iron. Yea that’s right a natural hair girl who can get bone straight hair without chemicals. Lol IT’S POSSIBLE!!! #youtube #beautyhairqueen #checkmeout #naturalhaircare

Even when ur day sucks and ur not feeling good there is always something to be happy or appreciative about. So smile a little 😉 #naturalhair #youtube #beautyhairqueen #checkmeout this style was achieved by doing an over night braid out using my home made Shea butter mix, my oil mix, and a spray bottle of water. 💁 Stay classy ladies 😘

If u ever wonder why I use Shea butter and natural oils and organic hair products. It’s bcuz I’m a black woman with all natural hair and proud of it! Everyday my hair could look different if I felt like it without the use of harsh chemicals and hair weaves. To love urself u have to love every part of urself in and out. #youtube #beautyhairqueen #checkmeout

I knew it was time to trim those split ends so I decided to try something new. I went to #sallysbeautysupply and bought the generic brand tea tree scalp and hair treatment. It was amazing!!!! After taking it out my hair felt moisturized and soft. And it was shinny. And after an I we night air dry I didn’t even need to put product in my hair before I flat ironed it!!! Wow!!! But I did bcuz I feel u should always use a heat protectant. 👍#naturalhair #youtube #beautyhairqueen #naturalhaircare